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Why does Lege armor have to be tied to Raids?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Cristalyan.5728


I think that Legendary Armor being tied with the Raids is a skillful example of players manipulation from ANet’s part.

The main issue here is not why the Armor is tied with something, but Why after one year from the launch the promised Armor is not ingame?

By hiding the armor behind the Raids ANet switched the focus from the real question (and implicit from the real responsible entity for this) to a false problem – the problem we are debating here. In this way the responsible is not ANet by not fulfilling a promise but the players – who are lazy, unable to learn, average or underaverage.

And it seems that even some ANet workers failed for this diversion: Remember the “gid gud” coming from an ANet worker? That means even they considers is your fault.
- You barely can see the monitor and the colors? “Gid gud !”
- You have problems impairing your hand mobility? “Lazy slacker – train yourself more ingame. Without dedication you cannot achieve something you already paid for. Gid Gud!”
- You have attention issues preventing you for a long duration focus on the same thing? “Time changes! This is no more GW2 for the average (underaverage) persons. Gid Gud!”

This is. In the moment we will stop arguing about a false problem and we will start asking ANet about their responsibility, the things will start to change.

Until then, ANet successfully diverted our attention from the main problem. Still, the price is that a lot of players are angry now. We will see in the future if this is a right price for the time bought in this way by ANet.

Pulse check time.. finding the way to fun..

in WvW

Posted by: Straegen.2938


I don’t even care that much about finishing upgrades in the guild hall.

The guild changes were handled incredibly poorly. Before the change, our small five active man guild managed to secure every upgrade through sheer play. Then they gutted our guild upgrades and changed guild upgrades from WvW play to PvE and craft grinding. Our “guild” is now just a short player list with no hall or upgrades.

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What do WvWers want?

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Posted by: Blodeuyn.2751


Remove the Desert BL.

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Why does Lege armor have to be tied to Raids?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Tapioca.9062


Why only raids? If we can get legendary weps in a variety of regular pve content why not the legendary armor? Not everyone likes raids and a top tier of equipment shouldn’t be exclusive only to those who want to raid.

Will there be other options and ways to acquire legendary armor is this the only way?

Because raids are so popular that Anet need to use every possible method to try and corral people into them. Do you want legendary armour? Better do raids! Do you want spirit shards from experience in Heart of Thorns maps? Better do raids! It just strikes me as a little pathetic. If the content was as popular and desired as they make out, why do they need to lure players in with every single reward, both large and small, that they can find?

Iron Guards are no longer camp upgrades

in WvW

Posted by: HazyDaisy.4107


Absolutely! Even more so if that yolo soloer was one of the old manual upgraders that watched time and again as their money was washed down the drain because their entire server didn’t care enough to protect a pre HOT fully upgraded camp.

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GW2, not a sequel.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Haxwell.7398


To the people making such visceral statements in this thread, you are missing the entire point of this conversation. Nobody is debating here that GW1 was a great game, that much is a fact. Nobody is debating here that GW2 is a great game, also fact. The conversation here is about the fact that all the core things that made GW1 great and different were scrapped for GW2. Again both games are great, both games have their short-comings, but the successor adopted NOTHING from the predecessor other than name and lore.

I’ll state this again for people who will say that what I’m saying is Gw2 sux or that I’m blinded by nostalgia. I KNOW Gw1 is outdated and I KNOW Gw2 (for what it is) is for the most part a superb game. They delivered on a much larger percentage of their promises than other games of the genre do. But a large portion of their player base were GW1 vets who pre-ordered the moment they could BECAUSE GW1 resonated so strongly with them. And we simply cannot ignore the fact that every single core mechanic that made GW1 great and unique was scrapped for Gw2. Class combination? Gone. Full campaign expansions? Gone. Guild capes? Gone. Massive database of weapon, class, utility and elite skills to choose from? Gone. Dyeable weapons? Gone. Guild halls? Took them 3 years and a mediocre expansion release but it’s finally here thankfully. For all these reasons I cannot personally consider GW2 to be a successor to Gw1. Still a great game, but again, all it maintains from Gw1, is title and lore.

Why the unrelenting pressure to do JPs?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Tiger Ashante.1792

Tiger Ashante.1792

Why? It has been a steadily mounting pressure.

I would guess that at least half of the ones done as dailies are not actually even done.. or more, since people will portal to get them. Your metrics on how many complete them will be so skewed they are meaningless.

Why is it so important to Anet that we do these things? What happened to play “our” way?

Why do you feel you have to herd us around like a pack of Pre Schoolers?

I’m honestly curious. And yes, I’m fine with not getting a Daily JP done, or anything related to a JP done. I’ve managed 3 years here and done 4 puzzles.. 3 by porting, 1 by paying my son to do it.

I’d just like to know why it is so important to push platforming as “normal” game play and why it is not considered an activity and put in that category.

I know what u mean OP, i decided to do the collection for the new legendary shortbow, heard it had a fun collection/story etc. omg 90% of it was JP’s all the way to making the precursor. It was annoying, boring and mindless a potential for great story lost. The only redeeming factor in all of that, was that i got those cute tiger cubs, but i’d never do it again.

And yes, i agree with u OP, Jp’s and various jumping games are being shoved and forced upon us in every aspect of the game now. I totally resent being forced to have to do all them kittened adventures to complete my HoT masteries. I cannot even describe my annoyance. So i completely sympathies with you and agree, that gw2 is done a 180 turn once again in allowing us to “play how we want” and it’s getting worse every time they add a piece of content.

Why the unrelenting pressure to do JPs?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Elden Arnaas.4870

Elden Arnaas.4870

re: If your the type who likes to AFK in town don’t expect rewards – Who said anything about wanting to AFK in town? Much less wanting rewards for it. You’re just making stuff up.

In Lord of the Rings, did they play hopscotch to save the day? No, they geared up and went out and they fought the evil. And in the original Guild Wars games it was about fighting. And fighting didn’t mean bouncing around doing something that a squirrel could do better than a human being. It meant knowing your class, knowing your party, knowing the enemy, and being able to make a good plan and execute it well. It’s sad that GW2 is more about bouncing around(witness the Berserker meta) than actual strategy and tactics.
And why should achievements, items, etc… be gated behind jumping puzzles?(in a fantasy role playing game) Sure make lots of jumping titles and “achievements”, but don’t gate real stuff behind them. If this was Portal or a Mario game, sure. But this isn’t a platform jumping game, it’s a Fantasy Role Playing Game.

Bring Back the Desert Borderland!

in WvW

Posted by: Puck.9612


Personally I just find it sad that the developers listened to a minority group just because they whined all over the internet about not wanting to learn something new. Really shows weakness on the developer side of things. They shoulda done an ingame vote or tested ‘actual’ players.

Well I guess they better just stick with the alpine map from here on out.
They wouldn’t want to “show weakness” by giving into your whining and returning the deserted bl.

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HoT vs Core = Unfair Advantage.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ashen.2907


I think that there are valid arguments on both sides of the, “is it pay to win,” argument. They have been stated so many times that I wont repeat them here.

But do the elite specs provide an advantage? Is any such advantage unfair?

I think that the answer to the first is yes and that the answer to the second is sometimes. I dont mean that the elites guarantee victory in pvp or anything of the sort, but they do provide increased combat versatility, and seem to provide more combat effectiveness. That does not completely negate the effect of player skill, but advantage exists.

The unfairness, in my opinion, lies in being put at a disadvantage in content one did in fact pay for because one did not purchase some distinctly different and seperate content.

That said, the company has to make money and this is not the first time, nor does it seem likely to be the last, that they made false or inaccurate statements as part of their efforts to market the game.

Please, a clear statement re: AFK farming.

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ashen.2907


Okay, first of all I would like it if people making these kinds of “requests” would stop using that term.

Of course it is “legal” for them to be AFK farming, because if it were in fact illegal for them to do so then that would mean that there is a real penalty consisting of a fine and/or imprisonment by their local or federal law enforcement agency. Are you implying that you think these people should be arrested and face a fine or jail time? Are you saying that they do in whatever government jurisdiction you reside in?

Seriously, please stop using it as a way to describe action within the environment of a video game that you feel is a violation of the acceptable way of playing said game.

Why are you asking people to stop using a word correctly?

Among the dictionary definitions of the word illegal are:

in violation of an official rule.
breaking the rules of a game.

Among the dictionary definitions of law is:

A binding custom or practice of a community.

So, breaking Anet’s rules (binding practice here, official, are the rules of a game) is illegal.

Being pedantic is one thing, being incorrect in one’s pedantry is something else entirely.

Black Citadel is gorgeous

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Dante.1508


Charr seriously deserved Genocide, has no one played Guildwars 1 they were and still are a horrible race…

The six gods were on the right track from the start.

Keep some stuff away from forums

in Players Helping Players

Posted by: CaptainVanguard.4925


I get your point rebellion but I think you shoulda just avoided this topic in the first place, the reality is the forum isnt exactly the happy place where people go to share great stories and good times. Its basically Sh*tposters valley where alot of people just go to rage at how they dont feel satisfaction at the game.

Many of the opinions compiling admittingly are non constructive and dont offer a suggestion as to what a-net could do to improove the situation which is why I purposefully construct arguments which are intended to offer advise to A-net as to what they “can” do.

What I think you should really have put here is a topic suggesting “how” best to interact with A-net in regards to offering feedback.

This is what ill say in regards to that:

1. Be constructive, dont just rage.

If you have something to say, by all means say it, if in your opinion there is content in the game that doesnt appeal to you, thats fine, but dont just say “I dont like this” come up with a rational proposal as to what the developers could potentially do, im sure they will adapt the idea into something more suitable to their own design philosophy but they “may” hear your words if you speak rationally enough on the matter.

2. If you insist on bringing up a political agenda, make sure you realize not everyone agrees with you on it.

Political affairs are one of the core reasons so many people on the internet these days start fires because someone says “pro this” or “anti that” and suddenly everyones in arms about it one way or another.

The honest truth is, people will never completley agree to be equal because there will always be one side wanting more than the other, no matter what gender/sexual prefference/religion or ideal you follow.

What we need is a world of tolerance, acceptance of difference, rather than wanting to immerse each other into it, we need to accept the boundries we create between each other and agree to “not” cross them.

This is a far more realistic outcome than forcing agendas on people to make them change, because believe me, it actually creates the adverse effect when you push something in someones face.

Transgender people & GW2

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: CindyKa.6137


@coso, you keep asking the same or making the same comments over and over wanting an answered. Many have and imo this is the best one by Envy:“The problem is that you want to include a trans NPC, instead of an NPC who just happens to be trans.”
it might be hard for you to understand but those are two different things."

The thing is there is 2 sides to every coin yet you refuse to even pick up the coin to see the other side to know it exist.

I for one and from what it appears the majority doesn’t care one wit if there is a gay straight or trans character in the game. What I care about is not to single out someone or point out "hey look at that npc they are transgender and because of that it makes them special. Every gay person I know doesn’t stand on the rooftop saying pick me pick me pick me, I’m the best because I’m gay. Instead they are saying pick me pick me pick me because I’m the best player on the field.

A persons station in life is not based on their sexual identity it is based on accomplishments their contributions to society. I would be extremely offended if someone pointed out my accomplishments and contributions to to society only have merit because I’m gay. And that is exactly what I get when reading your comments.

Edit, oh that and your obvious disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

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Transgender people & GW2

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: vesica tempestas.1563

vesica tempestas.1563

why do people assume that if they include a lgbt character it will be just a token character with awful background just to show how progressive anet is?
would you react the same to a straight character?
its is not about being a sjw, or microaggresion bs, but including a trans npc should not create such trouble in the first place. it is just a npc in a mmo story, why would people be in arms about such a simple thing?

The problem is that you want to include a trans NPC, instead of an NPC who just happens to be trans.

it might be hard for you to understand but those are two different things.

hit the nail on the head. +1

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Transgender people & GW2

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: BrotherBelial.3094


It’s good that they put such heroes into the game. Some people live in homophobic and hateful countries and games seems to be nice and different reality to them.
If you don’t like it, then don’t play this game. I am happy and proud that they’re supportive and show that everybody has the place in GW2.

Stop, just stop. No one said they didn’t like it. The just feel a game is not a place to promote flavor of the month causes. If people really want to make a difference do it in tea life. Get out there and get involved. I play games to get away from reality. I don’t want the problems of the real world following me in to it.

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Next xpac discussion

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Torolan.5816


Ditch the 3D multi layered crap of HOT.

Thats my only wish for the next xpac.

This. Please no more SuperMarioWars2.
Improve the story. Do not copy and paste the original story for a third time.
New maps that are actually fun from the start, not only after you master this or that.
Less gating.

Non-HoT-Accounts [Merged]

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Thaddeus.4891


Expansion – get the stuff that comes with it
no expansion – no extra stuff

How is this hard to understand when all games that have expansions do this? What would be the purpose of having an expansion in an MMO if you did not have this?

You would be right, but Anet did some jerk move with HoT. And to follow your deal, Anet removed some of the core game and put it behind HoT, How is this hard to understand?

- The vast majority of the guild stuff that was available pre-hot isn’t anymore. Banners, Buff, guild bank, etc. All of that could be unlocked and use pre-hot and you can’t access it now if you don’t have HoT.

- We used to have good ascended drop in fractal 50, 40 and 30. Now you need to reach higher level of fractal to get the good reward. Now even counting that the pre-hot level 50 is more similar to level 80-90 post-hot in term of difficulty. Without HoT you can only reach level 76 unless you pay a lot of gold to get some +12 or higher. With mean that you get less reward and can access less challenging content now that you could pre-hot.

- Elite spec are straight up boost for most if not all profession, especially in PvP. Pre-hot you could find a way to play one of the best build. Post-HoT you systematically can’t if you don’t have HoT. There is a difference between adding elite spec as different playstyle for all profession, with some of them being better than normal, some being equal and some being less good than core profession, but there is a problem when all of them are just simply better in all modes.

Not having access to new content when you don’t buy an expansion is normal. Losing content and having limited access to the old content because you didn’t buy an expansion is not normal.

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Malyck! We want you back!

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: nosleepdemon.1368


I swear to God any expansion that focusses on the Asura will be an expansion I shall avoid like the plague! It’s bad enough that Taimi exists in all her stunted patheticness, but if I have to put up with more of the wee rainbow munching potogold seeking bar stewards I will lose my kitten. The Asuran race needs to be collectively rammed into the SAB where they can be enjoyed as punching bags in place of that poor shop keeper’s cart.

Angel Wings

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Scerun.5834


My problem with wings is not their impracticality in JPs. I just think angel/demon wings are. so. awful.

it’s my understanding that they were adamant to avoid capes as back pieces because they were just too typical in RPG settings. But wings? my oh mighty my.

Sorry to derail your thread, but my wing-hate just cannot be contained

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PvEers being picked on for not owning HoT?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Torolan.5816


The idea in general is not bad. The bad thing about is that I still have zero motivation to run through HoT again because even after it has been altered, it is still the plattformer version of GW2 I never wanted to have.

I don't understand the opposition to mounts

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: MeGaZlo.9516


I don’t understand the opposition to mounts too.
I know a couple of games with the maps twice smaller, but with mounts. And everyone just happy about their presence.
Ok. I want a horse. I do not care if it will not give me more speed. I just want to feel like those epic characters from artworks (Yeah! There ARE mounts on GW2 artworks and concepts! What would you say about it?).
I’m starting to believe that all this “mount-hatred” is nothing more than GW2 trend of some sort. Like <<Look at me! I hate mounts just like them! I’m cool!>> or <<Other games have mounts, like WoW, and this one is not. I need to show that I am special because I hate WoW. Will demonstrate hatred about everything similar to WoW, and banish to WoW everyone who disagree with me!>>.
No seriously. Most of the arguments – pure nonsense. Like, <<we have waypoints!>>. AND? <<I have lift in my house – why do I need a ladder?>>

I don't understand the opposition to mounts

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: DoctorDing.5890


All arguments against mounts in game were invalidated when gliders were introduced.

I don't understand the opposition to mounts

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Danikat.8537


Minor but important point: WoW did not invent mounts in games. WoW was not even the first MMO with mounts. (UO ridable llamas ftw!) (No, UO wasn’t the first either.)

Personally I like mounts as a cosmetic option, I find them fun. But I think this game has plenty of cosmetic options already and they wouldn’t serve any practical purpose.

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HoT is NOT designed for zerging

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Coyote.7031


It seems to that HoT is not designed for zerging, not designed for casual players, not designed for solo players, not designed for small guilds and not designed for anyone who might reasonably expect to be rezzed by a random passing player.

It seems to me that HoT is designed to bring out the worst in everyone.

I’ve got plenty of non-HoT stuff to do for now. I’ll wait….

Oh, the popcorn though. I’m gonna run out of butter. I mean just look at this forum! How could Anet ever claim GW2 has a great community with comments like these?! And it bleeds on to just about every other community site. You see someone give a review people don’t agree with, the comments are filled with name calling. Rich buttery goodness. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I should stop watching, I should walk away, but man I can’t stop watching.

What did you guys want guild wars 2 to be?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Prophet.6257


So I would really like to hear from the rest of you (especially those who actually played gw1) what your expectations were, were they meet, why or why not, and what are your plans/expectations going forward (give it up, play something else, keep playing, etc).

I was a long time GW1 player. Loved it.

I heard a lot of speculation about GW2. Player housing, persistent giant world, immersive story telling, tons of non combat activities, etc, etc. All of which was way premature considering how little information was actually available back then.

I was a bit too trusting then and bought into a lot of it. I walked into this game expecting the king of all MMOs. Instead what I got was a solid game that is fun to play on and off. If you got cash it makes it even better but all-in-all it’s fairly enjoyable on its own.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in where the game is today as to where I thought it would be in year 3. I’ll keep looking for that ultimate MMO experience and if I find it GW2 will have been a good experience, but just another game.

TLDR; Thought GW2 would be an A+ game but instead it’s a B-. Good. Not Great.

The #1 Thing ArenaNet should improve NOW?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Lakanna.2073


Ability to adjust particle effects. Every option from

[] Show All
[]Show Self Only
[] Show Allied Only
[]Show Enemy Only
[]Show None

This one! Also, the option to hide backpack skins on other character models. The big wings are annoying and there’s currently no way to hide them.

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