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ANet weekly play on live in 30mins

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Posted by: joeyw.9531


I just gathered some screenshots I’ve taken during the event!

Was very cool to see you guys, even if we were not completely victorious

Vote to Delete Servers!! Make new Worlds!

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Posted by: Juba.8406


I Vote to Delete This Thread…

Squad bullying

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Posted by: HazyDaisy.4107


What exactly would you like to see changed about squad policy? By the sounds of it, you’d like to see all squads open invite/join and no one has the power to kick anyone else.

Assuming that is the hope of this thread and it were implemented, what would happen with the case of say trolls, bigots, general nussiances, afkers, spies and the host of other unsavory players that grace the bls? No one would have the power to kick them or stop them from joining in the first place, the commander could re-create a new squad but be forced into the same situation each time.

Just wondering, what system you think could possibly be implemented that prevents bullying on the one hand, allows a commander control of his/her squad and doesn’t enforce bullying on the other hand?

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Roaming: Who, what, why, how? #Discussion

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Instead it’s killing players who are completely reluctant for no reward. It’s like doing open world pvp in wow and being lvl 60 and fighting against a lvl 30, and the gloating about it, there is no honor.

A zerg isn’t going to pass up the chance to kill the exact same person the roamer would kill.


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Roaming: Who, what, why, how? #Discussion

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Posted by: Choppy.4183


Ignoring for a moment that Jumpin Lumpix is ascribing behaviours and motivations to roamers that don’t seem to match the majority of roaming that I see in others and do myself, even the behaviour he describes is a completely legitimate strategy.

He’s described a scenario in which people built for zerging are trying to rejoin the zerg, but getting killed by roamers geared for solo or havoc play before they can make it. The people trying to return to the zerg are, effectively, resources who contribute more as a part of a larger whole than they do individually.

If one (or more) roamers can slow or stop the stream of resources flowing to replenish an enemy zerg, then they’re arguably helping their server more than they would by joining their own zerg. They’re cutting supply lines (players who bring damage, heals, buffs, clears, and actual supply), which is a totally legitimate and valuable strategy.

And that’s true just by assuming everything Jumpin Lumpix is accurate, which it isn’t.

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Roaming: Who, what, why, how? #Discussion

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I consider 1000 faceplants as a beginner. Roaming ehhh bullying since 2012!

I’m approaching 12k deaths on my main for the reason. #RoamerLife

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Roaming: Who, what, why, how? #Discussion

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I dunno, If u like chasing people who clearly don’t want to 1v1 and aren’t geared or speced for it, then maybe? I always feel like roamers can’t handle the minimal amount of fairness that is put into spvp, so they go to wvw instead to have a huge advantage.

How do they have a huge advantage when everyone else has the exact same build options? As for killing people who don’t want to 1v1, I regularly come across people who don’t want to 1v1 but they sure want to 3+v1.

As others have pointed out, wvw is an open world competitive game mode. As soon as you leave spawn, it’s clear that there are two sides who are going to want to kill you, whether by way of a big group, an individual, or everything in between. That’s the game.

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Roaming: Who, what, why, how? #Discussion

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Posted by: Choppy.4183


You get low amounts of objective caps and not a ton of kills like you get in zerg, and thus you get low bags and low wxp gain. Therefore it’s not really supported by Anet as being the targeted activity that Anet rewards in wvw.

Pound for pound, I’d say roamers contribute more than people in a zerg. Meaning, pit 20-30 roamers on a map against 20-30 in a blob, and the roamers will gain far more ppt, have a better handle on what’s happening on the map, and bag more kills unless the roamers try to attack the zerg head on (assuming the zerg is actually capable and not just a blob of potatoes).

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Make a list of top WvW individual players

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Posted by: Brigand.9502


I vote for that mysterious hero that
*refreshes siege because the other 70 people that just blew through ran right by it
*stays behind after something has been saved and spends the next 10 minutes repairing the gate or wall because the zerg couldn’t be bothered
*scouts the enemy and reports where they are so the friendly zerg can smash them and get much loot
*scouts structures so we don’t lose that t3 keep because the other 70 people on the map can’t be bothered to look at the map screen and see that the wp is contested and investigate why
*pre-builds siege so that something can be defended against overwhelming numbers and then does it all over again after it flips and re-flips
*speeds that yak along it’s path because you only need 67 more to get that wp!

Seriously, you know who you are (probably every server has at least one). YOU DA REAL MVP

Feedback: Pip Acquisition [merged]

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Posted by: Phantom.8130


This thread brings back memories of threads that popped up all over the place during the first 6 months after launch, which basically broke down to “This isn’t what I’m already familiar with, change it to be like my previous MMO” It’s something that happens to all MMOs, which is why most of them are pretty much carbon copies of each other with different artwork.

There’s a lot of very self absorbed people who play MMOs, and the MMOs themselves steer into that skid. Everything in the games are designed around fluffing up the players’ ego. “You’re the hero. You’re desired and loved by everyone. You’re capable of doing anything. You’re The Chosen One!” It’s a marketing strategy, but it does have a psychological impact. The sheer repetition of these baseless accolades result in people beginning to believe it. That the entire world revolves around them. Simply put, it’s subtle brainwashing. It’s the same concept as having a hoard of “Yes Men” around you constantly.

RP and PvP tends to be different. Everything is the result if your actual actions. If you’re trying to roleplay, say, a doctor, yet know nothing about even basic first aid, no one’s going to take you seriously. If you consistently lose every PvP match, your reputation won’t be that of unstoppable juggernaut. It’s a reality check.

WvW is large scale PvP, and like with both RP and PvP results are what matter, not hype. For the past 5 years, WvW players have been earning a reward. Until recently, that reward never came. Now that it has, and in my opinion it’s been delivered pretty well, those from the other end of the spectrum have shifted in to WvW to get a piece of the pie.

Now, I love the influx of new players. It’s something WvW’s been desperately needing for years, ever since previous sources of new players were cut off. I’ll run with you, I’ll teach you, I’ll lead you, even when you tunnel vision onto an NPC and leave the rest of your group high and dry. And yes, that’s happened numerous times in just the past week alone.

However, you had equal opportunity to earn the same reward, during the entire past 5 years. You chose to focus on other aspects, which provided far greater rewards and still do. I don’t begrudge you for your choice. It was your choice to make, and you made it.
Others chose to focus their time and energy into WvW. It certainly isn’t fair to begrudge others for their choice.

Let’s look at the facts here. Ascended gear is easier to get in PvE. Legendary gear is easier to get in PvE. PvE has more options to acquire ascended gear. So, as far as the actual stats are concerned, PvE still holds the dominant edge in acquisition. Furthermore, gold itself is much easier to come by in PvE. PvE has far few expenses than WvW. So PvE still holds the dominant edge financially as well.

So what does WvW actually get that PvE doesn’t? A single backpack skin. One lone appearance. It’s too much for some players that those who made different choices than them get one singular item that gives no functional advantage. All the while ignoring the numerous unique items they get. It certainly isn’t all PvE players who exhibit this behavior, but it’s glaringly apparent in this thread, and I’ve already explained why.

If you do the job, you get paid. If you do the job long enough, you get raises, you get bonuses, you get promotions. Certain people at entry level positions are demanding to be paid as much chairmen of the board. PvE is where they hype you up and tell you the world revolves around you. RP, PvP, and WvW is where you get the reality checks that let you know that it doesn’t.

Bottom line, if you want more pips, go earn them like everyone else did, don’t “whine to win” and expect much sympathy from those who were neglected while you were catered to. The ONLY changes that need to be made to the current system is to remove the incentive for afking in spawn to collect pips as participation ticks down. (Something that never happened before the sudden influx of players.) And perhaps additional pips for transferring to lower tier servers, to destack the overstacked servers in tier 1, until the 3 week loyalty bonus kicks in. To do anything else is a step backwards after a very good, and desperately needed, step forward, and will leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who have carried the game mode thus far.

Lower the Rank Requirement for Armor

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Posted by: Swamurabi.7890


Making the rewards easier in WvW, or EotM, has been shown to not grow the WvW player base, which is more important than the length of time it takes anyone to get all the shinies. The rewards in EotM made players turn a PvP map into a PvD map.

I’ve criticized Anet’s decisions with respect to WvW in the past but I’ve got the give them credit for this. They nailed it.

I’ll deal with all the new commanders that don’t know how to command.
I’ll deal with the players attacking camp supervisors and tower/keep lords with RI.
I’ll deal with the players bringing less efficient builds/gear/classes.
I’ll deal with players not knowing how to give a scouting report.
I’ll deal with players not on teamspeak.

Because if they stay long enough, for the shinies, they will learn how to play WvW, and when they do I will fight beside them and we will become friends and we will have a great time playing WvW week after week and month after month and if/when they leave WvW we will tell stories about them like we were Norn and I will miss them.

WvW rewards: Come for the skins, stay for the fun.

EU Guild Closeds EotM

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Posted by: Leaa.2943


This is why EU will always be > NA.

Not really. We’re not having queue problems like EU is right now. Our queue times are no more than 30 mins during prime time. I think our PvEers have less fortitude than yours, or it took them less time to figure out the time commitment for the rewards.

Not really, the reason why your pugs are bleeding out is because your guilds on nearly all NA servers demands all players in a squad to be on ts/discord or they are not allowed to join squad and being ignored in fights, which leaves them with nothing and they stop joining. And the fits thrown from coms having to few on them is hilarious. As if they can not see the connection.

Anyway this is the main reason to why NA have so few pugs compared to EU. Whilst we want them on ts and nagg about it as well, we are not being total jerks about it and try to get them to join us on ts and if not at least be of use for the zerg we have.

Yakslapper Title Bug

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Posted by: Xenesis.6389


You only get credit if they are holding a siege blueprint at the time of death unfortunately.

Another derailing post. ^^
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Make WvW user friendly, team speak problem

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Posted by: apharma.3741


So you want the benefits of being part of the team, but don’t want to log on TS to be a part of the team? Not how it works buddy.

Some people can’t use teamspeak for multiple reasons.

And the reasons are? Pls. give me multiple reasons.
If you don’t want to use TS, ok, don’t do it. But don’t complain that you don’t get the benefits, like boon share from the group. The group wants you to join TS, just do it. If you don’t , bye,bye, see you in hell.

Don’t speak the same language.
Have to listen for other things like children, deliveries and other things.
Currently on TS/Skype with other friends.
Commander is abusive and or crude.
Regular people on teamspeak are disgusting, burping, being racist, sexist and general kittens.
Don’t want to be harassed because you’re a girl (happens more than I would believe)

There ya go, plenty of good reasons why you wouldn’t want to be on teamspeak, now tell me why someone not on teamspeak shouldn’t be put into a party with a decent composition? Please multiple reasons because I’ve seen some kitten fine players put into parties with no support which severally limits the capability of the group.

WvW, some things you should know!

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Posted by: Choppy.4183


That said, duels should really be kept in low-traffic areas, because you can’t expect every zergling to stop fighting someone who might look like a roamer getting attacked by another roamer. People used to duel around SMC, and sometimes “duelers” would let teammates get stomped because they thought a duel was going on when it wasn’t.

Yeah, I agree with that. I think most people who duel understand that interruptions are to be expected depending on the circumstances. High traffic areas make them more likely, and spectators make them less likely.

Honestly, I think both duelers and non-duelers are content to let people play the game how they want. The few salty “red is dead” types usually get rekt when they try to force their ideas on others. At least, that’s been my experience.

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1 man contesting TIER 3 keep/tower is a joke.

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Posted by: Choppy.4183


As a roamer, I’d be more than happy for this change to occur but white swords on upgraded then also CAN’T be triggered by fewer than five people.

Then, when I’ve taken your upgraded structure and you’ve had no warning, we can come back to the post on this forum that’ll inevitably follow.

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North american servers

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Posted by: Tiny Doom.4380

Tiny Doom.4380

If the issue you describe was even happening, which as far as I can see it isn’t, it would be one created entirely by players. If players in a particular time zone or language group choose to cluster together on particular servers then that’s a player choice not a function of the mechanics. Ditto the tendency pf players to move from less populated servers to higher populated ones or for guilds to arrange alliances to move en masse to create bandwagon servers.

So long as players are allowed free choice of server and free movement, even at a cost, this will continue to happen. If you reduced the number of servers to three and left free movement in place what do you imagine the result would be? One super-giant server and two also-rans, of course.

The only way to ensure continual, even population balance would be to remove the choice from players completely and have representation assigned by the system. And if that could be achieved the social costs would probably destroy most players’ interest in playing WvW at all. At best you’d be recreating EotM and we’ve seen how popular that has been with the dedicated WvW playerbase…

Assaulting pc's with kodan tonic spam?!??

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Posted by: Crinn.7864


Sometimes I wonder how amazing WvW would be if players would just play it as intended, and stop trying to metagame and exploit every little thing.

Seriously all the tonic exploiting, market manipulating, server population rigging, spy/sabotage accouts, etc. are whats killing this gamemode more than anything anet ever did.
Why can’t we just beat each other up like normal civilized people?

Sanity is for the weak minded.

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Server Pride

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Posted by: Leaa.2943


You have server pride within a name and not the physical individuals of the community. You place too much concentration on the actual name and not whom you’re playing with. A server is nothing more than a house and while it’s good to have pride in the upkeep of your house you should have more pride in your family and friends.

How does server-links stop you from playing with your community versus the other system? If you do not like mass numbers than you can still move to a lower tier to avoid the blobs. How does your group size reflect your server pride. WvW isn’t who has the biggest blob it’s who has the most coverage. This has never changed whether it’s the “old” system or the “new”.

I do not like Server-links. But I do not wish to go back to the old.

This is not true for me. I play on a EU server that still have the same players they always had. The same community, the same guilds the same players i knows for many years. It have not changed for us at all. But the linking system where one of the servers linked are populated with all the worst trolls in EU, were the language is so bad 24/7 that you feel sick and block nearly the whole linked server, and they all being banned on the TS of our comunity. That was a challenge. But we managed to get through even that. We got unlinked and got old linked server back who we have no issues with, nor did we have with any other link.

So yes links are not working as intended. And server pride is still a thing, and we still play with the same people. You might not, and your normal server might not, i don’t know. But mine is.

Server Pride

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Posted by: booker.5471


I haven’t posted in 3 years. I honestly haven’t seen anything posted that said “add something” until now. The problem is, I can’t really think of anything to add that Leona or someone else hasn’t already said. But I want to add something.

I want the old WvW back.

I preordered GW2 and started on day 1 of the pre on FC. I never left FC and never had any desire to. As Trinibaje said, I have never been in one of the bigger guilds (we are in the same guild actually), but I have run with some of them, a lot. FC guilds were always fun to run with. We were almost always outmanned. We usually had small zergletts instead of blobs. Most of all, we had fun. And we learned to fight. And well. We had the best pvpers in the game in the old days. Back then, if a group of 5 or 6 enemies came upon one of us I felt sorry for the enemy. They were outnumbered. Not anymore. Anet decided to get rid of FC.

We may have been bottom tier but we were still proud of our little server. I miss all of that. I tried to give this new system a chance but it just doesn’t work.

Although I ran with the bigger guilds I spent most of my time scouting. Scouts used to be important. Now they are a joke. Soloing of any kind or even running in small groups is usually nothing more than throwing bags at the enemy. It’s not fun anymore. Plus we are being linked with servers that we had rivalrys with. Now we are expected to fight alongside them and make gains for them. We get nothing for winning. I absolutely hate when a group of FC and/or myself take an objective and the message goes up that says the host server took it. That is such a slap in the face.

I can’t say what I really want to say….I would probably get banned.

I can say I started out FC and will ALWAYS be FC no matter what Anet does to us.

Server Pride

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Posted by: Trinibaje.7683


I am with the OP on this one… I, along with a couple other people I know, have stopped playing WvW since after the third linking. We gave it a chance, but we were never made to feel welcome on the host servers and we miss the camaraderie we had with our old FC server. When I go into WvW now, I don’t know anyone, and God forbid I try to roam… ugh. I’ve been on FC since day 1 four years ago and I will never leave it, it’s my home.

I may not have been in one of the bigger WvW guilds on FC, but I knew the people in them, and they knew me (or at least I like to think they did) and I could rely on them when needed and vice versa.

Please, please, please stop the insanity… release us from this madness called WvW server linking!!

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Server Linking Discussion

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Posted by: Swamurabi.7890


I suppose that Anet has the numbers of avarage player for server over the time. why not Try to plan a definitive link server and reduce the number of serves ? Instead of linking for a short period of time merge them in the bigger ..

I still think the opposite would be better. more servers, not less)

More servers ( or battle groups as they were called earlier).
With factions ( linked servers as they are currently).

linked server -> [server 1] & [server 2] &… [server N]

faction -> [battle group 1] & [battle group 2] & .. [battle group N]

Moving to battle groups ( just a name to distinguish from current servers) with a greater quantity, but lower population cap means a faction ( or linked servers) has more constituent parts.

Mechanically not much changes from now. However it’s easier to balance with more, smaller blocks.

It also creates a way to force destacking of huge servers ( BG being the most obvious contender for destacking).

Ultimately as a player you won’t see a difference in membership of a battle group vs membership of a server. The difference is anet can potentially balance matches better. So anet can create a healthier competition.

Exactly, we need a system with WvW teams of defined size but with flexible numbers. Huge servers would simply send more teams than small servers. Bandwagoning would disappear since the absence of overstacked teams would not bring any advantage. The only delicate question, I see, is whether Arenanet should allow premade teams or simply fill the teams by itself – guildmembers will be put in the same team.

Standardised teams would also allow to give up tiers and glicko. It would lead to more variety in match-ups. You could introduce a ranking of the teams. In addition you could build a ranking of the servers. Compare it with the UEFA 5Y ranking, where all the participating nations are listed and ranked. The position in the ranking is driven by the performance of the national teams.

The current system with one team for each server will lead to permanent imbalances since Arenanet hesitates to permanently cols certain servers. Balance and free access to servers are mutually exclusive in the current system.

The guilds on servers that game the current system will be the same guilds that game the battlegroup system.

Step 1: Have everyone in your guild create an alt-account, maybe more. (assume that this hasn’t already happened)

Step 2: Have each alt-guild join a different battlegroup.

Step 3: Wait for Anet to create matchup, then play for battlegroup where you play with other battlegroups you like.

Step 4: Voids in opposing battlegroups, (by you not playing on your alts) will be filled by pugs.

Step 5: Win and profit.

Server Linking Discussion

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Posted by: apharma.3741


There’s a lot to read but I’ll just say I agree with Jayne, it’s not often s/he and I disagree on these things.

Thanks for posting what was revealed to you MaLeVoLenT

How do you counter bandwaggoners?

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Posted by: Thelgar.7214


Recruit and power your way up.

Because this is the core of the problem.

That is pretty much it. Servers stacking their way up the tiers is the problem. And it isn’t individuals moving, but guilds. Tie guilds to a single server. If you move a guild, start all over in building a guild hall and gaining advancements. And make transfers cash only as you suggested, so trading stacks of ectos for guilds stops.

Only a WvW player...

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Posted by: SoPP.7034


Only a WvW player remembers a time prior to HoT.

A warrior, a guardian, and an elementalist walk into an open field…
The Warrior turns to the guardian and says, “Did you hear something?”
Guardian replies, “No, but how’d the elementalist die?”

Bug: Creatures still causing WPs to contest

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Posted by: Joshhh.2076


Anet are training the mobs to do WvW for when all the players are gone.


All servers now open

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Posted by: Chaba.5410


LOL this PSA has been brought to you by the letters J and Q.

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ArenaNet please stop nerfing content.

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Nemesis.8593


Besides the nerf to the required HP to unlock the full specialization… i’ve just been to the 2nd HP challenge only to discover that it too has been modified… the champion which was suppose to spawn is now just a veteran.

If the contents gets systematically nerfed, people will rush through it… and one month from now they will complain they will not have any content to play. Furthermore there will be a far greater gap between raids… and the new open world content, unless of course raids will be nerfed into the ground as well… in which case i really do not see a future for this game.

I have soloed 90% of all HP champions so far… with two players it should be no problem what so ever.

Heart of Thorns has been amazing so far, don’t take it away from us… please… stahp…


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AC Exploit

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Posted by: slingblade.1437


Please REVERSE the latest changes. I thought the changes to LOS were supposed to make things better for defenders, but instead of a sometimes problem, now we have a new, all-the-time problem.

Why did defenders need things to be better?

What defenders need is more rewards for defending.

The issue they were supposedly trying to address with the new LOS rules was that an attacker could place an AC on the ground outside a wall and clear all siege on the other side of the wall, which was terrible for defenders. That’s what needed to “get better.” You could spend a lot of time and effort perfectly sieging up a keep and have it ruined by an AC outside the wall, built in 10 seconds. This happened_sometimes_. Now, with the new LOS rules, it seems it’s most often impossible to build defensive ACs on walls that aren’t within easy reach of attackers’ AOE.

This is a kick to the crotch of defenders. It’s baffling how Anet could not test for nor foresee these problems. There are players on most every server who could have quickly discovered and explained why the changes would break defensive ACs, had Anet bothered to consult the people who actually build and use them.

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GvG Overtaking WvW

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Posted by: azyume.6321


Funny this thread.

We all bought the game and have the same rights to play it, no one owns any map nor is the holder of the truth. There is plenty of space for variated game modes, players who have problems to accept we are different and find fun in different things are the ones who starts these non sense infights and brings out the toxicity.

Interesting enough I see PPT’ers being toxic in map chat almost daily and have yet to see any GvG guild doing the same.

My advise: If your border is queued up and some havoc/ PPT guild is hitting up and don’t have the numbers to push them back, then change maps and retaliate them back. Sometimes being proactive is much better than being defensive.

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