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Hey guys, can I have a word?

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Posted by: Noxicon.4956


I agree that it can be off-putting to the new players but I don’t see how that should mean that I should accept having my day ruined because I want one of the rewards and I can’t get blooms because it doesn’t work. If you want one of the potions you need to play for 90 hours out of the 96 available hours that this event is up. As if it isn’t already nearly impossible but it doesn’t give you rewards on top of that? It is frustrating. And it is even more frustrating having people in map chat telling you that it doesn’t matter if you don’t get rewards.

This sort of attitude is exactly the problem. Flame me all you want, but people with your sort of opinion need to take a break from the game. It has become a job where you’re expecting an hourly wage. This events intent was to bring guilds into these low level zones and expose new players who otherwise might never have met them. The event is bugged. That’s a bummer, but this is a game, not a job. You and people like you are treating it that way and that is the source of the toxicity. Having a tantrum because you didn’t get a reward and claiming your Entire day was ruined as a result is, frankly, ridiculous. A game is about having fun. The moment you aren’t having fun is the moment you need to stop and do something else for a little while.

I want to introduce you to a pretty simple concept:

Your definition of fun is not the only one.

Let that sink in for a sec.

You ready?

Ok, now we can talk like adults. If you do not see how this event is absurdly problematic, then I would say it is you who is the problem in the community. It has become accepted by some people to release blatantly buggy things that break the game every single patch. You fall back on ‘well they’re making HoT and are stretched thin’ and other bs excuses. Meanwhile the quality has dropped to epic levels, Anet is dodging questions left and right leaving their playerbase with absolutely no idea of what is going on, and legions of prominent Anet employees have left for greener pastures. That may be ok to you, but I’ve put a lot of money into Anet’s pockets. I deserve a quality product regardless of what they are doing elsewhere. If they cannot offer that product, they should not put it out there for consumption. You know, like literally every other profession in the world.

The fact that it’s a ‘game’ has absolutely no bearing. It is a service and a product which they are charging people for, and thus they have accountability to them. Calling people toxic for being angry at absolute kitten poor design and execution on every level solves absolutely nothing. This release perfectly sums up the last 6 months of what they have done with this game, and your sunshine and rainbows are blinding you to that fact.

Do you want me to illustrate why this is flawed? Ok then.

You say the purpose was to bring guilds into low level areas and introduce new players to them. OK cool. I can see you drank the Kool-Aide. The problem is this event is not remotely social. The events are completed so quickly that its impossible to ‘play with friends’ really. I know because my guild had events planned for this. We were all in the same map waiting and many of us were anxious to interact with new players and the GW2 community. When an event ends 2 minutes after it starts, its not possible to get your guild or even your party to the same location as you. And me running around the same map with people i know while simultaneously not doing a kitten thing with them is not my idea of ‘getting guilds into lower levels’.

This event also seems to have the intention of rewarding you more for events you qualify for than events you actually stay and complete. Thus, you tag and move to the next one instead of actually helping people. It becomes waypoint wars and you simply zip around the map. You can argue until you’re blue in the face that i’m not ‘playing for fun’ (when I am), but their system CLEARLY indicates this is how they intended it to function, otherwise it would not be there.

My guild participated in the recruiting post made by Gaile and is a part of the new database Anet put together of guilds in GW2. I was in maps 3 hours early informing people about the event that Anet made a simple passing mention of, informing them to unlock all waypoints. Do you know how I knew that? Because this is essentially the same function as the Toxic invasions, just reskinned with different enemies.

And what a reskin they did. 2 whole event variations. kitten , I’m impressed. This is the new player introduction? 40 minutes of running around the map doing the same kitten 2 events repeatedly which die in 30 seconds and require no interaction with anyone? That’s your idea of what Guild Wars 2 is? Again, tell me how it’s me and people like me who are the issue in the community.

It is actually possible for people to be passionate about video games, and that doesn’t make them strange or weird. I have many thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars in this game. If I’m kittened, you coming along telling me I have no right to be is going to solve absolutely nothing, and I’m probably going to have some even more choice words for you than this post has had. This release sums up PRECISELY what is wrong at Anet right now. Meanwhile, you pump the hell out of sunshine and tolerate mediocrity while throwing your money at them with zero expectation. Perhaps you have the luxury of doing that, but I have to actually care what I put money into.

I hate the Silverwastes

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Part 2

We jump in the breach, at least, most do, 2 guys walk in and die. I turn south and search for a poison bubble to pop. I pop it open, boss charges in it, it’s stunned. I summon an iZerker and 2 iDuelist using my Signet of the Ether. I place a Time warp. DPS is looking okay despite the 5-6 guys still at the breach entrance ressing the 2 guys who died or just AFKing.

The 2 bosses are nearing, they will collide in 5 seconds. I use /s aka local chat: “go ranged, quick”. Out of the 12 guys I have there 2 goes ranged, the rest dies at the bosses. Some new guys jump in the breach, and start ressing the dead. No one waypoints. With my 2 faithful guys, we do our best to stun the bosses, while others are being ressed, of course, they go down again in the next 2 times the bosses meet. My “please stayed at ranged when the bosses are together” seems to have no effect.

1 minute left. Silver is at 5%, we can kill it, but gold is almost full, not a chance. I see a warrior using hundred blades on bubble, that is nowhere near the bosses. I accept my fate.

Breach failed. Gold Teragriff and Copper Husk survived. Map chat goes wild “kittennoobs worst breach i’ve seen”. First guy retruns “I SAY NO AOE REDkittenTROLL COMMANDER”. I am unsure if he means me or the actual commander at Red. I am mad enough now to reply, altough I know I shouldn’t: “let me guess, 10 rangers stood at the ledge spamming 1 in AFK mode even tough the boss was out of range?”. “kittenTROLL” – I now know at least he meant me.

Vinewrath is coming up. I get ready my copypaste messages that I have made for it. The lane phase starts and out of the 15 people I have in my lane at least 7 are AFK. No matter, it’s doable anyway. We escort the siege, and engage on the Troll. People hide behind the honeycomb, and stay there troughout the fight. I see a lot of autoattacks, but some are just standing in the stack. “Please use skills to do damage” – I type that with a bit of sarcasm. Troll walks up to the Vinewrath, people are still autoattacking from the same spot, even with non-stop red text saying “obstructed”. Troll is at 10%, we got 30 seconds left. We get all boons from another lane and we manage to kill the troll with 10 seconds to spare. Luckily, no brain or tactics were required.

I paste my message for the Tresher: “Vinewrath boss#2 (tresher): Use reflection if it spins in the middle! Kill pustules -> touch white circles they leave behind for a buff. Get in the white cone shape when boss goes to the Vinewrath!” A guy goes: “shut up everyone knows what to do”. Tresher fails.

We manage to defeat the Vinewrath in the end, with little hopes I arrive at the chests. No Coat. Again. I get a Twister in a Jar from one of the Bandit chests. Deep inhale, slow exhale. Repeat.

“Let’s try to do a Labyrinth” – as I have 8-9 greater keys stacked up. “Please do the event at – I link in the Labyrinth POI – so the waypoint opens”. Around 20-30 people arrive at the Labyrinth. Exactly 1 does the event with me.

We are done with the event, 1 minute left of tier1 of the Labyrinth, chests opened: 79/100. We might just get to tier 2, I am starting to doubt my own memories of tier 3.

I rush the middle, to open the big chest as many times as I can to advance the tier. 4 guys are lying dead on the chest. I skew the camera all over the place, but cannot click on the chest. I have to revive, the WP is open by this point. Suddenly a Guardian leaps in with a Wolf following him, I swiftly invis with my torch, but the guardian is running straight at me. We both down and die.

I log out.

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I hate the Silverwastes

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Part 1

I log in.

I skip trough the login reward for which I have to view the daily achievments even tough I don’t want to, whatch it slowly going away.

I waypoint to the Silverwastes, with a deep sigh, mumbling to myself, attempt 32, be kind Rngeesus and finally give me a Coat.

On arrival I notice that the “Next pact assault will begin in 5 minutes”. Fair enough. I pop open LFG tool, see 5-10 ads for “WARRIOR ONLY 5KAP ZERK!!!” in General PvE tab, and keep looking for the magic SW x% to pop up. A 60% pops up, I’ll try to join – too late, I wasted an extra second scratching my left ear and the party got full. Soon enough SW 80% pops up, I actually manage to join the party, but as expected, the map is already full.

The 5 minutes have passed and Pact assault has begun. Another sigh. Well, might as well get this show rolling. I tag up, like I tagged up in the past for the last 100+ times. Indigo or Red, Indigo or Red, can’t decide it depends on my mood really, I am feeling indigo today, but by the end of the run I know I’ll feel red.

“Anyone feels like tagging up for other forts?” – As always, no reply. I manage to solo the mordrem at indigo whtihin 5 minutes, and the first fort is on a roll now. “Can we get some tags for amber/blue/red?” – dead silence.

Click, LFG tool open once again. I start to type: “SW – 0% – need 3 more comms please”. About 15 seconds pass and a sylvari ranger joins my party, taxies in on me, leaves my party immidately. My LFG is erased. So I open it once again and type: “SW – just started – blue/amber/red commander needed”. A mesmer joins, asura. Leaves party, my LFG is erased.

In the meantime Red gets take “by the Pact”, we have done our first defense in Indigo, being the only commander on the map, I have 2-3 people around me now. “Can anyone tag up for other forts?”

Blue and Amber still untaken, Red does it’s first defense, we have done our second defense at Indigo. LFG time. “3 commanders needed for SW please”. A bit tricky, I didn’t use % this time. No one joins. I re-edit the LFG to SW 15% cause I am starting to be lazy about it, and I don’t want to type the same sentence over and over. Surprisingly, a group of 4 joins instantly on me. My LFG is erased. All taxi in, all are at map entrance. They linger around a minute in my party, before they start leaving. They are still at the entrance, none moving.

Indigo and Red progresses, we are 35%. Someone took amber in the meantime. Blue is still being ravaged by mordrem. I open LFG, type “35% – 3 commanders please”. In no time, my party fills up, they taxi in, leave party whitout a word. I reopen LFG – “SW – need 3 more comms 40%”. Party is full, they leave. “SW 40% – 3 comms needed”. I get supressed.

For the next 5 minutes, the map progresses silently, blue gets taken, map is at 60% when I can speak again. I don’t even care about commanders anymore. I open LFG – SW 60%. A group of 3 join me this time, and a 4th random guy. All of them taxi in. Someone is requesting a kick for the 4th random guy. It is confirmed. Soon after, I get kicked from my party.

Map is at 70%, thankfully I cannot LFG in any more people. I try one last time in map chat: "From the 40-50 people that I taxied in with “commander needed” anyone willing to tag up?" To my surprise, I actually get a response: “this is chestfarm map noob”. A guy actually tags up for Red soon after. I thank him in map chat: thanks for pitching in.

80%. Map is full, yet I still got the same 3-4 people at Indigo as in the beginning. And we just lost Blue to the mordrem. 80% indicates that I should get my copypastes ready, that I have on a notepad. I paste in the tactics for indigo: “Indigo Breach Boss: 1. Please DON’T kill Poison bubbles, only when bosses are near it, they stun the boss, 2. Use RANGED when the two bosses meet, you’ll die melee, 3. Try to focus one boss at a time!”
I paste in the tactics for red: "Red Breach Boss: Feel free to use AoE! “No AoE at red” is a myth, it’s not true. The small husks only give it regeneration. Use poison and give it all you got!"
As usual 1 guy in map chat goes “lol no aoe at red”. I try explaining: “the small husks don’t matter, it’s only regen, and you lose more DPS if you just spam 1”. Another guy goes: “bubbles heal it”. “true, but bubbles pop anyway after time, you just have to kite it away”. First guy again: “LOL NO AOE RED!!!”

I calculate. Amber defense should have about a 2 minutes timer, so breach in 2 minutes. Map chat: “breach ~2 mins”. In my mind this makes the AFK guys at spawn move, but that maybe just happening in my head, what I do notice is that people actually arrive at my fort, indigo.

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37K firegrab in pvp

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Bloodstone dust: Tyrian steroids?

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

Cooking it burns your hands and destroys kitchen equipment.

They are literally crystals.

I’m fairly sure that injecting/consuming bloodstone dust would be more akin to using meth.

And, uh, let’s not forget the fact that we slowly KILLED a grawl over the course of three days by feeding him bloodstone-based foods and broths.

I’m fairly sure this is all a part of ArenaNet saying “there will be no Ascended chef crafting, at least none that utilizes bloodstone dust, because it is not edible.”

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

[suggestion] main hand only skills

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Posted by: fellyn.5083


They could find away to allow two sigils on each single hand weapon. When there’s no off hand, both sigils are active. When there is a off hand, only the first sigil is active along with the off hand sigil.

Edited in main post.

They do. They’re called two-handed weapons.

Why would they take time to create 1 handed weapons that have the exact same benefits as two-handed weapons?

It literally doesn’t make any sense to do so.

Zommoros told me a secret

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Posted by: thehipone.6812


Mystic Plunger mace skin?

A small thank you giveaway

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Posted by: Sanderinoa.8065


Hey there, its me, and I thought it was time to say thanks to some people once in a while.

For those who don’t know, this is the official announcement stating that rT is currently on standby. The guild’s activity has gone down and we’ve closed recruitment until our core has enough initiative to return to the game.

This is why, after playing the game thoroughly since beta, I thought it was time to do a small tribute to those who have influenced me and the guild rT.

This is how it works: Ive made a list of the relevant people, with a challenge linked to every one of them. These challenges are very personal, and will therefore result in a reward linked closely to the characteristics of said individual as well.

Video proof will be needed for a lot of these, but I believe most of you can handle that.

Firstly –
Particlar[KING] – My primary contact in KING, he’s a good guy and helped a lot with getting to know the other guilds. While we don’t play a lot, he’s a good player and fun to be around.

Challenge: Solo Mai trin (any lvl) stuck in the earth attunement on elementalist
Reward: His characteristic Fuzzy Bear hat

2. Jerem [SC] – My previous primary contact in HC. A good french mesmer with a great personality, jerem has been around for ages and has been a mesmer friend for a really long time. Jerem helped with setting up a good alliance between rT and SC.
You all know him, so there’s not much else to say.

Challenge: Make a video of a guardian lupi solo and brag about it in 3 completely unrelated threads.
Reward: Pirate captain costume +mask of the queen from the gemstore

3. Obal[DnT]: This is a personal one, Obal was the guy who did his lupicus solo just before mine, making me very annoyed that he stole the third place in SOLO back in the day. But nontheless, we’re both in the same boat, being made fun of for making a ridulously long solo video.

Challenge: solo lupicus with a scepter on guardian but somehow take 30 min+ to do so.
Reward: Mecha Anchor, the briny deep and black fleet blungeon
Like the anchor he thought he was.

4. Zelyhn[rT]: A frenchie from rT who always felt incompetent in comparison to the rest of the guild. The house scholar in rT who helped out with a lot of the leadership
and gave me a lot of imput for new ideas.

Challenge: remove at least 15 commas out of one of my forum posts and still have it make sense. Completed by Enemycrusher
Reward: Reading glasses skin from the gemstore

5. Kull / Xero[SOLO]/[rT]: As the first member I had the pleasure of welcoming to SOLO, xero and I have been working together in SOLO as well as rT, from start to present.

Challenge: Correct my sdpelling 5 times in one post Completed by Enemycrusher
Reward: Total makeover kit to make yourself go bald. Kyrnswarden Naegling if you send me a pic of you actually having done so.

6. Haviz[SOLO]/[rT]: The Dark lord has influenced lots of things, as secondary leader in rT as well as SOLO, I had no way of avoiding the man. But he remains a really skilled individual, who has contributed loads to the guild and my own experience of the game.

Challenge: nothing funny to see here… he might hurt me. Just give me a good ragepost explaining why elementalists are underpowered. Completed by Tom something something
Reward: The red glowing eyes he probably has in real life (from the gemstore).

7. Lorek[SOLO]/[rT]: A loyal friend of the dark lord, Lorek has helped out a lot in rT being one of the more serious members. He’s still around and continues to make the guild have a positive attitude.

Challenge: Befriend a being of darkness(be creative)Won by Labjax!
Reward: A mini Brown Bear + Magitech Medium armor skin.

8. Jeremy[rT]: My replacement sandy for when Im away. Jeremy has always entertained me a lot with his character. As one of the later members to join rT he has been the perfect example of the kind of person I hoped to attract with the new trialing system. He replaces me for extensive periods of time to this day.

Challenge: Attempt to do a guild mission alone because nobody shows up to join you, fail and laugh uncontrolably.

Reward: Constantly smiling Warrior quaggan backpack set from the gemstore.

9. Funny Sunny Bunny[?]: Likely a name nobody here knows. This was a person whom went with me to fractals 80 for the first time. My pure annoyance with them was what drove me to doing my first solo, as I can not stand being looked down on.

Challenge: Call me a pile of sand extensively won by acotje
Reward: Nothing. God I hate that.

As this is only directed at the dungeon forum community, I would appreciate it if this thread stayed on this page.

rT will be around at least as long as I can keep myself busy with the random stuff I do on a regular basis, and I hope the time for a comeback won’t take too long.

Enjoy, I hope to see you around ingame.

Delvert/Sanderinoa [rT]
Retaliate is recruiting. again!
Fancy a Read? Extensive PvE Mesmer Guide

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I need my fix

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Nah Braham’s still not over his last girlfriend who left him for some trader or another.

Did I loose my story progression ?

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

yeah it kinda sucks…having a story quest every 2 lvls or so had a great flow to it and kept things interesting, now it feels like a grind…
so every 10 lvls I get like, 5 story missions since they are not every 2 or 3 lvls anymore ?

The flow was actually pretty terrible at low levels as you’d often be a couple levels shy after a while if you focused on the story, which resulted in people leveling up in the open world then focusing on the story in big chunks. It’s those people’s actions which apparently influenced this part of the update.

Ideally, I wouldn’t mind. The issue however is that the personal story was designed and written with a continuous flow in mind. Now you have “visit me when you get well” (human storyline) but you don’t – you wait until you get level 10 to visit (it’s not so bad for asura, sylvari, and norn, but charr it’s just as bad with your warband recently deceased – no need to report in soldier! Go do some training out in the field first! >.>). Another bad part being the Racial sympathies – the end of the now-level 40 arc ends with you picking a racial sympathy, but then you have to get to level 50 to continue it, and it’s only once you hit level 60 that you see the race’s speaker (Gara, etc.) with your Order head. The other splits aren’t so bad with the time gap.

I personally don’t mind the time gap, except for those cases.

Oh, and how about how we get AC unlocked at level 30 – but in the level 40 PS is when Eir gets the idea of retrieving Magdaer and heads off to the Ascalon Catacombs. So now you’re doing dungeons 10+ levels before they should happen in accordance to the Personal Story! Logic!

From the update notes:

Chapter 7 is now focused on helping Trahearne cleanse Orr.
Chapter 8 is now focused on defeating Zhaitan.

The story steps that were in Ch8 that involved helping Trahearne with his wyld hunt have been moved to Ch7.

Can you please explain this decision? I made a thread here about it, because it makes no sense.

As I point out in said thread you:

  • Fight the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan, which has been long designed to be a climatic battle where your defended by your allies throughout your trials in Orr.
  • Then you go to the Temple of the Forgotten God, where you meet first of said allies, and encounter a lesser Eye of Zhaitan.
  • Then you kill said lesser Eye of Zhaitan. Where you meet second said ally/allies.
  • Then you fight out the revelation that there’s more than one Eye of Zhaitan…. but we… killed… two… now…
  • Then it’s the mouth, more allies, then risen supplies, more allies, then it’s invasion into Cursed Shore… where we already were for the cleansing of Orr storyline – which I should add, begins with a series of Pact troops in Cursed Shore! Seems like we invaded it already, when we invade it later now.

Unless that is, there has been a dialogue – both spoken and text – change throughout all of these steps to ensure they flow better. But if that’s the case, and you spent time and money “fixing” the personal story, why not spend this time and money making a better Season 2 or making Season 1 permanent content?

So, again, please explain this design decision. Because it makes no freaking sense.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

The "veteran content" in this feature pack

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Posted by: Rasimir.6239


Well if this feature pack was mostly for the new players

Do you honestly think so? The feature pack includes a lot of things asked for on the forums countless times, amongst them global guilds (which to me, being a member of two cross-server guilds, is a huge thing), golem mastery and account-bound commander for WvW, crafting updates, as well as all of the week 3 announcements. Plus the general balance-changes will likely change up pvp at least for a bit. That’s quite a lot of changes for veteran players, that many have been waiting for for a long time.

Ressing people doesn't reward you

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Posted by: Dayra.7405



To many people die as they fail to lookup boss-invulnerability buf. Then even more die in the attempt to rezz them. Going there is a stupid fail. Expecting that others risk their life to help them out of their failure is even more fail.

EotM is full of bad equipped low levels. Nevertheless they are the first to run to a champ and attack them melee. Resulting in their dead before even all reached the boss. Stay back till high levels that do not die on one hit took the aggro. Even better are the ones that run to the champ when the commander asked to clean the arrow cards first. I find it absolute sufficient to revive them after rewards are collected by the ones that fail less.

Another tip: If you are a low level that die fast: use a range weapon and attack the boss from a place inside the later conquest circle, this way you make sure that in case of dead you lie inside the conquest circle improve your chance to get revive before conquest a lot.

Ceterum censeo SFR esse delendam!

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Please No Profession Loot

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Posted by: thekap.8645


As i tend to say in these types of posts. The in game market should not have any influence on gameplay decisions like this. This is 100% the right decision. This game has more then enough ways to make money. I can easily make 10-20 gold a day and i never sell mats unless of course i have maxed out stacks of refined and raw mat.

Calidorne – L80 Ranger – Commander

Pvp isnt skillbased.

in PvP

Posted by: Clip.6845


On a serious note, it all boils down to how you define “skill.” Things definitely aren’t determined by luck, but possibly you can make the argument that certain builds which are supposedly “easy” to play can wreck face too much. Of course, many people attribute this to brain skill, or the whole, “work smarter, not harder” idea which I guess has some weight to it.

There are 3 levels of skill imo:

1) Preperation: Know how to play and how your (possible) enemies play (build wars)
2) Excecution: Manage cooldowns, dodge, cc, etc… (what most people call skill)
3) Strategy: Know when to fight, where to fight and for how long.

80’s: Engineer/Warrior/Necromancer/Mesmer/Thief/Elementalist/Guardian [Seafarer’s Rest]

Mawdrey 2 is the real problem

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Posted by: Ascimator.6735


Threads like this one really make one wonder about the modern gamers.

final boss fight too much

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Posted by: Draknar.5748


And thats what i dont get. I only really started playing video games 2000 onwards. And i can still appreciate challenge and wanting to improve yourself. I guess i had a pretty good introduction by watching my dad play doom, quake and half life as i was growing up. Why the hell are people so warped and lazy.

It’s less about when gamers started playing but rather when they were born/how they were raised. Typically people born mid-late 90s and up were/are part of the “everyone’s a winner, there are no losers” generation. Nobody was/is allowed to feel bad for not being as good as someone else in anything. They were/are raised to be extra sensitive and that if you hit an obstacle you can’t overcome, it isn’t because of you or your skills because you are perfect just the way you are, rather it’s because that obstacle isn’t accessible enough to everyone’s wide range of skills and thus needs to be changed or able to be bypassed so that no one feels like they are failing.

That’s why with this boss fight, the ones that have failed it don’t think to themselves “hmm, maybe I need to re-think my strategy here”, they think “wow, that boss is waay too hard, they need to fix it!”

Dunno when OP was born, but I would venture to guess mid-90s or later.

This is all hypothetical of course, I’ve done no research.

Guess i just missed out on being raised like that thankfully. Born 91.

Well clearly it isn’t written in stone. Just a theory as to why people would rather “difficult” content be made much easier or bypassed instead of…I dunno, practicing it so you can overcome it.

Like JPs. The people against them sometimes say “I’m not good at them, so I shouldn’t have to do them in the game if I don’t want to.” Which is fine, especially the hard JPs I agree completely, but for simple jumping exercises like what we’ve seen in Dry Top? I mean…why can’t people just learn to be better at them? Barring physical limitations/disabilities that would prevent them from performing key strokes, humans have the amazing ability to learn and adapt. Try something once and fail, OK, try it again and it is slightly easier. Keep trying it and you will get better and better at it. It’s like people don’t even want to try anymore. Failing isn’t fun for anyone, but failure happens in life people, it’s time to stop blaming the content for being too hard, and start accepting that maybe you need to get better.

I won’t stop because I can’t stop.

It’s a medical condition, they say its terminal….

Racial Sympathy Limitations are Nonsense

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Posted by: BrunoBRS.5178


Asura, as a race, seem to be the most self-biased group in the whole continent.


the asura aren’t unbiased, they’re as biased as it gets. they think they are, without a trace of a doubt, the most important things to ever exist. “i personify genius”. they’re arrogant and egocentric.

LegendaryMythril/Zihark Darshell

Prediction: Why Rytlock Failed

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Posted by: videoboy.4162


Rytlock didn’t expect his actions in the tomb to break the entire curse. His sole purpose of going into the tomb was to test his theory about the sword, before attempting to break the curse at its source.


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Posted by: OmaiGodman.2098


When exactly does Trahearne steal the player’s credit? Everybody keeps shouting that but nobody could ever show me any dialogue that has Trahearne saying “I defeated Zhaitan”.

Any plan that involves dead quaggans is, by design, foolproof. I’m an unmitigated genius!

Please allow me to attack my own NPCs!

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Posted by: Jornophelanthas.1475


No, “Gates of Maguuma” is not what took months of development.

What took months of development is the ENTIRE setup for “Gates of Maguuma”, “Entangled” and a dozen or more similar updates, each of which containing a roughly similar amount of content as “Gates of Maguuma”. That means about 4 story instances, and more additions to the world map (likely including more Dry Top).

If you don’t know who Aerin is, you should have gotten a few clues:
1. Aerin was a rather noticeable NPC in Labyrinthine Cliffs over the past two months.
2. Various clues and NPCs strewn across Dry Top and the story instances slowly reveal Aerin’s identity. And you are required to collect most of them to progress the story. It’s your responsibility not to read any of it.

If you don’t know who the Master of Peace is, you should have gotten a few clues:
1. He appeared before in the introductory story instance of Festival of the Four Winds (which was available for just under two months).
2. He is specifically mentioned as being “the leader of the zephyrites” by Marjory and Kasmeer in the “Fallen Hopes” story instance.
3. Your entire purpose in the “Cornered” story instance is to find and save the Master of Peace. Various clues in Dry Top pointed the way to the instance.

Again, not paying attention is your own responsibility. Do you also watch movies with the sound turned off?

Greater penalties for Death

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Posted by: Omar Aschi Popp.7496

Omar Aschi Popp.7496

As weird as it sounds, I was kind of mad at the update to remove cost for armor repairs.

Ironically it’s where most of my money went because I kind of suck at the game, but I felt accomplished when I did succeed, and there was more at stake to loosing. Now when I get downed in combat I’m all “eh whatever”, when before I would frantically struggle and use vengeance always.

Not sure if on the same page but my opinion on death.

List of people whose posts speak on my behalf:
Lunar Sunset.8742

WvW Tournament Rewards Distribution Delay

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Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

Content Marketing Manager

Guys, the last update was on Friday. Today is Monday. Contrary to popular belief, our developers have lives and families that they would like to live and see respectively.

Believe me when I say that we will provide an update as soon as we have an update to provide. Until that time, your continued patience is appreciated.

WvW Tournament Rewards Distribution Delay

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Posted by: Forzani.2584


I wonder how long this will take to resolve. On Piken Square hardly any of us are logging on for the current matchup, mainly because the one thing we worked for – we didn’t get, so nobody sees the point of it at the moment.

I am stuck in my radiant outfit with a big red sword and its painful having to run around without the mistforge weapon I adjusted my wardrobe for.

There is no sense of closure to the season and it is making play an unpleasant experience.

This gets my vote for post of the year !

When someone uses the word ‘Meta’, a kitten dies. Don’t do it.

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Balance is subjective

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Posted by: Carighan.6758


Seems anet interpreted it the same way aswell considering how the trinity was thrown out the window and how it was typed that ever class could fill every role for e.g. dungeons or pvp teams.

Ok, now we’re confusing things.

ANet promised that due to a lack of trinity and the sheer amount of different weapons and abilities on classes, you’re never excluded from something on principle.

An example of this issue is that as raids get better in WoW, you want less and less healers. Back in the days when respeccing was a problem in regards to new gear, this was problematic for say, your Disc Priest. You would just tell them to go Shadow, but that’s nothing they can do on a whim.
Another example was vanilla raiding, you needed one Retridin for BoK. But only one, as the second would have nothing to do, and the damager of Retribution was negligible.

A more modern example is that a second tank in a dungeon is generally not useful. They spec DPS instead, but at least WoW made it easy to do that nowadays.

GW2 does not have this issue.
Every class is able to fill “every” role, by virtue of the roles not existing. We’re all subtypes of DPS, and our classes have a slight niche but never a functional difference. Thieves aren’t useless in PvE, like they were in DAoC. Healers … don’t exist. Warriors can do ranged damage.

What they didn’t mean is that you can just randomly equip some gear and do maximum damage in PvE, or that you can spec whatever you want and expect to be efficient at both WvW, sPvP and PvE, with the very same spec and against all targets.

So, yes, everyone can fill every “role”.
It’s still your obligation as a player to be good at it and want to be good at it, or groups are still going to remove you.

But unlike games such as WoW, you’re not a liability and unwanted even when properly set up. And that’s what the GW2 devs were on about in that dev talk, how in earlier MMOs the class-roles forced a viability onto you which could later in your char’s life negatively impact your ability to play with friends or guildies, and there’s little you can do about it.

The strength of heart to face oneself has been made manifest. The persona Carighan has appeared.

The Mystery of Countess Anise

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

I got so excited about the red icon… Should have known.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

My opinion on why GW1 plot > GW2 plot

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Posted by: Kalavier.1097


I stopped reading the original post as soon as he claimed DE and Traehearne take credit from the player.

They NEVER DO. Pay attention to the story. Arah storymode, Caithe turns to the player and goes “Without YOU this would have never happened.” In the end cutscene, you walk out infront of them, and then later stand besides them as an equal.

Trahearne heaps praise on you, and at one point in Orr my norn ranger received the line about “How Charr, Norn, and Sylvari are ALL singing songs about you.” Eir sent her a mail saying how people claim she wrestled plaguebringer down and destroyed him single handedly…

Trahearne took credit for… the forging of the pact mission which was about him proving himself. Other times? he gave credit to the player openly.

Living story actually has (if you did the living story content) the player introduced to the Master of Peace as the LEADER of the biconics (Braham, kasmeer, etc). Not some weird person who follows them, not a minion, the LEADER.

edit: I’ll actually read the rest later and reply to it.

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A silly pet peeve about Logan

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Posted by: Sartharina.3542


I wouldn’t say that there’s no line of succession, just that the succession is clearly unfavorable. I don’t think there’s any question that in the absence of a royal, power would default to the Ministry, and that as head of the Ministry and champion of the nobles, Caudecus would receive the lion’s share of that power. Thing is, Caudecus is kinda a prick, and there’s nothing Jennah can do about that. She could designate an heir, I suppose, but without the blood royal, anyone she picked would have no legitimacy once she was gone, or so the Ministry would insist as they executed their coup. Producing an heir the natural way is a similar non-starter: any kid of Jennah’s would only get the rule if they were an adult when she died, otherwise the Ministry gets the regency and we get back once again to Caudecus being in charge.

The line of succession if Jennah were to die while Logan is slaying Krat is Jennah → Ministry starts trying to put Caudecus on the throne → Logan, as leader of the Seraph, and declares Martial Law. Then they go to the Ascalon Catacombs, get Logan a fiery sword, and through the Right of Awesome, Dragonslaying, and Owning a Fancy Sword, becomes King of Kryta and Ascalon (This really is a right – just ask King Arthur).

With the fame and prestige from slaying the dragon, few would question Logan’s rightful rise to power. With him claiming the throne of Ascalon through his alliance with Charr, the Foefire gets dispelled, freeing up valuable alliance forces – And, there would be plenty of space for the Charr and Humans to share Ascalon and Kryta. Anyone dissenting with Logan’s rise to power in spite of his awesomeness answers to the Seraph and Blood Legion enforcers. If any Charr object to the alliance, or if Rytlock’s superiors take issue with the change in power, that is similarly revised and corrected – Destiny’s Edge acquires whatever trinket’s required to get Rytlock recognized as Khan Ur, and the might of DE destroys any opposition to Rytlock’s ascension.

Clown outfit for Gemstore

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Posted by: Shinigami.8975


For the love of the Six Gods, please no.

Seriously it’s not because 5 people on a forum have bad taste that Anet should put time and effort to release a kitten costume (not a actual cat, thanks profanity filter! ). I don’t mind people role playing jesters at Divinity’s reach, but really can"t you see where this is going ? You really want to see big norns in clown outfits and twilight trolling around ?

If anything can save the fragile and weak last bits of immersion we have, I would be glad. I don’t want this game to end as a carnival. People already manage to have horrible combo on their armour/colours, even with good pieces of art available, so I can imagine easily the disaster with your idea if it gets implemented.

Also last note, stop thinking that because you want something, you represent 100% of the GW2 fanbase. Thank you

Sclerite and winter weapons leaving gemstore

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Posted by: Zaxares.5419


You have to consider the reason behind it from their point of view.

(Thinks hard about a possible reason)

(Thinks even harder for a possible reason)

The programming! That tab was filled up and they would have to make and put in another weapon tab! That would take up valuable time that could be used to work on other projects.

So, you see. If you consider the matter logically, they do have a good reason.

And that’s the truth. :P

I know your post was half (all?) sarcastic, although that is actually a potential issue down the line if they keep releasing new weapon sets every 2 months or so. But as my solution, I’d instead change each of the BL weapons skins to a Weapon Chest. Like other weapon chests, once you open it, you get to pick which skin you want. That cuts down 19 weapons to one, and the skins can be organised in tabs according to either year (2013/2014 etc.) or by theme (festival = Winter/Halloween/Dragon Bash etc.)

My preference would be for by Year. If GW2 is still going by 2020, I think at that stage ANet wouldn’t be making any more new weapon/armor skins for the game.