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I overlooked Speed of Shadows

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Posted by: Flumek.9043


I thought the 7s lower recharge stays


idk this really messes up all rotations and combat flow.

Whats the point of 6s leap if you use it only every 15-20s ???
You lose too much to stay in for 2nd leap and you dont want to spam leap for a 10s freekill period.


new 3% decay baseline helps, id say its ok now
at the time it really looked bad for both ds campers ans flashers

PvP guild [YUM] -apply- (EU)

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Five Years Really?

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Posted by: Warrost.4895


Arenanet abandoned the forums.
They don’t read or care about feedback of the playerbase.
There are so many aspects of gw2, broken since day one, and major employees are not aware of them, even though players reporting them for nearly half a decade.
You have to live with it, like you already do since five years.
GW2 has the worst community management I ever saw.

Five Years Really?

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Posted by: ruinous.1702


I just want what every class gets.
Healing skills that work

An extra health bar is not a justification for the lack of any of these.

All our healing skills are badly designed. One is a minion that puts our skill on cooldown when someone farts AOE in it’s direction. The same goes for all minions.

We have a healing signet that that requires us to put ourselves in danger to help teammates and we get no reward for that risk. The passive basically doesn’t exist in the high burst of PVP.

Consume condition adds a condition to heal with a high cooldown and it’s only usable with the trait but that adds another condition. All conditions have this but they don’t offer anything better than other classes for the cost. The conditions don’t even synergize with how our class is supposed to be good at dealing with conditions. That isn’t a part of the class because every other class does it better.

So the non-existent condition control also doesn’t make up for the lack of other defenses.

We get no vigor. Really? Every class gets access to every boon. What did we get instead? We get to be a heavy training golem.

We get one trait that adds one stack of stability but we can’t use our utilities when we have it. We can’t use it to help heal. Bad design. In fact it doesn’t last long enough to use any skill, even our deathshroud skills. I’ve played enough games to watch every class have stability up at least have of the time.

We don’t get a block anywhere. Why? Classes burst out so much damage so quickly that I can barely cast shroud 1 before my shroud is gone. Face it, shroud doesn’t work.

I think the biggest rule of game design is that if it doesn’t work, you scrap it. But I see veteran designers make the same mistake all the time in these games. There’s always one class that the designers seem to act differently with. You know how to fix it.

You’ve had five years. Reaper isn’t a fix. It doesn’t fix the real problems of the class. Scourge is going to be worse.

Before Guild Wars 2 launch, all classes had energy costs and cooldowns for their skills but you removed it because you knew it was redundant. Now you are adding that cost back in for Necromancer. You are actually taking this class back in time.

You won’t fix lifeforce generation on a class that has no stability to allow it to generate lifeforce and you won’t even change deathshroud. You know there are ways to fix it but for some reason you feel the need to keep something that doesn’t work and for that weird reason you add another weird reason that keeps Necromancer from having actual defense. It’s also weird that for all the deliberate drawbacks it has, like self bleeding you didn’t really add anything in for it to have a reason for the drawbacks. It’s like you added the risk and forgot to add the reward.

How is this possible after 5 years? I have to ask this again because game companies seem to repeat it over and over and never learn from their mistakes. (nerf to Necro energy generation in Guild Wars 1)

How is this possible after 5 years!? 5 Years of countless feedback and players trying to help. How is it that game devs can look at one class and think, “it needs to work,” then look at another class and think, “we shouldn’t do that it would be to OP,” while the changes aren’t more OP than other classes?

It happens over and over again in these types of games. Is it some weird coincidence? Is there a purpose to it?

5 years.

Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: Choppy.4183


It is a bit rich that a daredevil main is complaining about people escaping fights….

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Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: K THEN.5162

K THEN.5162

To be fair, I’d rather drink bleach then fight a Daredevil

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Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: Shining One.1635

Shining One.1635

I saw a slick Daredevil move at SEC on DBL a couple weeks ago: Shortbow 5 → Shortbow 5 → Weapon Swap → Pistol 4 → Dead Necro.

Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: babazhook.6805


Playing the game the way you want implies that the person you are facing has that same right. If they WP or flee why does it bother you?

Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: HazyDaisy.4107


Had fun playing ring around the glider with 20+ enemies in a keep last night. Don’t agree with gliding being disabled when you’re in combat, because 95% of the time you’re in combat, it’s against atleast quadruple your number, and if you do manage to glide away and they still can’t knock you out of the sky, then they weren’t worthy of your bag anyway.

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Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: dzeRnumbrd.6129


I actually play daredevil and the few times people manage to WP away from me is because they WP almost as soon as they see me from ranged.

I waypoint to avoid Daredevils because I’m zerg spec and Daredevil is basically a broken profession with their perma evade trailblazer condi troll builds.

The fact that every skill I cast on a daredevil results “Evaded” showing on my screen only serves to demonstrate how broken the profession is.

How is that fun

How is killing people that aren’t geared up to fight you fun? It’s not even a level playing field.

You should be hanging out at the various ‘fight club’ spots (SMC?) dueling real 1v1 fighters that are geared to fight you.

You’re like one of those kids that only wants to fight the ‘special needs’ kid at school. You choose an easy target because you’re not good enough to fight the tough kid that actually wants to fight you.

Every kill on a zergling that you make is shallow and worthless because you’re just killing people that aren’t geared for fighting you.

Literally avoiding playing the game.

No, they’re there to play the zerg game not the 1v1 game. 1v1 is your game and we don’t have to participate in a game we’re not specced to play in.

We still lose time avoiding you so you’ve provided some utility to your server but we’re not going to feed your ego.

If you let us switch to a 1v1 profession so there is a level playing field then we’d gladly fight you.

TL;DR – If you play cheese builds and pick on easy targets because you’re no good then expect people to avoid you. Use a shadow trap.

Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: Clownmug.8357


Ok. We can make these changes if OP and other thief players promise never to reset fights that they forced us into.

Waypointing or gliding to escape combat...

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Posted by: Offair.2563


Daredevil don’t need to wp or glide, they just run away from danger.

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Weekly WvW Team Play On Live

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Posted by: Brandr Skjoldulfr.4810

Brandr Skjoldulfr.4810

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Scourge come 22nd

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Posted by: Ravezaar.4951


A Thief dictates every fight, he choose when to engage and when to withdraw or even if he wants to engage at all thats not gonna change. What changes imo is they cant stick to us in the same way with Scourge. I go by the skills tooltips, my experience and the tons of duels I had, ppl will have diffrent experience of this and ofc Thieves will adapt aswell. But currents Necros dies to Thieves at their will ,

I saw something diffrent that Beta weekend. Thats all I can say.

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How to make Thief work for a Noob!?

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Posted by: Avipt.9632


Ive been struggling to find a class i can main since like gw2 came out, ive been playing on and off since then. So yesterday i created a Charr Thief cause i like the fantasy of a Thief cat.
Anyway ive tried thief on 80, and i feel like they die easier than a zerker guardian, but dont kill as fast as other zerker classes. Also yesterday i tried Metabattle builds. And boy conquest pvp, or spvp what you wanna call it. I died freaking instantly. Im not sure how to learn thief when i never get the chance to like do any real PvP. It feels like the rest of the pvp community are lightyears ahead in skills.

I want to make thief work cause they got cool abilities etc, but as a kitten player it does seem like the classic warrior is the only choice :/ even tho i feel like they die easy to :/

Scourge come 22nd

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Posted by: Lily.1935


Why further nerf a class that’ll still need a babysitter?

Change the way "ruins" territories work

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Posted by: rpfohr.7048


There is no sense of ownership because the rune de caps by itself. the way it should be is if you have blood lust you gain access to the whole territory and can glide through it. (also this would be good as it puts more important on ruins and center of map and something more to fight over.)

Right now this is a like a null can’t fly zone because the ruins are always de capped unless your trying to capture. I mean even if your defending your ruins they are probably de capped and your just running to their defense.

This area needs a more permanent ownership feel and as much access to gliding as the other area’s.

Also ever have a ruin decap on you while your gliding lol…. at least if it was tied to bloodlust you would have a warning with a timer

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The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: Stand The Wall.6987

Stand The Wall.6987

I’m not opposed to stunbreaks providing a .5 second cc immunity.

Team Deathmatch for PvP – Raise the AoE cap for WvW – More unique events for PvE

The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: TheOneWhoSighs.7513


I play a lot of different characters, and tend to play with people that understand basic synergistic qualities. If you want to strawman that I main warrior, I will refute that this thread is about CC in general. Necro gets to stack 40 bleeds and nuke enormous aoe(they usually aren’t right up front eh), Warrior gets to eat a lot of CC (it’s your frontline)….

It is about CC in general, and as I said before, it’s a giant freaking circle.

The amount of CC in the game is directly proportional to the amount of boon rips & mitigation in the freaking game.

You wouldn’t be refuting anything by saying Warrior’s meant to absorb lots of CC and damage, you’d merely be explaining why there’s so much freaking CC in the first place.

Not that warrior is even taken in WvW anymore, outside of BS roaming builds, because that’s how much boon rip & CC is in the game. Warrior as a class has frankly been out scaled.

Nobody can afford to take a more selfish front liner, so everyone takes more Guardians & Revenants. Along with more Reapers in order to strip the front lines of the stab & resistance they’re pumping out.

Like I explained before, it’s a giant circle of never ending power creep until the game is rebalanced.

Yes, you’re right. Today a group can minimize the effects of crap loads of CC with crap loads of stab.

And today a grroup can minimize the effects of crap loads of stab with crap loads of boon rips.

And tomorrow boon rips will be even more plentiful.

And in the next few months stability & condi cleanse will be even more plentiful.

And in the next few months condies & boon rips will be even more plentiful.

And in the next few months…

Seeing it yet?

Because I’m a bit sick of the elitist mentality of “Everything is fine because you can just do X” when power creep comes into question.

I’ll say it again, there’s so much CC in the game, that a small group can spam it to break a boss’s bar.

The fact that that isn’t throwing off signals in everyone’s head that “Maybe that’s not a good thing”, is beyond me.

The existence of a CC break bar on bosses, should be a sign that there’s too much CC in the game.

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The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: Trajan.4953


stuns are ok. ppl just need to get better at playing the game. :/

Always a quick quip like this.

How about you contribute to the conversation with a well thought out post detailing why you think this way other than trying to be cute and denigrate others?


The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: ThomasC.1056


The amount of CC is so insanely high in this game, that new bosses literally have to have a “break bar”, where the entire goal is to spam CC up until the bar is gone.

This is the core issue. They put the breakbar system in PvE. Yet, as they’re obviously unable to design a challenging content without it being an endless pool of HP or “break that endless bar or die from the attack”, they had to give a liberal access to CC to some classes.

And now, we’re in WvW, with the exact same liberal access to CC, which allows some classes to completely disable a player. I purposely say player and not toon, because it comes to the point even with lots of stun breakers and stability access, you could just as well go do something else for your character is locked. God forbid, even their NPC’s have a liberal access to CC !

That’s the new challenging system guys ! Allow the player to make actual actions only 10% of playtime !

So, as many said previously : 1,5s of total (hard) CC immunity after each CC. Keep them for tactical purposes. Locking a player so that the war can use hundread blades without too much hassle is no tactic.

The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: TheOneWhoSighs.7513


To be honest with you, they actually need to go back and rebalance the whole freaking game, and then relaunch it.

The amount of CC is so insanely high in this game, that new bosses literally have to have a “break bar”, where the entire goal is to spam CC up until the bar is gone.

CC is actually incredibly stupid in WvW, because it makes a singular person feel helpless unless they have a big burly Guardian (or 3) in their group to give them stability.

Here’s the circle of WvW balance.

Loads of CC -> Need more stability -> too much boon spam, need more corruption -> even more CC -> Need even more stability -> need even more corruption

Even if you subtracted the power creep that happened damage wise in the game, the power creep that has happened boon, CC, and corruption wise is immense.

The only way I can see this ever actually being fixed, is to do a full rebalance. Because PvE is also going to need to be rebalanced around the fewer strong CCs.

“Unused Development Initiative. We care so much
about your feedback, that we don’t even read it.” ~ Crystal Suzuki

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Sublime mistforge armor fix/buff

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Posted by: kiwituatara.6053


Can we please make the glowy parts of the armor dye-able? Thanks!

We need help to fix domination in NA

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Posted by: Yuffi.2430


Blackgate has been a very successful WvW server for a number of years now, and dominates NA T1. Unfortunately this domination is leading other servers to artificially adjust their play in order to drop out of T1 or to avoid going up into T1. Players are choosing to do this in order to have a better gaming experience – they are not happy with the current situation. This “race to the bottom” is not good for the game or the majority players, and it is time to do something about it.

Breaking the domination by a single, popular, well populated and coordinated server requires intervention by Anet, and will result in a big change for that server. However painful this may be, it needs to be done for the benefit of the majority of players on the other servers.

I can’t imagine that Blackgate players will be happy with this idea, and I completely understand any desire to see their successful server continue as it is. However all good things must come to an end, and there is precedent for Anet to intervene for the good of the game: linking was introduced to solve a WvW population problem, it was done for the benefit of the majority of players despite the protests of many people who were to be linked. When all the dust has settled, and despite the issues linking still has, the population spread is better than it was and WvW is better for it.

It’s time for Anet to step up to the plate again.

The one thing that is certain is that what is happening is not good for WvW and we can’t rely on players themselves to sort this out. We need Anet’s help; the question is what should they do?

Here’s a possible solution:

  • Announce that Blackgate will be closed in 2 months, and give players time to transfer to any open server of their own choice.
  • After the 2 months, close Blackgate. Promote the strongest linked server to host. Create a new linked server with a new name. Reduce the FULL status cap on all WvW servers to a fair level (perhaps 1/24th the total active WvW population) to stop any single server having dominant numbers.
  • Require any players who have not transferred from Blackgate to join an open server. The new link server will help with providing places.

This process would redistribute the Blackgate players across a number of other servers, and the lower full server population should ensure no single server achieves the same domination through numbers, because a host + link could have more players, and with Anet controlling the linking of servers any domination by a combination would only last until the next relink.

I’m sure Anet would be interested to read other constructive solutions too.

Full servers

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Posted by: Blockhead Magee.3092

Blockhead Magee.3092

Everyone should just transfer to Blackgate and sit in monster queues and then wonder why there is nobody to fight.

I’m not saying that is where the OP wants to go, but its the way the population is shifting.


Fix. Necro. CONDIES!

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Posted by: Ravezaar.4951


plz fix Condi Thief its BROKEN

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Vabi a good server WvW?

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Posted by: Funearl.3514


The most salty server in the game, but atleast you won’t be getting hate whispers if you join them.

Scourge's Power, Devs need to see that

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Posted by: Ubi.4136


Condition damage should be removed ENTIRELY as a play-style.

And he says no one in THIS thread has credibility.

Personally, I hate the way scourge plays. After testing, have decided I would rather stay in my reaper build. I really don’t get why the scourge barrier affects other players, I think it should be personal, but that’s just my opinion.

I will stick with HoT elites for several classes. My ranger wilI stay druid and my mesmer will stay chrono. Ele will stay tempest. My engineer will definitely switch to holosmith, cause the damage is stupidly over the top unless it gets changed too. Deadeye…just lol.

What I take issue with is a bunch of Ele mains complaining they should nerf other classes elites just because they don’t like Weaver.

The devs have said changes are coming before launch. I have stated numerous times, why don’t we wait to see how the class is changed before continuing the nerf hammer crusade.

Boons should not be an “I win” card. Whoever can stack the most for the most duration wins. I really like that a hard counter is coming. The blob-fest that is wvw will be interesting for a few months as people try new things. Not a fan of the shift to “all condition all the time” but that was already happening and I will adapt like always.

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Scourge's Power, Devs need to see that

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Posted by: Ubi.4136


There is no reason to continue this since we don’t know what the changes are…but:

1. The thread is made by an Ele who isn’t happy with weaver or their barrier.
2. He keeps referring to “the video”, the same could be said about the 2 year old Revenant video…look at how the turtle loses no health and can’t be killed.
3. The other Ele is worried about boons being bad instead of good. Boons should not be an “I win” card because you can spam them and keep 100% uptime during fights for your roaming build.
4. Deadeye will be more broken as will the burn guard build in my opinion.

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The stunfest has to stop

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Posted by: TheOneWhoSighs.7513


I was saying this in March (it’s 2017, for the record):

I’ve been stunlocked by one or two players and then spiked down in moments. I’ve built to be super tanky as a consequence and usually survive, albeit barely.

The stuns in Guild Wars 2 are a problem at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s a combination of multiple enemies hitting one player it or whether it’s a single super-long stun or a spammable stun on a the class that doesn’t have cooldowns (Thief).

Multiple Enemies lining up CC on a single enemy…. as if a single player should reliably be able to shrug off multiple people at once CCing them with good timing. (Fun Fact, you can do this, if you aren’t garbage and/or you have a nice bro willing to stab you in a decent team composition.)

If a group of 4 people is smart enough to strip your stability source early and lock you down, it’s a valid tactic where a person was Outplayed/outgunned.

Comfortable in saying that when I can run into a group of 30 kittenin people and make it out on multiple classes by utilizing good skill usage, and/or good teammates, CC is not a surplus comparatively to it’s counters.

Yes, you can all “git gud”. Run builds that round out your weaknesses, or find people that let you specialize. It’s like people are allergic to thinking but certainly not complaining.

Nike warriors telling people to “git gud”.

Can I have 8 full seconds of invuln that comes in 2 pieces, that both literally come with stun break, one of them is automatic.

Bucket loads of mobility, pulsing resistance, and a 25 second cooldown block (20s when traited), condi cleanse on weapon swap (+ faster weapon swap), immobilize clear every single time I use a movement ability (Of which I literally carry around 4).

Yeah, hun.

It’s a hell of a lot easier for a nike warrior to get away 1v30 than it is for say, a Necro, that struggles to even fit swiftness on its bar let alone more than 1 stun break/condi cleanse.

It’s like the warrior class was built specifically to be extremely durable in a very selfish way, or something.

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Stunlock Needs to Go

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Posted by: Astralporing.1957


What’s the deal with the Stunlock? That’s not fun.

McLain and Chronacher, I am looking at you. We just had a balance patch – why is this Stunlock a thing?

Im not trying to be funny but this is the first time i see someone complain about mcleod xd you can kill him with spamming 1

He meant Roy Cronacher and Karl McLain. Anet developers. Not the escort boss.

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