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We Don't Make Grindy Games

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Posted by: Test.8734


Take this for what you will, but I just want to know when the old philosophy of “We don’t make grindy games” flew out the window.

A lot went flying through the window.

“We just don’t want players to grind in Guild Wars 2. No one enjoys that. No one finds it fun”

And then HoT is basically a couple hours of new content hard gated by massive grind.

“Our games aren’t about preparing to have fun, or about grinding for a future fun reward.”

HoT is entirely about preparing to have fun by grinding before being able to use specializations.

When asked about GW2’s release date, the answer was, “When it’s ready”

Meanwhile, HoT got released with legendary weapons to be added “later”, the raid to be added “later”, the new squad system to be added “later”, and so on and so on.

ArenaNet turned around and shot most of what they claimed was their “basic design philosophy”.

IMO, that’s a sign of how much they deserve to be trusted.

Why is the community so easily discouraged?

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Posted by: ArchonWing.9480



Your post is intellectually dishonest.

First off, you’re putting forth a vague strawman over a vaguely defined group of large people, and effectively dismissing and using a trivial rebuttal “it’s only one week” to this vaguely defined, irrational argument that you suggest many are using without really trying to figure the cause of what might make people feel this way. Maybe it’s more than one thing. It is clear that you don’t share the same concerns as people, but it’s also clear that you’ve made zero effort to understand the context and made your own up— while their have been posts that were threatening some kind of quitting, that was not the case from most posts.

Secondly, if people were truly that irrationally centered, their arguments can just safely be ignored. But you chose to focus on the worst. In that case, there’s really no topic for discussion. As the forum specialist for that forum, I know it’s a pain to read but there’s just a lot of posts where if you feel there’s just no attempt at objectivity whatsoever that it should just be ignored. I completely ignore posts with excessive attacks on people and Arenanet but there’s certainly quite a few people that don’t do that. I don’t go on talking about the former.

Third, the problem with this thread is that for the most part, the character and attitude of the complainers doesn’t diminish the validity of their complaints. By focusing on this, you are kind of ignoring the other side of the matter, and that would be what Arenanet could be doing to help bridge the gap. Even if we assume players are irrational and easily provoked to anger, there’s nothing we can do to change the way individuals behave. But a business can change its way of interacting with customers. That’s business. Sometimes your customers are finicky but you can’t just be like “Oh no, they’re so mean!” unless you choose not to do business with them.

In other words, this thread is about complaining about people complaining, which doesn’t really help Arenanet improve their product. I mean think about what you did. You made a thread about people making useless feedback. That can be true, but so… ? This doesn’t mean what you bring up is invalid, but you need to realize it really does take two to tango and how there may be a way to bridge these gaps between player and developer. It is true that a lot of complaints I feel are trying to project one’s opinions onto the entire populace which is fallacious, but to seemingly lump them all into one category without thinking about cause and effect is another.

If we have absolutely no trust in a game, how can we support it?

Well, that’s the problem. Trust isn’t a given. It has to be earned.

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GW2 jokes

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Posted by: Harrier.9380


“Give us some feedback on those balance changes.”

“Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit,
because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure.”

Ascended Armour now 10% difference, Thoughts?

in WvW

Posted by: Terrahero.9358


10% is still miniscule
10% more stats on ascended wont make you 10% more powerful, since a huge part of your stats come from the 1000 baseline anyway.

I dont buy this.

5% was miniscule, 10% is miniscule… Some people will keep throwing out that it makes no difference.
When the people who opposed it also presented the slippery slope-argument. And seeing as the gap is now increasing, it seems they were proven right.

If WvW stat boosts are removed (applied fort/strength) because of players getting a statistical advantage over new players, why in the godkitten is ascended still allowed and even getting buffed?

Talk about a statistical advantage. And it’s earned not so much through WvW but PvE. As outside of trinkets, every other ascended piece of gear (armor, weapons, back) are not practically available from WvW. (No i dont consider an ultra rare chest with random stats practically available)

2 vs 1 Server planned matchup. Is this legal?

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Posted by: Omne.4603


Yes this is in fact illegal. Please be sure to provide the internet police with the appropriate account names/fraps recordings/other circumstantial evidence so that we can be sure that justice will be swift.

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Applied Fortitude and Strength to be removed

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Posted by: Jim Hunter.6821

Jim Hunter.6821

We all knew from day one what to expect when jumping into WvW. And ANet has also been very clear (from day one) that WvW is balanced together with PVE.

Which you know, still doesnt really explain away the guard stacks. There are no guard stacks in PvE last time I checked.

Those were added to WvW later. But it was still in keeping with the general theme that they gave you more options on how you could customize your builds in WvW (many players actually created builds around Guard stacks) compared to vanilla PVP.

Which is exactly why it shouldnt even be in the game. Builds are supposed to be built around the professions themselves, not specific boons or buffs. Same reason why certain food is considered OP, or certain runes. Also same reason why such things has even been nerfed. Remember the omnomberries? There was only one food in the meta originally. Its like being presented with a popup as soon as you enter WvW. “Would you like to have more power and vitality? If so, click yes. If not, click no”. I’d like to hear your reasoning for clicking no.

If they really “need” these stacks, then just increase base character stats. Boom done. Increased in PvE, increased in PvP. Same for everyone. No silly guard stacks specific to WvW.

They aren’t preventing any kind of power creep, they are just removing the only one that was WvW based. People that PvE, or craft can still come in with legendaries and ascended gear/weapons. They can have unique food buffs/utilities, runes and sigils that you can’t get from WvW. Hell, you can get strength, toughness and regen boosters if you are willing to spend money on black lion keyes.

Why remove the one that WvW players had to work for and let PvE players keep their stat advantage?

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Thank you Guild Wars 2 staff.

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Posted by: jaklinmar.5871


Dear Guild Wars 2 Team,
I want to sincerely thank you for making one of the best mmos out there. The three year mark is fast approaching and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us. About a year and a half ago I brought my mother to the light side stealing her from the World of Warcraft empire. We have played mmos together since I was living in Texas at the time and it was the best way for us to communicate. We love everything about the game, and have a lot of fun running the world boss train. This past Fall we found out that my mother has cervical caner. The game has now become a great way to release stress of the doctor visits and the fear of the cancer spreading to other place. It means a lot to me to see my mom laugh at your April Fools joke, she was laughing so hard that she was crying.

So thank you guys for making such an awesome and my mom and I both look forward to the expansion!

Never surrender! Never back down!

Thank you Guild Wars 2 staff.

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Posted by: pdavis.8031


Thats awesome!
I like these kinds of posts
They make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

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It’s the chain I beat you with until you
recognize my command!”

Changes to World Completion acheivement

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Posted by: Many.8419


Next time on GW2 forums:

“Remove WvW because I don’t play it”

coming soon

WvW no longer required for world completion

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Posted by: lunacrous.6751


Yes WvWvW should get something that is solely theirs.
Mainly due to my belief that they sometimes get treated like the unloved step child chained to the radiator.


WvW no longer required for world completion

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Posted by: Murksler.5261


And now remove the PvE map completion. Else where I will not get any Gift of Exploration because PvE map completion is a boring mindless grindfest which I don’t enjoy.

Gliding[PoI Today]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Windu The Forbidden One.6045

Windu The Forbidden One.6045

First 10 minutes wasted on some childrens coloring book no one cared about, gg.

I’m going to chat with Expansion Content Designer Nellie Hughes and Expansion Systems Designer David Webb about the Mastery system. We’ll get an overview of how the system works and what it does

^An outright lie, we saw gliding yes but we saw absolutely nothing about the mastery system itself.

The gliding and new zone was nice to see but the stream was mediocre at best.

Dear A-net: Please nerf rock. Paper is fine
~Sincerely, Scissors

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What Will Community Do If HoT Is Not Xpac

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Posted by: Azhure.1857


There are those of us that have not allowed our hopes to be raised. That way we won’t be disappointed but may be happily surprised. To answer your question though – People were raging before, having them continue to do so afterwards would be no different.

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Dodge rolling in place

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Posted by: dlonie.6547


I think part of playing the game is learning to be aware of the direction you’re dodging in, and the consequences of doing so, no?

Harp and Flute music sheet topics

in Audio

Posted by: Nathanael.4398


What will happen to them and the rest of the audio forum when the new forum takes place?

Here is what the forums will look like effective December 9:

News and Info

News and Announcements
Game Release Notes
Dev Tracker


Account and Technical Support (Mac Tech support will be rolled into this sub-forum)
Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Game Discussion

Guild Wars 2 Discussion
Living World Discussion
PvP Discussion
WvW Discussion
CDI (Collaborative Development Initiative)



Community Corner

Player Helping Players
API Development
Community Creations
Looking for… (Guild, PvP Team, WvW Recruitment)
In-Game Events

Guild Wars 2: The Second Year in numbers?

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Posted by: Korossive.7085


Player Based GW2 2nd Year Statistics

Lets go:

  • # of new weapon types: 0
  • # of new weapon combinations: 0
  • # of new weapon skills: 0
  • # of new races: 0
  • # of new professions: 0
  • # of new dungeons: 0
  • # of new Guild Missions: 0
  • # of new reachable dragons: 0
  • # of dyeable weapons: 0
  • # of new legendaries: 0
  • # of lore to legendaries: 0
  • # of craftable precursors: 0
  • # of guild housings: 0
  • # of players in Cantha/Elona: 0
  • # of cape skins: 0
  • # of new usages for dungeon or fractals tokens: 0
  • # of characters who changed race: 0
  • # of ascended rings salvaged: 0
  • # of fixes for merge-kicking: 0
  • # of fixes to 25-conditions in PvE: 0
  • # of attainable Tribal armor pieces: 0
  • # of attainable Halloween backpiece/Witch Hats: 0
  • # of Halloween 2014 weapon skins: 0
  • # of outfits converted to armor: 0
  • # of developments to Orr story: 0
  • # of developments to personal story: 0
  • # of new minis instead of any of this: 49
  • # of Human Female animations removed: 4
  • # of players requesting SAB: 6,945
  • # of times Jory called me “doll”: 1,988
  • # of paths sold for gold: 254,269
  • # of Fractal levels we took from players on reset: 8,984,441,658

Such wow.

So there you have your Player Based GW2 2nd Year Statistics

EDIT: Updated for comments. PvP/WvW not even mentioned, not enough space.

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Anet, Thank you for making me hate WvW.

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Posted by: oxtred.7658


+1 for free legendary when you start the game

If you’re on EU and need help to get into dungeons, pm me.

New Legendary Weapons?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Diviner.7405


Loving this update!

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Posted by: duckideva.6358


Stephapanda.5804, I love you. There I’ve said it. Come with me into the dead zone formerly known as leveling an alt.

Let us join our newbies together, and follow the arrows into zones where we can press 1. And then press 1 again. Let us marvel at the vistas we’re not allowed to see, let us wonder at the resource nodes we’re not allowed to touch until lvl 10. Let us gasp with wonder when our 3 button becomes unlocked.

Come with me, Stephapanda.5804, and we shall make beautiful drooling noises as we bang the keyboard with our foreheads! (Assuming our keepers untie us enough, else, I’m afraid I’ll have to use one of these sippy birds to hit 1 for me. It probably won’t be a noticeable difference.


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Loving this update!

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Posted by: Stephapanda.5804


When I first saw all of the blog posts detailing today’s updates, I had my concerns. But after playing with it a bit, I am pleasantly surprised! This is the first MMO I have played that actually took the time with the “tutorial” phase to reach out to players with limited intellectual capacity. This in itself is revolutionary and amazing! This game is so much more accessible now. Think about this for a second – new players who were overwhelmed before now can take in the expansive world of Tyria without undergoing the mental anguish of learning new things in such a short time frame.

Think of all the potential this brings to the game! Pugging a dungeon never looked so promising! Now we will have players who have undergone dodge roll training in the open world! (Sidenote: I got nothing from the chest after completing my dodge roll training – I guess I should have probably bought more BL keys to get magic find from the essences of luck that dropped so frequently while it was still available! Because magic find is very important to get the items you want from chests!)

Players will actually have time to learn their skills now, unlocking weapon skill 5 at level 10 was a fantastic choice. I am thoroughly impressed with this in particular, I imagine it will bring me a sense of character progression and accomplishment when I finally unlock it. To say nothing of the elite skill! I mean, how “elite” could one have possibly been at level 30, right? Level 40 makes much more sense!

I’m also very pleased with the amount of popups I now need to click through. This is a great thing, as I won’t have to buy Internet Explorer Simulator 2014 now. It’s like having 2 games in 1! Everyone wins!

Clearly a lot of thought and work went into this patch, and I am very happy with the results so far. I’m sure both veteran and new players alike playtested this and gave feedback and it shows. Keep them coming, please! If we keep getting feature packs like this, even the most stubborn players will come back!

Some people say you should experience the magic of Disney World at least once in your life and I went there long ago, but this patch makes Guild Wars 2 an even more magical place. Thank you so, so much for brightening my life and gaming experience.

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Fall WvW lock out?!?

in WvW

Posted by: Zetsumei.4975


Anet : “doesn’t matter, bought gems lol”

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Posted by: Jagstang.6912


I have map completion on all of the WvW maps and it’s really lame that I actually have to step into the PvE world to do the rest of the WC where it’s all these no talent scrubs PvEing. I think it’s asinine that I actually have to play the game to get what I want

Dungeon Instance Owner change FTW

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Posted by: Ryan Diederich

Ryan Diederich

Gameplay Programmer

As I mentioned in my thread on the topic, it would be great to have the number of needed kick votes increased to 3, to minimize griefing resulting from this change. Personally I always started my own dungeon parties to avoid kick-happy couples. Now there’s nothing to kep me safe. 2 votes have always been a bad idea, anyway. Not even a majority.

I actually agree with you. I would have liked to increase the vote count a majority with this change, but unfortunately not all the pieces of code around party votes are set up in a way to make this a quick and easy change.

We were aware of the possible issues with the instance ownership change, but felt that holding back an improvement to the base experience on account of trolls was unfair to users that are playing nice.

Stealing instances using the LFG tool, or booting people for no reason (or to give your buddy the rewards for no work) at the end of a run are bannable offenses and should be reported.

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FA vs JQ

in WvW

Posted by: Blix.8021


People quit playing fort aspenwood because jade quarry gives better faction rewards. There was a time, long ago, where nobody played jade quarry at all. If you wanted to map the jade quarry for cartography completion, you had to get a group together for both teams to queue together so everyone could get inside and map complete. It was completely dead otherwise. Then at some point they buffed the rewards and people started playing jade quarry.

Please add restrictions to kicking.

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Posted by: eekzie.5640


Now with the upcoming changes to instance ownership it’s going to be more important that people do not get kicked for the wrong reasons.
Having ownership transfer if the instance owner leaves is awesome… but the side effect is that it could also open the floodgates to the cesspool of nastiness through the votekick system.
It will be too much of a no-mans land when you go and use the LFG function. Nobody has any authority and it’s creating a very volatile party system.
It’s also very troubling that you can now kick people at the end of a dungeon, with a high barrier for repercussions for doing so.

Therefor there needs to be some restrictions.
I feel there needs to be some discussion had on how far these restrictions should go.
People should not be worried that they might get kicked for bad reasons.

Ideas of restriction

- You can’t kick the creator of an instance / ‘’party leader’‘.
- Party leader can assign who is or isn’t open for kicking.
- Kicking requires 3 votes
- Kicking someone in combat requires 3 votes
- Kicking someone who has left combat less than 3 minutes ago requires 3 votes
(kicking afk people should still be a valid reason, kicking people cause they have to use the bathroom quickly shouldn’t).
- New system where there’s a party leader who has tools to influence the kicking from the party (such as amount of votes / immunity for other players as well). Can vote for a new party leader if that person is afk for [x] minutes. (Going offline counts as going afk)

Now the biggest issue there is, what is a valid reason for kicking someone… and when is it “fair” to do so.
For me personally it’s mostly when people fail to communicate with the party.
Not doing what is expected of people can lead to frustrating situations but I personally feel that, unless it’s done to create that frustration, it’s not a valid reason to do so.
And a bad attitude.

I’ll expand the list with idea’s provided by others in the topic.

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This game is not for most of you anymore

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Posted by: SkylightMoon.2098


Sounds to me like the game is just not for YOU personally anymore, OP.

its me, and everyone who wants content for wvw, spvp, dungeons, fractals, and pretty much anything different than the living story.

About that blix exploit....

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Posted by: Raven.9603


lol @ all the farmers who think theyre entitled to exploit the game and that anyone who interferes is just a self righteous troll.

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