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Only 7g til bolt! Goldskitten

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Posted by: Linfang.1087


I just mail them a scrap of cotton and tell them to craft a tissue.

Issues with 7/28 Build

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Gaile pls do me a favour. Go to the dev team, throw the words “automated testing” in the room and watch their expression, if it’s either a) fear or b) laughter i may suggest a new dev team. This is really not good advertisement for HoT .. i just imagine the same quality coming with the expansion …

how to tell if i am a good player?

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Posted by: Pimsley.3681


Good question. This is what I think:

You know you’re a good player when you are sincerely confident enough to believe it without peer validation. Confidence, not kitteniness.

You gain confidence from initially getting beaten up a lot and then learning from your mistakes. You gain confidence when you are aware and keep track of your contributions to the team.

Time to not let people play anyway they want

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Posted by: IndigoSundown.5419


What stops you from playing as you want now? All it would take would be for the people who post in these threads to put each other on their kitten friends list. Oh, wait, you want your way to be the default way on PuG’s so you don’t have to lift a bloody finger.

So, you want ANet to return their attention to dungeons — which they’ve not touched in a long time and to completely redesign the game. You want everyone to have to play your way — because in order for dedicated roles to be the accepted way in the stinking PuG meta, Anet would have to make them required. You want to ruin the game for anyone who prefers it the way it is because you cba to make your own groups.

What we have now: Group comps can include any builds, any gear, and profession and succeed. This is the ultimate in build diversity.

What you want: Group comps will be just like in other games, a tank, a healer, and some DPS. Casual groups, guild groups, PuG’s, everyone will have to use the same comps to succeed. The only variations might be on which professions play DPS. Much less diversity.

What the result will be: PuG’s will still exclude, only they’ll be kicking because they need a tank or healer. Or because your tank build is not the accepted tank build. Or because your heal build is not the accepted heal build. Or for whatever other reason they come up with. Exclusion is not a mechanics issue — it’s a people issue.

Sorry, no thanks.

your S/D experience September Patch

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Posted by: Sir Vincent III.1286

Sir Vincent III.1286

ArenaNet has always had problem with consistency in their definition of functions.

A Block is a hit that deals no damage (GW2 Wiki).

Thus it should satisfy that requirement. ~ In the beginning…there was Tarnished Coast…
Full set of 5 unique skills for both dual-wield weapon sets: P/P and D/D – Make it happen
PvE – DD/CS/AC – If that didn’t work, roll a Reaper or Revenant.

The dragons won

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“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.” Dragons are extremely powerful, and do act from malice. Here I need to defend the very capable employees at ArenaNet, who delivered a masterpiece game 2 years ago and who to my knowledge have never acted with malice. I simply disagree with the allocation of resources/investment which has been chosen since GW2 went live, again without malice, by the ArenaNet executives.

“Any intuitive change to a complex system will inevitably leave [that system] worse off.” from an engineering textbook on complex systems 40 years ago, quoting a textbook on urban studies

Vee Wee's thoughts on leveling

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Posted by: Im Mudbone.1437

Im Mudbone.1437

IDIOCRACY, now playing in a game near you.

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Potential solution for stacking

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Posted by: Lindbur.2537


I alone have been anointed to spread my boons for you…
Let me show you the power of stacking!
Embrace the powerful hits!

And there it is, friends! The ugly truth.


A remnant of times past.
“Memories are nice, but that’s all they are.”

This class makes pve irrelevant.

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Go fight dredge.

Welcome to my world –

Hobo Sacks: A Terrible Fashion Statement

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Posted by: Turbo Whale.1738

Turbo Whale.1738

I’ll make this quick. I posted something similar to this thread months ago but I feel like now might be a better time for this to get noticed because of ANET’s great success in the plush backpacks.

Situation (Optional Read): So I’m walking down Lion’s Arch and the sylvari ladies are swooning (and some of the men). A little flex of that 3 inch circumference bicep and they go wild. That Nightmare Court Set shows how much of a bad-boy my sylvari is. I’m feeling a little kitteny so I decide to put on a little fire show for my amazed spectators so I slot my grenade kit. However, to my dismay, the hobo sack instantly drains all of my charisma. My 3 inch bicep reduces to a 1 inch instantly. My nightmare court gear instantly withers away to dust. The show was over before it even began. The once entranced sylvari ladies now walk over to the suave elementalist who displays a fire show so great, it nearly made a steam vegetable mix out of the audience. I log out, uninstall, drive over to ANET HQ, and dump 10 lbs of freshly steamed garden salad in front of their doors.
Story Time over

-This game is based on cosmetics. Endgame is based on cosmetics. Dungeon armor serves only to provide cosmetics. People spend hours and hours on cosmetics.
-Engineers must wear hobo sacks and stow their weapons during parts of fights. Almost all engineers have at least 1 hobo sack in his/her utility slots.

- Hobo sacks are ugly. They cover the beautiful plush backpack items. My hobo sack doesn’t match my bad-boy Nightmare Court wardrobe.

Solution: 1. Allow cosmetic upgrades to hobo sacks available in the gem store (Maybe I can turn my cute quaggan backpack into a grenade bag?). 2. Allow us to use kits without having hobo sacks. 3. Let us display our stowed weapons while using grenades or a flamethrower, etc.
Simplest and most efficient fix: Give us a toggle to hide or show hobo-sacks when we have a kit equipped. It’s probably an easy update, it is optional (so those who want to keep the hobo look can), and it will probably help sales for the new quaggan and charr backpacks.


(Edit: Added a story to the top for a more interesting time with the thread)

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[Suggestion] Add "Noob" to the swear word filter

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Posted by: Azure Prower.8701

Azure Prower.8701

Only noobs are offended by the word noob.

Guild Last Online Broken

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Posted by: Isaac.6041


Now there’s only “Online” or “Unknown” …