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A shave to celestial might stacking

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Posted by: Konoha.4613


I like where celestial is personally

Engineer is highly comical

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Posted by: Konoha.4613


Lol, engineer is fine at the highest level. Which is where I believe the game should be balanced.

Idea: Resourcefulness Mastery

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Posted by: Johje Holan.4607

Johje Holan.4607

I lol’d at the first one, gain swiftness from harvesting plants. I can picture a zerg stopping at every plant to get swiftness.

I think the supply gain though would be too powerful. Too easy for zergs to get supply. Unless it was only operable when your team is losing or the outmanned buff was up – now there’s a thought. Make it part of the outmanned buff.


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Me and my asura sister were trying to get a good picture… when this happens…

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You never know what you had till you lose it

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Posted by: Zanshin.5379


We’re still playing the game. I think that’s already enough credit.
People complaining is actually a sign that they want the game to be even better, not that they think it’s bad. When people think a game is bad, they just leave.

Sometimes we can be rude but that’s because of frustration. When you talk to a person, trying to makes things better and they stay silent and don’t answer, after a while you’ll get angry too.

On open world loot

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Posted by: Duke Blackrose.4981

Duke Blackrose.4981

It’s no secret that most of the game’s content – the majority of open world maps – are grossly underplayed. And this is a shame, because a lot of said content is really good. The problem is that there is not enough incentive to play these maps – other than for the joy of experiencing that content. Unfortunately, because most players are reward-driven, the low populations in these maps reduces the enjoyment to be had in playing them. Group events go undone. Waypoints remain contested. The journey through GW2’s beautiful world often feels like a solo experience.

Now, how can we fix that?

The tricolor chest in Kessex Hills was a step in the right direction. It represents a form of map-specific loot. That’s a great idea, but it doesn’t go far enough. Not nearly far enough.

Give every map its own equivalent to the tricolor chest.

And you don’t even need a massive living story arc to do so. Even a single LS update would suffice. “Priory explorers have discovered hidden treasure chests all over the world. Help them retrieve them.” Next.

These chests could contain map-exclusive rewards. Weapon skins, miniatures, armor skins, etc.

Give every map at least one unique exotic weapon skin for each weapon type.

These skins would come from random drops and the map chest. More could be added with time – but don’t tell us about them. Let us discover them for the Hell of it.

Edit – Options for reducing the skin workload

Option 1: Make that 1 exclusive REGION exotic skin per weapon. Each map in that region offers a few weapons in that region’s line up (IE: Queensdale offers the Sword, Scepter, and Shield while Harathi Hinterlands offers the GS, Shortbow, and Torch). You can eventually, if you wish, expand on these to eventually become 1 exclusive skin for each weapon type for each map.

Option 2:
Use Guild Wars 1 weapon skins (for the applicable weapon types) to save effort. Many of these skins looked good AND would would be popular among GW1 enthusiasts.
(Credit Tobias Trueflight).

Up karma rewards for dynamic events.

Making DE’s the main source of karma was a step in the right direction, but it needed to be accompanied with a general increase to all karma rewards from events.

Edit – Chain Multipliers For Karma Rewards

Participating in events in rapid succession (such as in a chain) will award significantly more karma.

Completing a dynamic event rewards a temporary buff that increases your earned karma by 5%. This stacks up to 3-5 times and refreshes with each successive dynamic event completion within that time. The close proximity and relation of events in a chain make event chains a natural way to optimize this buff.

(Modified from Galen Grey’s suggestion).

One exclusive ascended armor skin per region.

Ascalon, Kryta, Orr, the Shiverpeaks, and the Maguuma Jungle should each offer one exclusive ascended armor skin. You earn the pieces (very rarely) from drops and (rarely) from map chests in that region.

You can also earn pieces of this armor (at high karma prices) through region exclusive karma vendors.

Edit – Save effort by using popular legacy (GW1) skins for these armors.

The artwork for these already exists. Just bring it up to date, put it in the game, and give us a way to earn it. Again, this should reduce effort on the devs while pleasing GW1 enthusiasts. Pick the right skins, and their great aesthetics would please fans too.

Region-exclusive karma vendors.

Each map should have one or more (depending on the number of maps in that region) elite karma vendor associated with that region (Ascalon, Orr, etc.)

These vendors could offer:
One piece of the region-exclusive ascended armor per vendor.
Ascended weapons.
Ascended trinkets.
Map exclusive exotics.
Various other rewards.

Orr already has suitable vendors in the form of its temple karma merchants.


Attach region/elite karma vendors to quest chains.
(Tobias Trueflight).

Edit – Expand the rewards system to include WvW and PvP.

Earn Zaishen Keys (for winning) or Zaishen Key Pieces (for losing) sPvP/tPvP matches. Use them to open the Zaishen Chest in the Heart of the Mists.

Earn Garnet, Sapphire, or Emerald Key Pieces at random for killing opposing players in the appropriate borderland. Earn guaranteed Key Pieces for capturing towers or supply camps. Earn a guaranteed full key for capturing a keep.

Earn Obsidian Key Pieces at random for killing opposing players in the EB. Earn guaranteed pieces for towers or supply camps. Earn 1 full key for capturing a keep. Earn 3 full keys for capturing Stonemist.

(Modified from Tobias Trueflight’s suggestions).

All guaranteed key rewards have a 3 hour cooldown (to help prevent cross-server abuse through flipping). May need to be extended or the rewards adjusted.

(My addition to the suggestion).

Thanks for reading.

(edited by Duke Blackrose.4981)

racial capitals

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Posted by: smekras.8203


The Grove and Rata Sum a pain to navigate? …seriously? they are easily the fastest capitals to get 100% in by far.

Mystic Forge access to every other place would be a good start. JPs would be even better. Another option is the dungeon vendors, at least some of them (for example TA in the Grove, HotW in Hoelbrak, and so forth)

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"Humans always in the way"

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Posted by: MrDmajor.7084


It would be hilarious if they really removed some Asian styled houses so they wouldn’t appear to be a grindy Asian mmo, but then put the grind and rng from grindy Asian mmos regardless.

ArenaNet does NOT play Guild Wars 2. This can’t be.

Being able to stack is wrong

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Posted by: RoChan.1926


Stacking isn’t what trivializes the content but the content itself by being poorly designed.

The game needs more than removal of stacking in order to be more challenging. It needs roles other than the DPS. It needs to rework its condition cap. Remove defiance and let CC (again more roles) push and pull the bosses. It needs less artificial challenge (more damage! more HP!) and better thought out mechanics (molten facility, TA’s new path).

Groups don’t stack naturally, unfortunately GW2 just breeds it by nature. Buffs are a certain range so people stack to make sure everyone gets it. Rallying in certain bosses (i.e. AC) is more dangerous than letting them die in the next aoe hit, breeding the idea that you can NEVER make a mistake. That sort of punishment doesn’t make a game challenging.

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Im still not leaving arcana and water.

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Posted by: Minka.9273


I was kind of confused at the “grand announcement” for making ele’s less dependant on the Arcana tree, mainly due to there having been no indication that Evasive Arcana was being moved to a less expensive option; i.e. Adept or Master. Then, with this change of making Cleansing Wave a Master trait, 10 points are now taken away from other trees — other than Arcana — in order to keep this skill as well; all of which defeats the very premise of the “revamp.”

So, as it stands, these do not seem like helpful changes. Things were fine as they were — if EA was always to remain a Grandmaster trait. However, with EA still costing 30 in Arcana, along with the promotion of CW to Master trait in Water, I can’t commend this patch in doing much to “open up” trait points for the many ele’s that use these very useful skills. It seems to have done the exact opposite, gimping a lot of builds in the process. :-/

So what now? Is this it or can reconsideration be given to either modify (or reverse) some of these skills/costs?

Ascended gear and Builds

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Posted by: korelg.7862


has anyone noticed how bad ascended gear synergizes with GW2 build flexibility?

I for one will NOT craft ascended gear, not because I hate it but because it will make way too hard to change my build, can you even imagine how much money you will have to spend to swap from a power/crit to a condition bunker build?

and be aware, It will not only be a problem for those who like to swap builds a lot, It will also be a problem for those looking for the optimal build, cause a sudden change on traits might force you to swap your gear.

to sumarize, my point is: Exotic gear was fine enough, as it is now Ascended gear isn’t doing any good to the game, so dont get rid of ascended, but make it easier to get

what should be “hard to get”? skins, put some new armor/weapon skins to work towards in game, gemstore is fine, but do not forget you have a game to fill with stuff to do

best overall server?

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Posted by: Ision.3207


Tarnished Coast ,,, by far.

As to the Role-Players, and role playing in general – I find it ridiculous and weird. On the other hand, I’m fairly sure some of those RPers find my obsessive min-maxing builds and hyper-competiveness over a video game somewhat ridiculous and weird. So perhaps this is why TC is the best server, because when you mix a large group of weirdo’s together … sometimes you get the most fun.

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[Merged] Cultural Human T3 Not Exclusive

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Posted by: Vanthian.9267


(took the curtsy of uploading the picture, for those that don’t like clicking on links….)

That is not He-Man, this is He-Man

Can u please make Support a meaningful role?

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Posted by: Hayashi.3416


Did someone just call the elementalist OP?

Remove Dungeons Host

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Posted by: Dawnstrider.3570


People can be a kitten sometimes. Specially if they are the dungeon host, after killing the last boss the host of the dungeon just leave. Not getting our reward.

Suspicious Bush Minis.

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Posted by: Korossive.7085


I thought you meant that the suspicious bush itself is the mini …. as in to have a suspicious bush following you at all times! now that’s a mini!

Nerfed Champ Bags/Boxes ?

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Posted by: Henri Blanche.8276

Henri Blanche.8276

On the other hand, the incentive to kill a champion outside of a train has dropped precipitously.

Making support/defensive roles more desirable

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Posted by: Silver.8023


I think that when a game offers different styles of play we should be able to play in any of those styles and still be effective.

As it stands, for most PvE content, if you aren’t running full berzerker’s, there’s a pretty large contingent of people that get angry, make assumptions about your level of skill and throw insults at you. At least from a dungeoning perspective.

I don’t have a problem with someone wanting to go full berzerker’s, it’s a valid choice. The problem that I do have with it is that it’s supposed to be a high risk, high reward playstyle but I feel that the reward is too high and/or that the risk is too low. Not to mention people are essentially enforcing this playstyle on others and in some cases, nurturing a toxic, anti-social environment for players.

I don’t deny that full damage builds are effective and could be seen as the most efficient if everybody does the right thing, what I’m saying, however, is that other playstyles should be equally effective and desirable in some way.

I’m not entirely sure how to make other roles more effective, it’s difficult when any build can throw out defensive boons but here’s some ideas that I’ve had that might help others think of ways to even out the roles a bit.

- Make enemies in PvE hit harder whilst making toughness more effective.
- Possibly make enemies in PvE attack more often and/or give them a larger repertoire of abilities.
– This is a risky one, what if defensive boons such as protection and aegis(?) scaled somehow with healing power?
- Another risky one, what if attack/condition damage were shaved down just a little but the Might boon were made more effective? Perhaps not… people are already dissing non-fire fields enough as it is.
- Maybe a trait for support builds that deals a fraction of any over-heals as AoE damage?

Look, before anyone gets up in arms about this, I’m not saying these need to happen, I’m just trying to get ideas flowing to even out the roles a bit in PvE, in favour of making support/defense builds a little more desirable to have in your party.

Does anyone else have any other ideas towards making support/defensive builds more desirable in PvE?

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Legendary Armour ideas

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Posted by: Avatar Rage.4369

Avatar Rage.4369

Searched the forum and found nothing on this so throwing this out there.

We know the A-net want to do Legendary armour and accessories so I just thought I would make a post with my suggestions for the aesthetic of them, how to obtain them, etc.

Aesthetic: Light, medium and heavy armour sets all have a default look to them, but when the full armour set is worn then parts of the armour change according to profession. I feel this would discourage people from dismissing the armours on an aesthetic basis alone.

Heavy armour- basic design a rusted and worn heavy plate armour.

Warrior: Scarred battle armour that glows with the adrenaline of the the wearer. As adrenaline builds the cracks and scars in the armour glow. When the burst skill is used then the armour emits a flash (when it has ended).

Guardian: The armour is somewhat pristine and has particular visual effects corresponding to what virtues you have as a passive. Courage wraps the armour in a kind of spirit armour (vanishes with the Aegis), Justice causes blue flames to appear on the eye sockets (and maybe in gems and certain decorations), while Resolve causes the wearer to give off a light (kind of like the moot but bluey).

Medium Armour: basic design- and ornate trench coat
Assassin: Has many zipper pockets throughout long, hooded, tench coat. When an item is stolen a pocket becomes zipped up. On high levels of initiative knifes and other tools can be seen on armour, they are shed once the initiative reaches certain thresholds.

Engineer: Semi-mechanical trench coat, items on coat change depending one what is equiped in the tool belt. Turrets adds a wrist device, elixirs add bottles around the belt, gadgets cause gears and springs to move on armour, kits cause poaches to bulge.

Ranger: Sleeveless trenchcoat. Trim of coat changes depending on what pet is currently out. Furry creature have fur trim, scales for scaly creatures (drakes and sharks, fish), arachnids have spider legs sticking, pigs have a boney tusk like trim, devourers have a trim made of large scorpion tails, jellyfish have a bubble trim and birds have a feather trim. Player leaves a trail of fur/feathers etc, behind as they move about and a burst of this effect occurs when changing to shroud the transformation. The trail/burst is replaced by bubbles underwater.

Light Armour- basic design – robes that contain “magical” glowing veins throughout armour leading to orbs on key points of armour.

Elementalist: Glow of veins change depending one attunement. Fire=orange (lava effect), water=blue (orbs freeze over), air= no colour instead lightning shoots up these veins, earth= no colour but stones spread throughout tethered by a magnetic effect. Other attunement base effects dance around key armour points.

Necromancer: Veins glow green, cloth on armour is tattered. As death shroud bar fills shadow effect begins to dance key points of armour.

Mesmer: Veins glow pink/purple. Butterflies flutter around mesmer spread from key points the more the illusions he or she has. When ever one is shattered a layer of them explodes in a flash of pink lightning.

Obtained from: completing certain in game challenges in far off reaches of tyria, in a variety of different locations. Each challenge ranges from jumping puzzles to completing certain events, each one rewarding the player with a certain item that corresponds to a certain armour piece. Once 4 parts to a certain armour piece are collected they are placed in the mystic forge.

What do you guys think? Do you think this would be lame? awesome? some where in between?

More ways to earn laurels

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Posted by: Zanshin.5379


At the time laurels were introduced, there were less things to exchange them for. Now they’re used in PvE and WvW. Isn’t it time to add some new ways to earn laurels?

More ways to earn laurels

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Posted by: Orpheal.8263


Laurels should be imo rewards for doing successfully Group Events.
Every 10 Group Events should reward the player with 1 Laurel

Anet has to add imo also more rewards to the Laurel NPC.

Monthly achievement should reward the player with 30 instead of 10 Laurels + say 20 Extra laurels, if the player has maxed all monthly achievements at the end of the month. Monthly Reward Chest should appear only at the end of the month.
So basically 1 Laurel per each Day. Remove theirfor the Laurel reward of the Daily Achievement.

For that Reduction of the Daily reward, ANet should increase the Exp, karma and Money reward for doing the daily.

5 Silver for the daily is ridiculous and absolutely not rewarding at all.
50 Silver instead for doing the daily are rewarding!!, because then you actualyl get over the course of the month quite some money together to actualyl buy also something worthful in the game.

5 Silver *30 = 1,5 Gold, if you do really every day the daily. Absolutely unrewarding for doing over a month every day the dailies …
But 15 Gold is rewarding for doing somethign like this within a month.

Many peole complain also that Karma rewards for the dailies are too low.
by removing the Laurel there , Anet could increase the Karma Reward significantly too to make doing dailies every day worthwile again, compared on how easy you can farm karma through champ kill trains, WvW or doing activities… due to it being a one time reward per day, the reward should be significantly higher, than doing juts a chanmp kill, activity or somethign once in WvW …

But back to laurels…
Laurels should be rewarded also through doing dungeons.
By exchanging Dungeon Tokens into Laurels.
100 Dungeon Tokens = 1 Laurel

This includes also fractals, by beating the bonus fractal, in the reward chests should be also like 5 Laurels once per character each day to add a higher incentive to play fractals with multiple characters.

So far my thoughts about this topic

Personally I like the idea behind sub classes ~ quoted from Chris Whiteside

Ranged weapons seem to suck in this game

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Posted by: digiowl.9620


The “less danger at range” argument may have held up in PVE, if the game had a functional way to manipulate aggro (aka tank). Without it, a ranged attacker may well find himself in melee with a enemy pretty quickly. That is, unless he wants to do the whole Benny Hill routine around the room…

Ranged weapons seem to suck in this game

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


The isn’t isn’t ranged weapons. The issue is survivability.

In most games, melee weapons do more damage, because in most games, melee is more dangerous. In this game with dodges and invulnerability and blocks, people are in less danger meleeing, particularly with the other advantages you’ve listed. I mean if you go down and four people are rezzing you, you’re up in a second.

So the logic that works in other games, melee doing more damage, doesn’t really work in this game.

Sometimes I think the solution is to make ranged and melee do the same kinds of damage, but I still don’t think that would stop people from stacking.

What Anet really needs is some kind of anti-stacking solution.

Unless the risk of melee is sufficiently greater ranged weapons should be brought up to melee damage, or melee damage should be reduced to ranged damage.

Another opinion of mine that I assume won’t be universally popular. lol

My displeasure with the game right now...

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Posted by: Flanar.5981


Unfortunately, you cant blame the farmers for their behaviour. Everyone likes to get more gold.

The best way to solve this would be to measure the time taken to do and activity and reward it in that way.

What I mean by this is, ArenaNet can calculate the gold a farmer earns /hour through these chain and reward atleast 70-80% of that for the dungeons that require the same time.
This would encourage people to do something else to earn gold and not just grind.

Maybe its my thinking but when a player is grinding, its actually a loss for someone else. Because that player could have done something better and more fun with a person who is in need of a party.

December 10th Elementalist changes

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Posted by: Phoebe Ascension.8437

Phoebe Ascension.8437

Let me list where Anet devs are wrong.

Imo (and many player share this opinion), Ele is already in a troubled state.

So this troubled profession, will get more build diversity by:

Making their baseline defence that everyone mandatory chooses to survive, harder to reach. (elemental attunement, cleansing wave)

These are the last standing pieces between ‘troubled but still playable ele’, and ‘completely devastated ele’.

If you guys don’t get it now… The most squishy class in game (with no offensive compensation wathsoever – not compared to other profs), surviving by a few good defensive traits, and you are nerfing them (making them harder to reach).

No no no no no.

This is the problem with Anet devs.

‘lowest hp/armor vision of ele in game’. ‘sorry vision is vision, we cannot change this fact’. ele player: ‘ok guess we’ll keep taking 0/0/0/30/30 traits to compensate for this massive downside. ’anet dev, oh wait but those traits are to strong, we must nerf them.

Essence of logic is this Anet devs (and theres no but or countering this, it’s the complete truth).

Stand alone, the mentioned traits are wrong, and deserve master trait. But that’s completely misisng the point.

Lowest hp + lowest armor in game + those traits in adept tire = by no means overpowered. By no means to strong. And yet you are pushing it out. Basically nerfing them again.

If you take away the defence every ele takes now because he has to, to survive, then you must compensate by a defensive ‘tool, passive’, wathever, to compensate for the void. If not, you officially nerf ele into useless ‘one trick spvp pony builder’. The answers lie there, boost hp or boost armor, but wait ‘omg we can’t.

Conclusion Anet is to stubborn that traits like elemental attunement these days are what’s keeping the ele in place even with super low armor/hp combo. taking that last piece of consolidation away (or harder to get) = officially making ele’s broken (to underpowered to survive correctly in all 3 game environments)

I haven’t mained ele in a long while, and yet I’m fully admitting this. It’s time to give ele community a cookie rather then steal cookies (you did that enough now devs).

Current proposed changes with no compensation (survival) = brutal nerf to ele.

Legendary weapons can be hidden now!
No excuse anymore for not giving ‘hide mounts’-option
No thanks to unidentified weapons.