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[Suggestions] Turrets

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Posted by: lLobo.7960


TL/DR: Give turrets a triple step utility: Deploy->Overcharge->Detonate (more key pressing but more option and control) and improvements in traits and numbers.

The changes to turrets caused mixed reactions in the community.
The main reasons seems to be:
– Lost of control and options with the automatic overcharge
– Gain of possibility to use toolbelt and turret simultaneously.

Honestly both arguments are valid and a common solution should be looked into.

I propose that turrets are changed into a triple step utility:

- Deployment – Overcharge – Detonation
Overcharge CD should be the same of lower to turret CD when not detonated. Therefore keeping turrets alive is meaningful and detonation is an option for CC.

This would give engies more control over the turret actions and could open up good changes in turret traits suggested below:

Experimental turrets:
Turrets provide boons to allies around them. Boons are applied every 10 seconds and on turret overcharge. Detonating a turret repairs turrets around them.

Advanced turrets:
Reduced dmg and condition dmg taken by turrets. Turrets create a reflective shield around them when overcharged. Turrets have increased dmg

Chemical rounds:
Your pistols and turrets have increased condition duration.

Detonation as flip-skill after Overcharge

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Posted by: Xyonon.3987


Hello everyone. This is not my original idea. It’s from a great mind sharing his ideas on reddit. Here’s the link to the OP (big and great post):

So what is this all about? Simple – since the most recent patch, the state of all turrets is garbge. Period. Every decent Engineer player will agree with that statement.

Here I’ll quote the suggested change to fix the issue:

  • Turrets won’t automatically overcharge like they do now.
  • Overcharge will return in it’s orginal place as flip-skill of Turret.
  • Turret detonation will be the flip skill of turret overcharge.

This suggestion is in my opinion absolutely flawless and should be going live asap. Every Engineer with decent skill wants the overcharge on demand and not after placing the turret. The current version prevents tactical usage of the turrets overcharges.

Some examples: You can’t cleanse the fear from sloth anymore, you can’t use the healing turret for might or stealth stacks anymore (unless you precast it somewhere else), you can’t delay the smoke or water field in mid combat to blast them anymore, you can’t use thumper or rocket turret’s cc for time gated break bars anymore.

Those are the things turrets where great for, and they need that potential back!
Please ANet, it’s very important that this comes through. We desperately need the overcharges to be on demand!

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Asura Warrior Justification :p

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Posted by: Rottaran Owain.6789

Rottaran Owain.6789

The short stature gives an Asuran more access to the “critical hit” area between the legs in a fight.

Is GuildWars 2 really just 1 big mini game?

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Posted by: circusfreak.2403


It seems MMOs getting judged pretty harshly out of the gate anymore. Technically GW2 is still very much in the infant stage of its life cycle. Bugs will take sometime to iron out and content will be added. I am sure they are monitoring the response to the Nov 15 patch closely and will evaluate next steps to best benefit the players and the company (it is about the bottom line at the end of the day). If you rush to the end you can expect to have a dead period. I’ve always felt any game deserves a growth period before it can truly be labelled as a success or a failure. To me 3 months is far too early…hell for some games it took over a year. Personally I am going to stick with it and hope for the best…hate to see a potentially good game fail.

Do not be fooled by what we percieve. Where there is perception there is deception.

Add player names to WvW.

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Posted by: War Mourner.5168

War Mourner.5168

If you’re that worried about griefing and the petty name calling that invariably happens, and aren’t already satisfied with the ability to block and report them, then give players the ability to turn off off chat from the enemy side, block whispers that aren’t from from friends/guild mates (something that should have been in to start with); hell, if you really want, give them an option to hide their player name like it is currently.

Suggestion for Ascended gear

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Posted by: amrothx.4136


Hi Anet,

First of all I love GW2, but yes, I’m one of those who doesn’t like the new Ascended Gear.

But check this out:

- make Ascended gear to have the same stats as Exotics
- keep the price of Ascended gear high as it is / or even make it more expensive (ye…just let me finish)
- All Ascended gear can be crafted in mystic forge or farmed (like now in FotM)
- infusions are fine at this moment – very expensive and very slighty stat boost (example: +5 agony res. with +5 vitality)
- create a new mechanic: Ascended Transformation

Ascended Transformation: you can now change the stats of all your ascended gear.
- a button in the gear menu, push on it and you can choose from all the available stats combinations (like Knight’s, Carrion, and so on). You can transform every Ascended gear piece individually.

What do we get?
- Happy people – no new max armor – no more whining
- new rarity Ascended – expensive end-game gear that can switch stats like in PvP, no more carrying 2 gear-sets (like me, I’m an Ele and I have 2 gear sets, healing gear and dps gear). I’m sure that many many people got more than 1 set of armor, like magic find + dps or tank and so on.

What do you think?
To all you Tyrians – please comment if you like this idea, keep the topic bumped so Anet can see it.

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Quit Exploiting Fractals

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Posted by: Ruien.9506


Every person who is using exploits to beat dungeons are just bad players. I am sitting at 19 and have never exploited a single time. Know why? Because I take enjoyment out of knowing I actually earned my dungeon master title the right way. I take enjoyment knowing that loot isnt the main focus of my playtime. I take enjoyment knowing that while others are exploiting a boss or area, i and my group are good enough to beat it right. We are good players.

People who think its ok to exploit the fractals or any dungeons are just like the PvPers who think exploits are a good thing when killing other people. There is no difference. Your an exploiter and you deserve to be banned.

Quit Exploiting Fractals

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Posted by: drkn.3429


The players are to blame, its your choice to abuse the glitches.

It’s Anet’s fault for not testing content. They’re not glitches. It’s clever use of game mechanics.

That is all.

Porting through doors isn’t ‘game mechanics’. If you don’t like the word ‘exploiting’, here’s better – bugusing.
Skipping mobs in Jade level is using the game mechanics, even as it was thought through that way. Porting through doors or stucking the Mossman is bugusing.

The saddest part is that you can say whatever you want – ’we’re just using the given tools’ (so it was fair to exploit orbs in W3? forge cheap karma weapons?) – but you won’t admit it’s just pathetic bugusing. By all means – feel free to go down that route, but please have enough dignity to admit what you’re doing.

Using bugs in Fractals is not needed to progress. No bugs, except for the crashes/dcs (which, still, are on our side or somewhere on the way – no way to reconnect is a hole in the design, but not ‘bug’), block your progress.

If you feel the need to get an ascended ring, well, i guess it’s what drives you.
Newsflash: you do not need ascended stuff, not to mention infusions, anywhere else but in FotM now. The difference in stats is neglible – if you were dying in W3, you will keep dying in W3; if you couldn’t win 1v1, you still won’t; if you had troubles in dungeons, ascended jewelry won’t help you. The only place that ‘needs’ ascended jewelry with infusions is FotM themselves.
But then you say FotM is grind, it’s not fun, unrewarding and you do it because… what? If it’s not fun, don’t do it. Grinding it won’t help you progress anywhere else but FotM. Not grinding it won’t block you from playing other content.

The ascended stuff and the infusion mechanic is obviously a way to ‘reward’ and give additional incentive to those who already would play FotM all the time, because they find it fun, even with no rewards whatsoever – but pink rings and some extra mechanic add depth to the sense of progression, not the other way around.
It’s not there to grind it even if you don’t find it fun – it’s there to give an additional ‘something’ to those who do play it and advance in levels. This is where it’s different from other dungeons which we got used to farm for exotic equipment.

If you don’t find FotM fun and you feel it’s a painful grind, don’t do it.
If you feel you must be the cool kid on the block and show off your pink ring to everyone you meet and show it to every tree in Kessex Hills, given its neglible difference in stats to exotics, is something on your end, not a faulty design.
If you find FotM fun and enjoyable, regardless of rewards, you will sooner or later be rewarded with rings, just to keep you in the system.

But you people obviously haven’t seen ‘grind’ yet, in the old days of all those Asian MMOs where you had to kill 2000 monsters of the same type to progress at all, with other players stealing them in the meantime. Here at least you have the freedom to do something else with no punishment in other formats.

Yet you prefer to exploit bugs, to ‘save time and nerves from all the grind’.
If something’s not on a silver plate, it doesn’t mean it’s grind.


Suggestion for Mounts

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Posted by: declan.3968


We need mounts for this game. Seriously.

There are times when I want to get from point A to point B, but I don’t want to navigate my character because I’m busy typing in chat or playing around with my gear, looks and stuff. But I really want to enjoy the scenery with a couple of friends. My suggestion, would be to create some Dolyak Caravan where a few players can sit inside. It would have a maximum speed of walk, which is much slower than run speed, because Dolyaks are very slow creatures. Occasionally it would stop to munch grass as well! That would be cool, and the caravan could add a passing vendor that sells drinks and fireworks.

Things like this could be Guild perks that are bought with , say, 50k Influence. Our guild has over 150k influence and no way to spend it, because we have over 200 regular members but very few WvWers. Some sort of Guild party mechanic would also be cool.

The Dolyak Caravan could simply follow the road, a series of waypoints, and not be usable in Orr (who wants furry undead Dolyaks?).

What's your Funny Pet Name?

in Ranger

Posted by: Kellie.3687


Admiral Paw – Brown bear.
Captain Breeze – Polar bear.

They enjoy tanking explorable bosses, and the odd instant death from Aoe circles, they can often be stubborn and not return to me when I spam “F3” because they are higher ranking than me… Together they lead the last hope of the Twelve Colonies, to which they have migrated from their ancestral homeworld of Tyria. The Twelve Colonies have warred for decades with a magical race known as the Dragons, whose goal is the extermination of the Bear race.

Tune in next time on Bearstar Galactica!

The New GW2 Flavor Rocks!

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Posted by: Sardonia.8196


I am not all for the accended gear and all either. However, I try to work within the system ankittenrying to give it a try like it or not.

I like the concept of the new dungeon. Kind of neat and all, however, and this is a big however, is that I am having a tough time trying to get a group together. I am still level 1. Have not had much time to play this weekend. The issue is people asking for higher levels so they do not have to go back down again. To me this is the biggest issue with that dungeon.

I spent an hour trying to get a group yesterday and was not able to. I am a level 80 with full exotics and am an engineer( which already hurts against me). With not being able to play from the get go, people now are in the upper levels and they do not want to go back and help anyone out. Some say join a guild. I am in a guild, however, 80% of the guild as quit because of some of these issues which pretty much leaves me alone again.

I though well I can wait it out a week until they reset. Well I guess I found out they they will not reset which means anyone trying to do this dungeon later is pretty much out of luck.

I am trying to work with what they gave us and unfortuntely with this type of dungeon system, it will pretty much leave me out of it because that is the nature of the beast with this type of set up. Get behind, fall behind and left out.

One Time Events: Keep Them!

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Posted by: Brutaly.6257


Didnt participate myself but it was described to me by a friend, its sounded truly awesome and its great that there are “unique” experiences that not every one has.

Keep them, it keeps me thrilled about the game and i will definitely be there next time.

One Time Events: Keep Them!

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Posted by: Emosewa.9731


I realize there are lots of complaints about one time events, and people crying about missing it, etc. But one time events accomplish what no other idea I’ve seen put forth, and no other game on the market achieves at this point. That is the gathering together of truly massive amounts of people on an epic scale to achieve a singular goal together.

If you make an event repeatable, no matter how cool the event is, you will never get that many people together in this day and age to do it…and because of that, the event becomes less epic.

I understand that some people don’t like an event with masses of people. Fine. There are plenty of other events and things to do that don’t have masses of people. I understand that some people are upset that they couldn’t make it when they wanted to…that’s understandable, but not a good enough reason to stop them. I missed a massive Halloween party this year that I really wanted to go to because I had to work…am I asking these people to never put on that massive party again because I couldn’t make it?

There will be other parties, you will make it to some and not make it to others.

The bottom line is there is no other way to achieve what a one time event achieves, and the sacrifices are worth it. In the end, it’s one event. They also added an entire new dungeon for those that want to do that. There are new events that do repeat. There’s a new jumping puzzle, if that’s your thing, etc. This is the second massive patch since release…already…both were different and had different things to offer. There will be another patch in December, I’m sure, with other new stuff and ideas.

If loot envy is the issue…good god…grow up. There will be other chances for loot and precursors. They’ve even said there will be new ways to GET precurors. Personally, and I’m sorry on this account ANet, the legendary weapon skins are all horribly ugly. And they’re just that…skins basically, because the stats are the same as other weapons available in the game. If you want a my little pony bow so badly that missing one chance to get one is causing you to lose sleep…then…just…wow. Even the most sought after…Sunrise and Twilight…look in use like a 5 year old finger painting.

But I digress…

If people can go do an event later, another day, put it off until tomorrow, then many will. Until someone can fathom an idea to achieve what a one time event does, without making it one time, losing them would be a shame.

Why you nerf all fun Anet

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Posted by: Ninth Requiem.3250

Ninth Requiem.3250

Wait … Plinx was fun? Have I missed something?
For me, it was the most tediously repetitive grind imaginable following one guy around spamming auto-attack to get a few hits in before things died.
Sure, you get decent rewards, which was why people did it, but it was not even slightly fun.

Money and Karma gain = fun.

Put it this way. Before I begun my Plinx journey I was level 80 with rare weapons and armor. Masterwork trinkets. All basic power precision crap.

After I worked the magic Plinx really was, I had a full exotic mf set with rare trinkets and sigils of luck in exotic weapons. I have 2 set have pvp gear all exotics. Several different weapon sets all exotics. All exotic trinkets.

Not to metion several stacks of ori, mith, dusts, ancient bones, enough hard and regular leathers to supply darkhaven, silk and goss. In top if that almost 100 ectos and 50+ gold.

This may seem like nothing to some people. But the last few weeks I have been so into gw its insane. All becuz farminf this event has allowed me to get gear I would have nevrr gotten.

I have a son, wife and dog. Full time job with mandatory weekends. A harley and a truck with monthly payments. My only hobby is MMOs. Farming Plinx may seem annoying to some but not to me. Im sad to see it go.

So it’s not the event itself that’s fun, but the reward? That makes more sense – was wondering what was so attractive about that particular event.

Thing is, that one event chain was spewing out better reward per time than anything else in the whole game, and it was doing so with no challenge at all.

I understand that you don’t want to feel you can’t compete in terms of gear just because you have less time, and that’s fine, but as someone who probably plays more than you do (Around 4 hours most evenings during the week, plus more on weekend), I’ve ended up with less money than you because I’d prefer some challenge and difficulty rather than joining with a huge cluster to mindlessly insta-stomp on anything that happens to spawn.
An imbalance like that was needing a fixed to keep things fair.

Why you nerf all fun Anet

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Posted by: Ninth Requiem.3250

Ninth Requiem.3250

Wait … Plinx was fun? Have I missed something?
For me, it was the most tediously repetitive grind imaginable following one guy around spamming auto-attack to get a few hits in before things died.
Sure, you get decent rewards, which was why people did it, but it was not even slightly fun.

Diminishing returns need to go.

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Posted by: Oreoz.2573


Here’s the factor I think some people are forgetting.


It’s true.

It is all a grind. There’s no other way to slice it. People are correct when they call it that.


It seems to me that there’s two halves of people playing the game right now.

The first half is completely fine. They’re not getting hit by the DR because they enjoy the game and they are working towards their shinies (whatever they may be) at a reasonable pace. They’re grinding their mats. They’re grinding their tokens. They’re grinding whatever but at the same time they are balancing out that time by playing the game on the whole.

Then there’s the other half and that’s where speed comes into play.

They want their shinies NOW. Because of that they’re doing nothing but grinding the same events, the same areas, the same dungeons.


Because they feel it’s the quickest way to get want they want and the rewards are the best.
That may be true but it’s their personal desire to get what they want as soon as humanly possible that’s causing this group of players to be affected by the DR.

So i guess really the deciding factor regarding one’s reason to be annoyed is PATIENCE.

Do you have it?
Or not?

But that’s just my theory.

So who else has made their norn max height?

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Posted by: Faranox.4217


I always roll min height XD

Chops Mcgee, of Anvil Rock