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[Bug Fix] Hardened Leather Sections

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Posted by: Doam.8305


Why are people still trying to use the economy to make sense of H. Leather prices!?
I mean something like MC are held to the back and forth of the economy but hardened leather is exempt,

Anet went in played god and changed things themselves they changed the recipies to require more leather. They reduced the drop rates, increased the demand, increased the uses, increased the refinement, and decreased the salvage. There is no faith in leathe because Anet are the ones who messed it up and it can only be fixed by them reverting at least some of their changes. This is modern Anet though and they’ll never admit their wrong about anything.

This image exists for a reason

[Bug Fix] Hardened Leather Sections

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Posted by: Hyper Cutter.9376

Hyper Cutter.9376

Anet thinks its fine unfortunately. And there is no shortage of people making money off the ridiculous state of leather who also think its fine.

tbh i dont know whats wrong with 1 thing costing more than your avarge crafting mat

t6 cured leather costs almost 100 times what a bolt of gossamer costs, as checked on the TP while writing this post. That’s beyond “more than average”.

[Suggestion] "OPEN ALL" on bag and box stacks

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Posted by: Euphorio.7293


like the title says… is it possible to implement this? it can work just like ‘salvage all’. i d be so grateful for it

[Suggestion] Natural hairstyles for humans

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Posted by: Danikat.8537


I spent a lot of time googling this yesterday and it seems there’s 3 different ways people will use the term ‘natural hair’.

1) Specifically referring to black people’s natural hair, which will form tiny curls. In this instance it’s considered natural even if it’s cut, braided, washed and otherwise treated with commercial or home-made products to clean and style it. Anything except artificially straitening it is considered to be keeping it natural.

2) Any hair type, regardless of the persons race or skin colour, which has not been artificially straightened, curled, or otherwise altered. The ‘style’ you get if you wash your hair (so it doesn’t have any styling products in it) and then just let it dry is your natural hair. This is the definition I was familiar with before reading about the other two and thought we were using here. (Hence the OP specifying “natural-looking hairstyles for black characters”.)

There isn’t an exact definition for this one. Some people would say cutting it straight to keep it to a desired length is still keeping it natural, but if you cut it into layers or a specific style then it’s not. Some people only count using heated tongs to straighten or curl it. Some think cutting it is ok but gelling or spraying it to keep it in place is not. And so on.

3) Natural hair care. This means not using commercial hair care products, including shampoo and conditioner and again can apply to anyone regardless of their hair type, race or skin colour. Some people literally won’t wash it with anything except water (or maybe soap) others use home made or “natural” products (often mild bleaching agents) with familiar names like vinegar or baking soda. From my brief reading there was a lot of inconsistency in what you do with your hair after washing it. Some people also avoid styling products like hair gel, but may use heated tongs to style it, some will quite happily use commercial styling products, they just don’t like commercial shampoo. I assume preferences on cutting it or braiding it into different styles also vary.

This would probably be the one people were referring to when they said natural hair looks oily and disgusting. Although on the occasions when I’ve had to wash my hair with nothing but water because I was in the middle of nowhere it goes the other way and gets really dry and frizzy. But I suppose it depends on your hair type.

There can be some cross-over between these. For example when my brother had dreadlocks he had to stop using normal shampoo and conditioner because that’s designed to stop hair tangling, which is how it forms dreadlocks. He still washed it, but with a special dreadlock shampoo that wouldn’t undo the dreads.

But I think in this topic the OP was specifically using the first definition – stating that all of the styles human female characters can choose from (I checked and its the same for the Make-over Kit exclusives) are for straight or wavy hair, so black characters would have to be artificially straightening their hair. There should be options for curly or afro hair as well.

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Request: Please redo med Legendary armor

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Posted by: Swagger.1459


Urgh, please no.

I much prefer the legendary armour in-game to the suggested alternative, which looks like one of those attempts to reboot a superheroes cartoon spandex into something ‘dark’ and ‘serious’….then adds some random spikes for combat mode.

I appreciate a lot of people don’t like the long coats on medium armour, but did you really expect anything else for the legendary? Admittedly it’s a bit clunky for my ranger, but with the shoulders and gloves hidden it’s much better. And it’d be perfect for my thief.

“A bit clunky” is an understatement when the armor looks like this…


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Most boring race

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Posted by: Amaimon.7823


While the lore is pretty good, I find the design of the Norn severely disappointing and lacking in any imagination. Especially when you consider that the Charr and Asura are pretty unique races, the Norn lack any kind of uniqueness. They are quite literally just larger humans. It could’ve been fine if they had a shared ancestor, but anet insisted on making sure they’re two completely unrelated races. How can Norn and Humans look 99.999% EXACTLY alike while not being related in ANY WAY.
I think they should’ve had some unique traits, you know. I think it would’ve been cool if the Norn looked like a splice between Jotun and the current Norn. At least then you could tell they’re not humans with a growth-hormone abuse

Guild halls and Grappling

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Posted by: Daiki.6237


OK love the new grapple option we can buy for guild halls. Being in both they can come in pretty handy when being used for puzzles and other stuff.

But can we please get an option for either scribes to craft or even buy Updrafts and Bouncing mushrooms? Since you opened one mastery option up for purchase as decor, you should allow other those two masteries as well.

Anybody else think that the devs should look into adding these?

Orbital Strike & Auras - Beautiful Again?!

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Posted by: Sold Out.7625

Sold Out.7625

So as a very first, this is partially a mirror of a fairly recent Subreddit thread that garnered some attention.

There’s an expansion on the horizon, everyone. And that expansion will no doubt advertise once again how beautiful some skills look on the new Elite Specs. Last time we received an expansion however, several skills were made less pretty! Since, they fixed Effect LoD, meaning there is no reason to keep Orbital Strike, Auras and some other abilities ugly.

And if there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that people want Auras to look the way they used to before the just-after-HoT-released bugs / patches / hotfixes, because it was better for PvP.

The other is that people want a few Skill Visuals back, particularly Orbital Strike (hilarious video btw, love it for years now).

A GM actually told me to post this request for seeing these abilities be beautiful again on the Forums. Why? Anet want to see that people are interested in seeing beautiful combat skills again, at least on THEIR end. Effect LoD can take care of the rest! Colin actually promised that we’d get them back before sadly leaving the company.

So why not just leave a post that makes it clear to Anet you want combat looking better? Hell, their Aura visual nerf actually hurt PvP and there’s no reason to keep Orbital Strike ugly since they improved Effect LoD.

So, can we get a yay or two? And if nay, can you explain why? Effect LoD has long since been improved, and Anet did return how Fireball looked. With that awesome revert, why not get more awesome skill visuals brought back to the way they looked just before Heart of Thorns?

Edit: Added a screenshot of how skills were supposed to look beautiful again long ago. But that change was forgotten as he left the company. Let us not forget so Anet will always be reminded.


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[Meta] This can't be it for us, can it?

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Posted by: Vagrant.7206


Here’s the thing: We know they are aware of the engineer’s problems. I’ve seen multiple dev comments where they point out that rifle is underwhelming, that kits are simply way more useful than most of our other skills, and the traits are a mess. There’s other issues they are aware of too, like legendaries and kit interactions. They have seen our complaints. They are aware of the issues.

And yet they have done nothing to address these problems in the past 2 years. This last “balance” patch for engineers looks like it was cobbled together the night before they implemented it. Whatever their team is doing, they’re not devoting the time they need to fix these issues. It honestly feels like engineer is an afterthought in their minds — we were the last class to be added to the core game, and we were the last (rushed) specialization added to HoT. They continue to demonstrate that we’re last in their minds.

My hope is fading extremely fast. I’m not a naturally pessimistic person, but I find myself growing angrier and less interested in playing Guild Wars every day (I only log in for dailies now). Unless they do some serious balancing before the next expac, I’m not sure I’ll want to buy it.

I’ve documented many of the issues in my post: . I didn’t bother telling them how to fix the issues because it’s their job, not mine.

Many people seem intent on arguing that our DPS is meta, but I would argue that they’re equating the weather with the climate. The winds have been temporarily kind to us, but history has shown that we almost always get nerfed in the harshest ways possible. Take turrets and gyros, our two big selling points. Because they were seen as “OP”, they got nerfed so hard that they’re significantly less useful (if useful at all). There’s no gentle nerf stick for the engineer. We get the nerf mace. And then the skills are left in obscurity until they inconvenience someone on the dev team.

The great god Lagki demands sacrifice.

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[Meta] This can't be it for us, can it?

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Posted by: Phineas Poe.3018

Phineas Poe.3018

We’re now looking at entering the seventh season of Heart of Thorns PvP with little if any real changes to the engineer. A few token nerfs just to make us feel weaker than we were previously without any compensating buffs to push the class in any visible, coherent direction.

I’m just baffled.

Six seasons into Heart of Thorns, entering what is ostensibly the penultimate or even final season of Heart of Thorns PvP (depending on when the next expansion actually drops), and we have seen no real changes to the scrapper elite specialization or the engineer profession overall since the end of season one.

We are still stuck with only running the hammer with gyros, the elixir gun, and the healing turret. Minus the nerf to Slick Shoes following season one, my build has not changed in any significant way for nearly two years—not to say that those two years were particularly comfortable. In that time: gyros lost their daze, their damage, and had their cooldowns increased; Rapid Regeneration was nerfed; Automated Medical Response was nerfed; Slick Shoes was nerfed; and now Protection Injection has been nerfed. It’s been a consistent if not systematic downhill slide since Heart of Thorns launched, and core engi has suffered some of the worst of it. Not including today’s nerf to Protection Injection, other traits and skills like Gear Shield have also seen significant reductions in their utility, rendering any core engi build significantly weaker to the scrapper—a state, I imagine, is entirely on purpose to drive sales and artificially inflate the value of one’s purchase.

To compensate many of these nerfs, ArenaNet has, to their merit, tried to help us by adjusting values and tinkering with things for seemingly random effects. Every patch I see a few changes like Fire Bomb’s physical damage being buffed or seeing Utility Goggles’ cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 20. Despite the fact that these changes did little if anything to the profession, it was nice to see that ArenaNet was at least trying to make other skills more viable—even if at times it feels like they’re improperly forcing those decisions by just making the status quo less viable.

There’s no denial here that Heart of Thorns introduced a great deal of power creep that needed scaling back. I absolutely acknowledge it and I’m glad to see some of it curtailed. But there’s nothing more demeaning than being forced to run the same build you ran the past three to four seasons while being cognizant of the fact that it’s a lesser version of those previous builds. Much like how the reward nerf crippled season six’s popularity, it’s a tough sell to tell people to keep doing what they’re doing for less pay or—in our case—less effectiveness.

It was Irenio’s comment during one of the AMAs, following the closure of season five, however, that gave me hope, which you can find here:

We would really like to do some in-depth passes on underused utility types across most professions. We did not have time to do that for this update, sadly.

Kits on Engineer are an outlier; as utilities they provide an insane amount of versatility. Inherently it is difficult to bring a single skill up to the level of five skills. This is a difficult conundrum and one we discuss regularly. That said, we do have a few ideas for creating gameplay with other utility revisits in the future.

In particular I’d like to review and revisit Elementalist Conjures, Guardian Spirit Weapons, Engineer Gadgets and potentially Mesmer Mantras.

And I guess I just find myself asking: is this it? Are kits always going to be an outlier for us? Are gadgets always going to be useless? Are we going to just shift from one elite specialization to another, stuck with yet another completely overpowered elite specialization tree that only forces ArenaNet to gut core trait lines further to compensate?

I just don’t get it. They’ve had over 18 months to get this sorted out, and right now, May 17th, 2017, this is what they have to show for it. If this balance patch wasn’t the opportune time to give us something new prior to the next expansion, which obviously will take the lion’s share of the balance team’s focus in the coming months, then when?

I bought into ArenaNet’s fresh take on the engineer when they unveiled the scrapper by purchasing Heart of Thorns, but my hope is dwindling that the engineer will be anything but the scrapper moving forward into the next expansion—to where it’ll then be whatever the next thing is, never again being the class I bought the game to play originally, or being the class that kept me actively playing this game for years.

[EG] Ethereal Guardians

(edited by Phineas Poe.3018) managed to make turrets worse.

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Posted by: OriOri.8724


Maybe they should have made overcharge function on an automatic interval…

Ok so I like the flavor that overcharging turrets has, but wouldn’t it just be better to remove overcharging completely and buff the actual turrets themselves?

Please add a "pity timer" to BLCs

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Posted by: Aveneo.2068


Would have loved to buy the Balthazar Hound mail carrier directly, but it will be a cold day in hell for me to gamble away my money. Especially when every time I used one of my rare freebie keys from the occasional map completion reward I got nothing but trash items.

To me these Black Lion Chests are currently just a Korean style cash-grab scam imo and I would never spend actual money on buying keys.

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Please add a "pity timer" to BLCs

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Posted by: Mordeus.1234


Black Lion Keys & Chests are pretty much your standard gachapon system of rewards. That means that each reward is tied to a different percent chance. In the case of the exclusive BLC items, the drop rate is so low that it’s possible to spend hundreds of keys and still not receive the one off item. That’s just not tenable, encourages gambling that goes against the game’s ethos and can ruin one’s faith in spending via the gemstore.

Decent gachapon systems have a mechanism called the ‘pity timer’ which means that after a certain number of attempts the gacha system either increases the odds for the exclusive reward or ensures a near 100% chance. Those without pity timers are usually scam based mobile games which GW2 shouldn’t be

So I suggest that the BLCs add a pity timer mechanism that means that for this month, if you use around a dozen or so keys you get a 100% chance of obtaining the Sworn Zaishen Helm. Or make these exclusive items obtainable only after spending a set number of keys, so that way they can be assigned a monetary value, leaving the random gachapon values for the standard BLC items.

Also don’t add two monthly exclusive items, it’s bad enough getting duplicates of the mail carrier when you only want the helm. Just leave it to one item per month. Or make it that when you receive the account bound item the first time, then it is then removed from the reward pool to avoid pulling useless duplicates.

Balance patch - turret change

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Posted by: miriforst.1290


What they failed to grasp was that the damage on most of them was already so low that you only kept them around for the overcharge anyhow*. What they need to do is to have them recharge while deployed if they are going to “fix” them this way. Now they truly feel like clunky gadgets or bombs with long recharges.

*When i say this i imply that someone somewhere might actually be using the kitten things.

"Leaked" Engie Spec

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Posted by: Vagrant.7206


However, Anet could not finish Scrapper’s original design on time before HoT release, most likely because it was their last Elite Spec to work on once the other Professions were finished beofre HoT, and had to “Scrap” it and make Scrapper into what it is now.

Scrapper as of now is more like a Core profession +1 Elite Spec that brings no real unique mechanics and only add the F button for just long range res and finisher due to being unfinished.

How much you wanna bet this will happen again?

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One account's war on fashion

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Posted by: lordhelmos.7623


It’s been a long war against the evil fashion dragon. Many gems were lost and many total makeover kits have fallen honorably in battle.

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A Guild Mission that breaks friendships

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Posted by: Dawdler.8521


I fail to see the issue. Instruct everyone to stay well clear of activation, try to get an officer there early and guildkick whoever goes near and activate it. If people cant follow simple instructions I fail to see why you need them in the guild.

Give us raised Head Goggles; Please

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Posted by: Chasind.3128


WE have aviator cap, but we don’t have raised goggles
there are several mmos that can work around hairstyles by giving us headpieces/hoods that don’t take away hair.
For some reason anet loves bald people & assumes we like it too hhaa

This isn’t a discussion on CAPS with goggles, it;s a discussion on goggles that keep your hair that are RAISED

Guild Quality of Life

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Posted by: vonbladewing.5973


I feel that guilds feature need some quality of life updates, I’m running a small, casual, social themed guild with 3 active members. We tried recruiting outside the game since there no real mechanic or feature in the game for guild recruitment outside of just shouting. this is something that I feel that should have been put in the game a long time ago and feels like it should be a mmorpg industry-standard feature. Another QoL feature that I would love to be in the game is a calendar so members can see upcoming events and a voting system so members can vote on what type of events they want to do.

so those are some of my ideas what type of Guild QoL Features you guys want?

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Hobo Sacks: A Terrible Fashion Statement

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Posted by: Gern.2978


I noticed that the hammer engi from the trailer did not have a hobo-sack. maybe the new spec for engi trades kits for something else.

Why do people keep citing this? The Hammer is a weapon, not a kit. Why would he have a hobosack on while using a hammer? You don’t see your hobosack while using your rifle, or pistol/shield, or pistol/pistol.

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Hobo Sacks: A Terrible Fashion Statement

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Posted by: Gern.2978


Mail carriers are used by everyone. Hobo sacks are engineer exclusive. ….

Mesmer. Phantasm. Backpieces.

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Guild Wars 2 April fools 2015 [merged]

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Posted by: Piogre.2164


-All the dailies are Super-Adventure-Box Challenges (Daily Bauble Collector, Daily Tribulation mode, etc)

-Super Adventure Box still closed.

I would rage so hard.

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Super Adventure Box [merged]

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Posted by: Dante.1763


Im just super upset that i paid gems for something i cant use…Looking at you infinite continue coin…

The pvp community reminds me of what Obi-kittenenobi describes Mos Eisley as from star wars.

Lets see your engineers!

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Posted by: DigitalOverdose.9257


@johanwikstrom.2304 / Crudd

I love your gear on your Engineer! Can you tell me what you are wearing and which dye’s you used?


So, the new Stability + Slick Shoes...

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Posted by: krixis.9538


working as intended

stability was FAR TO OP and made a lot of CC redundant

now finally ppl will be afraid of CC and wont just go LOL ME IMMUNE ROAR

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Steal in WvW towers/keeps

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Posted by: Turk.5460


Well its more of an issue with shadowsteps/teleports as a whole, but most importantly our Steal skill.

Ever since the recent patch , we haven’t been able to IA up keep and tower steps, which is…whatever. But if we can’t steal while someone is on those steps, or while we are on those steps, or if those steps are in between us and our target, then there goes one of our only ways of interrupting our target. ;\
Grr. Grrrrr! GRRRR!!!??

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Cheese.... What is it? and why do we have it?

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Posted by: Lamuness.3570


This is going to be sort of a ranting post.

I was just in PvP and running the standard D/P 6/0/2/0/6 Panic strike build, and I went to go cap a point. Someone on the opposing side engaged, and after about a minute I was ultimately downed. I get stomped and they proceeded with a “Nice Panic Strike cheese” BY ANOTHER THIEF. I am seriously starting to consider dropping this class that I’ve played since the beginning, and picking up something that doesn’t require a brain like, Ranger or something because it’s gotten to the point where another of my own kind calls me cheese.

I always feel like I’m at a disadvantage, and one game, I was towards the back of the point, and an Ele decides to burst me down from all the way across the point, ignoring everyone else in the way, with insta-cast bull that downs me in 3 or so hits.

So cheese, what is it and why do we have it?

What to do with laurels

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Posted by: Blockhead Magee.3092

Blockhead Magee.3092

If you’ve been in the game that long – you know exactly what you can spend them on.

The only reason you posted this was to show off your hoarding skills.

Nice job – I guess……


Hobo Sacks: A Terrible Fashion Statement

in Engineer

Posted by: leviathan.2148


I seriously doubt Colin used the term “fixed” (quote and prove me wrong). Again, consistent exaggeration of facts and what this issue is really about does nothing but make the issue something to be joked about. I’ll leave you to your pitchforks and torches over this game breaking bug…..

„It’s something we’re absolutely aware of and want to address in the future, one of my main characters is an engineer so I feel ya on this one. My poor quaggan backpack is visible like 2% of the time I play as I kit swap, never mind my weapon skins…“

Is this enough for you? More than a year ago, he said that they want to address it. No it’s not “fixed”. Yes, it means the same. Synonyms, eh? If you want to play with words, than go to school. Also, noone claims it to be game breaking. Issue doesn’t have to be game breaking to be an issue. And again, the only one, who makes fun of it here, is you. Please, if you want to discuss, then discuss, don’t just make fun of us that are passionate about this issue. Or keep laughing and trolling, whatever makes you happy.

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Hobo Sacks: A Terrible Fashion Statement

in Engineer

Posted by: Argon.1563


Why is the tag for this thread “[Suggestion]” It should be “[DEMAND]”

Stop being so polite, this is something that NEEDS to be fixed.