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Zelyhn's Advanced D/F [PvE Guide]

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Posted by: haviz.1340


I don’t belong to the speedrun community, but I think Anierna’s criticism is justified.

I do and I don’t think so.

The sad truth about Rangers....

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Posted by: SmudgerUK.4715


When I did TA F/U a while back my group consisted of 3rangers. We all sat at 1.5k range and pretty much soloed the boss.

I like this new play on the term “solo” it’s so much better than the old one when the party requirement for soloing was greater than zero but less than two.

Underground and uncategorized fractals

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Posted by: haviz.1340


So the answer is they couldn’t fit all dredges in the timely manner.

Please cap Defiant to 5 in Dungeons

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Posted by: haviz.1340


I’m inspiring!

December 10th Elementalist changes

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Posted by: Zelyhn.8069


Also for those who think 40% (for 3 seconds) is a big boost, you should know that most PvE builds run perma 35% boosts (10/20/10/10/0 +20) and LH builds can get 60% (25/0/25/20/0) on vulnerable foes, and yet the class isn’t considered to be top tier because this comes at high costs and requires very specific conditions.

So no, Jon, I do not think this is overpowered.

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Staff, healer or dps? :)

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Kodiak what you are saying is that people should simply appear active enough not to be kicked in a group and get carried until they get the rewards.
This is a disgustingly selfish statement.
For one, if everybody followed your advice no group would ever accomplish anything.
You are telling people “guys, be bad, others will be good for you and in the end we all get the same rewards”. Well what if people didn’t want to be bad, Kodiak? What if people actually wanted to have fun by achieving something and feeling potent, no just being animation jukeboxes? I think you are terribly misconceiving the community.

You think of me as an ultra elitist. I find this very amusing. The truth is that I am indeed a fervent supporter of efficiency. But I look for efficiency in all things, like fun, not just speed of execution. So I am perfectly fine with people playing the way they want. Actually I encourage everyone to do so! But I will always promote efficiency, what ever the way people choose to play. In fact if you look at my guide, two of the three builds I mainly talk about have supportive traits. I believe most peole want to improve. I respect those who don’t for as long as they are conscious of their choice. So all the advice I give is “do the things you want to do as well as you could do them”. I am quite sure this approach is more desirable than your “wave you arms around until the final chest” point of view.

Your comments are simply destructive for this community.

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Staff, healer or dps? :)

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Posted by: Zelyhn.8069


Thank you guys for the input, i think il go full healer/utlity for both pve and wvwvw (yes i know dps is meta… but im not a speedrun guy :P i wanna save the pugs xD

Don’t even worry about it man.

You could go in and do dungeons in white gear level 80 with zero stats or even any traits spent and provided you’re skilled enough to not flop over dead you can pretty much pull anything off and no one will ever say a word.

No one is going to call you out on your DPS or how you play because the truth is no one in game has any way to prove factually that one person is doing more DPS than another. They can calculate it all theoretically about what you should be doing to theoretically get the maximum DPS but since no one can actually check if you’re doing maximum DPS or even no DPS it doesn’t matter.

Sounds like you want to do support, go that route and if any one gives you any guff (not that I’ve ever had anyone question anything I’m doing in dungeons over the course of 100’s of PUG dungeons) just tell them to mind their business.

Congratulations! You just won the 2013 award for worse advice of the year!

Zelyhn.8069 [rT]
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Staff, healer or dps? :)

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Posted by: Guanglai Kangyi.4318

Guanglai Kangyi.4318

You’re specced for direct DPS but you’re wearing Dire gear?

Staff, healer or dps? :)

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Posted by: Guanglai Kangyi.4318

Guanglai Kangyi.4318

You’re specced for direct DPS but you’re wearing soldier gear?

Let's Skip Skipping

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Posted by: TheMaskedParadigm.3629



As this thread as derailed with off-topic and inflammatory comments, it has been moderated heavily.

Please note that any further off-topic and/or inflammatory comment, may result in this thread being locked.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much for your hard work keeping our forums safe and clean for the dungeon community. Without you, we would be lost.

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ANet loves difficulty spikes?

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Posted by: Jeffrey Vaughn

Jeffrey Vaughn

Content Designer


That creature was put there specifically to be avoided. It’s on a long patrol path around the temple, and easy to avoid. In a similar fashion, if you stop to fight a patrolling knight, you’re likely to have another one wander in during the fight, then another, etc. Not every story step is “Destroy every enemy on the map”.

The definitive guide to winning pvp in gw2

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Posted by: Ouroboros.5076


While I like GW2’s pvp overall, I agree this post puts the light on one of the worst part of it : passive traits and AI spam.

Passive traits are hard to follow. Why was GW1 easy to follow ? Classes had 8 skills, one weapon, no passive traits. Everything that was happening could be seen clearly. Who the heck is able to understand the importance of a sudden proc of protection and regen due to a passive trait or rune/sigil proc ? No one. It’s a complete mess of effects happening all at the same time.

And then AI spam. GW1 made one thing right : the available AIs (minions/pets) were sub-par. Even a 8v8 was watchable because it was only 16 players against each other. GW2 just has too much AI in PvP : Mesmer’s illusions, Necro’s minions and Ranger’s pets and spirits are the worst offenders, but you can also add the occasional thieve’s guild, elem’s elementals, guardian’s summons and even invocation that come from runes ! To me that is just WAY to much pets.
The worst case is probably a spirit ranger against a minion necro. That’s a 1v1 that is in fact a 6v8 AI war where both players are counting on AI and passives to bring the other down. It’s a nightmare to fight and watch.

The definitive guide to winning pvp in gw2

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Posted by: Aza.2105


1. Take as many passives as you can.
2. Take as many AI skills you can.
3. Spam every skill you have off CD, even if you don’t need it.
4. Dodge even when no one is there attacking.
5. Spam aoe with team mates, pretending like you are assisting even though you are hitting another guy next to the guy targeted.


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15% Tax

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Posted by: John Smith.4610


John Smith.4610

You didn’t elect Evon, expect no sympathy from him.

Challenging Bunker Condition based engies

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Posted by: LightningBlaze.4913


Hi everyone,

Recently the ele community is getting really depressed because according to them the ele has being nerfed to the ground to the point eles are completely useless for solo roaming in wvw. I declared the opposite and during that discussion I was called forward to show videos to backup my claim. One of the builds they want to see me defeat is a bunker condition build engi. If there’s any Engineer running this type of build from SOR or TC server please duel my s/d ele from BG on wvw for a video footage. Thank you!

Heidia- The elementalist is the #1 most OP profession in this game since beta!

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Best to worst dungeon dps classes?

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Posted by: obal.3218


1. shout heal warrior SONIC BOON!!!! beats all
2. bow bear ranger
3. flame thrower engineer
4. cleric staff guardian
5. p/d theif
6. condition necro
7. staff elementalist
8. greatsword/staff mesmer

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Best to worst dungeon dps classes?

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Posted by: rafi.2304


rangers 1st
warriors last


Post 6/8 - Cracking down on PuG's

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Posted by: TheMaskedParadigm.3629


At least the CoF farmers will know how to use melee weapons.

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Post 6/8 - Cracking down on PuG's

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Posted by: Guanglai Kangyi.4318

Guanglai Kangyi.4318

Not like current pugs are any better. At least the CoF farm people will be in zerker gear.

Aggro since June 26th

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Posted by: Aiglos.2907


I think it could just be coincidence.

I do happen to know that the Champion Wasp Queen in Queensdale bears a massive grudge against me. She could be mobbed by 1000s of allied players, but she will ultimately make a bee line for me and with every ounce of her being, aim to destroy me. I tend to be standing the furthest away and she still comes at me. Every time. Without fail :’(

Fear the might of Shatterstone!

Dungeon Leeching build

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Posted by: Wukunlin.8461


MF Dungeon Leeching build traits and equipment


30 Radiance
Focusing on signets. When leeching you want to concentrate on tagging mobs instead of using your skills. Signets are great in the sense that they have a passive component you can still make use of your skill slots.

  • II Signet Mastery: excellent trait especially for Signet of Resolve to heal yourself more and stay alive. If you have to use other signets or clicked them by accident then this trait also helps to get the passive effects back up faster.
  • IX Inscribed Removal: although you are not meant to use the signet actives, when you are low on health with conditions on you, you can use the signets to remove conditions as a last resort.
  • XII Perfect Inscriptions: improve all the passive effects of your signet. What’s not to like?

20 Valor
Focusing on survivability. You can’t leech and tag mobs when you are dead.

  • III Strength of the Fallen: gives your teammate more time to res you in case when you do get downed.
  • V Purity: more passive condition removals so you are less likely to be forced into activating your signets.

20 Honor
More survivability to keep you up and leeching

  • VI Pure of Heart: there is a chance that the passive of Virtue of Courage can come back up in the middle of the fight (unless you keep spamming the active, which, like signets, you shouldn’t). The following hit you take will remove the aegis and end up healing you.
  • IX Two-Handed Mastery: lets you spam you staff skills more frequenty to help tagging mobs.


Signet of Resolve
Best guardian heal when traited in terms of heals per second.

Signet of Judgement
Awesome damage reduction passive so you take less damage when leeching

Signet of Mercy
Gives you more healing power so when you dodge roll and use staff #4 you get more health back.

Signet of Wrath
It is either between this or Bane Signet. Bane signet increases power and makes you hit harder. That is bad because you become more likely to draw aggro, so we use Signet of Wrath.

Renewed Focus
Panic button to help you avoid getting downed, so you can keep tagging mobs.

Basically you want any exotic magic find set. Traveler’s Sets (MF/power/cond) are more ideal because you have condition damage as oppose to precision in Explorer’s Sets. If your precision is too high, you will crit too much, and will draw more aggro. You don’t want to have to deal with mobs attacking you when tagging them for their loot.
Runes you want 5 Traveler’s runes for magic find and some health to survive any unavoidable damage. Add a pirate rune for the last slot for maximum magic find from runes.

Basically you just want to max out magic find. Unfortunately that means we are forced into using some Explorer’s parts but we should still aim for maximum magic find.

Staves are by far the best weapons for tagging mobs for guardians. There is no reason to use anything else. Again we want Traveler’s stats so we don’t crit too much. You want to start using the staff with the sigil of luck to get your MF% stacks then switch to the other staff for a further 3% MF.
Staff auto attack is your bread and butter for tagging mobs. Staff 2 and 3 have 1200 range so you can still tag mobs that are too dangerous for you to get within 600 range. Staff 4 is good for heals. Line of Warding is handy when you do get mob aggro you can block them for a few seconds so your teammates can regain aggro.

This is an effective build to counter the poor droprates and rewards in GW2 dungeons. With this set up you can go in and get credit for all the mobs killed without worrying about too much aggro and expect good loot.
Good luck getting on everyone’s blacklist.

Oceanic [LOD]

Back from a little lay off.... Scepters?

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Posted by: Zelyhn.8069


Fresh air happened.
Due to the proc from air 15, this trait boosts your damage by quite a bit (a lot in scepter), so a lot of people switched from scepter to dagger because it feels nice to burst a single target every 5s.
But what very few people saw is that fresh air is actually even better for daggers’ sustained damage

Zelyhn.8069 [rT]
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Condimentalist (Kodiak Build + Vid)

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Posted by: Aether McLoud.1975

Aether McLoud.1975

Okay sorry for the broken links in the other areas.

First off I primarily play PvE and WvW. I like playing builds that fly in the face of what others consider “mandatory” and pulling them off. In this build there is 0 Arcane which many people would say is impossible.


No offence, but that’s some of the worst gameplay I’ve ever seen, both from you and your opponents, even in hotjoin.

You almost never dodge (even if you did, you have no vigor) or put stone barrier up. Your enemies seem to be braindead because even if they outnumber you they don’t actively attack you. At around 8 minutes you fight against a necro and a thief, and they just seem to watch and stand there as you cast churning earth (without arcane shield or flash, and with a lowly 1400 toughness) and then get hit by it. The warrior at the start of the video even ACTIVELY RUNS INTO YOUR CHURNING EARTH RANGE.

Against non-braindead opponents you won’t last longer than a few seconds because you don’t have protection, or regeneration, or stability for ether renewal, or any source of defense or heals besides water 3 and 5 and you only have 1400 toughness.

Your build has 30 (lost) points in fire, yet you spend most of your time in earth. You try to make a condition build that’s earth based (for bleeding) yet you don’t use the fire trait that gives you burning on crit (no matter how bad the trait is it’s still our only chance to give us 2 damage conditions in 1 attunement). You have 20% reduced cooldown on fire skills yet you’re almost never in fire and when you are you don’t stay long enough for the cooldown reduction to matter, and if you switch out it doesn’t matter either because your attunement cooldown is atrociously long.

You use Pyromancer’s Puissance for might stacking, yet you never have more than 7-8 stacks of might, and most of the time you have either 0 because you haven’t been in fire for so long or around 3-4. The average amoung a normal build with sigil of battle has is 5-6 which makes a gorram weapon enchant MUCH better than your chosen grandmaster trait in your build.

I’m sorry to break it to you but your build isn’t anywhere near viable. Just like every other ele condition build, alas.

Edit: SCNR the attachment :P


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So why are AH guardian builds...

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Posted by: Guanglai Kangyi.4318

Guanglai Kangyi.4318

You want to know the reason? People are dumb. There is literally no better reason than that.

To be fair, though, most people are kicking AH guardians on sight now too. It may have been acceptable to run that build one month after launch but at this point it’s utterly ridiculous to still be relying on that kitten, unless you just got the game and haven’t been actively seeking advice from other players, in which case I guess it is excusable.

39,334 seconds Lupicus.

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Posted by: TheMaskedParadigm.3629


Shameless skill clicking. I’m not even mad.

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Mesmer portal: a Liscence to Steal

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Posted by: havoc.6814


The new jumping puzzle has just been released, and once again we see that there is no content that this skill can’t break. A few greedy people decided to create toons for the sole purpose of porting to the chest and caching in on a fast 60 silver. Since this could be repeated fairly quickly, a tidy profit could be made. Anet was quick to respond by nerfing the value of the exotic shoulder item, to the detriment of all the honest players. They didn’t nerf it enough though, as players can still collect the exotic shoulders and throw them in the mystic forge to get a random exotic armour piece.

I don’t get it. Find a way to kill a dungeon boss by bypassing his attacks and you risk being banned for exploiting. How is the rabid abuse of the portal different?

It’s not just this jumping puzzle either, it’s all of them. The jumping puzzles in WvW are filled with prospective legendary wielders porting up for free badges. LA always has players calling out free portals to the jumping puzzles. It’s even offered right here on these forums (See the Goemm’s lab threads). Why is it okay to bypass this content to get free loot; loot that was meant to be earned by completing the content.

In WvW this skill was long considered a free way to take towers, keeps and even SM. Everyone accepted that mesmer sweeps were a valid part of the game. Why? Why should a simple skill allow players to bypass the walls of those towers and keeps. Why should a team be allowed to capture something virtually for free, by bypassing the impediments to that capture instead of overcoming them.

The skill is still being used to bypass valid content in dungeons (COF1 speed farm anyone?). Try to bypass that content by climbing over some wall and you get banned, but it is okay to bypass it if you are a mesmer.

Why is this skill still in the game. It removes the challenge of doing the content, punishes those who honestly do that content the way it was intended, and cheapens everything from achievements to legendaries to loot in general. This skill is singlehandedly destroying this game. I really wonder how many people would still be screaming that they have already done all of the content without this skill?

I propose that the skill be change to allow usage by the mesmer only. Nobody else. Extend the time that it hangs around to be used so that it remains a valuable skill for the mesmer (escape from combat, running supplies in wvw, a protection against a bad jump in jumping puzzles, etc.). Just stop the abuse. Stop the stealing (because that just what it is when you take a reward you didn’t earn.)

Am I the only one whos sees how detrimental this skill is to the game?

S/D: The best PVE build as of 6/25

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Posted by: Smooth Marc.8743

Smooth Marc.8743

S/D is the worst weapon choice you can make for pve.

The biggest problem with scepter is the auto attacks in every attunment are inferior to dagger and staff auto attacks.

For example with my current gear trait set up which is full berserker gear with scholar runes and using 30/10/0/20/10.

as dagger/x

Dragon claw is 6191dps
Vapor blade is 3850 dps
Lightning whip is 6699 dps
Implae is 3381 dps

vs scepter

flame strike is 1833 dps
ice shards is 3132
arc lightning is 2633 dps
stone shards is 2244 dps

vs staff

fire ball 3676 dps
water blast 1418 dps
chain lightning 2960 dps
stoning 2121 dps

Dagger mainhands worst auto attack is better than scepters best auto attack.As staff you’re better off sitting in fire and spamming fire ball > lava font only leaving every 20-30 seconds so you can stack fury.

This leads me to my next problem with using scepter in pve.

Only phoenix and dragons tooth do meaningful damage.The rest of the damage spells in other attunments all do worse damage than auto attacks.As s/d you’re casting two hard hitting skills, and then not doing meaningful damage for the next 16 seconds.

You’re better off playing dagger/focus or staff and stacking might to 9.

Elementalists in WvW huge flaw.

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Posted by: chnet.1832


No need to remove the skill, just change it so you can’t pass gate/portal when you’re in that downed mist form and it’d be enough.

Btw, warriors when downed also can stand up and move into keeps. Yes they’ll die soon after that but team players can immediately revive them thereafter. Will you say the warriors also cannot pass gates/portals in that state?