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The Sheet Music Collection

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It’s pretty easy, actually. There only appears to be one little melody verse.


Server Merge

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WvW Coordinator

And influx of rewards? The influx of rewards is 10 gold/hour farming, talk to NPC for 10 achievement points, and unique weapon skins every 2 weeks in Living Story. You better be bringing hell of a lot of rewards for me to tell someone in Lion’s Arch that it’s worth their time to step away from autoattacking in a PvE map and risk actually dying somewhere.

Well, I can’t promise it will work, but I’m kitten sure trying.

New update 9/3

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Posted by: Grumpdogg.6910


I assume Ascended weapon crafting materials will be easily available through WvW gameplay. Just like the Ascended back item is.

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Incoming: WvW Leagues

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Posted by: Genev.2450


TON of transfers from PvErs that want to get rewards.

Article clearly states you have to actually play WvW to get the reward.

And i quote
and even if you don’t participate in WvW, you could be on the receiving end of some goodies if your server does well.

Please do not destroy this game

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Too late……………………

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Please do not destroy this game

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Ascended Weapons.. ascended Gear.. buff for more HP and other stats in WvW..

Please do not destroy this game!Please no things like in World of Warcraft, no itemspiral!!! Guild Wars 2 is a wonderful game for PvP (WvWvW), because there is no itemspiral, no buff you get when you play more PvP (WvWvW) than others. It’s a wonderful game because you need skill! And thats why I play this game. I have a chance when I play three times a week against players who played every day five hours. And that makes Guild Wars 2 be one of the best MMO’s ever! So please Arena Net, don’t destroy the game with those alterations!
Why do you tout with this, and now you want to take it in the game? The reasons below were the reasons to buy this game. And now you change it? In my opinion the game will be destroyed with this.
So guys, don’t let this happen. If some guys want an itemspiral than why you play GW2? Make no sense. Arena Net, you had created a game which is different than normal MMO’s. And thats why I love it.
And whats next? Healers and Tanks? You cannot advertise with something, and then after a Year add things you never want to!

At least, sorry for my bad english :P

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Nothing has ever made me rage more then GW2

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Dear secretary of transportation, whenever I shave while driving my car, I hit other cars. I demand of you to remove all traffic from the roads till I have finished my morning shave on the road.

Can we stop hating on the dev team?

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Posted by: Mif.3471


So, as always, make good suggestions in a positive way and you’ll see changes.

People have been making VERY good suggestions for nearly an entire year now, and the number of changes in WvW can be counted on one hand.

People are fed up with WvW being neglected, and this is the reason people are critical of the Devs. It has nothing to do with “hating” as the OP childishly puts it.

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80 RAnger wanting to roam advice!

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Roam into the character selection screen with your ranger and roll a thief.

All is vain.

Can I be a bad guy?

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Posted by: Guns and Giblets.9308

Guns and Giblets.9308

When GW2 wasn’t out yet, they answered the question multiple times. No, they don’t want you to be be an antagonist, and no, they don’t want to bring open world PvP into the PvE world. However, they have changed a lot of their philosophies in the past ten months, so I would say there’s a reasonable chance for what you are asking to become reality if NCSoft/Nexon are convinced that they can profit off of it. Keep those suggestions coming and you might get what you wish for!

If people shelling the big bucks start wanting to PK people in the open world, it just might happen!

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Maybe they can put the ability to do open world PvP in an RNG box.

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Disconnecting in WVW

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Posted by: Darek.1836


T8 is having problems like this as well. Definitely not due to being near towers or keeps or using waypoints, as I’ve disconnected while in citadel and the mid-lake.

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