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PAX West 2016 Party!

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

Wish I could go, but unfortunately I live in the UK.

Have fun whoever else goes. Hopefully I’ll see you ANet guys at Rezzed again at some point.

Thanks, JayMack. I hope to see you a Rezzed, for sure. It’s a great show and I was thrilled to be there last year. Here’s to a future party on the UK side!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

Grind* to win. (Pve=win wvw, kinda)

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Inculpatus cedo.9234

Inculpatus cedo.9234

It’s not pay-to-win, it’s a choice. If one chooses not to spend the resource (time, money, whatever), one will not reap the alleged benefits.

Good luck.

P.S. I’ve never raided (nor do I use an Elite Specialization), and I still manage to further my Reward Tracks in WvW. I take down some ‘enemies’, sometimes I get taken down. Oh, well. It’s still fun (for me).

Grind* to win. (Pve=win wvw, kinda)

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Vayne.8563


Name an MMO where an expansion doesn’t give you advantages? Pay to win has always meant to cover having to regularly spend money in the cash shop. Every time I see this I ask people, tell me what MMO is not pay to win by this standard? It’s ludicrous.

You really need to spot to repeat that same thing over and over. It’s lazy design to cater to the players that want progression. It’s bad in other game and it’s no different in gw2. It’s the exact same reason why we got CGI action filled blockbuster movie. It sell well in the immediate and it’s easy to do. It doesn’t make it good.

Nor does it make it pay to win. The argument isn’t good or bad. The argument is about pay to win. People tend to take words at face value but face value doesn’t actually give you a good definition of what words mean. As long as people use words that I feel are wrongly used, I’ll repeat it. And why not repeat it. Not one single person has given me an answer to the question. So repeat it I shall.

More to the point, pay to win, as a phrase was created by a specific purpose. If you want to take it literally all games that aren’t free are pay to win because you have to buy them to win. That’s paying to win. But that’s not the definition of the term and no one would use it that way, unless they were trolling.

You can argue if this set up is good or bad, but it’s not pay to win.

Play Maple Story if you want to see what pay to win really is.

Immersion Shattered

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Lexxi.3540


I am a big supporter of GW2 and ANet. I bought the expansion and would do so again, and I talk up GW2 and ANet to all my gamer friends. It is important that you understand this comes from a place of constructive criticism.

Today I fought the Legendary Wyvern Patriarch. It was an epic battle worthy of the title legendary, as a ragtag group of adventurers hacked and parried and dodged, narrowly escaped the maw of death many times, heroically braved the flames to resurrect each other, danced through the sky with bombs and fire, and at the last moment.

At the last moment?

At the last moment the fight was abruptly over, because sunrise happened. Event failed.


This is such horrible design for so many reasons. I will list some.
1. It makes no in-game sense whatsoever. Wyverns are not vampires, they are not eradicated by sunlight. Even if they were, such eradiction should grant event success, not failure.
2. It very strongly discourages playing the game. Why would I participate in any event if I can’t be sure it won’t abruptly fail me? Why would I play the game at all?
3. Combined with the above, it very strongly discourages exploration and random interaction with other players. This is how relationships are formed, and it is only relationships that keep a game going. Not content, not storylines. People.

The fight itself is really clever and clearly took a very long time to build, and one simple decision has completely ruined it. Again, I am a big ANet supporter, so I am willing to believe this is accidental rather than intentional. There are at least three obvious fixes. Remove the time limit component, or grant success on time limit, or make the fight have an explicit time limit.

I personally am not going to stop playing because of this, but I’m going to spend way less time exploring the new content you made. I just don’t have enough time in the day to get jerked around.


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Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


…or if you must, then flag an initial thread as SPOILER in the topic, and use the spoiler function (just above the text box, in hints ).

Look at this as if you were going to “quote” it (the arrow below) and you’ll see the functionality:

This is a spoiler. Use the spoiler function to avoid being seen as a really, really rude person.

Be considerate of other players.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

I Don't Understand This Rage

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: webtoehobbit.4201


And this is coming from a guy who is in NO way a shining white knight of ANet. Seriously, look at my post history, I’ve posted some angry stuff and have even been infracted a couple times on here. (I let my passion show too much)

Now we have Heart of Thorns, and really, besides a couple of bugs that I’ve heard mention of this has been a really smooth launch, unlike other MMO’s where lag abounds, I haven’t seen a hint of lag since this xpac launched, so good on you ANet!

But what I am seeing is a multitude of people whining and complaining because they, get this….. have to play the game……

Now, if anyone should be up in arms, it should be me. I had my week of vacation from work DENIED. So there goes any time I wanted to devote to this xpac. I have probably only been able to play this xpac for like maybe 6 hours so far, and you know what?? I LOVE IT!

I don’t understand at all what this “rage” is about, play the game, enjoy it, experience it, feel like a noob all over again! I have no idea what I should be going for next in my masteries, or where I should go next in the zone to explore but man, it’s just all so fresh and new and fun!

What did you all expect? Insta elite spec? Insta ALL masteries? (which are ACCOUNT WIDE if you didn’t know) Did you want to log in to see the final cutscene of the game? Cmon guys, just settle down and go play this expansion we have waited so long for!

And to the team at ANet, I hope you don’t take these petty complaints to heart, please leave it as it is, it’s a nice system of progression and I am looking forward to mastering everything IN DUE TIME. Now go take some much deserved time off and enjoy this xpac too!

Mordremoth GROWS commanders?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Misguided.5139


It’s ok, he still has to pay 300g for each one.

People say this game is pay to win. ANet should make him pay with gems. There can be Mordrem Commanders in the gem store and if he needs a new one, he has to pull out his wallet and buy them.

pictures Mordy complaining about lack of discounted commander tag in Wintersday sale

Mordremoth GROWS commanders?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Illconceived Was Na.9781

Illconceived Was Na.9781

Infinite soldiers… aren’t as infinite as you might think; the respawn rate matters, too.

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Mordremoth GROWS commanders?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Just a flesh wound.3589

Just a flesh wound.3589

It’s ok, he still has to pay 300g for each one.

People say this game is pay to win. ANet should make him pay with gems. There can be Mordrem Commanders in the gem store and if he needs a new one, he has to pull out his wallet and buy them.

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Give me a Legendary Mawdrey

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Smokin Dice.9103

Smokin Dice.9103

best idea of the month.
Give us legendary mawdrey infused with the power of mordrem found in the maguuma jungle.

About Raids

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Knighthonor.4061


Raids we told you all we getting raids….

Release date October 23rd

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Kidel.2057


Triple confirmed.


HoT releases on October 23

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: kamix.4713



Release date October 23rd

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Wondrouswall.7169


Leaving the porch light off to play HoT instead of giving trick-o-treaters candy this year. x)

Will update once Path of Fire releases.

please do teaser for Forge or Druid today

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Zenos Osgorma.2936

Zenos Osgorma.2936

the amount of times they have left ranger till last and still did not know what to do because of " knee jerk reactions" they can take thier time to get it near perfect the first time.

the last lot of new traits on Ranger are Bugged to high heaven and rather not have more by them rushing druid trait lines, though for Kitten sure we do not need anymore Regen , we need Traits for the staff to improve into a Area CC or traits that help condi removals/stability removal while using staff and for Defo A Team Resistance Skill would be perfect for a master adept or as a minor (gain resistance on weapon swap) and then a trait which grants it to allies near the pet that combined with Eb makes a tanky Damage pet and a tanky condi obsorbing ranger.

i really hope the widen the rangers group support through weapons rather than latching on more Regen.

Druids are the masters of nature and life as to which we should give life or Cure conditions while using nature to harm our foes < if it is not this i’ll be very disappointed.

(edited by Zenos Osgorma.2936)

please do teaser for Forge or Druid today

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Knighthonor.4061


Well i hope this live up to ths saying

“saving the best for last”

Wink wink Engie and Ranger

ANET: Where is Engie's Specialization?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: eduardo.1436


Hi lapis! We are from the same guild and as a fellow engie I know your pain, but rest assired we will see ourselves with an awesome hammer and drones by our side eventually. Its just a matter of patience, after all good things cone to those who wait

ANET: Where is Engie's Specialization?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Kaiden Valor.7163

Kaiden Valor.7163

Two miles down the road, take the first left, then at the junction go right. If you follow that road for another mile then go right again you should reach the Engineer’s elite specialization.

But seriously, just be patient. The argument that you don’t care about the other elite specializations is irrelevant, other people are interested in them. They’ll get to Engineer eventually.

ANET: Where is Engie's Specialization?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Inculpatus cedo.9234

Inculpatus cedo.9234

I’m not interested in the Engineer Specialization as much as I am in my main’s specialization. Please do mine first!


Unscrupulous guilds...?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Muusic.2967


Having recently retired from EQ2 myself I would recommend that you don’t think of guilds the same way in this game. Guilds in EQ2 are focused on teamwork at a vastly greater level than GW2 therefore membership is a duty and agreement that you will give 100% towards the guild’s progression.

GW2 pretty much only requires members to be polite and helpful when needed and to represent for influence as required. Anyone can form a guild in GW2 and a lot of them are only focused on getting rep from it’s members so when they go through their roster and see you aren’t repping there’s a good chance you’re going to get kicked but it’s not a personal thing like it would be in EQ2 nor will it follow you when you app to another guild.

It took me about a year to find a good guild in GW2 and i’ve been with them for 11 months now. I went through about 4 before I found the one I liked. In 10 years of EQ2 i went through the same amount of guilds and none of them were joined because I actually liked the people in it as much as it was a chance to see a higher level of progression.

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Best class for PvE Boss Farming?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Hannelore.8153


The absolute easist class is a ranger for one reason: Range. The range on the longbow (1500) is enough to outrange even the Inquest Golem Mark II. You don’t even have to stand on the crates, just on the stairs, and press stability sometimes.

They can pretty much just stand back and kill every boss this way. But if you just want pure survival so you can facetank it at melee, PVT heavy is good.

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Best class for PvE Boss Farming?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Rauderi.8706


I find that Engineer is best for getting through those slow, droning pre-events. Set turret, /sleep, grab sammich. And rifle’s long range still keeps me out of trouble.

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[Web-game] Escape from Rata Sum

in Community Creations

Posted by: Chokapik.3741


So, recently Blatoy.7682 and I have been developing a small web game called “Escape from Rata Sum” and we finally decided to share it. It was really fun to make, and we hope you enjoy it!

The concept is quite simple:
Recently, Rata Sum has become quite a dangerous place. More and more riots are taking place in front of Moto’s box because of Bookahs coming from all over Tyria. The city is now hostile: you need to escape from Rata Sum.

Here is a link to it:

- Controls: Arrow keys.
- Remember that you can accelerate, slow down and hold the “jump” key to jump higher.
- Sorry if there are any lags (should work well for Firefox and Chrome at least).
- Some stuff won’t work on mobile, although you should be see what the game is about, at least.
- Try to get the highest possible score, and share it with us .

Good luck, and have fun!

P.S. : Any feedback or suggestions would be really appreciated.

Edit 1: Also, thanks to Ealandur.1876 for helping us testing the game.
Edit 2: Added more space before the first cube of the falling phase. (thanks to Rayala.6138 for feedback)

Escape from Rata Sum:
Guild Emblem Editor:

(edited by Chokapik.3741)

Time range on Sylvari Cycles

in Lore

Posted by: Lisentia.1738


Hello GW2 Lore forums! I’ve been playing GW2 for over a year and a half now, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! This will be my first forum post on the official forums, though I have been an avid lore nerd on GW2RP.

I’m bringing a peeve of mine to the community to discuss. My peeve has to do with the current start and end times of the Sylvari cycles. I will detail my thoughts and reasons below. My goal is to get this in front of the Devs, and hopefully spark positive dialogue and maybe, just maybe, get the lore corrected.

Currently the sylvari cycles are separated like this:

Cycle of Dawn
The Cycle of Dawn refers to those born between midnight and 6 a.m.

Cycle of Noon
The Cycle of Noon refers to those born between 6 a.m. and noon

Cycle of Dusk
The Cycle of Dusk refers to those born between noon and 6 p.m.

Cycle of Night
The Cycle of Night refers to those born between 6 p.m. and midnight


However, my peeve starts with the information listed for the Cycle of Dawn. Yes, technically by the 24 hour clock a new ‘day’ starts at 0001 hours (12:01 am). Intuitively however, midnight to 6am is still the middle of the night. In my mind, there are only three Tyrian races where midnight would be the start of a new day; humans, asura and Charr. My reasons for believing this is because of the more technical natures of their societies, and the prevalence of the use of clocks and other time pieces. Sylvari and norn rely more on the sun placement in the sky than what “time” it is.

The following conversation occurs on the top floor of the Grove, near where the entrance to the Oomphalos chamber is found:
Warden: Shhhh. Listen. Feel.
Warden (2): What?
Warden: Ah, there it is. The moment when night gives up its dominion, and day opens its eyes upon the world.

Anecdotally, I believe I have heard this conversation during the times ingame where it is changing from night to day. I say this because the times I have spent idling on the top floor this particular conversation doesn’t seem to repeat as much or as often as the rest of the conversations. If night is becoming day ingame, and the glow effects of Sylvari are turned off and the game is brightening to daytime, wouldn’t that suggest that the sun rising is when Dawn should start?

So my proposal to the community would be to align the Cycles to reflect what makes more sense to how the Sylvari would view a day:

Cycle of Dawn: 6am to Noon
Cycle of Noon: Noon to 6pm
Cycle of Dusk: 6pm to midnight
Cycle of Night: Midnight to 6am

Or to get REALLY crazy:

Cycle of Dawn: 3am to 9am
Cycle of Noon: 9am to 3pm
Cycle of Dusk: 3pm to 9pm
Cycle of Night: 9pm to 3am

What do you guys think? I look forward to hearing everyone’s comments and discussing it with all of you.

Interested in Local Playtesting for ArenaNet?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


I do understand that coming to the office for a spell of testing would be a bit of a commute for most of you.

I’m going to change my subject line to prevent dashed hopes and disappointed dreams!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

ANET: Plz put an end to Skill Spamming

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Wylf.2586


Turning off the special effects would possibly even be a good idea in certain fights with tons of people participating :X I imagine performance in large events like, say, the frozen maw would be significantly improved if you’d just disable the flashy parts of combat. Not so much a problem for me (I maintain a stable 10 FPS in those fights :P) but it would be a good idea for people who don’t have the most powerful PCs. shrugs

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Does anyone actually want a Season 3?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: CMM.6712


Yes, I do want a Season 3.

Why?! There is nothing to do in the game besides farming skins!

This game is just horrible now! Why? Because there is not much of a game left here! And LS is not helping.

No it isn’t. Why bother to even post this garbage? Go back to wow.

It’s really sad that so many gw2 white knights explain to themselves this way why people criticize the game…

No! I don’t play WoW! I played gw1 hundreds of hours! And I hate this game! And I hate that it was so promising(had a lot of fun with the original release) and now it became that boring and pointless skin grind. There is no gameplay, challenge, reward or fun in here anymore. Just farming… For a new dress for your doll. No thanks!

Then leave the forums behind too and stop wasting people’s time with your hatred! This negativism gets SO OLD. You guys should be lucky I’m not a mod. Call me a white knight all you want I am tired of the kitten.


in Living World

Posted by: Tachenon.5270


We’ve been hoodwinked — again! Just like the ‘heroes’ of yore two and a half centuries before, today’s heroes are heck-bent on messing it all up for everyone! Fighting for the wrong side. Let me explain.

The dragons are the good guys, see, trying to save Tyria from the Pale Tree. They awaken every time a new Tree takes root and begins to grow, but their awakening was delayed this time around by the kindly but misguided deeds of Ronan and Ventari, whose saintly goodness shielded the budding Tree with a protective aura of benevolence.

Scarlet realized the truth and it pushed her over the proverbial edge (with a little help from her personal nemesis, Caithe), but even so she kept sight of what was important and fought valiantly to render Tyria Tree Free, even though it would mean the end of her race.

The Master of Peas, although infected by the mind control spores of the Pale Tree (courtesy of Aerin), was trying desperately to get Glint’s egg (aka the Ultimate Fertilizer) to Ol’ Mordy, where it would be safe from the Pale Tree’s clutching branches. He might have gotten away with it, too, if not for the meddling of the big brave viewpoint heroes and their friends, swooping in to save the day and in the process agitating Ol Mordy’s minions to the point where they accidentally injured the ally they’d been sent to escort and protect!

For good or ill, the incompetent, careless bumbling of the heroes didn’t end there, but provided Caithe with the opportunity to abscond with Glint’s egg. But what will she do with it? Is she a hero, or a villain — or both!

I personally believe that, following Scarlet’s untimely (and heartwood-breaking) demise, Caithe, plagued by a guilty conscience, has been reviewing the situation and is now not only ashamed (and rightly so) of all those times she tormented poor nerdy free-spirited Ceara, but has become convinced that Ceara was the greatest, most heroic nut ever to fall from a tree, and so she (Caithe) is attempting to make amends by defying the Will of Mommy Dearest. I personally believe she is taking the egg out of the immediate picture, not to O’ Mordy, but to the other enemies of the Pale Tree — the Nightmare Court!

Alas! Contaminated by repeated exposure to bumbling heroes, Caithe is now herself irreversibly incompetent, and does not realize that while the Nightmare Court does indeed oppose the Pale Tree, their plan to corrupt the Pale Tree has been abandoned in favor of a new plan, the Newly Pollinated Evil plan, which, if successful,will replace the Pale Tree with a Dark Tree of their own cultivating! A plan which has heretofore been naught but a dream without a dreamer left to dream, for lo, though they have after great trial and error managed to acquire a Tree seed (alas, poor Malyck), they lacked the means whereby to coax it into sprouting…

…which Caithe is unwittingly about to provide by bringing them Glint’s egg — the Ultimate Fertilizer!

Dark Days are coming to Tyria, forum friends. Dark Days indeed. Guild Wars? Bah. Petty playground squabbles compared to…

The Tree Wars!

PS: On the bright side, just as Marjory is unlocking greatsword skills for necros, Caithe is unlocking pets for Thieves. Thiefs?


The table is a fable.

SPECULATION: How LS Season 2 will end

in Living World

Posted by: Invidia.9074


I see it quite similarily…

In the last episode of the Season we are trying to launch an aerial assault on the awakening Mordremoth. Turns out that it only helps him to finally arise, the Pact fleet gets whooped, Trahearne dies heroically while saving you from ceratin death and giving you the leadership over the Pact (or it’s Canach trying to redeem for his sins). We get a beatiful cataclysmic teaser and a few months of waiting for Season 3 where maps like Dry Top, Silverwastes, and Brisban Wildlands are getting totally overrun by Mordrem and changed, while we are desperately trying to rally a new Pact to defeat Mordremoth.


in Living World

Posted by: One Prarie Outpost.4860

One Prarie Outpost.4860

Gonna spray her with some Weed-B-Gone.