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Ban warriors/thieves from ranked lol

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Posted by: Galandil.9641


I bet OP is the same guy that was moaning all match that i was playing thief, threated to afk, spent more time actually talking crap than playing and asked everyone to report me for botting because i was playing a thief. At the end we won and that guy got reported by our team for verbal abuse. Moral of the story? Shut up and play.

Let me guess: was he the DH?

Cheesy GW2 jokes here!

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Posted by: Argon.1563


A Charr, a Norn and a Sylvari walk into a bar. The Charr orders a bottle of their best Black Citadel Whiskey, the Norn orders a tankard of their finest ale, and the Sylvari orders a glass of their freshest rainwater. The bartender turns to the Sylvari and says “Sorry, im not paid to water the plants.”

The Sandwich (Deincentivising Thief)

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Posted by: Snow.2506


  • The news goes out and Chef Anet is opening a new restaurant. It’s like the old restaurant only it looks better and has a big 2 beside it’s name.

(I promise this will make sense)

  • We learn that this new restaurant won’t have all of the same meals, some of our old “usuals” will be replaced. Ok, this is reasonable. New horizons and all. Still many of us wonder what will become of the old Assassin Burger. Will it be replaced? It was hard to find on the menu anyway and kept changing it’s location.
  • Thief sandwich? Ok. It’s like a burger, fills the same role, has similar fillings. The hype hits.
  • Some lucky kittens get to try the sandwich first. And oh, is it brilliant. It kicks hunger in the teeth and is such a joy to eat that one minute it is there and the next…gone. Sandwich lovers everywhere are optimistic and trust in Chef Anet runs high.
  • But things change, ideas change. Some time after launch of the restaurant, Anet receives complaints about Thief Sandwich, specifically during it’s food competitions. It’s just there and gone, so tasty that the people eating it just won’t stop. The Soup loyalists and pasta die-hards suggest that the sandwich is broken. It must be fixed.
  • In response Chef Anet rips out the tomato and lettuce. Ok, we can deal right? That’s not even the main part of the sandwich.
  • But the complaints don’t cease and the Chef gets heavy handed, having their own doubts about the meal. Out comes the meat. The kitten kittening meat! (This dramatisation is in no way a reflection on it’s vegetarian author) So we sandwich lovers take a step back and look at our meal. Some of us even get up and walk away from the table or order something else. But not us survivors, no, we persevere. We take our bread and cheese and we grill that kitten! We make grilled cheese, we make the best of a bad situation. And grilled cheese works, against all reason it works. We find our niche. I mean grilled cheese is a staple. No one does cheddar like grilled cheese.
  • And then a new wing of the restaurant is announced. We have high hopes but we know everything there is going to be expensive and hidden behind a wall. A wall we have to pay to get around. And holy? All the salad! What is Chef Anet thinking? Didn’t we have enough salad as is? Ok, I can ignore that. I can even ignore all the potted plants and greenery they are adding to the wing. The customisable bar where groups of friends can hang out looks neat. I also hear our meal is going to have some special sides added to it maybe? Maybe some new elite bread? Maybe a long range straw for our cups? I mean seriously, the short utility straw we currently have won’t even reach the bottom.
  • And there goes our cheese. What?? Why?! Why Chef Anet? That…. that’s all we had to make us work. Who will order this meal now?
  • Oh they… they just gave the new elite Daredevil’s Club Sandwich our cheese.. only they aged it some.
  • And a toothpick. They jabbed a stick in it.
  • The new wing launches, and it launches with a few sandwich lovers less to be sure. But some of us hopefuls, we pay to get into the special wing. The menu is a jungle of options and it does some to hide the fact that they only added 4 slightly smaller tables to the wing. I can overlook that, though, where is my new sandwich? Oh right pulls the toothpick out useless thing.
  • Everywhere people are flocking to the Revenant Sub; hey it has a toothpick too. And the DragonHunter Burger Delux can be found at almost every table. Our table is a bit small, those of us that remain. But we try our bests to find our way around this new meal (Maybe we shouldn’t have tossed the toothpick after-all).
  • But ultimately it all just seems so….hollow. The Mesmerising Desert disappears just as easily as our sandwich does. And it tastes so good that it’s like time slows. The burger and the sub both hit hunger harder. And I mean, we have this improved cheese just jumping all over the place in terms of flavour….but where is the rest?

A few facts to point out. When Anet wants to get rid of a game feature, they de-incentivise it, (Dungeons) they basically make you go, “Why bother?” Anet prides it’s self on being “different” And “thief” is about as true and tried a fantasy trope as the holy trinity. Anet has absolutely no problem with retconning things such as how old lore has been changed by current lore canon. And WHEN they retcon, they just give you something they feel is better. Revenant has a melee staff, Mesmer can stealth, and now everyone seems to have improved mobility.
We are the fading. We are the retconned.
This is why Anet won’t address thief flaws and core class issues. They just want us to fade away. Sure we will still be there, on the menu. But now we are just two soggy slices of bread beneath barely readable type.

Here Lies Thief.

But I’m not giving up. I think there is something viable in all this mess, and I will not quietly stealth into the night. I will not dine on some meal I can barely stomach. I will take this toothpick and jab into my enemies eye defiantly. I will keep hotjoining with different builds and gear until that old mantra, “Holy crap, there is a thief on my kitten!” will be heard again.

For the love of the high damage, high mobility, glass cannon. Thief to the bitter end.

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50% dmg reduction in stealth back

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Posted by: Cogbyrn.7283



They should actually remove the damage reduction thieves get now, because stealth is op enough.

Yea because theifs (daredevil spec (non stealth))are doing so well right now. Theifs need to get some defensive outside of stealth….. Its so easy to one shot them in a stun its just sad.

Stop missing it.

He’ll get it, just give him time.

Nerf thief while he gets it.

Azure, the link in your signature is an excellent read, by the way. I’ve had so many of those thoughts already that it’s refreshing to see I’m not the only one. That’s the non-sarcastic part.

The sarcastic part, is that it would be unfortunate if Thieves had any risk to go with their reward of entering stealth.

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Why is our profession icon a boot?

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Posted by: Kyrion.2749


It was planned to be a shaft (a staff shaft) but then, ‘thieves got the shaft’ would be too obvious, and they changed it to something less conspicuous.

So the "Pistol" wasn't buffed...

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Posted by: Karl McLain

Karl McLain

Game Designer

FYI the damage increases weren’t part of a re-work of pistols or anything (something I’ve discussed in the past). We realize it still needs some work to get it to where we want, but we wanted to get it closer to being to that point with these changes. We’ll be looking at pistols more in-depth in the future.


What is the state of Thief class in PVP?

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Posted by: TheDarkSoul.1938


So .. what does this tell me?
Unfortunately what I read into this, is that the vast majority of thieves posting here, has no intention of giving something up in order to be able to 1vs1. In that regard, I find the request to be selfish and not based on creating more diversity in the game, but only more diversity for themselves and their preferred class.

When the evaluation of the past state was “decent”, I don’t see any effort in trying to see things “from the other side”. The same quality, that some thieves demand of other players/classes.

Therefore I can’t see any reason to contribute anymore. There is no point in arguing, when the respect isn’t mutual.

What are you talking about?!
Several of us have said that if we absolutely had to we’d gladly give up SB 5’s mobility to be able to 1v1 because NONE of us enjoy playing our current “role”. READ. OUR. POSTS. If you had done you’d know full well that we’ve said that several times.
I also have no idea how other classes having diversity has absolutely anything to do with us wanting diversity. In case you hadn’t noticed, every single Thief is currently pigeonholed into one or two builds (with one being foremost among them, and that’s DA/SA/TR) and every single Thief can only viably use the same exact weaponset – SB and D/P. What, you’re saying Thief being able to 1v1 would suddenly mean everyone has to run a build to counter it? That’s BS and you know it.
I also find your comments about us being selfish because we don’t want to give up our 1 remaining relevant strength, our mobility, in order to 1v1 and how that somehow impacts the need for diversity are, frankly, insulting and totally insane. You do realise that if we did that, and if every other profession did that, where we were only allowed to be good at ONE THING (which isn’t currently true of other professions btw) then literally everyone would be forced into one build and one playstyle? And then you guys would all complain that you’re being pigeonholed into singular roles and then Guild Wars may as well bring back the Holy Trinity because why tf not. Why we have to give up the only thing thats keeping us relevant (which is a SINGLE skill on a SINGLE weapon) just so that we can be competetive with every other profession in terms of 1v1 capability and even teamfight capability is totally beyond me and it’s blatant ignorance. And if you STILL refuse to see what me and every other Thief that has posted here is saying and continue to suggest we simply want to 1-shot everything and be OP and kitten, then I have absolutely nothing more to say to you and I’ll stand by my statement that you simply don’t like Thief.
How dare you talk about respect when you offer the Thief as a profession absolutely none whatsoever. You sit there and insult us and act as though we’re some sort of elitist cult that wants to be superior to every other profession, whilst not giving a kitten about any of the others. We have ALL said we do not want to be OP many many times, we do not want to go back to how we were in the past, we do not want to be able to beat anyone and anything, and we fully respect people who play professions other than Thief who have or do not have build diversity/viability. I don’t see how us wanting to be anything other than rez and decap-bots is insulting or disrespecting because it isn’t, thats called giving Thief the fair treatment it deserves just as every other profession does. The fact you seem to think Thief shouldn’t be on equal footing without being heavily nerfed in the only other area it CAN be nerfed (Sb 5) is YOU being disrespectful.
I just… I can’t understand you. I’m done.

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Ranger's pet has no chill

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Posted by: Wolfey.3407


Rather misleading thread title, was expecting to see a broken mechanic on:
Polar Bear
White Moa
Alpine Wolf
Snow Leopard

based on pets have no chill xD

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No grind philosophy

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Posted by: Sylv.5324


Grind is mandatory, farming is not.

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Is anyone happy with this game?

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Posted by: segman.3560


you already answered your own question, people who are happy don’t complain.

This assumption is so much biased.

I’m happy with the game, I can say I love it and I want it to be the best game of the millenium. However the management, the decisions they are making, lack of significant content for 3 years… this is disappointing to me because this game could have been so great but it’s only average.

its a fact and you proved it, you ain’t as happy as you would like thats why you are complaining.

But I’m enjoying a game. I stopped buying gems until they fix their approach and I still believe I will see better times for GW2. If not well I got what I paid for. Problem is you only see black and white reality – that if I like the game I should praise it and if I don’t like some parts of it I must be a smelly hater. Well it’s not that simple. I am an aware customer, I demand the product that I’m buying to be perfect. And I’m using my customer right to complain about things I don’t like.

I could call myself passionate about this game and this is why my blood boils when devs do changes I consider bad.

I don’t have to be a fanboy to love this game.

Dodge mechanic makes Zerker builds viable

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Posted by: hybrid.5027


People join a game advertised around no trinity and active combat system.

Get mad that they can’t play pure tanks and have to dodge.

Makes sense.

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[PvP/WvW]The only thing that is truely OP...

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Posted by: yolo swaggins.2570

yolo swaggins.2570

This thread is meant to address a misconception that is currently wreaking havoc in every form of PvP in this game. What I am going to talk about probably THE source of most of the toxicity that exists in the PvP and WvW game modes and I have hopes that putting this problem to light will help the players become a little more wary of complaints.

So without further delay, I present to you the source:

It is pride. The inability to accept that you, as a player, have faults and are unwilling to admit that there are personal factors you can improve upon (like experience).

How the problem of pride relates to the misconception is this…

PvP is a game mode where you are pitted against another player using the game as a medium. Since the opposing side is controlled by a living player, the game becomes competitive. Both players striving to come out on top.

In a competitive game like GW2 PvP and WvW, you are guaranteed to run into a player who capitalizes on the required mentality for PvP. These players are usually hard to kill because they actually strive to win. If for any reason said player gets killed, they either find a way to beat it with everything they have at their disposal or they play whatever killed them and continue on winning.

Said player is the kind of PvPer that every PvP mode needs.

Now this is where pride comes in and how it causes this misconception. When a player gets beaten but is absorbed with pride, that player will deny most if not all fault within themselves and place blame on outside sources. Now this isn’t a big deal by itself. However, this problem becomes more severe the more often this behavior is enabled.

And it is not hard to enable it.

A player whose experienced the same kind of grief as another player who previously posted said complaint on the forums will see the thread as a form of confirmation, thus reinforcing their beliefs. Any incoherent, rage-induced complaining then is reverberated throughout the forums and the fallacy eventually becomes a widely believed delusion even to the players who know for a fact that it is false.

Developers can also enable this behavior by listening and acting upon it. By basing balancing decisions off of the complaints of loud minorities, you confirm a problem that never existed. Their belief that the problem lies within external sources instead of both external and internal sources is now reinforced.

Both forms of enabling (combined) leads to chaotic balancing. But more importantly, it lets players comfortably assume that Arenanet WILL nerf something if they complain hard and loud enough.

This SHOULD NOT happen. Nobody should allow this kind of behavior to go on especially when the players themselves have more than enough resources and options to work with their issues in combat. It breeds poor (actually kittenty) sportsmanship, honor, etc. among the community. Everyone pays the price and everyone is to blame.

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Diving goggles level gated?

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Posted by: dace.8019


I remember the first time I saw Diving Goggles, conveniently placed on the precipice of a ledge above some water.

After the initial shock wore off, I stood staring down at them, my mind racing to comprehend their meaning, Literally a couple of possibilities swirled around my tiny brain but it was too much. Exhausted, I logged off.

I went for a walk just to clear my mind. The image of those goggles haunted me as I walked along the path, teasing me with their impenetrable puzzle. I saw the moon and the stars, and it dawned on me. Just like the endless mysteries of the universe, I was not meant to understand. In another life, in another time – maybe.

I had looked upon those goggles on that ledge like a mouse looks upon Michaelangelo’s David. They were simply too huge to comprehend, to hold their full meaning in my head would be like holding the sea in a teacup.

Sometimes I still dream about them, and the ledge. In the dream, the water below rushes up to meet me, an epiphany promised within its depths – but then I wake up, and the dream, like the answers, fade away.

Help with downed state

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Posted by: Fade to Shadow.4579

Fade to Shadow.4579

Hi i bought this game a few days ago and i’ve played it for a couple of hours and i have problem when enemies get me down. I’m level 6 and when i was level 2 i died instantly but now something is wrong. Somehow i killed a mob and still i was downed until I died completly. Is there a way to stay alive in this game? Sometimes im able to dodge but when i get downed its a matter of seconds until i die. It was better when you get killed istantly so you are able to teleport away but now i dont know what to do. Anyone can help me please? This is my first mmorpg i need to learn and at the moment this game seems a little hard for me. Thank you

If you destroy 13 Queen Jennah minis...

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


LMAO OP! Excellent stuff.

Once there was a guy who ran past me without rezzing to a chest, and then left. A later found the same guy dead. I rezzed him to 90% and walked away. lol