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Additions to Material Storage

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: LinseyMurdock


Game Designer

Ok folks, here is where we are at with this material storage side project that I originally outlined here:

1. Determine need for side project
2. Work with programming to investigate the backend and define limitations
3. Ask for suggestions from playerbase <- LAST TIME WE TALKED
4. Collate suggestions from all sources
5. Refine data to determine popularity of suggestions
6. Refine list to remove suggestions that are impossibilities for whatever reason
7. Research every suggestion to fully understand their use cases
8. Meet with experts to better understand the needs of their area of the game (WvW, Fractals, Scribes, SAB)
9. Refine data list to remove suggestions that are unfavorable for whatever reason
10. Discuss and plan alternative solutions to suggestions that are unfavorable but could be addressed in another way
11. Assign Materials to specific material storage collections
12. Experience data loss, resetting progress back to step 7, thus undoing all the hard parts I just did
13. Experience crushing demoralization and wallow in sadness for days while numerous people try to help recover work. This is why you should never save your docs locally and nowhere else.
14. Acceptance of lost data and thorough avoidance of redoing work while advancing through stages of grief
15. Put on big girl pants and redo steps 7-11
16. Document proposed changes
17. Present final list to design team for last minute objections and additions
18. Present final list to playerbase for last minute discussion and final appeals <- WE ARE HERE
19. Adjust design as needed.
20. DO THE WORK <- the easy part

“Yeah yeah yeah, lady, but WHAT’S ON THE LIST!?”

Common Crafting Materials
Milling Basins

Core Refinements (new)
Jute Patch
Wool Patch
Cotton Patch
Linen Patch
Silk Patch
Gossamer Patch
Damask Patch
Jeweled Damask Patch
Green Wood Dowel
Soft Wood Dowel
Seasoned Wood Dowel
Hard Wood Dowel
Elder Wood Dowel
Ancient Wood Dowel
Spiritwood Dowel
Bronze Plated Dowel
Iron Plated Dowel
Steel Plated Dowel
Darksteel Plated Dowel
Mithril Plated Dowel
Orichalcum Plated Dowel
Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel
Jeweled Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel

Fine Crafting Materials
Blade Shards
Shimmering Crystals
Tenebrous Crystals

Rare Crafting Materials
Bloodstone Shard
Elonian Wine
Brick of Clay
Chak Eggs
Eldritch Scoll
Fractal Research Pages
Icy Runestone
Legendary Insights
Mystic Binding Agents
Mystic Crystals
Mystic Forge Stone
Philosopher Stones
Reclaimed Metal Plates
Unid Fossilized Insect

Ascended Materials
+1 Agony Infusion
Anthology of Heroes
Augur’s Stones
Lesser Vision Crystal
Vision Crystal
Mystic Runestone

Gemstones and Jewels
Amalgamated Gemstones
Copper Doubloon
Gold Doubloon
Platinum Doubloon
Silver Doubloon

Cooking Staples (new)
Baker’s Dry Ingredients
Baker’s Wet Ingredients
Cookie Dough
Simple Dressing
Candy Corn glaze
Cream Soup Base
Ice cream base
Poultry Stock
Meat Stock
Vegetable Stock
Staple Soup Vegetables
Tomato Sauce
Loaf of Bread
Salt and Pepper
Simple Stew Herbs
Stirfry Spice Mix
Pumpkin Pie Spice

Scribing Materials (new)
Crystalline Bottles
Lump of Glass
Linen Supply Sack
Green Wood Pulp
Soft Wood Pulp
Seasoned Wood Pulp
Hard Wood Pulp
Elder Wood Pulp
Ancient Wood Pulp
Copper Nib
Silver Nib
Gold Nib
Platinum Nib
Mithril Nib
Orichalcum Nib
Glittering Blotting Powder
Shimmering Blotting Powder
Radiant Blotting Powder
Luminous Blotting Powder
Incandescent Blotting Powder
Crystalline Blotting Powder
Coarse Paper
Rough Paper
Fine Paper
Smooth Paper
Quality Paper
Premium Paper
Extra Coarse Sandpaper
Coarse Sandpaper
Medium Sandpaper
Fine Sandpaper
Superfine Sandpaper
Ultrafine Sandpaper
Simple Scribing Kit
Basic Scribing Kit
Fine Scribing Kit
Journeyman’s Scribing Kit
Master Scribing Kit
Grandmaster Scribing Kit
Simple Finishing Kit
Basic Finishing Kit
Fine Finishing Kit
Journeyman’s Finishing Kit
Master’s Finishing Kit
Grandmaster Finishing Kit
Badges of Tribute
Coarse Book Cover
Rough Book Cover
Fine Book Cover
Smooth Book Cover
Quality Book Cover
Premium Book Cover
Wood Glue

That’s 125 items and 3 new categories (I’ll also be changing some category names and item rarities to better fit). More than I should do from a pure numbers standpoint, so if you are going to try making a case for adding anything else to this fairly exhaustive list than you should know it will be an uphill climb. I’ll hear you out, but know I will be a hard sell. If anything, I am looking for cuts to this list, not adds. We’ve spent a ton of time thinking this through. I’ll post some notes on those choices in a reply post since the forums are telling me this is too long.

I’ll personally be paying attention to discussion here and on The Inevitable Reddit Thread™ for the next week. I’ll be finalizing the list in the following week and finding the time to DO THE WORK after that. When it comes to timeline, I normally say “no promises!” but in this case, I promise that I refuse to let this go a whole year since my original post without shipping.

Lead Designer – Living World

Please fix Aetherblade fractal consoles

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: MashMash.1645


These are constantly bugged. As in the consoles don’t even exist a lot of times, making the fractal unable to be finished. (Unless their is a trick to cheese past it when it does this?).

I really don’t enjoy resetting 5 times, every fricking time this fractal comes around.

This has been going on for years now.

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Show items in bank for Mystic Forge

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: X T D.6458

X T D.6458

Can make a personal forge and stand right near your bank to make it easier, what would be really nice is if could forge the same item multiple times at once, like if promoting cores to lodestones so we don’t have to go one by one.

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Heart of Thorns Maps Complexity

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: fatihso.7258


Hello all,

I am a new player who started playing less than a month ago and I completed Druid Specialization by help of a friend I met in game.

I just want to mention that these HoT maps are like nothing I have seen before in gaming world.

Such complexity and beautiful design force me to think they are not man made.

I really liked it and can not stop the feeling to explore whole HoT maps up and down.

Thank you for creating such gorgeous jungles and extreme design.

[Suggestion]: Guild Mission Change

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: videoboy.4162


I think most Guild Missions are set up fairly well. However, I feel like a small adjustment needs to be made to the PvP Guild Missions.

I believe the timer for the mission should stop running, in between matches. I feel this way because Guild Teams have no control over how long they remain in queue for a match. Because of this, you lose a LOT of the time allotted for the missions, just standing in the Heart of the Mists, which can often result in failure.

Os: Gilded Hollow Lvl 40 Further Exp Tour

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Relajo.4375


That 0 in 40 looks shopped to even a naked eye, come on.


Please add an Endless Batwing Tonic recipe

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Axialbloom.8109


I believe you said you were going to, but never did. This is needed for the new bat shoulders, yet they are entirely RNG or a zillion gold on the TP. The shoulders already cost 10 zillion gold, so why add more ridiculous costs?

Also, can you please add more stuff you earn through playing, and less stuff you just buy with gold. This games seems to be devolving into buy gems for gold to win.

Why I am NOT purchasing HoT

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: stone lead.2386

stone lead.2386

Can I have your stuff

Question about HoT release time [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Narrrz.7532


8pm on friday if you’re in new zealand.

[Suggestion] Shuffle Minis

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Xbon.9086


We can shuffle finishers; why not shuffle minis in the account wardrobe as well? Every time a zone change occurs/you log back in/etc one of your minis will be randomly selected for use. I have so many minis that don’t get any use that could benefit from this.

Silverwastes suggestion

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Yolanda Hardass.8045

Yolanda Hardass.8045

I would like to see the following in Silverwastes:

Like the progress bar that is displayed up until a Breach happens, I would like to see the same for the Meta bosses, in this case it would be their health bars, that comes along with the Breach e.g. one for the Copper Husk one for the Teragriffs etc. It would make it a lot easier to see who needs help at what stage. Not really necessary for the VineWrath champions, but would be a nice to see.

Perhaps even see the timers for different forts as well.

Its been long enough- Fix Dry Top Crystals

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Grover.8753


These have been in the game for far too long for Skill 3 to still be over shooting you from target location and Skill 1 Jump doesn’t jump you half the time. I’m pretty sure development is far enough along that these can be fixed. It’s about that time.

Legendary gear is not "Legendary"

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Immortality.5093


“The Moot” is a disco ball on a stick, it doesn’t make anyone look cool but like a complete dork.

Guess you don’t know who Rasman is, scrub.

<3 Desolation


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ANET Seriously...

in WvW

Posted by: RlyOsim.2497


I just transferred out of t3 NA last week.

I don’t know how you folks put up with the lack of match variety, there is very little room for pugs to improve when they are playing the exact same thing every week.

Surprised you folks haven’t said more about it tbh.

Just to do a NA and EU comparison

The Ghost of Christmas Past

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Incoming Might Nerf

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Levistis.8356


Not even reading the entire post and complaining.

Classic complainers <3

Anyways, I love the little dev notes that they added into each change…cool idea.


Default Character Animations Spoil It All!

in Living World

Posted by: Lishtenbird.2814


(spoilers ahead)

Zephyrite’s ships have crashed, and Morning just died in front of Marjory. Obviously, that’s the best time for Marjory to check if her hair looks alright!

Marjory’s sister is dead, and Kasmeer is delivering the sad news to the rest of the team. Must not be such a big deal, though, as she’s casually stretching herself.

Usually I’m the last person to complain about immersion in video games, but default idle animations like these were designed to make characters look attractive and somewhat “hot”. So it’s not at all surprising that it looks utterly jarring in completely inappropriate situations, which we have a lot (and will have more every 2 weeks) in the new LS S2.

I suggest adding another “neutral” set of animations for all races and genders (at least females) which can be used in story instances and similar situations. As a semi-solution, this set may even be a part of the usual animation with the most “casual” parts cut out.


20 level 80s and counting.

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More Guild Wars 2 literature please.

in Lore

Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

I would love more novels.

Especially if written by Ree Soesbee or Jeff Grubb.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

More Guild Wars 2 literature please.

in Lore

Posted by: Ice of Dragons.1637

Ice of Dragons.1637

I would like to hear more stories of gw

More Guild Wars 2 literature please.

in Lore

Posted by: Malkavian.4516


I like reading good gaming literature when I am not playing video games and I plan on buying all 3 of the books currently available. I’d really appreciate more books giving the world of Tyria more flavor if you ask me.


[Suggestion] Make skins salvagable

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Ghatzuma.5192


When you buy a skin from gemstore (Zodiac, etc.) or in game, say in WvW from the armorsmith, you have paid not only for the skin but for an embedded transmutation charge: if you use the skin, you can apply the skin to another armorpiece/weapon with no transmutation cost.

So, at least I tend to hold on to these skins for the time I want to use them, which means inventory space is wasted on account bound stuff that may not get used for a while. On armor skins in particular you may not use the whole set, but just few pieces and the rest will just sit there in the inventory/bank.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could salvage these skins to get the transmutation charge that’s inherently in them and open up some space in your storage?

Kasmeer Meade

in Suggestions

Posted by: Mist Y.5214

Mist Y.5214

…are you talking about with or without her clothes on? I support both suggestions!

celebration preparation

in Suggestions

Posted by: Henge.3907


I think it would help with immersion and anticipation to see NPC’s preparing for a festival or celebration. Like the hologram projecters that are scattered everywhere. We could see one or two annoyed Asura walking to each one and hitting it with a hammer for a while before the celebration actually happens. Or a big taffy puller in Divinities Reach producing taffy that is being Dolyaked to LA. These NPC’s don’t need to be interactive. Just there to let people guess.

The New Cutscenes

in Dragon Bash

Posted by: Aberrant.6749


OMG! My favorite cutscene so far! It even had a floozy (Lady Kas)!

Tarnished Coast
Salvage 4 Profit + MF Guide –

A Library For Lore and Past Events

in Suggestions

Posted by: Hofulu.7325


So as of now, any new players coming into the game, have no way of knowing what happened during the Karka invasion or when the Mad King broke through the Lion’s Arch statue, except from maybe some NPCs who say something about it, or if some other players who were there recount what happened. Here is an idea that I think they will love, as will people who were there.

A library, perhaps placed in Lion’s Arch. You go in, and its nice inside. Lots of books, and some stand out. These books can be interacted with, and, similar to what Bethesda does with books in Fallout 3 and the Elder Scroll’s series, have stories all about myths, lore, children’s stories, etc. all relating to the GW2 world (obviously lmao :P)

So lets say you open up a book titled “The Karka Invasion”. You open it up, and get the option for a written summary of the event and what happened, or something else which I think people will really like: The option to pick an important day of the event, in the case of the Karka, that being each day lol, and travel to a special rendition of the events of that day, where you start like off to the side, and can walk around this designated area, and the events of that area are reenacted by scripted NPCs. So for the beginning, lets say you start off on the beach, near the lighthouse. Either text or a voice actor (Anet can be the judge of which one they wanna use lol ^-^) begins to tell you how it all started:

“It was a warm, sunny day in Lion’s Arch, like any other day. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and then, out of the deep waters, a horrific creature sprung out and onto the mainland!” (you’re on the beach, and the Karka jumps out of the water right in front of you, and you can move around and watch as it hits the lighthouse, and then makes it’s way into the city. You can hear screams, and fighting sounds from the city. From here, where you are on the beach, you can stay around and hang out if you want, but after the scripted parts reenacting what happened, a portal, unnamed, unlisted, just a portal, appears in the direction that the Karka had soared over you, into the city. The portal is conveniently placed in the direction that the events are headed, you know? So you go into the portal….)

That is my idea of how this would work, and again, to save space and time, these designated areas are specifically important parts to the events of that day. So, like on the day of the final push to drive the Karka back, the first area can be on the beach where we fought the smaller karka, then a portal takes you to the second area, where we lured the karka out, and let the bomb squad sneak into the mountain and arm explosives. Then, the third area, which can be for when we pushed the ancient karka back in, and the explosives went off and it died in the lava.
Something like that

I think this would be a great way to retell past events to new and veteran players alike, and at the end, once you’ve finished a book, you get a little reward, like a memento from that event, so for the Karka event, maybe you get a little dynamite stick, that could be put into a slot in a new tab you’ll have in your achievements titled “Historical Mementos” or something haha. There could also be achievements you get for reading the books, maybe for reading 5 books, you get a “Book Worm” achievement, and for reading all the books, you get one called “Gotta read ’em all!” (get it :P)

How does this sound to you all?

Could we get xx/xxx baubles collected

in Super Adventure Box

Posted by: Hawk.3574


Would it be possible to get a counter for each world so we know how many baubles we are missing for the achievement?

Request: Toggle option "Other" player titles.

in Suggestions

Posted by: Darx.9842


Now that player titles are visible, there’s TWICE as much text on the screen. In crowded areas its obvious to see why this is a problem. It was perfect how it was. If someone wants to see titles that’s fine, give them a checkbox in the menu to display them.

Sure I can turn off player names. But I want to see player names, I don’t want to see titles and I don’t want double the amount of text floating on my screen.

This is a request to include a check-box within the game menu to hide or show OTHER players titles.

Please show your support and help send this message to Anet.

Login timers for the Guild menu

in Suggestions

Posted by: Longrod Von Hugendong.6952

Longrod Von Hugendong.6952

I know that I am not the only Guild leader who has had to clear out inactive players to make room for active ones, but as it stands, there is not a good method that I have found to avoid accidentally kicking active or semi-active players, short of memorizing the account names and character names of all active players.

My proposal is to insert a “last logged in at…” feature in the Guild menu after each member’s name in the Roster. That would make clearing out inactive members a simple task, and would also help with finding who to promote and so on.

Although I am not sure how the code is set up for the Guild menu/Guild system, it should not be a terribly difficult change to make-it could fit in with an upcoming patch/update.


PvE needs "Loot" text...

in Suggestions

Posted by: adagiophoto.4512


They should make it so minis wander around and pick up loot for us.

Gold Dots for Guild Members in WvW

in Suggestions

Posted by: firecracker.5632


Hi Ya,

Is it possible to change the mini map in WvW.

Instead of having the green dots for fellow allies, I think that gold dots for guild members would be really great.

Their name is in gold when you are close enough to them to see their name but if their little dot was gold it was make meeting up with your guild members so much easier when you are not partied with them.

I know there are various ways to communicate with your guild members ie TS or in game chat but I really do think this would make life a bit easier and more convenient for everyone.


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Authenticator Questions/Concerns [merged]

in Account & Technical Support

Posted by: Sigil Baram.8561

Sigil Baram.8561

This isn’t too much of an issue but I have told the email authenticator to remember my IP address but occasionally it makes me authenticate again even though I never use a different computer. Mostly I am asking out of curiosity as to why that would be (like I said to start as long as I follow the authentication process there are no issues and I’m not being hacked or anything).


You, like everyone else in the world who doesn’t pay extra money for a static IP address, have a Dynamic IP address. Some other random person now has the ‘network’ you told ANet to memorize. See my earlier post in this thread.

DON’T CHECK THE REMEMBER BOX. It might be annoying but the network you are saving isn’t YOURS. It is your ISP’s and they pass it around to all their clients every time your modem reboots or even more often depending on your ISP.


So no comment on a system besides authorizing random IP addresses? I’m really confused how the fact that most the world has Dynamic IP address was a surprise or that the fact seems to be ignored and you are still letting people have them authorized permanently…

I really love your games, but this ignored annoyance/security issue is kind of disappointing.

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