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SAB May Never Come Back?

in Living World

Posted by: Xillllix.3485


Well I loved it, it was my favorite PvE content, and this news of it not coming back kittening sucks kittens.

SAB May Never Come Back?

in Living World

Posted by: Aguri.2896


So… they want to focus on the Living World but they forget one very important factor. In real life there are millions of different things happening at once. Just because a dragon is attacking doesn’t mean everyone is going to be involved in that. It’s like telling a chef to put bombs in his cakes because a war just started. SAB is a feature, a feature that already exists and it happens to be one that brings many people happiness. It won’t be hard to throw in what already exists inside a feature pack (something totally separate from the Living World already…).

The very fact that it isn’t involved with the rest of the world is all the reason it should be put back in. It can’t be game breaking in any way, shape or form. All that matters is that people love it, those who dislike don’t matter because it doesn’t affect them at all. This is a huge slap in the face to the loyal players that loved SAB and those who paid for continue coins.

I’m only here because sometimes I just like to watch things burn.

Commander Tag - Not a vanity feature!

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


It’s a vanity feature now. Those farmlords with 10 legendary weapons just had the vapors about nothing else to buy. Finally something new for them.


Horrible idea.

Yep, I agree with this. They should make a new type of tag called a pretentious tag and sell THAT for 300 gold.

300 gold for a tag color is too much

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Posted by: grifflyman.8102


Anet is basically charging the community for a feature the community wanted put into the game to help large groups and events organize. They’ve taken a highly requested idea and spun it around as a gold sink.

Charging gold for a colored tag designed to help promote oragization, split large groups (zergs) and promote tactics (something WvW is severely lacking) is an outrage. It can be compared to charging players gold to use map chat, a tool used to organize groups and for tactics, much like the commander tag.

I beg that the decision to charge gold to access colored tags be reconsidered.

Just read the comments of over 400 players over at reddit:

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Competitive health of WvW

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Posted by: sminkiottone.6972


Theres nothing competitive in WvW, it’s just coverage lol

Commander Tag Changes Feedback [merged]

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Posted by: msalakka.4653


Neat. From what year is the interview?

Nice that he finds the time to talk to the media at least, since talking to his customers is prohibited by the tight schedule.

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Gw2 still bad??

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Posted by: Paul.4081


They’ve reduced the drop rates (multiple times, removed dyes altogether) and have added grind you’ll be happy to know.

Best way to get an answer is watch the manifesto video and imagine the opposite of everything they say.


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Posted by: Lilith Ajit.6173

Lilith Ajit.6173

Staff fire ele is the highest DPS in game. It is the go to build for additional eles in a party, with one going scepter or dagger focus for might stacks. Just wanted you to know. You should be pleased when you see a staff ele not attunement swapping unless they need to stack swiftness or want to use their earth blast.

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Why arn't people angrier?

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Posted by: SFShinigami.2015


Most of the wvw playerbase has accepted their role in the grand scheme of things. It is our duty to toil on in terrible conditions week after week so that pvers can have more HP friday morning. If they gave us any sort of reward like tomes from badges we might get silly ideas about new maps.

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How does my character know Mordremoth?

in Living World

Posted by: lakdav.3694


I facepalmed so hard that my hand came out at the back of my head.

This is Roleplaying 1-o-1. You dont know someone’s name unless they are introduced by some source.

It should have gone like this:
“This is the work of Mordremoth!”
“Mordre-what now?”
“M-Mordremoth… The next Elder Dragon?”
“How do you know this?”
“Its..its the vines. They are all over the place.”
“Yeeeesss, i can see that. How do you know it is the direct work of an Elder Dragon?”
“’Cuz Mordremoth is the planty Elder Dragon! It makes perfect sense, dont you see? We heard him roar!”
“We heard something. Thats it. We agreed that it is possibly an Elder Dragon. Now you come and tell me that its name is Mordremoth, and its the ‘planty’ dragon, obviously. I ask again, how do you know this?”
“Well… i… you see, in the Infinity Coil, there was this green area…”
“Uh-huh… go on.”
“Oh! And Subject Alpha was like ‘Roar-roar’ and ‘Blergh-Grawlllrrr’, but he was also like ‘Subject Alpha deals 1560 damage to you by using Teeth of Mordremoth!’ And it was all … earthy… and planty.”
“…Hon, did you hit on the blood whisky again?”

6 Legendaries but no title?

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Posted by: Teyrul.7804


How is this an illogical decision? The title is meant to be a compensation for those who made the same legendary twice before the wardrobe update.

super saiyajin Charr hairsytle

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Posted by: Dual.8953


10/10 Best hair, best update

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super saiyajin Charr hairsytle

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Posted by: Jarrix.8234


You shall fear Vegetarr!


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Allow us to download gw2.dat

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Posted by: Eleia.3291


So let me get this straight. Your solution to having to download the gw2.dat is downloading the gw2.dat?

When was the last topic?

in WvW

Posted by: Colly.4073


They are so trigger happy at deleting threads they probably deleted one of their own.

Just killed chat. No chest

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Posted by: Guhracie.3419


I never get a reward for killing chat. Killing chat is a reward in and of itself, though.

“Be angry about legendary weapons, sure, but what about the recent drought of content?”
-Mike O’Brien
Because we can’t be angry about both?

Charge for All Episodes - regardless

in Living World

Posted by: Neilos Tyrhanos.5427

Neilos Tyrhanos.5427

You want to have to pay weekly, or you’ll lose out on content?

This will not be a popular suggestion.

If the LS season is all connected, then it forms one story. So, to experience the entire storyline, we would have to buy every instalment. I see no benefit to this.

Also, that “positive feedback” loop would be nice, but unfortunately, fans tend to be hyperbolic and extreme in their criticism, and usually don’t mention good stuff at all, even when it is good.

Eureka! lvl Fotm > 50

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Darox.8069


This is absolutely doable!

I think it will take place next november in the upcoming “Mutilated” fractal patch
They are planning on resetting our fractal levels to 10 because they will introduce a new leaderboard so it’s only fair if we all start on the same level
Also they will remove levels 30+ because they will work on a better scaling system, but heh, new content! They will introduce a new system called Dodelidadoo that paint mobs with primary colors. Everytime you kill a colored mob you steal its color. Then you can mix and match colors for great great fun!! The BLTC will introduce new emotes (buy with gems) related to colors. Fun! Merry!
New exclusive content!! The tower of nightmares comes back as a new exclusive never-seen-before fractal level! With new exclusive rewards!!
Talking about rewards, the loot tables have been adjusted to give more loot the higher up you go in the levels. True story.
And finally ….

Dredges everywhere!

a social solution to price undercutting

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Agate Skyborne.6851

Agate Skyborne.6851

Didn’t Russel Peters have a joke about stuff like this..? Something involving 50 cents and being able to make a dollar?

Look, I’m speaking as somebody who likes to buy things. I don’t care who listed what first or last. There are no names linked to the trading post so in essence everyone who is selling something is a faceless corporation out to get my hard earned money. I’m going to go with the corporation who’s offering me what I want for less of my money. If it’s a one copper savings then that’s one extra copper in my pocket. Maybe if I can save 100 copper I can get 1 silver, then buy myself something else nice?

This isn’t the real world where the mom&pop stores are gonna go out of business if you don’t shop there.

a social solution to price undercutting

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: NonToxic.9185


I would still choose the cheaper option 100% of the time.

I am the dubmest player ever, punish me.

in Crafting

Posted by: Kamui.3150


Would it be horrible to point out that your name is highly appropriate right now, since you now have zero Hunters?

WvW Titles

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Posted by: Nick.6972


You know what? We should necro all the “soon” threads that never happened.

2v1 is destroying the victim server

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Posted by: thaooo.5320


If you and your server would like to become the target if 2v1… all hope is not lost. Follow this guide, and you can soon be the target of affection.

1) Care about PPT

2) Buy guilds

3) Buy players

4) Cause server blackouts to stuff your “FULL” listed server with even more players to make up for your lack of skill.

5) “Win” matches because you have 20x more players than every other server

6) Trash talk, saying you’re the best players, and the best server, just because you dominate PPT. Even though all of your guilds that participate in GvG get rolled by T2 guilds. Because T2 players are better at everything.

7) Say fighting doesn’t matter. Say it doesn’t matter that you get rolled in even fights and gvg. Say PPT is the real game.

8) Omniblob the #3 rank server for more than a year. When called out, say its not 2v1, it just happens. Then say "even if we are 2v1ing, its WvW, its bound to happen.

9) Over a year later, people will get sick of your omniblob mega stacked band wagon trash talking server, and 2v1 you.

10) Spam the forums with threads about how 2v1 is ruining the game. Oh, and you’re totally not a hypocrite, and in your posts, say you’re not a hypocrite, so everyone believes you.

11) Say the game needs to change, because your server isn’t allowed to be 2v1’d, only other servers.

12) Be the only server to kick up a fuss about being 2v1’d because you’re tooootttaally not an over entitled hypocritical jerk.

13) After being laughed at, take up a new stance, say, “we enjoy being 2v1’d, it means we’re the best, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening”. Even though you’re dying inside.

14) When being called out for being the notorious guild buying player buying band wagon omniblob server, say that’s not the reason you’ve been winning, say its because you’re skilled, say its because your server is just soooooo gooooood at the game, people admire how skilful your server is, and want to be as skilful as you.

15) Continue to say how good you are at the game, even though you can’t win gvgs let alone even numbered open field fights.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the training, you are now ready to be the target of 2v1.

PvP modes are the “endgame” in all MMOs.
Stop failing at PvE, and fix WvW/SPvP. Thank you.

Should there be a carebear mode for WvW?

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Posted by: Dasefex.4810


its called eotm

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WvW world chests bugged?

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Posted by: Fade.7658


I’m guessing that the number of bonus chests that have been awarded, at least to myself, is a bug.


Scaling Score According To People On Map

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Posted by: Dayra.7405


Because acquisition and holding requires different amount of players and happens at different times.

E.g.: color the map with 100 people, then all but 1 scout log out of WvW (e.g. to roam on EotM) to score 10 times the objectives they control.

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