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Can we get some d/c grace please

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Tarrek.7436


I like to do a little WvW, some dungeons, and other instanced stuff. You know what really sucks is getting kicked out of the game because my internet farts for 2 seconds. When I’m commanding in WvW, people are following me. Don’t remove me from the kitten map and screw over a whole group because of a short connection issue. Attempt to re-establish the connection for a few seconds (20). kitten this is stupid.

say no to unholy trinity and haters

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Posted by: saye.9304


guild wars 2 is in its 20th months and this game is still solid and strong in mmo market and still selling boxes as matter of fact according to the latest ncsoft announcement gw2 is the second most profitable game of nscoft (( lineage 1 makes much more money for ncsoft than gw2, but also we should know it is a very old and made its player base during years and mostly in south korea, same goes for wow)) but in compare with games released 3-4 year ago in west , gw2 did better than all of them and holds the title “the fastest selling mmo”
that being said, lately some wow fan boys start asking for unholy trinity in this game that is why i wrote this to give you heads up that if this game goes with old tradition game play it will join a long list of games offering unholy trinity game play, 99% of them are low class and unsuccessful and barely surviving.
gw2 is good but with improvements it can get much better and remain as successful mmo for years to come.

about haters who complain a lot. look i bought some games and paid subscription for them for them but at the end i did not liked them and moved on, never went on their forum and giving hate speech and disrespect people so please if u see such people complaining a lot and not helping to improve the game"tell them to ……censored" thank you.

To all the Berserkers and Berserker aspirants

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Posted by: FenrirSlakt.3692


Remember to always place your trust in the Holy Trinity of DPS.

  • May Power, the Father grant you His Might to rain death in the form of large numbers on top of your enemies.
  • May Precision, the Son, with His Fury guide your blades into the flimsiest of their armor.
  • Though fallen, may Ferocity, the Holy Spirit, imbue you and magnify the virtues of both, the Father and the Son, so that your blows may fall heavy on your foes taking on the shape of more hard-hitting crits.

Spared and blessed be the followers of the Assassin that, though slightly bent on their ways, share our vision of smooth and efficient speedruns.

May you never degenerate and fall and be led astray to the misguided ways of the Rampager, or the nefarious path of the Soldier, or the wretched lanes of the Rabid.

May your faith in the Berserker never falter, your Fury never quenched, and your Might always stacked to 25.
For Great Justice!

(I’ll be adding more things over time).


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Heirloom merchant back for a day or two

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: Kumu Honua.2751

Kumu Honua.2751

In the past, Anet has made the mistake if putting information on places like Facebook and Twitter which is a terrible idea as there are many people who do not use such media. They have an official forum for official information. They should use that.

That being said, at least this time they DID post and they did post it in the RIGHT PLACE. (News and Announcements.)

There is no digging required, and the launcher does link to the forums.

Even if they put the information in the launcher we would have people here complaining because they set it to AutoPlay and never bother to look.

Personally I consider this a willful ignorance of the players. The information was there, it was in the right place, and it was timely. Those who did not get the memo did so on their own accord.

Sylvari Guardian. – Dragonbrand.

VIP Membership

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Posted by: Aedelric.1287


Arena Net needs to debunk this rumour as soon as possible.

“I am Evon Gnashblade and this message is acceptable to me.”

Why is JQ and SoR playing dead?

in WvW

Posted by: Baels.3469


Long, long ago, there was a pair of men named Talikh and Rarkus. Commanders and leaders of their respected army, they valiantly fought for their country, Blackgate, beating on doors and huntin’ boars.

One day Talikh and Rarkus decided they were simply receiving no help and were expected to fight the good fight themselves. The two men decided to take their army and left their brethren on Blackgate, defecting to the enemy; Jade Quarrydise.

However, the tale of these two men grew dark. Upon arriving at Jade Quarrydise, they found it was the farthest thing from the utopia they were expecting. Losing a significant fighting force, Beastgate banded together curbstomping Jade Quarrydise repeatedly, becoming known has having the most fearsome military force in all of Tyria.

After taking beating after beating upon defecting to their new home in Jade Lawlry, realising he couldn’t win with military force, Rarkus sought to deflect the anger he was feeling and attempted to take it out on his brethren from Blackgate through the only means he had left: politics.

Little did Rarkus know, Blackgate has one of the most prolific politicians in Tyria. Magikarps.

Magikarps used splash.

Game. Over.

[MERC] – Oceanic

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WvWvW Warriors Only?

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Posted by: Johje Holan.4607

Johje Holan.4607

Didn’t you know WvWvW means Warriors v Warriors v Warriors?

What Eternity Should Look Like

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Posted by: Arctarius.2649


As I have been reading from many people now, even with the small changes to the super legendary sword Eternity most owners of the sword are quite underwhelmed. Let me tell you I have been playing this game from release, and for me to just finish this weapon and see the exact same look of sunrise and twilight just kinda makes it seem less legendary than having sunrise and twilight separate. Yes the foot falls were nice, but having black fire and black footprints while wielding sunrise in the daytime looks very weird at least for me. I have to say I would expect no less from Anet seeing their fantastic art team to create an entirely original skin for the much neglected Eternity. I mean its name is Eternity for petes sake! That name alone cries out for its own unique look. So what I have done tonight is create my own idea of how I would love Eternity to look. I hope you Devs take a good look at this post and I especially hope they like my idea and use it in the future for Eternity. If you guys like my rendition of Eternity Bump this post and leave comments so that the devs can see and maybe take it into consideration The file is attached to this post, tell me what you guys think

P.S. don’t comment about other legends needing attention, in my opinion all legendary’s are fine, I am only disappointed with Eternity simply because it is the only one of a kind super legendary in the work for 2 which is ALLOT of work and you get what you already had only you are at the beck and call of night and me eternity is a step down from sunrise and twilight in its current state.


"Replacing" Ellen Kiel

in Cutthroat Politics

Posted by: Rapti Bloodspill.5302

Rapti Bloodspill.5302

As title says, looking for people to help Ellen Kiel ‘step down’ and have Evon Gnashblade take his rightful place as one of the Council members.

ps. Voting was rigged – Kiel cheated!
On serious note: Anet this is fail :/. Gnashblade had so much better potential as a character.

Bow before the Mighty Charr!
Rapti Bloodspill [PT] – Desolation[EU]

This is the best game ever...

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Posted by: Dahkeus.8243


I have my beefs with some things, but yea, I agree this is the best MMO out right now.

griefing with the horns

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Posted by: CrossedHorse.4261


Ok I was in LA today and yes there was one of those guys spamming the highest note in front of the bank and yes it was annoying as hell and yes it crossed my mind to report him (seriously) and then I thought.. wait a second, what am I doing here if something so little can mess with my feelings in a game.
The item is new and the shine will fade away as will the spammers that are just a little frustrated they can’t play a proper tune.
But, they will learn ànd there will be people annoyed by it.
Only now the trumpeteers payed for their instrument so muting them in towns is a little too much and will cause them to rebel.
So how to give everyone what they want?
Keep the sound in all explorables (no brainer really)
Mute the sound in all main cities, BUT (here it comes) except for a stage where they can play their tunes and people can come and listen to them if they want to.
So, no annoying sounds when messing with the crafting or bank etc.
if you miss them just go see em.
Other musicians will gather at the stage stimulating group music and whatnot
Add a vendor that sells flowers and rotten tomatoes, like it?, give em a floral shower. hate it? try to hit them in the face pomodori style!

I like this idea, and I love the thought of adding busking stages to the main cities. Muting the sound in cities is also a good idea, and that would probably help a lot.

In general though, I don’t find the horn all that annoying. I’m rarely in a place for longer than a few minutes, so generally it’s only a few minutes that I need listen to someone fail to play a musical instrument. And, as some others have pointed out, some people actually play very good tunes.

I was curious that the people complaining about a person playing one note outside a bank in LA for hours stayed around there for that long? What takes hours at the bank in LA?

damages other people do

in Suggestions

Posted by: Valkyrie.2678


you can turn off this option if you hate that you see damages that other people do. anyways i must see damages other people do. it is more funnier.

It’s not about personally getting disturbed or distracted by it. It’s about “nah just kick him he’s a noob” situations and this is why they will never ever add a feature like this.

What Guild Wars 2 is missing. It's the little things that count!

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Posted by: Sigfried.4317


I’d like there to be dueling…but in ‘arena areas’ where it doesn’t become an eyesore to other people.

Pls bring back character build templates like in GW1 (for utility and traits)

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Posted by: Rage The Numbers.7943

Rage The Numbers.7943

Please bring back character build templates. Those were so useful in GW1 and could still be utilized in GW2 for Utility Skills, AS WELL as Traits, (obviously not for the trait points, but the chosen trait benefit where you have implemented your trait points.)

Like those found here:

Rage The Nornynorn – Guild Leader [RR] Reddit Refugees
Sanctum of Rall – Visit the site for Recruitment!

Letting us pick weaponskills without actually changing the core game.

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Posted by: Untouch.2541


Note: This isn’t a small suggestion, itd’d add a lot to the game and would take a lot of work to implement. I think it’d only do the game good too, managing to please both sides of the argument.

I’ve seen people complaining about the skill system, saying it doesn’t allow builds. I feel they’re wrong about this, but they aren’t far off. There aren’t too many combinations we can use for skills. On the other hand, I actually like the skill system due to how it works, giving us everything so it doesn’t just feel like we’re strong at endgame, it rolls well with the "endgame starts at level 1 (or 30 in this case) concept.

The people who have complained really haven’t offered a logical alternative and just suggest changing the core gameplay. They clearly don’t have any idea of game design and don’t realize the re-percussions that would happen.

I (or at least I believe I) have come with a solution that would please both parties, while keeping the system fairly similar, still basing the weapons on skills instead of allowing us to slot a bunch of skills.
To start, weaponskills will be catagorized into 3 colours, green, yellow and red.

Green – Skill 1, no CD skills
Yellow – Moderate skills, low CD
Red – High CD strong skills

For example, staff mesmer.
Skill 1 is green
Skill 2 is yellow
Skill 3 is red
Skill 4 is yellow
Skill 5 is red

The concept is allowing us to pick our weapon skills for each weapon.
Instead of giving us 5 skills per weapon, we get 7 or 8 and get to choose which 5 we can use.

The concept of the weapon system is still their, I can only use staff skills while using a staff, but this opens up much more builds without really effecting the current system (besides the meta at least, it would need to adapt).

For main hands you NEED a green and a yellow, the last skill can be red or yellow.
For offhands you NEED a yellow, last skill can be red or yellow
For 1 handed weapons you NEED a green and 2 yellows, last skills can red or yellow.

I find it’d add a lot to the game and would add more builds, the weapon by default would be the default weapon without any changes so if you don’t like choosing skills you don’t need to.

Before you post “I think it’s fine”, stop. I think it’s fine too, but it can be better than fine.