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Rifle range is not really 1200

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Posted by: Wondrouswall.7169


We have also noted the ~1800 range longbow ranger for 4 years and Anet has done nothing.

A Dev responded to that last year in the bugs sub-forum in the Ranger compilation bug thread. All of those arrow and lob projectiles (like Ele fireball and Rev hammer) can go extra distance due to the way they have their physics aka “working as intended.”

Bullets and other non-lob straight projectiles like rifles and even Necro staff auto will stop either at 1200 or just shy of it. Take that up with Anet in why bullets vanish and do not share the same physics. Mortar being an exception since it’s ground-targeted.

Will update once Path of Fire releases.

July 26th Guardian Skill Balance:

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Posted by: Arcaedus.7290


Who else logged in, grabbed their sword, rubbed it against their face (sheathed of course) and said “I so deserve this!” ….. anyone? Well someone may have to get my sword a restraining order against me, just sayin.

A big thanks to ANet for going above and beyond, and implementing not only changes the players asked for, but fun new ones! Also, great job to the rational voices of logic on the forums here (looking at you Ghosti!) whose suggestions and ideas actually made it into the game! Keep up the good work.

Chilling Nova

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Posted by: Obtena.7952


I like the idea that Chilling Nova spreads when pulsing. I’m not aware of any changes where Permeating Wrath would work the same way. Right now it just covers an AOE on activation.

I just get the impression that Robert has a much better grasp on what players want with these specializations than Karl does. If the rest of the specs look more like the Reaper and Chronomancer, we’ll have been completely shafted.

To be fair, I don’t think the specs are only worked on by a single dev at every stage of their development. We’ve only seen three and let’s be honest, we are biased for Guardian. I think that Of the three we have seen, the goal for Mesmer and Necro was to bring them up to the baseline of the other professions. Guardians IMO were already at that baseline.

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Livestream HP?

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Posted by: Vizardlorde.8243


Yes with the loss of the vitality from the Honor traitline base guardian hp went up and stat on gears also went up. Since carrion grants vitality hp on his guard is almost as he had picked 6 honor on top of the carrion gear


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Posted by: Nike.2631


Because we’re the hero Tyria deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt dragons. Because we can take it. Because other professions are not our hero. We’re a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dragon Hunter.

Nicely done . A pleasant break from people losing their minds.

New Weapon: The bow – one of the greatest, most iconic hunting tools in the history of the human race

New Skill category: Traps – one of the most essential hunting tools in the history of the human race.

The Enemy: Elder Dragons – the ultimate peril of the world of Tyria. If we do not strive against them with our every breath, all will die.

New Profession: The Dragon Hunter – “I take the tools of the hunter and turn them against the foes that must be fought. For the good of all.”

The name wasn’t picked out of a hat… Its a graceful bit of shorthand both summing up and evoking many elements the profession encompasses.

“You keep saying ‘its unfair.’
I wonder what your basis for comparison is…”
- Jareth, King of Goblins.

Dragonhunter - What does it remind you of?

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Posted by: Shadelang.3012


Doesn’t even slightly remind me of the trap ranger. Its playstyle is ALREADY looking to be a different direction from that. Those saying its trap ranger 2.0 are only looking at the skill types and weapon type. Not the way theyl actually play in the hand of a guardian.

What it reminds me of more than anything is a Monster Hunter character. Which is more than okay in my book.

Ghost Yak

True or False?

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Posted by: Justin ODell.9517


Justin ODell.9517

PvP Server Programmer

Where are all the good players at yo?

Define good? Your rating is average, so you should be getting matched with the average player.

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I'm done with solo roaming guard

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Posted by: Yamsandjams.3267


Unfortunatelly I have to agree with OP. The only hope for us is bow which we are probably getting in HoT.

Given that the revenant’s hammer is a ranged weapon, the guardian specialization’s bow will probably be a melee weapon.

If you could change one thing on guard...?

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Posted by: Tarsius.3170


Fix all our broken skill facts, once and for all

Warhaft Tarsius – Asura Guardian ( Desolation ) – [NUKE]

The God of Guild Wars getting Balanced ?

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Posted by: endersluck.4708


“learn your class/learn how the guard works”

Yay, news: Point of No Return!

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Posted by: Chris Whiteside.6102


Chris Whiteside.6102

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I think they’re going to muck it up and do something stupid with the LS ending.

That’s the spirit!

. (-:


New Glacial Heart

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Posted by: Amins.3710


Don’t forget about the nighttime food.

You can run Strength / Chilling sigils + Food for a Chill/Might/Burn build.

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Beware the dungeon police!

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Posted by: Chris Cleary


Chris Cleary

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If you report them, we will come.

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Best Healer in Game?

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Posted by: Wethospu.6437


Combat Healer.

Cleansing Flame redesign

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Posted by: Tarsius.3170


That is all well and good, but if all 9 nazgul had turned up, Gandalf would have been wrecked by the AoE cap

Warhaft Tarsius – Asura Guardian ( Desolation ) – [NUKE]

Traidingpost Flipping should brought in line

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Posted by: John Smith.4610


John Smith.4610


During war people is willingly to pay absurd prices for food and medicines.

People gathering stuff to resell are consideered criminals.

This is a game and even if stuff is not needed as food would be, its basically the same thing.

Since the purpose of the game is FUN, people is forced to trade mostof their rewards in order to be able to have fun.

This is where your economy is totally wrong.


The Signet Fix Initiative

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Posted by: Renny.6571


Combo breaker!

elite specs ruined pvp.

Am I certifiably insane?

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Posted by: John Smith.4610


John Smith.4610


So, I logged onto the game today and found I had 1001 gems. I don’t remember buying any gems, so is the game glitchy or have I lost it?
EDIT: Never mind, I relogged and found I was back to 0 gems. Not sure if I should be relieved that I’m not insane (or worse, my account been hacked) or disappointed that I no longer have 1001 gems.

You could still be insane, but what you’re noticing is a minor bug.

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Dear Kasmeer... I am not your "friend"

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Posted by: That Other Guy.7351

That Other Guy.7351

And I suppose you smell like a bed of roses after swinging a heavy hammer around for hours at a time? Oh wait…

How important is Lore for you

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

The lore and story is what kept me interested in the GWverse since 2006 – I hadn’t really had any breaks since then excluding last winter, despite the years of no-content in GW1. The quality of such is falling, continuously, from my point of view with constant retcons under the guise of “they were wrong” and new things added which makes little sense with old lore, or is utterly unneeded with old lore, that my interest is continuously waning.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

gf left me coz of ladderboard

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Posted by: Morinmeth.9823


i cri evrityme

Dishonor BROKE the GAME constructive fix

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Posted by: Justin ODell.9517


Justin ODell.9517

PvP Server Programmer


Hey guys. I really like some the ideas in here. Some of you definitely got us talking about how to make things smoother.

I’ve got this thread bookmarked so I can come back to it.

One thing I would suggest you keep in mind is that some of our users don’t even lift, and will troll any system that can hurt others.

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"For Great Justice" x100000

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Posted by: Banewrath.5107


“Your face looks funny”

No, your face looks funny. It`s like a little raisin.

"For Great Justice" x100000

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Posted by: Trick.9370


“Your face looks funny”

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Fix Underwater Guide

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Posted by: Kite.2510


Underwater content is weak!
It’s not like A-net haven’t put effort into it. Quite the opposite, they designed special weapon with special skills for reach profession, along with plenty underwater villages, vistas and hidden stuff.
The problem with underwater is that people don’t find it very enjoyable, and most of them it’s hard to describe why.
I tried to deconstruct the reason Underwater lacks, and come up with fixes.
“Removing it” is not an option!

In terms of gameplay.

  • Give a different trait tree for Underwater combat.
    Sadly, people design their traits with land combat in mind, so when they go underwater, they realize that they haven’t paid much attention to how their builds would work with their underwater skills. The sane way the game remembers your skill and weapon layout each time you dive into the water, it should remember your trait build for the occasion.
    Having different, unique and smaller trait tree specifically for Underwater will also help greatly.
  • Skill Variety.
    Whenever you fight underwater, you always feel that you are just spamming skills. There are almost no mobility skills, or generally skills that would encourage some sort of strategy. The best examples are the thief and dagger-elementalist who on land are jumping all over the place, but on see they are just standing there exchanging blows.
  • Hybrid weapons for equipment variety.
    You might wonder why you can use a spear underwater and not a dagger. Allowing for some weapons to be used both on land and see will give some much needed variety and will also give some new skill opportunities to implement the above suggestion. Not that wearing a hybrid weapon in a land equipment slot will also make it appear in water equipment slot in gray form (aka you can place another item over it if you want), so players won’t ever require to own the same item twice.
    It would also be good to finally make some use of the versatility of some skills by putting hazards above or bellow a swimming area.
  • Acknowledge that you cant judge distance without 3D glasses
    On land, we can easily judge the distance with the enemy by moving the camera and looking at the floor. On water it’s not that easy.
    I suggest some sort of indication of the enemy distance on screen, along with skills that send you near the enemy, and the modifications of skills that require a second press of the button to activate (see engineer “Scatter Mines” and “Toss Elixir H”) to have some sort of sphere are that indicates the effected area if the skill is activated.
  • Increase all damage
    I can’t help but feel that all Underwater, especially in higher level zones, take a few seconds longer than advertised to end. This might be in my mind because the lack of variety and lack of Builds, but an increase of 5% on all underwater damage will make up a bit for the problems, and will encourage players to go back to water in the changing period if the above suggestions are implemented. This doesn’t have to be permanent if the other problems are fixed.

to be continued…

…and don’t be toxic!

Non-Zerker specs...

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Posted by: Martin Kerstein.3071


Martin Kerstein.3071

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All I can think of:


Survivability in dungeons with a DPS build?

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Posted by: swiftpaw.6397


Ignore that nonsense. You are your own player and you do have options.

Be a strong independent guardian woman who don’t need no man!

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15% Tax

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Posted by: John Smith.4610

John Smith.4610


You didn’t elect Evon, expect no sympathy from him.

I can't believe there is another Festival

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Posted by: Dra Keln.2015

Dra Keln.2015

You guys do realize this is the anniversary festival right? like 1 year of GW2? Did you really expect something different?

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