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Additions to Material Storage

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: LinseyMurdock


Game Designer

Ok folks, here is where we are at with this material storage side project that I originally outlined here:

1. Determine need for side project
2. Work with programming to investigate the backend and define limitations
3. Ask for suggestions from playerbase <- LAST TIME WE TALKED
4. Collate suggestions from all sources
5. Refine data to determine popularity of suggestions
6. Refine list to remove suggestions that are impossibilities for whatever reason
7. Research every suggestion to fully understand their use cases
8. Meet with experts to better understand the needs of their area of the game (WvW, Fractals, Scribes, SAB)
9. Refine data list to remove suggestions that are unfavorable for whatever reason
10. Discuss and plan alternative solutions to suggestions that are unfavorable but could be addressed in another way
11. Assign Materials to specific material storage collections
12. Experience data loss, resetting progress back to step 7, thus undoing all the hard parts I just did
13. Experience crushing demoralization and wallow in sadness for days while numerous people try to help recover work. This is why you should never save your docs locally and nowhere else.
14. Acceptance of lost data and thorough avoidance of redoing work while advancing through stages of grief
15. Put on big girl pants and redo steps 7-11
16. Document proposed changes
17. Present final list to design team for last minute objections and additions
18. Present final list to playerbase for last minute discussion and final appeals <- WE ARE HERE
19. Adjust design as needed.
20. DO THE WORK <- the easy part

“Yeah yeah yeah, lady, but WHAT’S ON THE LIST!?”

Common Crafting Materials
Milling Basins

Core Refinements (new)
Jute Patch
Wool Patch
Cotton Patch
Linen Patch
Silk Patch
Gossamer Patch
Damask Patch
Jeweled Damask Patch
Green Wood Dowel
Soft Wood Dowel
Seasoned Wood Dowel
Hard Wood Dowel
Elder Wood Dowel
Ancient Wood Dowel
Spiritwood Dowel
Bronze Plated Dowel
Iron Plated Dowel
Steel Plated Dowel
Darksteel Plated Dowel
Mithril Plated Dowel
Orichalcum Plated Dowel
Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel

Fine Crafting Materials
Blade Shards
Shimmering Crystals
Tenebrous Crystals

Rare Crafting Materials
Bloodstone Shard
Elonian Wine
Brick of Clay
Chak Eggs
Eldritch Scoll
Fractal Research Pages
Icy Runestone
Legendary Insights
Mystic Binding Agents
Mystic Crystals
Mystic Forge Stone
Philosopher Stones
Reclaimed Metal Plates
Unid Fossilized Insect

Ascended Materials
+1 Agony Infusion
Anthology of Heroes
Augur’s Stones
Lesser Vision Crystal
Vision Crystal
Mystic Runestone

Gemstones and Jewels
Amalgamated Gemstones
Copper Doubloon
Gold Doubloon
Platinum Doubloon
Silver Doubloon

Cooking Staples (new)
Baker’s Dry Ingredients
Baker’s Wet Ingredients
Cookie Dough
Simple Dressing
Candy Corn glaze
Cream Soup Base
Ice cream base
Poultry Stock
Meat Stock
Vegetable Stock
Staple Soup Vegetables
Tomato Sauce
Loaf of Bread
Salt and Pepper
Simple Stew Herbs
Stirfry Spice Mix
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Scribing Materials (new)
Crystalline Bottles
Lump of Glass
Linen Supply Sack
Green Wood Pulp
Soft Wood Pulp
Seasoned Wood Pulp
Hard Wood Pulp
Elder Wood Pulp
Ancient Wood Pulp
Copper Nib
Silver Nib
Gold Nib
Platinum Nib
Mithril Nib
Orichalcum Nib
Glittering Blotting Powder
Shimmering Blotting Powder
Radiant Blotting Powder
Luminous Blotting Powder
Incandescent Blotting Powder
Crystalline Blotting Powder
Coarse Paper
Rough Paper
Fine Paper
Smooth Paper
Quality Paper
Premium Paper
Extra Coarse Sandpaper
Coarse Sandpaper
Medium Sandpaper
Fine Sandpaper
Superfine Sandpaper
Ultrafine Sandpaper
Simple Scribing Kit
Basic Scribing Kit
Fine Scribing Kit
Journeyman’s Scribing Kit
Master Scribing Kit
Grandmaster Scribing Kit
Simple Finishing Kit
Basic Finishing Kit
Fine Finishing Kit
Journeyman’s Finishing Kit
Master’s Finishing Kit
Grandmaster Finishing Kit
Badges of Tribute
Coarse Book Cover
Rough Book Cover
Fine Book Cover
Smooth Book Cover
Quality Book Cover
Premium Book Cover
Wood Glue

That’s 125 items and 3 new categories (I’ll also be changing some category names and item rarities to better fit). More than I should do from a pure numbers standpoint, so if you are going to try making a case for adding anything else to this fairly exhaustive list than you should know it will be an uphill climb. I’ll hear you out, but know I will be a hard sell. If anything, I am looking for cuts to this list, not adds. We’ve spent a ton of time thinking this through. I’ll post some notes on those choices in a reply post since the forums are telling me this is too long.

I’ll personally be paying attention to discussion here and on The Inevitable Reddit Thread™ for the next week. I’ll be finalizing the list in the following week and finding the time to DO THE WORK after that. When it comes to timeline, I normally say “no promises!” but in this case, I promise that I refuse to let this go a whole year since my original post without shipping.

Lead Designer – Living World


in WvW

Posted by: Johje Holan.4607

Johje Holan.4607

No, don’t transfer! That’s part of the problem.

So you must be on YB. And based on your description I would guess you were playing OCX time and got run over by SoS’s OCX. That’s nothing new. That has nothing to do with linkings. This issue has been happening since launch.

YB was T1 at the beginning of this linking. So they had a high population when Anet took their measurements. But then they lost population and fell in ranking.

What you are describing has always been an issue. Its the problem of coverage. Some servers have more people playing at various times of the day.

The server linkings are made by attempting to match servers together to provide some sort of population balance. It has nothing to do with the number of servers but their population. Except that it seems human psychology makes us see 1 server v. 2 v 4 and freak out.

Thus leading us to the other problem you describe which has also been around since launch. Fairweathers. As you describe more people come out to play when they’re winning. And the higher population server starts winning and the fairweather effect compounds the initial population imbalance.

TLDR; The two issues you describe are population coverage imbalance and the fairweather effect. They are two of the most pernicious problems with WvW. And they are two of the hardest problems for Anet to fix. Server linkings were an attempt to fix some of this imbalance. I for one thank Anet for trying, it is better than it was before imo.

Nightcappers are a myth

in WvW

Posted by: FogLeg.9354


How about give them their own league? Set servers according to player ip location…..then you can set up match ups according to server location. Sure players could try to spoof their ip but why pay the extra to do so? This would solve many problems with lag and “night capping”, players wouldn’t be complaining about my night is your day etc……….as every player within that league would be more or less playing in the same time zone.

Because, in the end, the issue is not about day/night cycle or about people living all around the world. You can live in the EU, get up in the middle of night and play GW2, if you want. You can play it in the morning, or during lunchbreak or at afternoon. All those mythical OCX and SEA players are largely an excuse to gain unfair advantage.

It has been explained many-many times already during last 3 years, but some people do not bother reading and would rather create another troll thread to shout out loudly again and again. WvW is gamemode where you fight enemy players from other servers, meaning when no enemy is around, it stops being WvW. If you really-really like to fight NPCs and just destroy some walls or doors, you can do these things quite well in PvE zones. There are a lot of PvE areas in the game, you do not have to do that in WvW mode.

There is good reason players leave WvW – because they stop caring about the match, stop worrying about the score and stop trying to win. Once you take away the reason to even enter competitive gamemode, it will die. Eventually, lots of players move on to EotM.

Now we can ask why? Why players do not bother with score? Because for majority of WvW players, who mostly play at prime time, few hours every evening, their actions or their skills or their failures have no effect on the result. It does not matter if you are good or bad, lazy or stupid, it does not matter if you die or kill an enemy, it does not matter if you capture something or lose objective. You can do all those things, and so can everyone else who plays at prime time (again, this means most players) but matches are won or lost based on much fewer people playing (or not playing) when no or very few enemies are around.

What the score changes are suppose to do, is to make WvW exciting. To make it fun. To make winning or losing a match something everyone would care about, so that they would play more WvW, more GW2. Without it the future is dark, after this server merge more players will leave since the matches are not interesting and winning is impossible, more servers will die, more matches become empty until after some time we are facing another merge.

And I bet those who create these sort of threads never bother to read any of the explanations. Just wait for next one pop in with big discovery that Earth is round and there is somewhere night even now and how any change is totally/absolutely/unbelieveably unfair.

T1 NA Public Service Announcement!

in WvW

Posted by: marksman.6453


T1 Also appreciates your co-operation in the following matters:

1. If you find duelers – interrupt and kill them. Remember If Its Red, Its Dead
2. Roaming groups now consist of 20-30. Get in line
3. Queues are just an excuse for you not to EotM. We need the supply! Do if for the realm!
4. If you see a Tactivator that is not on cooldown, USE IT! We all want to see amazing airship effects, and the WvW and Chill factor is just too good.
5. You have your own build and comp? We don’t need that. Run the most cancerous builds and don’t use TS. We want skillful play.

Enjoy your stay in T1. If you have any qualms, keep them to yourself.
Any issue will be handled by our staff. They will promptly carry your opinions to the shredder.

Thank you for your cooperation

Thanks Anet, for allowing server stacking

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Posted by: ArchonWing.9480


I am very sorry that you got outblobbed out of all 4 maps and had to retreat to the forums, but it seems like they will be coming here to PPT too.

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been and there you will long to return.

Fixing/Addressing the Top 5

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Posted by: mexay.3902



Revert or give each stack a small (.25 – 1s) ICD either for WvW only or game wide

Fix or Revert DBL
Temporarily retire DBL while it gets worked on. Introduce regular live tests for feedback. Keep most of the new systems like semi-auto-upgrades.


Introduce reward tracks to assist with gearing and siege. Tracks like Ascended equipment, Siege, Ore, Cloth, Leather, unique skins, hero skins, etc are important.

Population Balance

Start with server mergers and transfer fee reductions. The end-goal should really be an entirely new server system.


Just keep PPK. I don’t really have any answers to things like “nightcapping” or anything, if I’m entirely honest.


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Not Enough Tyria Mastery Points Sources

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Posted by: onevstheworld.2419


Easy points:
8 personal story
8 completing LS 2 story (not the achievements)
2 Tequalt
1 Karka Queen
1 LA exterminator
1 Dry Top skritt queen
1 for first character reaching lvl 80

That’s 22 points without doing fractals, dungeons, JPs, LS achievements, difficult bosses or rare spawns. And that’s easily enough to max out Pact Commander (19 needed).

As for Fractal Attunement, it pays for itself in terms on MP’s…11 needed, 14 available. Most of the time I get these by accident, asking the group if we could work towards it, or creating a LFG stating it was a MP run. But if you don’t do fractals, this line is useless to you and you can ignore it.

Legendary crafting is a funny one… to craft a precursor, you will need to do lots of different content (Fractals, JPs, specific champs/events, specific achievements, mini dungeons, max level crafting) If you think getting the MPs required to max this mastery out is too much, precursor crafting is more of the same but arguably much harder and definitely more expensive. As someone who has crafted Dusk, I can guarantee the MP requirement is only a mild obstacle in the grand scheme of precursor crafting. If this crafting process doesn’t appeal to you, you can ignore this mastery line too.

Core Tyria masteries ARE tuned to your gameplay preferences:
Pact Commander for everyone: enough easy MPs
Fractal Attunement for the fractal runners: enough MPs in fractals
Legendary Crafting: crafting process requires you to do lots of different and sometimes annoying/difficult content, thus reflected in the remaining MPs coming from all sorts of content (some of which are annoying/difficult)

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Super easy nightcapping fix (EU)

in WvW

Posted by: Dawdler.8521


Going by time of day is unacceptable and unfair.

Going by current WvW population compared to full capacity is much, much better and fair for all players no matter the time of day. If you can get all borders capped and queued on at least 2 sides at 03:00 GMT well then you earned 100% PPT. if you cant… see previous point about being fair.

Gliding - Everywhere - but not WvW

in WvW

Posted by: chronometria.3708


Gliding is about to be everywhere, it will become something everyone takes for granted. Whole combats will change – the priest of grenth throws us all in the air….we glide down again and don’t outright die.

Gliding is about to move from being an interesting option to being part of the core character’s movement about the world and even in combat. That’s a huge step and we need to have WvW as being a part of it.

Some WvW opinions from a long-time player

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Posted by: Fozzik.1742


WvW feedback / suggestions… or… Why pretty much nobody plays on your new map.

Having spent considerable time on the new desert borderlands map, I feel an uncontrollable need to provide some feedback. I’ve heard rumors that a major WvW overhaul is under way, perhaps some of this might help those designers to better understand things from a player’s perspective.

A short background – I play WvW a lot. More than most people. Definitely more than the current intended audience that ArenaNet seems to be designing for. I play with an organized guild / skill group. I’ve commanded guilds and pugs. I follow blobs sometimes. I roam in small groups and solo. I used to even take over a tower or keep and just upgrade and defend it for hours sometimes. I play every profession and every imaginable build and role. I have thousands of hours invested in WvW, thousands of WvW ranks, and WvW has been, for the last couple years, the only aspect of GW2 that has kept me playing. I’ve played in both NA T1 and T4 since the expansion, and seen much the same issues in both.

So, for those at Anet or on these forums who might have a limited understanding of the game mode, let me lay out a few things which I feel are crucial to WvW “working”…being fun to play and worthwhile and fulfilling for those of us who primarily enjoy it over other game modes. These may also give a bit of a clue why so few people play on the new map…I believe its design displays an unbelievable lack of understanding about the game mode.

Let me start with a very basic premise that I believe should be true to make WvW a fun open-world large-scale PvP game mode.

My premise is this: It should be about fights. Mixing it up with your opponents. Clashing with red names.

The whole design should start and end with this. Everything about the game mode should encourage, incentivize, and streamline people fighting in large groups, small groups, and duels. Period. Dueling isn’t a dirty word. I have no idea why ArenaNet has always made that so hard. Yes, there’s PPT…but PPT should be about fights, too. Want to take an objective or hold one? It should be a fight!

This idea that WvW is just a place for people who love PvE to dabble in the safest, lowest skill PvP is totally wrong. You should be designing ANY game mode for the people who want to play it well, and be rewarded for doing so. I’m in WvW because I want to play large-scale open world unbalanced PvP battles with attacking / defending objectives as an incentive/focus/variable to the action. I want that freedom to develop builds, comps, and tactics and use them to defeat opponents, so I need opponents readily available along with friends.

Right now, the game design heavily favors joining a map queue blob and karma training around knocking over objectives with no resistance…never meeting or even seeing any enemy forces except for the occasional blob verses blob press 1 festival of lag. Builds don’t really matter, levels don’t matter…you just stick to the zerg like glue and profit. This needs to change. So here’s how.

-You need to be able to get to the fights.

There are several parts to this, but it really should be a given (for some reason it seems that it’s not). First of all, through scouting or skilled reading of the map, I need to be able to FIND the fights. I need clear ways to see and follow an enemy’s movements. The change to sentries is a step in this direction, and one of the few positive things about the expansion for WvW.

Once I know where the enemy is, I need to be able to get there. Either by myself, with a small group, or with a large group…players need to be able to get to where the action is in a timely fashion. If I have to run a 10 minute obstacle course to get to where the action is, the action will be over. There is little more frustrating in WvW than being late to a fight. This is a PvP game mode and the idea is to be able to mix it up with opponents, and decide things based on attackers and defenders both being present and one side outplaying the other (ideally). Should attackers be able to “surprise” cap an undefended objective? Sure! But that should come due to good strategy, not because the defenders are running 500 miles of stairs to get there.

This is an area where the new map falls down big time. Want to know why few are using the map? Because a large percentage of the time, it’s painful or even impossible to get to where the action is happening. By the time you get there, it’s often over. If the objective of the new map design was to provide a safe way for PvE players to run around and PvDoor objectives, than this is exactly the map for that. It’s totally wrong for PvP. The “verticality” BS that you’re using in PvE maps to make them seem larger than they are because it takes half an hour to go five feet…does NOT lend itself to any type of PvP other than the kind where nobody fights each other. Yeah, that makes no sense.

-You need to be able to get BACK to the fights.

This should also be a given…but perhaps the totally obvious emergent behavior in WvW isn’t obvious to people who don’t play the game mode very much. The behavior is this…fights tend to happen near to waypoints. Why do you think that is?

If you want people to be willing to mix it up and actually engage against other players, it cannot be super painful and time consuming to get back to the fight if you die. If dying creates too much of a penalty (I can’t enjoy fighting for several minutes simply because I got slightly out of position for a second), people won’t fight. This is displayed quite clearly, all the time, in WvW on every map. Fights may start over an objective, but they just about always migrate towards the respawn points. Smaller-scale fighting, dueling, etc…these things happen where both sides have a nearby waypoint. Constant ongoing fighting happens when both sides can easily return if they die.

The new map again is an example of what not to do in this respect. Basically any death on the new map incurs a huge time penalty. It’s too hard and slow to get back to wherever the fight was, so people don’t fight (or fights are fewer and farther between). The new waypoint system is terrible. Most of the time nobody has a reasonably close waypoint to any fight. Things are always contested…it’s just WAY too hard to get back to a fight, so very few people are willing to engage unless they have an overwhelming force. The new map absolutely killed roaming / dueling on the borderlands, in large part due to this problem.

- Defending needs to be a thing.

Anet paid some lip service to this idea, but really misfired with the design. It’s way too hard to get to objectives to defend them (see the two points above), and when you do manage to get there…the new objectives are harder to defend instead of easier. Whoever designed the “kill boxes” around the doors on towers and keeps has obviously played very little WvW, or only plays as part of a blob. A Defensive position is completely worthless if it’s a thin walkway directly above the opposing zerg…because they can just cast all their AoE right under you and murder anyone or anything up there. The “kill boxes” are death for defenders, rather than attackers. Why?

Viable defense for a tower or keep needs to account for a small number of players defending against a zerg…because this is what happens the vast majority of the time. Because joining a giant blob and karma training around the maps is so heavily encouraged and incentivized by the game design (most rewards, easiest play, safest play), very few people defend. In order for defense to be viable, the defender needs to be able to hit the enemy without being hit themselves. Very basic…but it’s the central design of all defenses since tribes started building huts thousands of years ago. I have to be able to hit you without you hitting me.

Now I know it might seem on the surface that it wouldn’t be “fair”, but again, remember how the game is played. The vast majority of the time, a huge blob is running up and bashing down the door of the tower and one or two guys are frantically trying to stop them. The blob doesn’t need any more help, for heaven’s sake. Help the two defenders so defense might be a little fun and worthwhile and then more people might do it and fights for objectives might require a bit more than just getting in a blob and running over everything.

If a large attacking group and a large defensive group show up at an objective, the defenders should have the advantage. It’s a tower or keep, is it not? Attacking forces should be trying to draw enemies out of defensive positions, rather than just beating the door down and having all fights in the lord’s room. Defenders shouldn’t have to sacrifice their wall or door just to create a choke point and actually fight to defend.

- Objective cascades.

To make the play a little bit about strategy and skill rather than just zerg (and to create more fights), objectives should be set up so that siege from one can hit others, and so that objectives block access completely to areas of the map. I should be able to control an area if I own an objective, and forces should be able to “creep”, taking one thing in order to take another in order to take another. This is possible on EBG and was a little bit possible on the old borderlands map, and that style always provides for more actual conflict. The new map is a mess in this regard as well. There should be more of this, not less.

This idea will focus players into areas of the map…allowing them to find the action and keep fights going. This also incentivizes defense, because the value of objectives is more significant than a bit of PPT for a tick or two. It brings the opposing forces into contact so fights happen, rather than zergs just dodging each other and playing ring around the rosy back-capping for karma.

- Real, actually fun and worthwhile play for any size group, including individuals.

I know this isn’t easy, but the design should strive to achieve it. ArenaNet should constantly be thinking about the solo roamer / dueler, the small havoc / skill group, and the large group. Unbalanced PvP means that all those play styles are going to occur, especially for those of us who play the game mode a ton. How are each of these play styles encouraged and rewarded? How are they supported? All of the above need to be possible and worthwhile to get the maximum number of people playing the game mode 24/7. We don’t always have a zerg, even in tier 1.

I won’t always have my guild online and raiding. Sometimes I might still want to play WvW. If all I can realistically do is run around taking sentries or killing yaks without ever seeing an enemy player, I’m probably going to log off. This is another reason why the new maps are so lonely.

Objectives need to scale better based on attackers. The auto-upgrading system is not good. It further incentivizes getting in a blob and ignoring anything except the door in front of you. At the moment, camps auto-upgrade just by sitting there to a point where soloing them is extremely annoying and takes too long, and defending anything as an individual is worthless and frustrating. You’re leaving roamers with very little to do. There’s absolutely no reason not to cater to multiple play styles, because more people on these maps is better, right?

There needs to be a super easy way to find and play with others, both enemies and friends. If I want a group I should be able to find and join one easily. If I want opponents to mix it up with, I should be able to find them. I know, crazy. Whatever play style I’m in the mood for, I shouldn’t have to spend an hour looking for it.

Some suggestions -

WvW maps should be designed with the above in mind. Getting to the fights, getting back to the fights, objective cascading and area control, and support for solo, small, and large groups.

WvW needs to be more rewarding, in line with PvE and sPvP. Add reward tracks like sPvP if you want…some method where WvW players can earn everything the other game modes can earn, and in comparable amounts of time. It’s fun to play the game the way I enjoy, not be forced into a game mode I hate to get the reward I need / want. You’ve made steps in this direction for other game modes, it needs to come to WvW big time. Steps in this direction have been far too little and too slow. Stop picking at the edges and tear that band-aid off all at once. Make it rewarding.

Objective upgrades need to be manual. Players need to be actively engaged in fortifying / defending, and it needs to be as rewarding (fun and gold) as attacking. How about a system where upgrades require turning in large amounts of supply…allow players to loot supply from their dead opponent players. This way, fights matter more, and a successful defense against a blob will provide resources to better defend next time, rather than the zerg just slowly beating you into the ground with shear numbers.

There should be objective upgrades which over time create defensive positions in the objective where defenders and siege can function to defend and can’t be hit by attackers until the attackers enter the objective. Yeah, you read that right. Don’t worry about the attackers, they’ll figure out ways to succeed, and the game already heavily favors the PvDoor blob.

There should always be places on each map where at least two opposing forces have nearby waypoints which are not contested. Design with the idea of hot zones in mind…creating places conducive to people mixing it up and diving in to try actually fighting without so much penalty for losing. Bring people into contact with their opponents with less formality and effort.

More strategic objectives which can be attacked / defended by small groups or solo players (like camps).

Populations / coverage need to be more balanced across servers. I’m not sure how you do this, but it needs to happen. Some sort of megaserver implementation that allows guilds or servers to play together? Merging lower-tier servers into higher-tier? Something.

You’ve got to figure out game design ways to break up the blobs. You need to incentivize and support smaller forces acting alone or in concert on a map. Just running in a group of 60 and pressing 1 all day should be the LEAST rewarding and effective method of play. I’ve suggested ways of doing this in the past. It needs to happen.

Thanks for reading.

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List of "Mats" that need storage spot

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: DarcShriek.5829


I never understood why dubloons aren’t treated like gems.

List of "Mats" that need storage spot

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: megakittytron.5971


Blade Shards please. This has been around for so long and still no storage spot!

Please Add collections Slots For:

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Posted by: Ceithlenn.8430


Blade shards would be nice too

Ceithlenn – Necromancer
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Henge Of Denravi since beta

Please Add collections Slots For:

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: X T D.6458

X T D.6458

Since there are a bunch of new items in the game, there are several new items that are crafting mats but have no place in the collections bank, can you please add slots for them, here are some:

-Piece of Mother of Pearl

-Flax Fiber

-Stabilizing Matrices

-Dye Pigment Pouches

-Agony infusions

Please add anything else I missed

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Coverage Wars 2 (NA and EU)

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Posted by: Gudradain.3892


Just finished the home page for the website. Check it out :


Afala – Ehmry Bay

EOTM Balance: simple fix

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Posted by: Videles.6759


First of all i dont really expect an A-net response on this since its regarding to their pay to win concept. Which is unfortunate because they don’t yet realize this is actually costing them customers.

Second for all trolls saying this is an overflow and shouldnt be balanced. Since most WvW is dead on lower tiers the map isnt really functioning as an overflow map. In fact A-net accidently created a wonderfull game mode that could be enjoying. EotM just provides more instant action environment (for small servers). There are people that actually like it. And no not for the farm. I have so much karma and honor badges i have no idea what to do with it. I like the game mode.

What frustrates a lot is that you are always outnumbered 5 to 1 or more unless your paired with the SFR side. This doesnt really involve any skill. The biggest win. It makes the game mode unplayable most of the times especially when you are playing blue (last 7 weeks for me with exception of being red once). Its the same reason I’m writing instead of playing. We where defending blue keep with our zerg of like 10 people. we had ac’s, ballista ballista’s to counter up and waiting. But they are just so much that they would breach it anyway.

Since this is the only game mode i really like i guess i would get to the point of quitting some time. You could have made another 100 or 200 buck out of me but i guess the customers paying for a transfer make a bigger revenu.

I found this in another topic and its a perfect simple solution:
If you join EotM, you join the smallest team, would do it. Added that if you are in a team you could join but when and equal amount applies to the other team. And seperate it from WvW

I know theres other topics about this to. One actually had a A-net reply. But got silent for over half a year now.

Solution to fix the population imbalance

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I just recently started getting into WvW, and found it a very enjoyable experience. Then about a week after the tournament started, I noticed the population of my server’s WvW community dipped. Now it’s only a few of us on EB or BL at any given moment. If we get lucky, a zerg comes online and helps out. Other than that, we spend hours upgrading and fortifying, and it only takes minutes for one zerg to clean us off the map in both BL and EB (at the same time for that matter).

It crossed my mind how crazy this was, and it also crossed my mind that if one server doesn’t have that many players in the map at that moment, then another server shouldn’t be allowed to have 10x the amount of players on the map from their server.

A tournament is supposed to be about teamwork and, not necessarily “skill,” but coordination and planning. What is fair about spending all day planning defenses, only to be wiped off the map whenever an extremely populated server decides they don’t like your server’s color on their map? And yes, I say “their” map, because that’s exactly what it seems like. I looked on the map and saw one server’s entire BL untouched, 95% of the EB map in their color, and 80% of their color in our own BL. If you think I’m telling a story, next time I will take a picture.

You shouldn’t be able to win only because you’re able to throw numbers at a wall or gate; it makes the WvW for a smaller server incredibly useless to play. I truly had fun defending towers from equal-numbered zergs, and it didn’t make me want to drop out of the game whenever they made it inside and captured it — it was just time to launch a counter strike. But when you have 5 people at your tower — and quite honestly, on the entire map — and you look out and see a 40+-man zerg coming around, you just don’t feel like playing anymore.

Do you know why? It’s not because you hate losing; it’s because at that moment — at that very moment, you realize that all the time, money, and love that you spent upgrading and looking out for your side, doesn’t mean a thing, because that zerg is going to stomp on it all like they’re making wine.

I’m no sore loser, but come on, what is the incentive of playing if I’m gonna be spending my gold to upgrade, and my time to watch over the towers, if none of it matters? I have no desire to transfer to a highly populated server, because quite frankly, I don’t care about winning. Mowing downs towers and keeps isn’t even fun to me unless it’s a fair fight with near equal numbers. For the max pop’d servers, I’m glad you have an active WvW community and the numbers required to get things done. Now, with that said, what about everyone else?

As a suggestion, what if when people tag up as commander, a ring appears around them on the map like Commander Siegerazer. Now, if this server is going up against another server that has much lower numbers, then everyone inside that commander ring would receive some kind of debuff if a certain amount of people were to enter that ring. Nothing major, but something that would allow the low-population server to take advantage of.

Maybe any siege deployed while you have the debuff on takes twice as much damage, or anything along those lines. Or perhaps you deal 50% less damage to supervisors and lords. And there would also need to be something in place to ensure that commanders still have a purpose for tagging up, so they won’t tag down to bypass this feature. On the other hand, a commander from the low-pop server could receive a buff when a much smaller amount of players enter the ring. And if the servers are balanced, then no buff or debuff is applied. Basically the Outnumbered, but much more viable.

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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Posted by: Jim Hunter.6821

Jim Hunter.6821

Take a look at this weeks scores, think about why everyone of these matches is a blowout.

It’s because of the Swiss style system. Next week should be better matchups. It has nothing to do with systemic problems in WvW rankings.

Yup, this week is SUPPOSED to be the most imbalanced week of the entire Season. It’s BY DESIGN. Most matchups involve servers that are usually 3 tiers apart from each other.

And you think that this is just how things should carry on? Wouldn’t it be better if servers in any tier could compete with each other?

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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Posted by: Jim Hunter.6821

Jim Hunter.6821

Since people (and a lot of people do) transfer servers all of the time especially during the tournament, I would say the majority of people could care less about server identity they want to be somewhere where they can win.

So holding onto the server identity complaint is from the minority, and shouldn’t be an issue.

it’s derailing any hopes of something to change anytime this year or the next.

take the bottom 6 servers out(calculated from last 6 months performance), give players a month to switch, THEN start working on these other convoluted ideas.

this is just getting waaaaay overcomplicated.

and I also propose all Anvil Rock, Borlis Pass and Ehmry Bay peeps to find a way to land on the same side

So the people that did stick with their servers, instead of paying to win by transferring, should be the ones to lose their servers? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The people who are complaining that their server is constantly outmanned, has no will to fight, or that they simply don’t/can’t field enough people to compete are precisely the ones who should see their servers merged. There’s absolutely no logical reason to destroy only the servers where people are generally happy with the current WvW balance, whether it’s with a forced dismantling or merger, or whether it’s with some sort of passive means, such as punishing servers with a healthy WvW population by artificially inflating the ques there through some sort of new “Lower WvW Cap”.

I mean, you started this thread about how your server needs help with population &/or Outmanned issues, to such a degree that your server (which is in 2nd to last place, currently) can’t even compete consistently in Tiers 7 or 8; you can’t really believe that there’s no problem at all with Anvil Rock, and that this is somehow EVERYONE ELSE’S SERVERS FAULT, and therefore they need to change, not AR… can you? Because that really seems to be what you’ve been pushing this whole time: “Please Anet, bring the map caps down only the number of players that my NEXT-TO-LAST-PLACE SERVER can field, it’s the only way to save WvW!” I mean, it just doesn’t make sense! I have to ask here, was this whole thread originally based on a troll post? If so… you got us, man! Good one.

You should probably read the whole thread before spouting this crap. I love my server. We have fantastic fights especially against ET who actually jump into fights instead of hiding behind siege. We often have fights that come down to the last hour before reset to determine the winner and the small scale/roaming is terrific.

The problem is there are only a few servers with a similar enough population that the fights are competitive and fun.

This isn’t strictly a tier 8 problem. Take a look at this weeks scores, think about why everyone of these matches is a blowout. Every server has a handful of servers that they constantly fight because the populations are so imbalanced between all of the tiers.

I don’t care about more people to fill our ranks. We have an awesome community. I’m a roamer, bigger zergs just get in the way of my fun. But facing the same few servers is getting old, I want more variety in our matchups. Judging on how quickly this thread jumped to 13 pages I don’t think I’m the only one that is looking for a change.

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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I think some kind of merge/battlegroup option would work. I’m on SoS and there are so many times that all our WvW maps have the outnumbered debuff and we’re supposedly the 4th biggest server in terms of WvW pop.

So I would hate to think what its like for the 19 servers below us, it must be horribly empty a majority of the time.

Solution to fix the population imbalance

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Posted by: Gilosean.3805


Hey Guys,

Normally I like to summarize the discussion as it is happening but today I’ve been away from my desk for most of the day and just popped on to see that we are at 6 pages! YIKES! It’s going to take me a bit to catch up because I read every post in a thread that I’m engaging in. I’m making this post to let you know that I am reading this thread but I’d like to absorb everything everyone is discussing before I make my next response.


The problem I see with most of the suggestions (especially population caps) is that they don’t address the root issue. The root issue is that WvW doesn’t scale well with player count. Server population is the most important metric for server success. I think we should take a look at WvW mechanics to make WvW fun at a wider range of populations.

GW2 gameplay really is group focused. Most of the game content is possible to solo, but really designed for multiple players working together. This extends from combat mechanics to content design. When there aren’t enough players around, the game is more difficult. Also, WvW maps have a certain number of objectives, and a certain size. This means that there is a minimum number of players to effectively attack and defend a single map. These players also need to be sufficiently organized.

This all makes WvW much harder below a certain concentration of players. While server merges to boost player numbers and population caps to limit zergs are tempting, they don’t solve the issue of WvW design being essentially unfriendly to small groups.

I used to play on Henge of Denravi, which was heavily outnumbered and suffered badly during that period. Here are some things I would have liked to see, and some things that I’ve noticed on high pop servers that I think could be replicated for lower pop servers:

1) Man Up When Outmanned
There’s a village on each borderlands map. When players are few, spawn more NPC guards and villagers to defend their homes. The NPCs should act semi-independently in their server’s home area to replicate the feeling of PCs. They could also offer to accompany players to replicate some of the feeling of a group. Players still have the option of solo play, but they can also be backed up by helpers when wanted. A population-dependent NPC cohort also helps keep a few PCs PvDooring overnight from decimating a server’s score, which can be very depressing.

2) Shout For Help
Make it easier for outnumbered players to coordinate and fight together by providing more communication. Treat commanders from the outnumbered server like a POI and have the minimap point players to them. Popup an event when a player from the outnumbered server gets into combat. Try to provide some of the communication an organized WvW guild would.

3) Tune the Outmanned buff
Weight or tier the Outmanned buff so that it scales more effectively with the population difference.

4) Siege the Suckers
If a server is heavily outmanned, maybe they should get more siege, or get easier access to other WvW assets. Provide a counterweight to the higher population so that fewer players can still effectively defend the large WvW maps.

5) Downed But Not Out
Make the downed state less of a certain-death experience for players on an outnumbered server. Right now, going down when outnumbered is very hard to recover from. Make this less of a hurdle to players who don’t have allies in WvW to back them up. Grouped NPC revivers could work (and wouldn’t impact other areas of the game).

6) Shiny New WvW Gameplay
Make WvW specific mechanics and gameplay that people can access when they’re outnumbered. This would also reignite interest in WvW.

7) Shiny New Small Group Gameplay
Guerilla warfare has a long and storied history. I would love to be able to play a small group raider in GW2, but zergs are so powerful that other grouping options aren’t fun for most players (including me). New party or small group features would change WvW to make high population and constant coverage less important. It could also be an interesting new feature for PvE. 2 birds, 1 stone!

I think the basic problem of WvW is that a certain number of players is needed to play effectively. Having a coherent WvW strategy (or even surviving a play session) below that threshold is frustrating. Population caps and other stopgaps won’t fix the design issue of not scaling well with player populations. I know they’re probably easier right now, but I think they’d make the WvW population problem worse in the long run and cause many complaints in the short term. I hope my suggestions are a good starting point for how WvW could be tweaked to disconnect server success from server population.

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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The only fair matchup in my eyes, is a matchup in which all 3 servers have (close to) all maps queued. I don’t think overly full maps are a bad thing for that matter, as a good queue system is in place, and EOTM is always available for guilds to start off their raids while they are queued up.

A viable solution to the problem needs to address both (1) initial rebalancing, and (2) a way to maintain this balance. I will share my ideas for these two points below.

(1) Initial rebalancing
I would suggest to merge servers based on their active WvW population. There are some ideas above on how to do this. In general this would be done on a per server basis, based on where the specific server spikes in population. Merged servers would have to be renamed, to avoid resentment within the playerbase.

(2) How to maintain a balanced population
A. Get the average amount of players in WvW during every hour of every day. (Amount of players only in the main WvW maps)
B. Create a 3 week rolling average of the number of WvW players per server, and split this up in the different timezones: NA, EU, SEA and OCX (for North America, Eurole, South East Asia and Oceanic timezones respectively). E.g. from 8-12PM PST over these 3 weeks the average amount of players in WvW is 360, then this is the Population|NA
C. Let players self-identify their timezone during server selection from either NA, EU, SEA and OCX. Depending on what timezone the player identifies, different servers are shown as Full/Very High/ High population.
(You could probably also grab this from the system time on the players computer, but I thought it might be better to let players self-select, to give them the choice.)
D. For population|timezone >95% of total map capacity over the timezones prime time, set that server to full. For 80-95% average population, set that timezones server status to Very High. For population 50-80% of map capacity set server status to high for the timezone. For <50% set status to normal.
E. Incentivize players to join Normal servers by putting these at the top of the list when first selecting a server.
F. Incentivize players to join lower population servers, by making transferring to high population servers relatively more expensive.

Came out a bit longer than expected, hope its still readable! This is just an idea Id like to throw out there, obviously Im open to any feedback you might have.

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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Posted by: Cheloss.1453


• Merge Servers
- Remove existing servers and create 12 new servers.
- Let the players decide the server go
- The population of these servers that depend on population wvw and not pve
- Encourage transfers to servers low population

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Solution to fix the population imbalance

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Posted by: Svarty.8019


You guys beat me to it. After last week’s positive discussion on siege trolls I wanted to bring up the topic of population imbalance and ideas that you have on it.


Thank you for endorsing this with your redness, John. It shows that you are reacting to the concerns of many posters (i.e. you read the thread names) and means a lot to us (i.e. makes us believe there’s a chance of an improvement in the future).

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Matchup Feedback [merged]

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WvW has never been and never will be about skill and coordination, it’s all about numbers and coverage, a good guild can kill 10 times the same zerg but in the end the server who has more coverage will still win.

This video explain how WvW works :

WvW fading because of..

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Posted by: Ok I Did It.2854

Ok I Did It.2854

I mostly stopped playing WvW due to some seriously toxic commanders, screaming on TS/ vent at people, demanding others get on TS/Vent all while at the same time kicking others off TS/Vent, belittling people on map chat, untagging and demanding the zerg follow them untagged, then crying at the players when they don’t follow,

Commanders who now only run tagless in WvW or only with there guilds, or who sit on TS/Vent in there own little channel with there buddies,

And you think EOTM is killing WvW, you so far wrong its not even funny, EotM is a nice break, where you get 1 or maybe 2 people tag up, run around and cap ( sure K train ) but with ZERO drama,

Also ive seen some T1 guilds running around EotM recently as a guild group, no doubt tagless,

I used to love running in WvW with the massive battles on T1 etc, but it gets boring listening to a commander who is just hostile towards everyone, or commanders that do a lot of talking then only run tagless with there buddies, then cry that WvW is dead, all this ends up with people leaving and not bothering to return.

You should also be very careful about what you wish for, as if Anet decide to nerf karma etc by 80% in eotm and leave it alone in WvW, where do you think all them ppl are going to go K train, you will be back on here after such an update crying that there is an 100 person Q because the PvE’rs are K Training in your BL, if you don’t play EOTM don’t worry about it, I play WvW and EotM and I can tell you its far from EotM doing the damage to WvW.

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Corpse camping has to stop

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Posted by: Darnacus.5961


I’m not usually one to complain on forum but this is too much.
I can accept being chain killed by campers a few times but this has been going on for literally weeks now.

I’m doing ok on 1v1 but they always zerg me, chaining interrupts as soon as I respawn leaving me no chance of survival whatsoever. My playtime came down to only a couple of seconds every 2 minutes or so.

Please ANET do something to stop the abuse.

Offenders can easily be identified to the 500+ trunks of cypress they are carrying.

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Matchup Feedback [merged]

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How are they supposed to fix this? Force players into certain servers? Merge server communities that hold animosity towards each other? WE made these unbalanced matches, not anet. WE chose what servers to play on, creating these stacked servers.

They should have separated WvW servers from PvE server the moment they decided to include tournaments and rewards in the gametype.

They need to place a cap on each servers WvW population and entice players and guilds to spread out, and no, I have no guaranteed suggestions for doing this. Probably the easiest way is:

After the tournament all servers are empty, everyone chooses a server just for WvW (since they don’t matter in pve anymore) and the servers are all soft-capped so you can’t join a server that has more than 50 active players more than the others.

Not logging into WvW for a fortnight removes you from the server (reducing the servers population). If you go back to WvW, you have to reapply for that server or choose another.

That would give players the chance for free transfers or you can pay gems to change server immediately just as they have it set now.

With this system, since no server would have should have no more than 50 more active players than any other server, it would allow tournaments and matchups to include all servers and not have to be split into tiers, allowing more matchup variety and make fights more evenly spread instead of people being rewarded for stacking.

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EotM maps instead of BL's for one season

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Posted by: Quells.2498


Just give it a shot, let’s see what happens?

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