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Team Curse Tournament + Lowell! (video)

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Posted by: Maze.5283


Godly ranger gosh...his skills

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Posted by: EremiteAngel.9765


The strongest most composed ranger I have ever seen.

Scourge Demo Weekend Roaming Video:

[Suggestions] Gemstore Items

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Posted by: Romo.3709


i want cat ears, need cat ears


1000000X THIS!!!


[EU][Kodash] Rising Above - GvG guild

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Posted by: Tacticalretreat.1720


Awesome GvG fights last night! Thanks guys had a blast

Badges for Tomes of Knowledge?

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Posted by: Immolator.5640


It’s definitely not just because I’m lazy, but can we get some kind of WvW based exchange for Tomes of Knowledge? sPvP gets glory, PvE gets running around Lion’s Arch in circles constantly, we don’t have any.

What are your opinions?

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What are the lines you hear the most?

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Posted by: GavinGoodrich.1382


“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”
“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”
“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”
“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”
“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”
“Excuse me, do you have a moment?”

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Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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Lol Warrior need also stealth because they have weak defense ? oO Warrios has a tons of blocks/stability/immunity and the best passiv Reggen heal ingame of all class.complaining against ele or thief is really lol as a warrior xD sry this two classes got much nerves since realese and are now very weak.i play my self a warrior and op has right,this massiv land speed run ability needs to go!it is unglogic that one class who have heavy plate,most HP,very good def,immunity,blocks,stability,best passiv heal also have best speed ingame..
further eles got a nerv for lightride,thief got a nerv of shortbow(ini increase,range 1200 to 900)


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Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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MS Paint skills yo.


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Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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Posted by: Da Sonic.6521

Da Sonic.6521

MS Paint skills yo.


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Mesmer troll 0 damage?

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Posted by: Dawdler.8521


You met a Mesmer that literally did 0 damage on you?!

That must have been awfull!

I cant even imagine it how it felt to go up against such a monster, its just… its just too horrible to even comprehend.

Slap in the face with the next week LS.

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Posted by: Brave Sir Ryan.1240

Brave Sir Ryan.1240

How dare ANet bring back SAB for those who loved it! Grab your pitchforks, folks!

Things I would GLADLY pay Gems for

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Posted by: Ensign.2189


Anything that allowed me to loot items automatically as I ran past definitely qualifies for ‘go ahead, take my money’ status. Anyone who does a lot of WvW will open their wallet without thinking twice for such an item.

Is Greatsword a bad weapon?

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Posted by: jportell.2197


GS? Open with zerker, mirror blade, dodge in, Pop f3, Swap, MI iLeap Blurred frenzy+MW equals dead anything… They nerfed the berserker damage… And to the person that hated on the torch. Traited it is amazing. Just saying.

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Hmmm how much does 100gems covert into gold

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Posted by: Pandemoniac.4739


You can always get a good estimate from Spidy or

There’s a lot of volatility lately, so you won’t know for sure unless you log in and look.

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The new special dye's

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Posted by: CrashTestAuto.9108


What you get with the new dyes is deeper contrast & gradation.

Compare Eucalyptus with Deep Glacial Teal:

That seems like the sort of thing you should have in the game from the beginning when doing a dye system, not charge extra for.

I paid $60 for the textures in GW2 that I can’t look at when they’re oversaturated in color.

Shame. Colors with odd reflective properties or something might have actually been a good gem shop “optional” item.

Indeed, these dyes do seem to be regular dyes but done well, rather than novel dyes in their own right. It’d be like if when they release ascended armour they don’t release new skins, but they release the same old skins but without the clipping.

Kind of a shame really, as I hadn’t even questioned the quality of the dyes currently available till I saw that comparison.

3 Day Ban!

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


Whoa, you said a whole lot more than that.

The comments that prompted your 3-day suspension were not related to your argument with another player. They were of a sexual nature, several in number, and truly offensive. The suspension will not be lifted. Please use better judgment in the future.

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Guild Leader and officer Titles

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Posted by: Phoenix.3416


I was thinking about the community aspect of guildwars and I think it would be beneficial if Guild leaders and officers could set there title to “guild officer” and “guild leader” assuming they are representing the guild they own.

This way when you see a player you can designate the guilds leaders and build a brand up. It would be nice to see a new guild and the guild leader tag under someones name, you would link that guild to that player.

I imagine Guild leader would be fixed to the 1 rank at the top, then guild officer would be a tickbox the leader enables for that rank to allow them to turn on that title.

Weapon Dyeing (The Myth)

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Posted by: JustCurious.3457


Weapons cannot be dyed directly.
I haven’t heard of this mystic forge shade changing thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was done by combining weapons together and getting a random one that had a slightly different model.

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banned for 335 hours???

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Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

You used an exploit in the game. The evidence in irrefutable. The only error that was made was in giving a lengthy suspension instead of terminating the account. That has been or will be taken care of today.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
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