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Mesmer is broken! Massive bug :-(

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Welcome to my – maybe last – attempt to sort this bug out!

As you should know the mesmer profession has a big issue with its berserker illusion. (brief: it does not hit consistently and it does reduced damage)

But let me begin from the start..
After the 15th November patch it was the first time the berserker began to behave badly and it needed some time until it was fixed. This is one thread where we gathered information about this bug (and others): (it says 6 month ago, but that’s not correct!! it is indeed from last year)
And here:

I think the 14th December fix repaired the berserker?

As the berserker was broken the first time the devs told us it wasn’t easy to find out what happened to him, but they finally managed to fix it. ^^ (If I remember right it had something to do with its whirl)

Then we had a “properly working” berserker again for 1.5 month until the 28th January Update (correct me anyone, if that’s not the right date) and you broke him again!!!

Now nearly six month have passed and you were still not able to fix it????

If it was intentional to nerf the berserker, you should have said that, but instead Jason King acknowledged it as a bug: (again not sure, if the date “2 month ago” is right, I think the forum software does not display the dates correctly)

There are a lot of threads that try to show you the bug and got some attention, but your communication with the mesmers it’s not the best. (I try to be nice :-))
For example:

And here we got some communication, but the statements were confusing, we didn’t receive any help and since the last time someone spoke to us there was just…. nothing..

What do you want us mesmers to do? We will not rest until you fixed it…

Here are other threads that want to provide you with information:

I tried to stay only with the berserker bug because I think that is the most annoying bug that HAS to be fixed right now.
You could fix it temporary (e.g. + 10 % more damage or whatever would be appropriate) to show respect and care to your mesmers until you fix the real issue.

But.. I have to inform you there are a few more bugs (and I don’t think of the old ones that never got fixed):
1. Please talk with us about the bounce change.. is it working as intended? (
2. The illusions have another problem… sometimes they do nothing, just stand there until they are dead. =( (

And here:

Please talk to us and fix the mesmer, PLEASE! <3


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Things you would like to see account wide

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- unlocked dyes
- karma