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gf left me coz of ladderboard

in PvP

Posted by: mighty meak.6387

mighty meak.6387

OK gusie listen
im decent pvp
but my gf left me
coz of lederborsd
i mean W T F
i enter new leaderrbord after reset
and i say i am decent
i adapt
i see no gaurd so i think ok go gaurd
i go imba heal guard
adn i am gona mid
and i heal and i heal and i heal moar
but w t f
i am alone
no one helps no loves
i die no win
next game i say ho ho ho no guard no gaurd at all i go imba power crit wahtever
but guy at srat say ok gusy lisen plan
1 close 1 animal 1 far rest mid
ok ok i say i am mid coz far is noob
burt map say i am 1 mid rest animal no close no far
and i die hard lol
then enters next
and i say lol i know now i follow plan noooobs
w t f skyham
i change imba engi canon trololol
so caanon here i comes
1 mesmer hiding and pul no prob i push and push broken glass canon all mine
i shoot a shoot b shoot c
w t f
non see abc
they all canon gate coz it causy no push nothing just fight fight fight
chase chase chse
i say go b go a and go c
all say lol noob u here for golds
gf now half interest
i say ok lissen good i win next i go up 90%
but i dont
all ranks 10 for goold
next is same and next
70% and down
ranks down too
i go guard i am mad no guard love
i go engi bunker power right no nothing
i do ele i go war ooops w t f war nerfes
69% and down
gf dont impresss say she leaving now
all is vain

ANet, the reason you have no player retention

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Khristophoros.7194


Well to be blunt, GW2 is not a game that makes people want to keep playing.

I’ll return to that later but first I have to backtrack for a sec. The reason behind this level gating of everything is to slow down the 1-80. It’s not to make the game better for new players. When it comes to new player experience, there’s no right answer. No matter what you do, some people will like the new player experience, and others won’t. And I’d say when you already have a successful model (GW2 had a successful launch, which IMO proves that the new player experience had a successful model) changing things drastically is more likely to hurt the new player experience than improve it.

But again that’s not why they did this.

I’m guessing they looked at their metadata and realized they have no player retention at all.

Most people play through the personal story once, then they get bored and quit.

Anet’s desperate answer is to make the 1-80 drag longer, and hopefully get more gem purchases out of those players who are fated to only play through once.

So anyway about GW2 not holding players… Well it’s an MMO without a real endgame. You just run the same instances over and over, or zerg events.

To be fair, it’s really difficult to make a good endgame in an RPG. But if you want some examples look at Dark Souls, or for a more MMOish example, Warframe. Warframe is really cool because you never really feel like you’ve reached the endgame. That’s the key to making people continue to play a game that’s honestly not challenging like GW2, Warframe, or any other MMO. A player should never feel like they’ve reached the top.

Unfortunately this is just how GW2 is. It cannot retain players and there’s no way to fix that. So my suggestion to Anet is go back to the standalone expansion pack model. You’re not gonna keep this game alive with the current business model because it will never have enough player retention. Changes like this are almost death throes. You can’t keep this up.

Cosplay Fashion Contest [Winners Announced]

in Community Creations

Posted by: Emmalouise.1763


Whelp I play on a toaster but what the heck.

Here’s my character Queen Of The Moors cosplaying as Angelina Jolie’s version of Maleficent.

I hardly post on forums but had to log in just so I can say, this one is brilliant and so far is the best!!

I don't have anything to wear for the party

in Living World

Posted by: Shardelyss.4807


I was actually a lot more concerned about my human noble being ignored by Anise right at the start of the whole silly event. Proper clothes or no, but if you’re gonna be all gushy and pleasant to Kasmeer re: her nobility status you want her to have back, you need to at least acknowledge my own nobility status at the start of the whole thing too.

GW2 Devs Have In-game Powers?

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Posted by: Perim.8563


How do I call the offensive behavior police to support my events? Or is this a private police force for blackgate/tts/etc.

Braïn – Engi, Mimirr – War
[HOPE] – Fort Aspenwood Sea of Sorrows

GW2 Devs Have In-game Powers?

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Posted by: Teofa Tsavo.9863

Teofa Tsavo.9863

It is not for you to determine ANET Policy.

Chris the security head, visits our TS every now and then for runs. He’s taken his own time outside of work to clarify what’s not allowed, so I’ll PM him to ask for clarification on AFKs during events.


And this from the reddit thread. " Devs also do that to blatant afkers in TTS runs. Yay devs!"

So, apparently TTS has access to a dev who will remove/suspend people appearing to be AFK from instances upon request to make room for more TTS. Cozy.

Ley lines. The perfect solution to deadlines and writers block. Now in an easy open Can.

(edited by Teofa Tsavo.9863)

AFKing in LA

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: sorudo.9054


suspending an account just because you’re standing still is pretty much against there own agreement, you have the right to play a game the way you like it and if it’s by standing still then that’s the players choice.
it’s actually simple, if they are allowed to ban a player for a period of time just to stand still in an event then they should do the same to QD zergs, let’s see how “good” it is when that happens.

AFKing in LA

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: Ayrilana.1396


Leeching in this circumstance is not griefing – if they were actually trying to make you fail it would be (albeit incredibly hard to prove), but it helps them if you make 1200 as well. They just don’t want to work for it.

Sorry, it IS griefing, or more specifically, leeching which was a reportable offense in GW1 and should be here as well. The devs have now starting kicking and banning these afkers now so hopefully having a 72 hour timeout (should be longer IMHO) will teach them a lesson.
In LA this evening, I counted 28 afkers at a single gate! It’s out of hand, so I fully support having these leechers suspended. If you have to leave to do something else, just waypoint out so another player who actually wants to PLAY the game can take your place. Why should a whole server suffer because a hand full of players want to be lazy and leech off of the efforts of everyone else?

Griefing is where you have the intent to cause harm to other players. Being lazy or being afk does not equate to this. Griefing would be me intentionally training risen to the NPC at the Grenth event or running mobs to the beginning to “punish” afk players.

How do you like the Zodiac Armor..

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Posted by: Pyroatheist.9031


How do you like the Zodiac Armor..

in Mesmer

Posted by: Max Gladius.6930

Max Gladius.6930

Maybe this will get it fixed…

“And I was just about to purchase a set for each of my 8 mesmers from the gem store… guess I will hold off on spending that 6400 gems until it gets addressed”

I recommend all other mesmers do the same!!! We will never get our problems addressed unless we force them to be addressed…

This prolblem started ages ago and has yet to be actually addressed

Increase of grind. Lack of new content.

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Posted by: Azure Prower.8701

Azure Prower.8701

I started since head start of the game.
I used to log on every day to do the dailies.
I used to care about getting every achievement point I could.
I’ve obtained the commander feature.
I’ve hit 80 on eight characters.
I’ve crafted 5 ascended weapons for my main.
I’ve crafted a legendary for my main.
I’ve reached the top 700 in achievement points.

Then the fractal revamp hit. Then come the ascended armors.

Now I’ve stopped caring. I’m losing interest.

Because I do not want to even think of farming for different tiers of cloth from mobs for ascended armors. Because I no longer want to repeat content I’ve done a thousand times before for an insignificant reward.

This has become a Korean grinder. I’m now struggling to log in.

[Merged] Cultural Human T3 Not Exclusive

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Posted by: Regina Buenaobra

Regina Buenaobra

Content Marketing Lead

Hey, everyone. We’ve been reading all your feedback about the Flamekissed Armor Skin that was released into the Gem Store yesterday.

Although the Flamekissed Armor uses the same mesh as the Tier 3 Human Cultural Armor, it was not our intention to create an armor skin that so closely matched the existing Tier 3 Human Cultural armor set. The intention was to use the mesh as a basis for creating an armor set that stands apart and is distinct in appearance. However, after reading your feedback, we agree that the Flamekissed armor is not visually distinct enough from Human Cultural Tier 3 armor.

We will do a few things to address this issue.

  • We will temporarily remove Flamekissed Armor Skin from the Gem Store.
  • Players who have purchased Flamekissed Armor Skin will keep the skin.
  • We will make new art for the Flamekissed Armor Skin that achieves our goal of making a visually distinct and attractive armor set and does not closely resemble the Human Tier 3 Cultural armor.
  • Once this new artwork is completed, we will then update the Flamekissed Armor Skin so that all existing sets that players have purchased get the new art. We will also offer the Flamekissed Armor Skin for sale again at that time.
  • When we update the Flamekissed Armor Skins with the new artwork, any player that has already purchased the set and who does not like the new, updated look, can get a full refund by contacting Customer Support.

Note that there is no ETA on when this change will happen. We need to work with the Character Art Team to determine when we can have a new armor skin ready, and this could take some time.

Thank you everyone for providing your feedback. We appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel about the new armor set.

Content Marketing Lead
Twitter: @ArenaNet, @GuildWars2
In-Game Name: Cm Regina Buenaobra

What makes you feel like a hero in games?

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Posted by: darkace.8925


Watching Trahearne get handed a Legendary weapon during my personal story.

I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions

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Posted by: LordGustoff.3752


…all I had to think about was what I wanted to wear and how I wanted to build my next alt.

(This paragraph is the TLDR)
With the last few months of updates I’ve been feeling like I have been pulled “over here”, and then “over there” before I even get a chance to get my mind around what the kitten is happening “over here”… I feel like I’m being pulled in so many different directions with each patch, that I am quickly loosing focus on what I CAN reasonably accomplish, and thus am slowly loosing my interest in the game. The following is an example of what I mean:

It used to be for me that my goal was work on my legendary while I spent some time leveling an alt. Everything I did during my play time, whether it was run dungeons on my main or leveling an alt, it felt like contributed to that goal one way or another. Along the way I got some bonuses, like an armor set I wanted to make my main toon look how I wanted him to feel. Still, it all felt streamlined and nice.

Then FOTM came out with ascended rings. Oh, more gear… I guess I can fit that somewhere in my schedule. No biggy.

Then Laruels and ascended amulets were introduced. My dailies, which once did only for XP and karma on an alt and never felt like I had to do, suddenly become necessary. Ok…. so… legendary. FOTM. Dailies. Gearing out an Alt. Hmm…

Now ascended accessories have been introduced via Guild commendations. Oh, so now I have to make sure I am free when my guild does missions… and legendary. FOTM. Dailies. Gearing up an Alt. Suppose I could cut out guild missions if I use laurels… 40? plus 50 Ectos And they give less stats than amulets, and those only cost 30 Laurels flat. Well I guess I don’t need an alt, even though it would be nice to switch between characters once in a while…

Oh by the way, don’t forget about this living story we’ve got going on here. Well maybe I’ll start working on my legendary if the RNG gods find me fit to get The Colossus…

WAIT THERE’S MORE! Monthies reset in two days. Oh kitten.

It’s probably too late now to fix, but the game seems to be loosing the ability to help me focus with each new patch. I feel like each patch adds more, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, but all of this “more” just feels like bloat with no real focus on what it, or I, and supposed to accomplish. Does anyone feel the same way?

If you did what they did, you would have what they have.
You have what you have because you do what you do.

Biggest amount of gold you've lost to the MF

in Crafting

Posted by: roostapro.9827


200g in 8 minutes…..
Please don’t make me relive what happened, it was horrible…i have nightmares about it…..

Eredon Terrace – Voladeir Roost (Ele)|Roosta (War)|Error Occurred (Gua)|Àneskâ Necrötiâ (Nec)

Jan 25 - Feb 1 2013 | SoS & JQ & BG

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Posted by: split.3659


SoS and JQ:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to push BG out of T1. If you choose to accept this mission, you may be accused of double teaming. You will have to play nicely with those you call the enemy. But in the end, you will have the satisfaction of pushing BG out of T1 and facing a truly worthy opponent. SoR wants our taste of T1.

This message will not self destruct in 30 seconds.

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Delete this

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Posted by: Predator.7321


Wel JQ just got an army of transfers send them out

Dear European and British Players...

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Posted by: YukBaron.8527


I don’t post to hurt SoS, I post to save the WvW game.

I love fighting SoS, they have some great guilds (especially Merc themselves who we have awesome battles with) but when it gets to the point in the night when every bit of work we’ve done over 5-6 hours is undone in 30 minutes because SoS has 5 times the amount of people we have in WvW it game-breaking.

Last night I commanded the Oceanics through BG borderland, we took our entire map back (after owning nothing) and then left for EB, within 30 minutes we’d lost almost all of BG. We took about half of EB and just missed out on taking Stonemist (that kitten capture bar was at 90% when we got wiped lol). By the time we’d taken 4 keeps in EB we’d lost our entire BL again and there was nothing we could do about it.

SoS had at least four 40-50 man organised zergs in the various maps (plus a ton of pugs), we pretty much had 1 40-man force and various pugs for all 4 maps.

Nothing wrong with speaking up when there is an imbalance, I’m just disappointed that Anet are just making this issue worse by closing server transfers and announcing rewards for WvW all at the same time, did they even stop to think of the common reaction?

This is great. I admire your altruistic efforts to prevent the WvW Implosion… lol?

But seriously now. I’m a thief user, I don’t like stealth killing. I like to roam and burst down people before they know what hit them. I like to fight good guardians. I like rematches. I like to pit myself with the best player I can find yak slapping my borderland…

But most of all I like to win. Don’t you?


If we had perfect coverage we wouldn’t be recruiting.

If we had long queues to get in WvW, recruiting would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.

If we outnumbered them so badly as they claim, we wouldn’t win by 30K, we would win by 150K like HoD used to.

If we were as vicious forum users as they claim, we would be in their recruitment thread, not them in ours.

Numbers alone can’t win a match, dedicated and coordinated forces do. For that we need great commanders and great players across all time-zones. We already have some of the best commanders in the game. Now we only need YOU!

Alphur – Thief

Alphur – Thief

Dear European and British Players...

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Posted by: Jedahs.2713


We have just welcomed 100 new Asian time zone players to SOS today! The move was successfully completed with 2 hours.

We are just waiting for Europeans now because we have ZERO European guilds on SOS, Please join us asap!

Jedahs, Sea of Sorrow’s 1st WvW Commander
Resigned Founder of Black Lion Mercenary Corps [MERC]
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12/14: SoS vs JQ vs SBI - Scores/Discussion

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Posted by: Lavath.8924


Those dolls are creepy. I’d run too.

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