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[Feedback/Discussion] Fractals of the Mists

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Posted by: Alphard.6529


So I’ve hit FoTM lvl 100 and I’d like to post some feedback. Unfortunately it is mostly negative because I believe the update actually made fractals worse in many respects. It seems to me like the fractal updates were rushed and as a result the quality suffered. There are a number of problems with the new system:

1. The Boon Fumbler instability (when you dodge roll, you lose all your boons) is just bad.

Fractals used to be one of the few places in the game where skill and knowledge of each specific encounter (boss attack tells, etc) mattered. Dodging mattered in most cases. Why would you punish skilled play? Becoming better at fractals is fun, being punished for applying skill is not. There are ways to reduce the effectiveness of dodging (see Mai Trin) other than a blanket ‘f*** you if you dodge’ rule. Suggestion: remove this instability and add specific boss mechanics at higher levels (if you must).

2. Huge health pools and nerfed boss damage make fractals tedious, boring and requiring less skill

This is related to the previous issue too. Mai Trin at lvl 100 hits for less than Mai Trin used to at lvl 50 before HoT. This makes skill and encounter knowledge less important, while making boss fights slow, boring and unfun. Why learn the boss attacks and mechanics when they don’t actually threaten to kill you? High level fractals (51+) were supposed to be even more challenging than the 40-50 tier we had before HoT, but most of them are not. Now some fractals are actually somewhat challenging, but many need to be balanced individually. I’d suggest you make some bosses (maybe depending on the level/intability) have high toughness but low vitality, wheres others have low toughness and high vitality, but not both.

But the biggest issue of all is this:

3. Once a player is done with their achievements, almost all fractals (esp. lvl 51+) become dead content for them.

Remember how the aquatic fractal before HoT was dead? For exactly the same reason almost all 51+ lvl fractals will be dead. The reason is that fractal rewards are tied to dailies, and the single 51+ daily will be completed by doing a combination of Swamp and Molten Duo fractals, because they are the quickest, just like how everyone used to roll for Swamp which meant they never did the Aquatic fractal. The game doesn’t reward you for doing the hard fractals at all. There absolutely need to be multiple specific lvl 51+ daily fractals. But even this will solve the issue only partially. Before HoT, in order to get the best rewards (at lvl 50 daily) you HAD to potentially do the hardest fractals in the game every day! There isn’t an equivalently hard + rewarding option now.

Edit: Further suggestion for a fix — add 4 more specific fractal island dailies, 2 randomly selected from the pool of levels 51-75 and 2 from 76-100. Make daily rewards scale with the fractal level and make these dailies give the best fractal rewards possible (even some unique rewards from the daily chest from these only). This will ensure people can’t get the best rewards (or at least as quickly) by only doing the easy fractals. Balance the 51+ fractals (read: make Swamp, Molten Duo and Jade Maw hard). The balancing will likely require mechanics/instability changes which unfortunately makes it unlikely.

4. Rewards

I don’t have detailed statistics on how good the rewards from dailies are, but my feeling is that the rewards aren’t even as good as they were before HoT. I’ll just say that I’m happy I did the 40/50 dailies for the past year and a half before HoT so now I’ll never have to craft another ascended weapon or armor piece.

Let me know if I’ve missed or misinterpreted something.

Edit2: So here’s what Colin has announced in this article

In the short term, we need to take a look at iterating on some of the issues with rewards, XP, and potentially some scaling issues on the higher tiers of fractals.

[KING] Alpha Cas

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Where did my pet go?

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Posted by: Zetsumei.4975


Back into their pokeballs of course

Kurodaraku – Necromancer | Kuroshikon – Ranger
Officer of [DEX] Deus Ex Machina Eu and [Fus] Fus Ro Dâh
Ruins of Surmia

This just in Rytlock Brimstone quits Warrior.

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Posted by: Warlord.9074


I had a chance to sit down and talk with Rytlock during my time in the mists. He said he got tired of ANET nerfing warriors and decided to switch.

When I asked him to elaborate on what he meant by nerfing warriors. He just said that ANET threw them under the bus and he got tired of it because he does no damage now.

Rytlock went on to talk about how the Blood Legion has lost a lot of their warriors over the last 9 months to the Iron Legion. It appears they all changed class to Engineer.

Finally Rytlock said that ANET doesn’t know how to balance their own game and that if he hadn’t of learned how to play Reverent that he was going to quit the game.

“Just press 2 to win all the dps was us cuz we’re a
warrior and we’re the best class” Eugene

Greatsword ranger (hmm?)

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Posted by: Fluffball.8307


Hopefully this clears things up.


ToL EU Finals

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Posted by: Blackmoa.3186


First of here the empty brackets for the finals:

the seeding system used to fill this is teh following:
they take the average peak ranks on the teamq leaderboard for the teams and then seed them accordingly. By doing this Team Mist was ensured a rank 1 seed(unlike taking just average current rank, which would seed them way lower as tehy dont play actively in q atm). Unfortunately with this system Cheesemode gets 4th seed, so they would meet Team Mist in the Semi Finals. Now if you look at the brackets: you can see this does not happen, Cheesemode’s seed got changed to 2nd for no apparent reason, therefore giving Team Mist basicaly a free pass to the final round.
Because of this tampering with the brackets Cheesemode and 55hp might end up boycotting this tournament.

TLDR: Seeds got manipulated to give Team Mist an advantage in the bracket.

German Caster,
never blinking “specialist”,

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What will happen to FGS?

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Posted by: Zelyhn Lekovitch.2867

Zelyhn Lekovitch.2867

I’m sure they’ll nerf it rather than solve the real problems of dungeons.

And you know what the worse is? The people asking for the nerf are those who consider themselves as elite and previously said that any elite player should learn to adapt to the best meta, instead of attempting to change the meta.

They will nerf FGS because a minority of stubborn warrior players are asking for their toys to be the best again like it was before. Of course, as we all know, everything was better before. And then, dungeons will be even more boring than they are now.

What can we do about this? Nothing. I have attempted to talk sense into the said players, but they are really hermetic. Those guys have no long term vision… it’s hollowing me.

Zelyhn.8069 [rT]
Retired elementalist theorycrafter

[EU] Lorbeerfraktion offering dungeonpaths!

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Posted by: Doctor Faustus.6372

Doctor Faustus.6372

Hello EU-Guild Wars 2 Community!

As you all know, selling Dungeon Paths in Guild Wars 2 is a usual business. We from Lorbeerfraktion [LF] made it to our task to provide you, the community, with fully legit played runs for easy acces to level-ups or dungeon tokens. The basic idea we came up with is the following:

We provide you a list of dungeons we can solo/duo for you and you sign in if you want to buy this path.

If you’re interested feel free to klick spoilers!

How do I do this?
Since we do not want to come up with a whole website for such a project, just add one of the contacts below to your friendlist ingame, and we will coordinate the path you want to buy!

Why should I buy from you when a whole bunch of people are selling?
Well we could ask the same question the other way around, why don’t we just sell our runs to everybody? If you are making the decision to buy dungeonruns from us, you can be sure they are legitely played by us and you won’t get scammed for sure. For some kind of “proof” check out our YouTube Channel ( to see how we work! On top of that, you can buy the dungeonpath instantly with no waiting time till the group is full or other issues that may arise due the selling process. Moreover we want to establish a good relationship between the buyers and us, since scamming is a usual process in Guild Wars 2, too.
If you need a Dungeon that is not listed below feel free to contact us anyways!

What do you require?
We simply requiring two buyers for the same dungeonpath, then we will simply run the dungeon and you will have your daily loot within a minute. A list with paths we can provide you with and the corresponding prices you will find below.

How can i contact you ingame?
Just send us – and that’s important – a mail (not a whisper) ingame to one of the following Members:

Doctor Faustus.6372

We will try to answer your requests as soon as possible and provide you with the exact time we will do the path you require.

Available Dungeons

Dungeonpaths we can offer you right now with the average time we need to make them sellable and the corresponding prices.

Caudecus Manor:

Story: ~20min | on request

Path 1: ~30min | 4g/Slot

Path 2: ~15min | 5g/Slot

Path 3: ~25min | 3g/Slot

Citadell of Flame:

Story: ~20min | on request

Twilight Arbor:

Story: ~20min | on request

Path Up: ~25min | 4g/Slot

Path Forward: ~25min | 4g/Slot

Aetherpath: ~30min | 30g/Slot (only 2 buyable slots)

Honor of the Waves:

Story: ~20min | on request

Path 1: ~30min | 6g/Slot

Path 2: ~30min | 6g/Slot

Sorrow’s Embrace:

Story: ~20min | on request

Path 1: ~20min | 4g/Slot

Path 2: ~45min | 8g/Slot

The Ruined City of Arah:

Story: ~40min | on request

Path 1: ~30min | 7g/Slot

Path 2: ~30min | 7g/Slot

Path 3: ~25min | 8g/Slot

Path 4: ~60min | 18g/Slot

We are looking forward to see you guys ingame, till then have a nice time playing Guild Wars 2!

Lorbeerfraktion [LF]

[vC] Doctor Faustus.6372

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Dungeon group [DPS Calculator]

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Posted by: J Eberle.9312

J Eberle.9312

Thanks to the awesome spreadsheet math work of Dekeyz of DnT combined with a slick format by Queicherius.2563, we now have a quick and easy to use calculator for dungeon party compositions!

Reddit Link to Dekeyz’s Spreadsheet math:

Reddit Link to the calculator:

Direct calculator Link:

Dekeyz’s Concluding remarks: Shoutout to Nike for helping a lot with this project in its many phases. While this was all a very fun mental exercise, it really won’t be useful until the meta shifts away from conjures. Until then, please refer to my FGS 12-second rotational DPS calculations located at to inform party composition decisions. Also, if something looks amiss, please ask about it.

TVH Armor Set - New Dungeon Meta

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Posted by: Lilith Ajit.6173

Lilith Ajit.6173

I mades dis.


And all who stood by and did nothing, who are they to criticize the sacrifices of others?
Our blood has bought their lives.

TVH Armor Set - New Dungeon Meta

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Posted by: Rising Dusk.2408

Rising Dusk.2408

New crafting materials also enter the scene. Players can now harvest cacti for cooking or refine Ambrite into sheets, that can be used in crafting gear with bonuses to Toughness, Healing, and Vitality.


Soldier’s gear and Cleric’s gear has too much DPS thanks to having Power forced onto the players by tyrannical ANet. Now we can truly play how we want and update to the new meta with Toughness, Vitality, and Healing Power armor. Never again will we have to do damage to anything!

[VZ] Valor Zeal – Stormbluff Isle – Looking for steady, casual-friendly NA raiders!


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Posted by: trunks.5249


if any of the people i was in team with are reading this. i am so sorry for skipping out in middle of match. but real life happened and it couldn’t wait and i hope you under stand real sucky part is we already had an afker again i am sorry.

master jedi david

Elementalist Arah P4 solo (except Simin)

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Posted by: Purple Miku.7032

Purple Miku.7032


I managed to complete an Arah P4 solo today with my elementalist Ruby Miku, but with duo Simin.

The full run took about 4 hours total, and can be viewed here:

I have highlighted certain parts of the run so that you don’t have to sift through it yourself, but I didn’t bother to highlight Balthazar or Melandru because a) I did terrible on Balthazar and wiped like 3 times, and b) Melandru is boring to watch… like, really boring. If you want to see it just search for it in the full run… those are the first 2 bosses :P

Lyssa solo:
-I used 2/6/6/0/0 d/f for this boss and I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to do without. I tried a ton of things and this is the only thing that worked, and very well I might add. The reason for it is for the “Diamond Skin” grandmaster trait. Whenever the clones die you get 25 stacks of confusion… and I promise you there’s NOTHING you can do to break out of dagger auto animation in time. LH isn’t helpful either. FGS is a bad idea in a solo because you go from full hp to 0 in literally the blink of an eye here. I encourage some of you to try this and tell me if you come up with a better way, but this is already about the same speed I can do it on Purple :P

Orbs solo (no watchwork ports!):
-Tyvm to Pepsi Ele for their help! I didn’t even know it was possible to solo 2nd orbs with ele, but it’s even easier to do it than with warr
(Btw, he says that you cannot do it without clerics gear)

Lupicus solo:
-I used d/f with no bloodlust stacks and lifesteal on crit food because I’m a noob on ele. I didn’t wipe at all on him this time so I’m happy about that, but I played it safe and used renewing stamina (arcana II) instead of stone splinters (earth VI) and was a noob with might stacking. Phase 3 is really hard without FGS, phase 1 I try to burn through ASAP before Arenanet starts DDoSing me or RNGing me with a million swarms. Phase 2, however, I find to be trivial with d/f thanks to swirling winds etc.

Grenth 1st part:
-This was really annoying in my run because the NPC is a piece of kitten and kept making the boss reset. Arenanet #1 AI programming in the world. This was my strategy that I came up with completely on my own and I don’t know of any more reliable methods. Perhaps someone will come up with a much faster one that works consistently ^^

Grenth 2nd part:
-Let the wraiths down you once and they won’t reapply the marks. Because ele has no hp and no healing signet, don’t even TRY to do anything fancy like FGSing the first wraith and rallying off it etc. Just accept your fate. If you fully die and cannot rally, you’ll have to start over.

Simin (duod):
-I have concluded that it is not even remotely feasible to solo Simin even with a friend helping with sparks, because of the lack of stability options. The only way it would work is if I swapped out FGS as my elite, but then I wouldn’t be able to deal enough dmg. This is more of a ‘burst’ sort of encounter, so LH is actually trash here… especially because Simin’s autoattacks destroy you on an elementalist… not to mention the AoE’s if you fail to get out of them in time before the damage ticks xD

Bloodstone shard + the 4 silvers before it:
-Oooh FGSing those silvers was so satisfying. God I hate illusionists. Nothing too special to mention about these encounters… just burned em down.


Soloing on Ruby makes me realize just how much I love Purple, dear god. May as well make another channel calling it RubyIsNewb.

I also am not very skilled with this class, so I bet Goku could absolutely demolish this path with his ele if he wanted to try, along with many others that are really good on their eles. Hopefully my vids here help others that want to try this.


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[Guide] DPS Elementalist for PvE

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Posted by: spoj.9672


Well you should be able to get pretty good fury uptime with staff. But staff really isnt as amazing dps as people make it out to be. The utility of D/F can allow for much faster runs because of the safety it provides for the whole group. And you can always just use staff for the easier parts of fractals. For boss fights like arch diviner and mossman I would definately recommend sticking with D/F as they will be moving around a lot and walk out of lava font. Also reflecting your fireballs on diviners phase 3/4 can pretty much 1 shot you which is hilarious but also incredibly annoying xD.

Balance stance is NOT a true stance !

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Posted by: Master of Timespace.2548

Master of Timespace.2548

Balanced stance is different because it is the only balanced stance.

? <(^-^><)>^-^)> <(^-^)> ?

Dungeons Forum Bingo

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Posted by: Lucas.9157


Check your thread score before posting!

If it’s too high, please look up older posts, so the ~dungeon forum regulars~ don’t have to repeat the same answers.


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New Game Mode - Bomber

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Posted by: KarlaGrey.5903


Dear Diary

RIP ‘gf left me coz of ladderboard’ Total views: 71,688 Total posts: 363

The 5th Attunement! [Arcana]

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Posted by: Swim.6830


Nope. Ele (and, maybe, engie) is already the most complicated profession in game. Play warrior and feel a difference. Adding even more stuff to ele will just move it on another level of gameplay compared to most gw2 activities

We will transcend!

Zwim Elementalist
The Dragoon Brotherhood

Guild was removed.....

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Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

If this is the guild I recall — and given the tag, I believe it is — I’m quite surprised that you’d be asking a question about the guild’s disbandment. The name was offensive, the tag was offensive, and the guild ranks were offensive. They were intentionally, crudely, unacceptably wrong in direct violation of several components of the Naming Policy.

This thread is locked, and I strongly suggest that if you reform as a guild, you consider your guild name and guild tag very carefully. At some point, those who choose offensive names risk account suspension, even account termination.

You could contact support? Just a thought.

There is no point in doing so. Everyone who reviewed this case agreed the name was offensive. and there is no room for appeal.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

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RE: "Leaked" patch notes

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Posted by: Allie Murdock

Allie Murdock

Community Coordinator


Because they are not real.

I want to.

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Posted by: LightningBlaze.4913


It takes months or possibly even over a year to learn how to play with the ele really well. If you are not willing to spend that much time mastering a profession then definitely don’t try, you will only get very frustrated and not be able to cope with it.

Heidia- The elementalist is the #1 most OP profession in this game since beta!

The SBI Recruitment Thread!

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Posted by: Jyeoi.6027


Be nice to those you meet on the way up because you will meet them on the way down.

Yulo – Champions of Stormbluff [SBI]

Dishonorable due to lost internet connection

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Posted by: NevirSayDie.6235


It’s necessarily a bit strict. It was more lax for a while and 4v5 was more common. Now it’s a bit stricter and it occasionally punishes someone in your position, but also prevents more 4v5s from happening.

Also, each individual stack lasts for 3 days. So if you get one stack on Jan. 26, and then another stack on Jan. 28, on the 29th the first stack will fall off. So you generally don’t have to stop playing for 3 days unless you get 3 stacks back-to-back-to-back on the same day. If you get 2 stacks in one day, you could stop pvping for a few days to avoid the ban, but it would be no different than to continue—if you hit your third stack, the ban will last only until your first stack falls off, no longer.

Ashkandhi: Kitten the Meta

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Posted by: ahuba.6430


lol “kitten the meta”

Lyssa runes: check
Healsig: check
Longbow: check
Cleansing ire: check

Why does this remain ok till this day?

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Posted by: P Fun Daddy.1208

P Fun Daddy.1208

Guys, its Burnfall.
We don’t need to address this any further. If you want to see this guy rage more because he can be killed by another class, go to the thief forum.
He is a little bit like Deimos in that he’s very often wrong and may or may not be trolling, but somewhat worse in that he’s always angry.

However, I do agree that this class needs some looking at. In WvW, we are relegated to a single, mostly boring role in zergs, and in sPvP we are relegated to a single, boring role in a one-shot burst that quite frankly thieves can do better (You can of course run glass staff, but I’m not going to pretend that’s viable, only that it’s fun).
If you’re having trouble clearing any PvE content, you should probably finish levelling up to 80.

The problem with Dredge Fractal

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Posted by: ArthurDent.9538


There have been many complaints about this fractal over the years so after thoroughly thinking it over I have figured out why no one likes it and how it can be changed to be more enjoyable. The answer is simple there are just not enough dredge.

If only they added more dredge, the wonderful sounds of there gongs, their wonderfully high health, and the massive damage of their attacks could be savored much more thoroughly. Another thing worth noting is that while they are immune to blind, they can still be easily knocked down and stunned, so giving them 60s of stability upon spawning should help them get off all of their attacks so we can appreciate them in their entirety.

Right now over the course of the fractal I only get somewhere between 30-55 heavy minor’s bags. This is simply an unacceptably low level and I would like to see Anet make changes to double it. Though this may make dredge too rewarding so I would propose the additional dredge do not drop loot, otherwise this fractal might become another Queensdale train.

14 Dungeon paths soloed
Lupi solos on 9/9 professions
Wost Engi NA

Burn the Zeitgeist: "Staff Ele Guide" [Video]

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Posted by: KrazyFlyinChicken.5936


Burn the Zeitgeist: “Staff Elementalist sPvP Guide” [Video]

The Zeitgeist

The currently perceived notion is that staff elementalists don’t belong in sPvP. After many internet searches and a couple of youtube videos I decided that this must have been the case. But what’s interesting about the search results that appeared were that many of them were made many months ago, before the recent changes to staff and many of our abilities.

Who I am

I do not profess to be the best elementalist in the game (not even in my guild), but I do consider myself more than competent. Over a year ago, with several others, I pioneered the ‘Churn Bomb’ and created a video which brought it into the mainstream. You can find the video at the end of this post.

Experienced Player Guide

This guide was done with the intention that you’re not an idiot. You should know all of your abilities and what they do before watching this. I do not get into detailed explanations of the abilities themselves, and focus a lot of my time on how they work together to produce a more potent effect.

That being said, since I am catering to a more experienced audience, I must first win your confidence that the weapon works. So I do not start with build information, or gear setups or lengthy explanations. We leap right into a tournament and I will pause the video at key points to explain real-world applications of your abilities.

Near the end of the video, if I still have your attention, I will display each combination of attacks in their entirety on a golem in the mists so that you can practice them yourself before taking your skills into the arena.

At the end of the video if you would really like to know what my build is I will include that as well.

The Flame Axe

The Flame Axe is a conjured weapon which is generally not used in sPvP for a variety of reasons. I realize it might be a huge leap of faith to accept that both staff and flame axe is viable, but I address this throughout the video—and at the end offer several alternatives in case you remain unconvinced. So do not make assumptions on my ability as a player based on this one utility slot.

And remember that to challenge a zeitgeist, means that one must think outside the box.

The Video

Enjoy the video, and please leave your comments on the youtube video or on this forum post and I will happily answer your questions!

sPvP Staff Elementalist Guide:

Churn Bomb Video [1 Year Old]

Fort Aspenwood – Elementalist
Character name: Azilyi

Zelyhn's Zalculator (Alpha)

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Posted by: Jeremlloyd.6837


All depends of the situation but I mainly use GS / Axe-Mace
I start the fight with mace #5 while moving to the ennemy, then axe #2, mace #4, switch to GS, HB, WW if the ennemy is pushed against a wall, else a few AA (till I can switch again to Axe-Mace), switch to Axe-Mace, Axe #2, 1 or 2 Axe AA chain, Axe #2, switch to GS, etc… and I use Mace #4 when it’s off cooldown.

For Utility, it also depends of the situation, but for organised group, I use:
- For Great Justice
- Signet of Fury / Might / Frenzy (depending of the situation)
- Banner (Strength / Discipline) or On My Mark
- Signet of Rage / Battle Standard

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You opinion about Dredge?

in Fractured

Posted by: Dogger.1867


I love fractals and I love 99% of the changes to fractals with this update. The new ones are great and I’m glad to see them revisited.

However, every single person I have ever run fractals with HATES dredge with a passion. It is the one fractal in the group that is just awful across the board. The amount of trash mobs and permanent respawns are completely ridiculous. I would be delighted to go into detail.

The beginning of the fractal is pure torture. The button puzzle is skipped by every single upper level group. Please understand how much we hate it. I don’t think you could find a single player that appreciates it. There should only be one or two mobs on the first buttons and about half of the trash mobs in the main room with two buttons and a switch.

After that is more trash leading up to two options the fractal chooses for you. Both are awful design and I’d be very happy to explain why!

The bomb room is caked full of unnecessary permanently respawning dredge. At 40+ levels (and even so 30’s) you cannot realistically kill them all before more show up. This forces you to skip trash even if you are trying to do everything legitimately. Using bombs on the wall spawns even more trash mobs are you serious??? So much so that shadow refuge or naked runs become a necessity. Even after the wall is down you still have an entire army of dredge to get through to get to the boss. Why would you ever need so many enemies for a 5 man team to fight through? It is pure insanity.

The alternate is the drill room that has a disgusting amount of dredge in it. Though this one isn’t quite as bad, it still requires an unnecessary amount of time killing hordes of dredge. When you finally get to the wall the respawns go infinite again and become so large that they once again must be skipped to get to the boss room. Please explain how this is fun for anyone. I have done dredge more times than I can count and I can’t remember a single time anyone has ever had fun with this.

Now, I’ll admit the mid boss fight isn’t bad. It has a block mechanic and a line AoE that makes it interesting enough. However, the big problem here is the horrendously long clown car fight. At upper 40’s you can clear the entire underwater fractal faster than you can kill the trash mobs that come pouring out of that clown car. It is excessive and dull and boring and why was this left in the game for over a year??? Of all the things to fix in fractals how was this not the #1? I don’t understand. It makes no sense. It is boring beyond belief. I seriously question my life’s choices every time I have to go through this clown care encounter it really is that bad.

If a group has decided not to commit suicide after the clown car then the end boss fight is probably the best part of the fractal. It is a unique mechanic that requires a bit of skill and coordination to get through. So, props for that but it is so hard to appreciate after all of the trash leading up to it.

Basically, can we please get this fractal fixed? Or removed? It is not fun and everyone hates it. EVERYONE hates it. Absolutely everyone. It is a horrendous blister on an otherwise great end game system. I cannot express how badly I loathe this fractal. If I had a silver for every complaint I’ve heard about this fractal I could afford an entire collection of precursors. Please, please, please do something about this. I never want to have to do this fractal ever again.