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Still needs Dungeon Finder

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Coulter.2315


WoW has many good systems that can be adopted or improved upon but I don’t think the dungeon finder is something worth bringing to GW2. The reason being there is no Tank or Healer role.

Before dungeon finder in WoW you had to stand in a city spamming “LF 1 Healer 1 Tank Deadmines” for aaaaaages and assuming you didn’t have leavers from waiting too long or someone just went afk while you spammed, you then needed 2 people to go run to Deadmines and start summoning the rest. It took AGES!

Because there isn’t this god awful wait (which still needed you to be actively spamming and then summoning) in GW2 you don’t need the automated system.

Tequatl Feedback [Merged]

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Posted by: GlitchyBat.3682


>This topic.

After the stress Teq puts a lot of people through ever since the HP buff, it’s relieving and hilarious to watch his bar get vaporized. Things will probably be okay by the time crits are fixed.


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Please let us save chat

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Posted by: Eggman.1405


I’m on my virtual knees begging for the ability to save chat in some fashion. Just the other day an online buddy tried to send me a link for a build- they can paste it into the chat box to send, but when I receive, I have no way to copy it out. This isn’t even the only example of how this is useful. There are plenty of options, too:

  • Allow us to toggle a means to have the chat text constantly streamed out to a log file. Probably the most “difficult” (with full quotes) implementation but not without some problems, since you have to worry about problems writing to disk and deciding if you care how large the log file is allowed to grow.
  • Add a ‘/copy’ or ‘/log’ command that immediately dumps the contents of the active chat tab into the clipboard so we can process it however we like.
  • Allow us to at least select the chat text and do a manual copy to the clipboard.

Some user requests are pretty low-hanging fruit- you can imagine a programmer you discuss this with would already have the solution worked out in their heads before you’re even done talking to them. Our text is right there on full display, but yet so far out of reach! And my Internet searches for `GW2 Chat Log` gave me links to people saying this is a problem in GW1 of all things, so it seems it is high time to address this issue.

Tequatl Feedback [Merged]

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Posted by: Aerlen.5326


I got my first Teq kill since parch.

I stood in one place and spammed 1. So did everyone else. He melted like butter because.. well I’m not going to spoil it or encourage it but I’m real sure others are using it too.

For days, I’ve been belittled, told to learn to play, told I’m trying to ruin a challenging boss, told to get good, called a scrub, a loser, a whiner, someone trying to ruin hardcore elite content, accused of afking and pressing 111 to win at all bosses, and other crap.

Today, I facerolled Teq for the first time ever instead of fighting him head on in a way that made me move, dodge, jump, and use skills. This Teq can be killed by a bunch of people AFKing and pressing 1.

I can’t even anymore…

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Tequatl Feedback [Merged]

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Posted by: Sidain.6059


Tequatl IS POSSIBLE to kill still.

SS taken about 10 mins ago. Was 1min 30s left. Did it with pugs
good job everyone who’s been there!


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Tequatl Feedback [Merged]

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Posted by: Randulf.7614


TTS, Att, TxS and gw2community are hardly nobody.

In the context of the whole population? They are insignificant. You are speaking about fractions of a single percent here. A tiny fractions at that. No content should ever be finetuned to such small subgroups, while being denied to everyone else.

Actually, Anet outright said TT was supposed to be “hardcore” content for super organized groups.

Yeah, i know. Doesn’t mean that was the right decision however. They have made a lot of blunders like that, when they do something for one group and forget to consider how will it affect others (the most visible one was the last prepurchase mess).

TT being challenging was the right call imo. Although I think it’s a tad too overtuned, lets put that to one side. The real issue is the lack community spirit around the boss. Those who like it persistently insult and often actively try to exclude (not always but often) lesser skilled players.
Conversely lesser skilled players often leech or don’t listen to instructions.

It’s perhaps one reason we don’t have raids yet. Anet wants harmonious group dynamics. It doesn’t always achieve it mind you, but it is a company that actively hates the use of “casuals” and “hardcore” and “elitism”.

TT would be a lot easier if both groups just worked together better

HoT Price Feedback + Base game included [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Regina Buenaobra

Regina Buenaobra

Content Marketing Lead

To clarify: $50 is the price of the expansion. We included the core game as a free bonus to make it easier for new players to get into it.

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HoT Price Feedback + Base game included [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Wetpaw.3487


GW2 was released August 28, 2012 and they haven’t asked me for any money til now.

I will pay it gladly.

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Obsidian Sanctum megaserver

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Posted by: ualgh.1832


Right now in Tier 2 NA, GvG is so popular that the Obsidian Sanctum is queued more than one night a week. And while there are 4 large capacity maps for general WvW, we have multiple guilds of 20+ members from 3 different servers all trying to go into one map with an unknown capacity. And even when all guilds who wants to enter OS are able, there is still only one arena for guilds to fight at any given time.

Additionally, only guilds within the same tier are able to fight each other. This limits the variety of opponents that each group is able to face.

Discussion: Would it be possible for ArenaNet to introduce megaserver technology to OS?

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Please add build saving!

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Posted by: RoBrown.3286


I think an option to save a build(traits, utilities, weapons, runes, and sigils) and quickly switch between them when not in combat would be a great addition to PvP and also PvE. Currently the only way I have to save builds I am testing with, is to take a picture of my screen. This feature was included in Guild Wars 1, why can’t we have it in Guild Wars 2?

add a dungeon timer

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Swagginator.3246


while we’re on it…. add “inspect” option so that we can check who isn’t zerk in our dungeon runs =)

End Dungeons Statistics

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Posted by: dlonie.6547


inb4 they add a stats screen with:

- autoattacks used
- boons avoided
- enemies tagged
- Number of Journeyman/Masterwork/Rare/Exotic drops
- Champ bags farmed
- Knockbacks
- Fears

These seem more appropriate for the game’s target demographic.

Simple Commander-GUI overhaul

in WvW

Posted by: Tiscan.8345


Just a short info why this thread was created:

Somebody on the german forum started a discussion about the visibility of commanders in PvE. During that discussion, I commented that the whole commander-gui needs an overhaul as currently pretty much no GUI exists at all.

So I wrote a small posting and added a few graphics i slapped together to show what changes should be made as a first step towards a better commander-gui.

After posting those screenshots some people asked me to create an own topic for my ideas as they liked it.

So I decided to redo the graphics and start an own thread. I posted it on the german wvw-board and again was asked to translate it because people on the german board (including me) thought that it won’t reach the devs if we didn’t post it on the english board.

First I didn’t want to translate it (yeah, i’m lazy) but finally decided to do it…

So here we go…

WARNING! -> the following changes are NOT the huge changes some people want to see (sub-squads, etc.) !!! The stuff i’m proposing are mostly minor changes to the existing system (or the system coming on September, 9th) which should be “easy” to add.

The main reason for this is, that I didn’t want ANet to be able to say “Hey, nice – but we can’t add those changes as it would require 2 coders working on them for 4 weeks”

Changes for commanders

So far, there is virtually no UI for the commander. He can use the “/squadinfo” and “/supplyinfo” chat commands but thats about it. The only squad-related UI-elements are “hidden” in the “Groups” dialog where most people wouldn’t really expect them.

My first suggestion is to add a new button to the gui for all players who bought the commander-tag. That button would be displayed the same way the small group-button is displayed on the left side of the screen and it would show a black or grey commander-icon while the player isn’t using his commander-tag.

If the player clicks it, a small pop-up dialog appears (Attachment A) -> this dialog contains all GUI-elements necessary to manage the commander-tag. The commander can choose a color, an icon and he can decide who can see his tag (all players / only guild-members).

After creating a squad, the icon of the button changes to a colored version – so the commander gets a visual feedback he is using his tag. At the same time, a new window appears below the button (Attachemnt. Its a very minimal display of the squad-stats (number of players, supplies, squad-members by class, how many of them are upscaled).

One thing i forgot in that dialog is a combobox which allows the commander to switch between “Show stats for squad-members” and “Show stats for all nearby players” (lets face it: most of the time people don’t join squads).

That way, commanders get a simple way to “manage their tag” and can easily see the basic stats for their zerg.

Changes for “normal” players

The changes for normal players are pretty small. The only “obvious” change for them is a missing button in the “party” dialog. They still see the Join / Invite / Leave Party buttons, etc. – but the “Create” button should be removed from that dialog.

The other change involves the mini-map… right now, if the mouse-pointer hovers over the minimap, 5 icons are displayed to zoom in/out, jump to the personal story, etc. -> there should be a new button looking like a white commander-tag. If the player clicks on it, a new pop-up dialog is shown (Attachment C).

Using this pop-up, players can configure what commanders they’ll see on the minimap.

The three settings on the left are used when the player has joined a squad, the three on the right when he hasn’t.

  • “show all” -> all commanders on the map are displayed (of course taking into account the visibility-setting the commander choosed (guild only / all))
  • “show none” -> never display any commander (if the players joins a squad, THAT commander is ALWAYS displayed – no matter what)
  • “show selected” -> only display “selected commanders” -> commanders can be selected by using “show all”, then right-click all commanders you want to see and then switch to “show selected” -> probably not the best / most userfriendly way to do it but we couldn’t come up with a better idea so far)

By default, those filters would be set to “show all”.


Simple Commander-GUI overhaul

in WvW

Posted by: Tiscan.8345



While re-doing the gfx and writing the thread i had two little additional ideas…

Commanders should be able to open a “real” dialog (“real” = like the hero-panel, the inventory, etc.) giving them additional capabilities.

Upon opening it he should see a list of all players in his squad / nearby (Attachment D). The list should display all basic data that is useful for the commander – like Level/Supplies/Class/etc.

By right-clicking on a name he should be able to kick players from his squad (for example if they are offline, switched maps, etc.). By using the combo-box at the bottom of that dialog he can also decide which players he sees (only those in his squad or all nearby players).

(( Another possibility would be to split that list into 2 seperate tabs of that dialog… the first tab could show only squad-members while the second tab shows all nearby players. ))

The second part of the dialog would be a “Siege Calculator” (Attachment E) … its basically a screen with a single textbox where the commander can enter the number of supplies his zerg has (upon opening the dialog, the textbox should be automatically filled with the number of supps of all nearby players) and an overview showing all siege weapons the zerg could build.

I know that most experienced commanders do those calculations in their head but it would be a nice little helper for new commanders.

Thats pretty much it… please keep in mind that the goal of those ideas is not a total overhaul of the existing system but mostly just a new way of displaying things the client already knows today.


so that's all ?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Kurrilino.2706


Don’t expect anything…. you will be disappointed.
When player asking for big changes they deliver a wardrobe or more colors
for commander tags…………..
For any reason A-Net fights against absolutely players want and offer
something nobody asks for to make up.
Sometimes i think the company policy changed to “How less of an effort can we deliver without offending too many people”
This makes me really sad

I'd pay $50 for a race change...

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Posted by: Iconik.8712


Make it happen, ANET.

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No More Instance Owner!

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: No Pulse.2967

No Pulse.2967

But what if griefer doesn’t sell and just takes the end reward >_>

Then he gets 3 gold in 5 minutes. Imo that’s not too bad.

They would have to get to the last boss and kill it. I’ll take Arah as an example. P1, the Jotun boss – you need to get there first and then survive the encounter. As easy as that sounds, I already had 4 griefers “taking over” my instance and trying to do that for an hour, failing over and over again (it ended up with them inviting a thief friend to help at the skip and they still died there repedeately before they made it to the last boss where they wiped once again). In P2, you have to solo the last boss which requires very specific knowledge about the encounter. Same in P3, to a lesser extent and also in P4.

The gold that you mentioned would give them an incentive. But that’s only one side of the coin. Would the plain possibility of getting a path reward give griefers more incentive? That’s the (valid) question here.

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Megaservers are actually kind of awesome?

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Posted by: Rasimir.6239


Anybody else secretly digging the megaserver? It’s actually pretty awesome in some ways.


I’ve got a guild and a fairly extensive friends list, but I really enjoy meeting new people, and there are so many more people around now. I love how you are able to spontaneously team up with the people around to do events, including events I have actually not seen before even though I have explored the world on several characters.

Ever since the patch hit, I have pretty much retired my lvl 80/100% exploration characters in favour of a few leveling ones that had barely made it out of the 20s, and am having as much, if not more fun all over the place than I’ve had in a long time.

What makes an MMO a great kind of game to me is the community. But this community is made up of all people, not just those restricted to a certain guild or server. The landscape, the events, all this “belongs” to all players of this game.

You can rage that other players are trespassing on your “right” to do a certain event/whatever the way you want to have it, or you can empbrace the idea of a living world, where other players have an effect on the way the content can be played by you. I choose the second alternative, much prefering a non-optimal event with nice people that don’t play the way I expect them to, instead of streamlined, predictable farming of the same mega events day in, day out.

Since the megaserver, the maps, especially in the 30s/40s/50s, feel so much more alive again. You can actually meet new people (and every new person is a possible new friend, until they prove otherwise) all over the place, whether it’s in Rata Sum at the bank or in south-eastern fields of ruin saving some animals from the ogres.

I know that change and unpredictability is not everybody’s kind of thing, but I love how much more interesting playing this game has become thanks to the megaservers. If I want to play rpgs where the quests are scripted and only depend on my input, there is tons of that around both online and offline. I love the fact that megaserver has increased the impact other players have on my gameplay, providing enjoyable social interactions and unexpected turns of events in a way that hardly ever came up before.

Players Against Stacking/Skipping/Stuff

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Posted by: Nike Porphyrogenita.8137

Nike Porphyrogenita.8137

A while back someone in this forum made a “Kill All Monsters” guild that was about this very same thing. Nobody joined and the guild died of inactivity.

What happens is a lot of carebears talk a good game about wanting no stacking, anything goes runs but when faced with the reality of a 1 hour AC path 1, they don’t show up. So really think about what you are asking for, and if you are really committed to the concept enough to keep such a guild alive.

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Tequatl the Funless

in Living World

Posted by: Gods Knight.4936

Gods Knight.4936

The hard cores left and the casuals cant handle a real raid boss, easy as that. Plus the reward is not even close to worth the effort.

Warrior Lupi Solo (4:50 without wall)

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Amicable Pugs.4503

Amicable Pugs.4503

Since there are still a few people out there that consider the use of wall as a non legit way of soloing, here’s i think the fastest solo out there without the use of wall. If i’m wrong and there’s a faster one that I didn’t see yet then please correct me and I will edit this.

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Open world PVP

in Suggestions

Posted by: sorudo.9054


you have sPvP, you have WvWvW and now you are whining that you want open PvP in a PvE centric area?
really, we PvE-ers only have one place to go and you want to ruin that too, stay away…PLEASE!

I don't get it... (New player)

in Players Helping Players

Posted by: slurpey.6014


After reading all the comments I think that it’s not the problem of you not “getting” it, but more the aspect of other mmo’s you are comparing GW2 with.

GW2 does not have a so called “endgame” aspect than other games do. You do not have to get to 80 (at least not quickly) to enjoy the content. There are no so called “endgame” dungeons (even tho most of them are only run by level 80s, but that’s not the point) I understand that most mmo’s and I agree with that, give you something to do the moment you reach endgame level or max level. Most of the content in other games you can not access before reaching that level.

GW2 is complete different and you will need some time adjusting to that. I played a lot of mmo’s as well prior to GW2. I was one of those “cool” people that spent 15 hours a day hardcore farming, dungeon runs, guild missions, pvp and what not, but I looked into GW2 about 3 months ago, after I purchased the game shortly after beta. I couldn’t find myself playing the game and moved on. Now I am back and I have to say that after looking at it closely, I kinda enjoy playing it by now and I can tell you exactly why.

GW2 isn’t any pressure like other games, I can decide when and where to go. I can decide which Event I like to join and not being forced into quests or events I don’t enjoy. I am not forced to pvp the moment I turn max level and I do not have to consider which area might become pvp orientated (based on server time etc). I don’t have to get maxed out gear within 3 days to be a part of instances or game content and if I want to chat with some friends, I am able to do that as well. In other words, I can go afk multiple times a day and don’t miss out on events or instances.

Altho not every person runs around with the exact “same” build, armor or weapon. This makes GW2 a bit more interesting. Not every person is forced to play a “tank” or a “healer” like other games want you too. GW2 has more group dynamics when it comes to instances or meta events. A other thing I really enjoy is that you don’t need an alt to open a instance and then solo that instance 5billion times a day.

Most MMO’s become the new trend with soloing everything in the game and showing off their money at the end of the day. I do not need a kitten increase or kids spamming world/map chat with insults and immature comments all day. Another reason I decided to play GW2 to be honest with you, since most subscription or free to play mmo’s are plain annoying, when it comes to the community.

Sure I agree at times I do miss that “hardcore” gaming experience you have in other games instead of “casual” gaming but you can do that in GW2 as well, if you really care that much. See GW2 as a vacation and maybe upcoming patches catch your interests.

Am I a scumbag now?

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Posted by: Kingteranas.1376


I just leave without saying anything when that happens.. Dealing with people is a waste of time.

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I don't get it... (New player)

in Players Helping Players

Posted by: coglin.1867


After reading this thread and all of the OPs post, I have to agree with his original comment. You are absolutely correct, you do not get it, not at all. That’s okay, not every game is for everyone. I hope you either learn to love it or go on your way and find a game you do enjoy.

One thing that baffles me though, is the few posters here that are new to the game, but claim to have come from other MMOs, and act as if they are shocked that the starting zones are not crowded. To act in such a manner shows either an absolute lack of fore thought, foolishly preset expectations, or a classic over all lack of population flow in MMOs.

A video on what weak PvPer’s and WvWer’s want.

My JP Experience

in WvW

Posted by: Deli.1302


Looks like you should stay in pve land. You obviously can’t handle pvp.

Tequatl already a ghost town

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Posted by: Zackie.8923


anet has forgotten to encourage people to play together.

instead, now we have player scaling + timer countdown to discourage people from playing together.

we get punished for more people joining who don’t know the “right way” of winning.

which also begs another question, why the timer countdown?

it’s basically do the “right way” or fail. That will become a grind because there is only 1 way of winning.

dmg meters

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Posted by: ArchonWing.9480


Bad zerkers will definitely fall fast. But a good zerker will often output enough damage to make up for this or not even die at all. They can dodge and greatly reduce the incoming damage done to them.

On the other hand, someone in Soldier gear, regardless of skill will do much less damage even if they get higher uptime and are able to “facetank”.

The thing is support is dependent on your traits and skill selection, not gear besides boon duration and healing power. And unfortunately, healing power scales poorly compared with other stats.

That being said, it’s reasonable to say that a subpar player in nonzerker gear is better off than in berserkers and that you can’t expect ideal situations from random people or your casual friends. It really depends on what they’re doing with their higher survivability. My personal opinion is that people should gear for the highest dps possible that doesn’t land them on the floor. And honestly, if they can’t do it in zerker, well they shouldn’t. But I doubt this threshold is at PTV gear either. From what I’ve read of the class forums that I play, a lot of people aren’t aware of the potential their profession has. In fact one of the best advice I recieved was that Altruistic Healing for Guardians wasn’t mandatory. That advice wasn’t good because it was stressing “omg moar dps”, but because it opened a lot more flexibility in builds and suddenly there are more options then if you lock yourself into thinking certain things are required.

This is of course assuming you’re partying with randoms. If not, then realize that grinding for virtual currency is also a time waster anyways, and it doesn’t matter. But in the end this tool would help quite a few people. Regardless of what you’re doing, there’s often a “sweet spot” that can be more closely measured. As for the people that would abuse it currently; honestly, they already are doing this. People have been chasing the “best” play ever since the beginning of video games, after all.

In the end, I feel it’s not reasonable to expect anything from randoms who have a wide variety of skill levels. Certainly, I don’t want any griefing or AFK’ers or people who don’t communicate, but if we’re going for efficiency, then you will need to find people you know and trust. Doing otherwise is like running to the corner of the street and expecting the next person you see will be able to stack and dps. For anyone that prizes efficiency and then goes out to find a bunch of subpar randoms while proceeding to rage at and abuse them, I think that’s honestly a very bizzare gap in logic and they themselves might be subpar in some aspects too.

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