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WvW and PvP Ascended Armor Upgrades

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Posted by: Grant Gertz


Grant Gertz

Producer: WvW, PvP, and Fractals

When the August 8th update is released, WvW and PvP players who own Heart of Thorns will be able to upgrade their WvW and PvP ascended armor to have legendary attributes! This new type of armor will not have a unique skin, such as the one that is part of the raids legendary armor, but instead will consist of an upgrade to WvW and PvP ascended armor that gives those armor pieces legendary stat-swapping capabilities without changing the skin.
The following PvP and WvW ascended armor can be upgraded to allow stat swapping:
• Triumphant Hero’s Ascended Armor
• Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s Ascended Armor
• Ardent Glorious Ascended Armor
• Glorious Hero Ascended Armor
To upgrade a piece of WvW or PvP ascended armor, combine 3 new PvP or WvW gifts with 1 piece of ascended gear in the Mystic Forge. You can purchase ingredients for the gifts from either Commander War Razor in WvW or the Ascended Armor League Vendor in PvP.

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Hexalot.8194


What in the hell?

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU ARE IN COMBAT? Disable in combat gliding. Otherwise it means anyone can run away from a fight by just gliding away and literally makes HoT Pay-to-win. Seriously. It NEEDS to be disabled to deploy gliding while in combat. Seriously. This is why gliding in WvW has always been the stupidest idea.

This is such a silly statement. If your enemies decide to run away by gliding, YOU JUST GLIDE AFTER THEM !

At some point they have to land since it’s not true flight.

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: McKenna Berdrow

McKenna Berdrow

Game Designer


Hello, Mist Warriors!

I am excited to reveal that on August 8th we will be adding Gliding to WvW. The team has been working hard on a way to make gliding in WvW feel fun and fair, and by using our brand new territory system, we believe we finally have come up with a way to accomplish both goals.


Each objective in WvW now has a territory associated with it, and the ownership of each objective is displayed by map outlines in the color of the owning team. In addition to the map displaying the territory, the WvW score UI now displays the objective of your current territory next to the War Score your team is earning that tick. The objective icon functions the same way it does on the map and clicking it will open the Objective Upgrades panel.


Gliding in WvW does not require unlocking gliding through PvE masteries. Instead, you can acquire Gliding by using ability points in the new Heart of Thorns War Gliding Mastery. The War Gliding Mastery is available to those who own Heart of Thorns and allows gliding in territories that your team owns in the Mist War maps: Eternal Battlegrounds, Alpine, and Desert Borderlands. If you enter a territory that you do not own while gliding, you will be kicked from your glider.

We’ve made several map adjustments to the Eternal Battlegrounds, Desert, and Alpine Borderlands maps to better accommodate gliding. Besides map adjustments, we have also replaced Ballista’s fourth skill with an anti-air bolt skill that shoots people out of the air and immobilizes them for a short duration.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a test for gliding in WvW. If we discover with this test that gliding is not appropriate for WvW, we will disable it.

Ability Point Reset

With the August 8th update, we are also adding a new ability point reset vendor, the World Ability Master, to every portal/home keep (team starting area). A free sample ability point reset is available per character so that everyone with ability points can start gliding right away.

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Crazy Branden.6951

Crazy Branden.6951

another “nobody asked for it or want it” after Golem week and other kitten

Hey fool where are you getting your facts

Leader of Angels of Clarity

[Concept] Elite Specialisation - The Weaver

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Posted by: Jekkt.6045


Disclaimer: This is an idea for a future elite specialisation and was not made in order to replace Tempest. I tried to give close range melee dps options (offensively and defensively) aswell as some options for condition scepter players.


Weavers are Elementalists that are capable of weaving elements together, allowing them to use combination effects for their fluid fighting style, using a sword as their main weapon.

While their name sounds harlmess they should not be taken lightly, they are slippery, fast and when things don’t go too well they still have some aces up their sleeves: elemental stances.

Specialisation Mechanic

(weaver attunement spells have an internal cooldown of 8.5s to match them with the attunement cooldown of the arcane line)

Swapping attunement will weave them together, causing an effect at your current location depending on which attunements are used together. Instead of your attunement icons the combination spells will be shown expect for the attunement you’re currently in, which will show its normal icon.

Two attunements will always be tied together, going from attunement A to B will have the same effect as going from B to A.

Fire Attunement + Water Attunement
Steam appears at your location, blinding foes standing in it (smoke field, similar size of a thief’s pistol 5). if a smoke field would be too strong it could simply just be a blind field.

Fire Attunement + Air Attunement
The Air around you explodes, knocking enemies back. (a small knockback similar to engi’s turret knockback. blast finisher).

Fire Attunement + Earth Attunement
Melt the ground below your feet. (lava font, a fire field, similar to ele’s staff 2 on fire).

Water Attunement + Air Attunement
Electrifies water on the ground, creating a lightning field that stuns enemies crossing it.

Water Attunement + Earth Attunement
The ground under your feet turns to mud. (creates gunk at your location, similar to thief’s stolen engi item, applying random conditions, ethereal field).

Air Attunement + Earth Attunement
Magnetize the area around you, destroying projectiles. (a magnetic field that destroys projectiles when you stand in it).

Sword Skills


Auto Attack:
Slash your foe. 1/2s casting time
Slice your foe. 1/2s casting time
Set your sword ablaze to burn your foe with a final strike (1/2s), giving you one stack of might (15s). 1/2s casting time.

Skill 2 – Smoldering Dismemberment:
Deliver a fiery cone slash with increased range. 1/2s casting time, 5 target cleave 15s cooldown

Skill 3 – Star Burst: Pierce the ground with your sword, sending fire blasts along the ground, causing heavy damage to enemies hit. 1/4s casting time, 25s cooldown


Auto Attack
Slash your foe. 1/2s casting time
Slice your foe again. 1/2s casting time
Turn into mist, evade for 1/2s, and damage your foe with a final strike. 1/2s casting time

Skill 2 – Slippery Leap:
Dash forward (600 range), leaving an ice trail behind you (narrow long ice field) and chill enemies hit by your strike for 2 seconds. (leap finisher) 1s casting time (whole leap duration) 15s cooldown.

Skill 3 – Ice Prison:
Stab your foe with a frozen sword, engulfing them in ice and stunning them for 2 seconds.
3/4s casting time. 25s cooldown.


Auto Attack:
Slash your foe. 1/2s casting time.
Slice your foe. 1/2s casting time.
Teleport to your target, strike them and blind nearby enemy players (1/2s or even 1/4s). 300 range 1/2s casting time.

Skill 2 – Lightning Retreat:
Strike your foe and “bolt” backwards. 1/4s castimg time, 600 range, 15s cooldown

Skill 3 – Invoke Lightning:
Strike your foe with your sword, sending lightning bolts through their body, deriving the bolts to nearby enemy players and causing weakness (6s) to all enemies hit. 3/4s casting time. 15s cooldown.


Auto Attack:
Slash your foe. 1/2s casting time
Slice your foe. 1/2s casting time
Strike your foe, causing a magnetic impulse around you, reflecting projectiles for a very short duration (1/2s or even 1/4s). 1/2s casting time

Skill 2 – Earthen Shackles:
Block incoming attacks for 3 seconds, crippling (2s) and bleeding (6s) them for each time they hit you if they are close to you. 30s cooldown, 3s duration, 240 radius

Skill 3 – Stone Wave:
Leap at your foe (600 range), tearing up the ground, dealing heavy damage and cause cripple (4s). 1s casting (whole leap, leap finisher) 25s cooldown

Ex player of PeanutButterJellyTime, Heavenly Annoying and Visceral Gaming.

(edited by Jekkt.6045)

Now more than Ever (repost)

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


Now more than Ever, Anet Needs to talk to Us.

Okay I get that there are people who hang on their every word like it’s holy writ and call them liars if they change something. I get that. But this has gone on long enough.
Almost all the issues that are coming up, again and again, are coming up due to lack of proper communication on Anet’s part. This is one storm Anet isn’t going to be able to sit out. It’s only going to get worse.

Anet needs to set aside some time to let us know what’s going on. Even if they can’t give us a specific time table. They have to stop obfuscating, and be direct, honest and more transparent.

This silent treatment has gone on for way too long. It’s turning what was a nice community into a mob…and you really can’t blame anyone for that.

It’s the slience that’s causing it. In the absence of information, people’s minds will generally fill in the worst.

So come on Anet. Talk to us. We’re willing to listen.

Ascended Back, Nope nope nope

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Posted by: Smooth Penguin.5294

Smooth Penguin.5294

I personally hope they bring out more weapons, armors, and backpieces that have a similar “scavenger hunt” feel. Running for all the requirements was a lot of fun!

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Elementalist upcoming balance

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Posted by: Neko.9021


They’ll reduce our base health pool and increase our cooldowns.

Does Empower look like a mighty fart?

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Posted by: Xaylin.1860


For those who don’t know…

This is a big one. Look at the splash!


Bannering keep lord in eotm is broken

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Posted by: Axialbloom.8109


If you think warriors swapping to double endure pain double balanced stance to banner is bad, just wait til you see an ele using renewal of water while in obsidian flesh. Way lower cooldown than banner, heals it to full (dat overgrowth lord) and there’s absolutely nothing anybody can do about it.

I am going to go do this right now. Cheers!

Bannering keep lord in eotm is broken

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Posted by: Hobbitz.5831


One does not simply kill a warrior

Please pay the bill to have me cloned 4 times

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Posted by: Charak.9761


so I can carry the other 4 platforms and not be punished for dealing with people who can’t seem to grasp this content.

TTS Almost defeated the Great Jungle Wurm

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Posted by: Vol.7601


I guess we can blame that one guy who didn’t use oil/foods for that failure.

Yep, it’s all YOUR fault. You. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Elixir S (new) bug

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Posted by: Mif.3471


I look forward to this being fixed in November.

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Population Status on WvW Panel

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Posted by: Guild Wars Guy.5790

Guild Wars Guy.5790

I think it would be very helpful for players if there was a population status indicator on the WvW panel. Perhaps if next to each of the 4 WvW maps, there could be an indicator stating population as low, medium or high.

Post a picture of your Elementalist [Merged]

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Posted by: zalcs.9701


Dosen’t look like a very happy ele to me. :/


Changes to Underused Weapon's Skills

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Posted by: Minion of Vey.4398

Minion of Vey.4398

I think flamewall should summon a flamewall, lets say about 1550 range long that the elementalist quickly sprints across.

15s cooldown sounds about right.

Uhh... they destroyed ele lol.

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Posted by: showatt.9413


Real Elem plays bunker elem.
It’s just the way it is, and how it’s always gonna be.
True story.

Uhh... they destroyed ele lol.

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Posted by: Chimaster.8165


I’ve been playing glass d/d ele since around launch and this nerf is making me depressed and sick to my stomach. I feel like i’m going to have to re-roll.

RTL CD 20s ouf of combat?

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Posted by: Puff Pure.8631

Puff Pure.8631

So to keep our out-of-combat mobility up to scratch of a ranger or warrior, say, how about if we are not in combat, both when we start and when we finish RTL, the recharge is still going to be at 20 seconds, this would make running across large areas of the map a bit more balanced.

Any thoughts?

Future RTL nerfs

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Posted by: rhodoc.2381


I just cant live RTL with being nerfed every patch to the usefullnesss state. RTL was the biggest reason why i picked up the Elementalist in early BWE’s and still is my main.Here are the nefs to RTL so far;

- You cannot use utility skills while RTLing
- You cannot use weapon skills while RTLing
- RTL goes down faster in air and you cannot close huge gaps in air.
- RTL cooldown went up 15 to 20sec.
- RTL cooldown went up 20 to 40sec if not hit
- RTL travel distance reduced 1500 to 1200 although we usually fix tooltips instead of actual skill.

I cant imagine what is left to nerf RTL further…

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