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Replacing Dungeons for a new Game-mode

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Posted by: Dragisnaj.2053


you can revive them when you make it same like with fractals introduce dungeon daylies and they will be revived at least a bit.

Crafting pls Change

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Posted by: onevstheworld.2419



i would like to suggest a change to the crafting Professions.

It is not cheap/easy to farm up crafting to 500 and thats ok but if you have more than 1 char you get 0 benefit from it cause crafting cd’s are global to your account.

Which crafting CDs are you refering to? Only a few ascended mats have cooldowns. Most other things aren’t on cooldown. And you can bypass those cooldowns via the TP.

Can you pls make a function where you can go in and say yes i pay for example 5g and activate the crafting at lvl 500 (only usable after you had hit already once the 500 in that crating profession).

Not quite sure what you’re suggesting here.

Would be realy nice so you dont have to log around your characters for the difrent crafting professions.

There’s a gem store item that’ll let you have more than 2 crafting professions for a character.

And if not at least allow to unlearn crafting profession so they arent shown in char select or show them only if maxed out.

You don’t need to unlearn a craft. Just go to a crafting trainer and the will give you an option to replace one of your crafts with whatever he/she is teaching. You can even return to your old craft at its old skill level for a few gold.

Why do we fight gods that we aligned with?

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Posted by: Rauderi.8706


Charr have no gods. And the humans are about to have one less.

Many alts; handle it!
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Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Jayne.9251


Can I make a tiny request that Nintendo’s Duck Hunt music pops up every time you load the ballista?

L’enfer, c’est les autres

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Vavume.8065


this will be interesting, i look forward to the change, its only within your territory so should be entertaining

My deadeye will be waiting for you when you flying over head and shoot you down like a duck :P this is going to be hilarious.

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Shadelang.3012


Guys calm down haha. Actually think about how the gliding works.

1: From the looks of it you can’t glide in enemy owned territory. So no the enemy pushing garri cant just glide away. The defenders however could try and use it to there advantage to regroup.

This will affect roaming as well. I doubt youl see to much gliding away. Im sure there will be SOME. But not nearly that much.

2: Gliding isn’t flight. And while they are gliding they CAN NOT FIGHT BACK. SO whack them odds are if there just on a small hill they will still be in melee range for a bit. Also if you have a ranged weapon they are a free kill.

3. THIS IS A kittenING TEST PEOPLE. Cool yourselves down. If it really IS horrible they can turn it off later. If its NOT horrible its an actual dynamic change to how the game mode works.

Thanks to how there setting it up this also means that f2p players and PoF players can enjoy it. As it will be tied ot wvw ranks and NOT mastery. So its available to everyone.

Read before you flip your kitten.

Ghost Yak

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Chaba.5410


I sense falling damage trait troll builds incoming…

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Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Chaba.5410


You go and do the thing most veteran players DO NOT WANT and apply gliding.

Eh, speak for yourself….

Chaba Tangnu
Founding member of [NERF] Fort Engineer and driver for [TLC] The Legion of Charrs
RIP [SIC] Strident Iconoclast

Gliding and Territories in WvW

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Posted by: Ghotistyx.6942


If you enter a territory that you do not own while gliding, you will be kicked from your glider.

Please pray for all these people who cannot read. 1 like=1 prayer.


Lake Doric's Map

in Living World

Posted by: Egrimm Van Horstmann.7921

Egrimm Van Horstmann.7921

As it currently is, Lake Doric is not a good map for replayability. Clerics drag the fights out and Elementalists do a ton of damage with basic attacks. The Jade stuff is already annoying. And the drop rate of shards is too low compared to just doing the task of Nolan’s Homestead and doing the short and easy jp with several toons. Seraph gear, is there any class or build it’s essential for? Basically once you get the minis, gear skins, and achievements you want there is nothing left to do.

Bitterfrost has way more replayability, fast drop rate of map currency. Two toons four days and you can get an ascended backpack. No annoying mobs that have projectile hate, leather drops from wolves and spiders which can be found farming berries vs a poorly placed leather farm that had to be nixed due to being right in the path of the meta.

Lake Doric Treb's

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Posted by: Traveller.7496


Why don’t ANet cut down on the leather requirements for crafting instead so there’s no need to add any arbitrary leather farming spots.

This whole thing reeks like putting a bandaid over a cut off arm.

Would you pay a sub for a realm v realm game?

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Posted by: dzeRnumbrd.6129


Camelot Unchained.

I get the feeling that is going to end up like ESO. We’ll lose heaps of players to it for a month and everyone will come back.

Enable revive orbs in wVSw

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Posted by: LetoII.3782


Not every idea needs to be tried. Breaking the game mode for the sake of change isn’t going to help.


PVP, Elites Oh my

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Posted by: Kageseigi.2150


Hmm, what about allowing non-HOT players to “test” the elites inside the PvP Lobby only, but not actually in a match? At least they could try the new skills against golems, see how they like them, and perhaps learn how to counter them.

Suggestions to overhaul the Thief…

* * * Thief Trait Shakeup * * *

PVP, Elites Oh my

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Posted by: MAN.9046


like, I’d love a free TRIAL just to test out the elite specs(like, 1 day/month), that’s hardly gonna net a loss for a net now will it? And anyone who was on the hedge will make up his mind. Then again the main reason i didn’t buy expac is because i don’t trust anet’s sorry excuse for a “balance team” to not overnerf/overbuff specs/create a 2nd d/d ele, $50 is too much to pay(and no im financially well off :P ) when quality and consistency are not guaranteed, that and I only PvP, maybe when HoT goes for $10-20 I’ll gladly buy it, just like i did with core game.
And I’m not saying they shouldn’t charge $50 for it, it’s completely within their rights to do so.
Oh and the fact that HoT is PvE-centric, yet there are people who only do PvP diminish the value of the expac even more, why would anyone pay full price when they plan on enjoying a minor portion of the product, and that portion is plagued by imbalance issues due to the incompetency of whoever’s in charge lol.
$20 for a PVP add-onn seems more reasonable given all the nonsense present in PvP


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PVP, Elites Oh my

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Posted by: apharma.3741


Well OP it depends on the reasons the HoM pets were put there in the first place. It could be to alleviate any “pay 2 win” claims when someone gets beaten by a black moa using ranger but they can’t use it themselves. I know, they’re functionally the same as other pets, but it still wouldn’t stop some people whining and crying because they need to buy and play GW1 to use them and they’re better pets.

As for the new ranger pets, they’re from the expansion, plain and simple. They aren’t bonuses, they aren’t unlocks for being really impressive in another game. It is straight up expansion content as those creatures are from there, you want it, you buy the expansion.

Stealth Finishing

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Posted by: meltdown.5870


roll thief or mesmer…and you will post .."its fair they can do this "

Stealth Finishing

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Posted by: Bubi.5237


You should not blame Stealth Finishing, you should blame the imbalance in downed skills.
Ele can deny 1 stomp, Mesmer can deny 1 stomp, a decent Thief can deny at least 1 stomp (well, it’s possible to port to your other location, but if you use #2 just before the stomp’s done, it’ll be.. almost 100%) .
All the other professions can’t deny the stomp (blind/stab/aegis/invul), only if the Stars decided that you’re lucky. That’s the problem, not stealth finishing.

“Revenant is actual proof that devs read the necromancer forum” – Pelopidas.2140

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Veterans are not Greedy.

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Posted by: DiogoSilva.7089


HoT Standard Edition with partial access to Revenant: $50
HoT Standard Edition with garanteed access to Revenant: $60

Veterans are not Greedy.

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Posted by: papry.8096


HoT Standard Edition with partial access to Revenant: $50
HoT Standard Edition with garanteed access to Revenant: $60

XD. For veteran Only.

HoT Price Feedback + Base game included [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Crylos.2169


(tl:dr at the end and I’m sorry for the long post)
I want to buy the expansion. I most likely will. But when I do it will depend on a few things. Before I make my point, I want to set some things straight about ANet, their decisions and the player’s reactions:

Defending ANet:
* Personal gushing I do believe HoT will be worth my time. There’s no guarantee right now, of course, but I’ve liked most things ANet have done before and I have faith I will like this too. Consider me hyped!
* Entitlement vs Loyalty – I feel like some of the complaints being posted here are invalid. Not only does ANet not owe its current clients anything, other than a working base game, they’ve been providing free content for the last 3 years AND whatever future content is added to HoT is included in the price. The game is completely playable without gems AND because gems can be obtained with gold most people can get what they want without spending any real money.
* Content and Features – Content isn’t the only measurement of value. All the features being added, regardless of whether people think they should’ve been here from launch or not, have value. By buying an expansion, you’re benefitting from the new content and new features. Some people may not be used to paying for features but that doesn’t mean they (the features) can’t be very valuable and the main reason why people would consider buying an expansion.
* Quality vs Quantity – The thought of an X dollar expansion should offer about the same content as an X dollar base game, while perfectly logical to a lot of people, is flawed. I see a lot of people talking about numbers (X maps, Y game modes, etc) but not even mentioning quality. We can’t know if HoT’s maps, however many there are, are as valuable, or even more so, as the core game’s maps. We simply don’t know.

Defending the Veteran Players:
* Taking Vets for granted – We still haven’t been shown, with sufficient detail, what all the major features will encompass and that leads to doubt and unwillingness to do business from the players. ANet started pre purchasing way too early, didn’t even give a single detail on two major features of HoT and expected everyone to pay.
* Flawed Approach – The weird/bad phrasing and marketing lead to confusion and anger, which in turn lead to people losing faith. Offering the base game for free for new players is great but stating that in the in game store was just… sloppy!

Now! Because we don’t know enough about HoT and its value, saying 50 dollars is too much or just right (or maybe too little, for some people?) is meaningless. For some people, all it matters is how many hours they get from a game. If that’s how they want to do it, that’s fine for them. But I’d rather have replayable and fun maps (as ANet said the new maps would be designed to achieve) then 40 hours of dredging through solo leveling and fetch quests.

This all leads to my final point: Players should not even complain about (pre) purchasing HoT until every major feature is sufficiently fleshed out. Most of this backlash is coming from ignorance rather than anything else but they also need to look at the overall value and not just the numbers. Even if all the new areas HoT will introduce make up a total of 33% of the base game world, that does not mean the content will not be valuable. GW1’s Fissure of Woe and Underworld were the same two elite areas of the game for 9 or 10 years and they were always interesting. Sure, interest waned and spiked as time went by, and that interest also came from the different builds that could be used, but those two areas are proof that map quantity isn’t that important. If ANet release enough info over the next few weeks (and maybe months), I’d bet most of the people complaning now would change their minds (assuming what ANet shows is indeed valuable). If all HoT has to show is bland while asking for 50 dollars, THEN people should complain.

A sign of good faith from ANet right now would make me feel confident in pre purchasing the game. I already like what I hear about HoT and I want to support the company. This is not meant to be a ransom, even though it looks like one. But money speaks louder than words and your mistakes made people doubt you and your intentions.

Veterans! Wait and learn before you shout. You should judge the complete package and not argue with incomplete information. ANet started pre purchasing too soon but that doesn’t mean you need to buy it right now.
ANet! You dun goof’d and a sign of good faith would be welcome. I have no idea how it could work but you guys are probably already weighing your choices. Maybe even consider interrupting pre purchases until you figure out a solution? Maybe even let more info be released until you resume sales.

Idea to stop multi account spies in WvW

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Posted by: dancingmonkey.4902


That is unfair to the players who legitimately enjoy playing in different tiers on different accounts.

What really needs to happen, is an investment in man power to respond to the reporting function and smite actual trolls.

Forum Specialist Program

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

As you may recall, several weeks ago we announced the creation of our Guild Wars 2 Forum Specialist Program. We received a lot of applications from highly qualified Guild Wars 2 players, and today we’re happy to introduce you to the first specialists to join the program:

  • Rising Dusk.2408: Dungeons and Fractals
  • Marmatt.8590: WvW
  • Riku.4821: PvE
  • The Gates Assassin.9827: PvP
  • Wolfey.3407: PvP

As you can see, we have two specialists covering PvP, and we’re doing this because PvP is a broad topic that can change through even subtle skill balances or game changes. The same could be said of other elements of the game, of course, so we’re open to additional specialists in other areas, as well.

Our primary focus now is to identify profession-specific specialists and bring them on board to participate in the profession sub-forums.

If you’d like to make a contribution as a forum specialist, please let us hear from you! You can learn about applying on the forum thread linked above.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

The Second Sylvari Tree ?

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Posted by: Syione.3046


Has anyone noticed that the dragon you fight is the same exact dragon you fight as a sylvari in the dream.

The Second Sylvari Tree ?

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Posted by: Gulesave.5073


I think those closest to the Pale Tree will maintain her protection. Soundless and Nightmare Court are definitely vulnerable. Those sprouted from the Shadow Tree, or whatever it’ll be called, were probably corrupted fully from birth. Except Malyck, but he very well could have been corrupted since we last saw him.

I should be writing.

The Second Sylvari Tree ?

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Posted by: Morfedel.4165


It seems clear to me that not all Sylvari became corrupted. Of course, fear can cause people to ignore the innocence of some when suspicion falls upon the entire race.

How to Find the Right Guild for You.

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Posted by: Pretty Pixie.8603

Pretty Pixie.8603

Hi peeps,

I’m Pix, I’m Co-GL and primary recruiter for The Society. I have 4+ years experience as a guild recruiter, both in GW2 and another MMO.

Finding a good guild can be a difficult and bewildering affair, and I hope to give players a handle on how to attract the right guild for them, as seen through the eyes of a recruiter.

How to compose your topic:

Topic Title
Your topic title should display all neccessary info for a recruiter. Yes, we’re aware you’re looking for a guild; What we are interested in are your interests (PvE/WvW/PvP/PvX), your timezone, your investment (casual, semi-hardcore, hardcore) and which server you are on. All of these should be contained in the topic title.

For example:
“LFGuild on Borlis Pass (PvX, casual player, OCX)”
“Lf hardcore euro WvW guild on Blackgate”

This will tell a recruiter immediately whether you fit the bill. You are then more likely to be targetted by recruiters for the sort of guild you are looking for, instead of getting a generic cut-and-paste response.

Message Body

Give us additional information you think is relevant. Is it just you, or are you looking for your friends too? What do you expect from a guild? What is it you’re interested in in detail? Are you willing to switch servers? Are you willing to use VOIP? etc, etc.

Do your homework
Most servers have community forums. A quick google search of [server name]+forums will yield results for the server relevant to you.

There’s some other external resources to find Guilds: Credit to Guardian of Angels.9867 Credit to fizzypetal.7936

You want to make sure you look for a guild on your server if you are even the slightest bit interested in WvW. If you are on a Euro server, you want a guild on a euro server, same for NA. This is due to restrictions between NA/Euro servers. You’d only be able to participate in chat if your guild’s server is NA and you’re on a euro one, and vice versa.

Check out the guild’s forum if they have any. You can get an idea for how active they are, general atmosphere, how often they do guild events, etc. That doesn’t mean a small guild without a forum is bad; it’s about making sure the guild matches your expectations. Otherwise you probably won’t stick around, and the guild loses a member. Not good for anyone! If they don’t have a forum, chat with the recruiter to get a feel for the guild. It’s ok to ask questions!

LFG – Looking for Guild/group
PvE – Player vs Environment; includes all non pvp content.
WvW – World vs World; serverbased realm vs realm mode. Large scale pvp.
PvP – player vs player, competitive and balanced pvp mode.
BG – Blackgate server
TC – Tarnished Coast server
JQ – Jade Quarry server
YB – Yak’s Bend server
SoS – Sea of Sorrows server
FA – Fort Aspenwood server
DB – Dragonbrand server
SBI – Stormbluff Isle server
DR – Devona’s Rest server
IoJ – Isle of Janthir server
Mag – Maguuma server
NSP – Northern Shiverpeaks server
CD – Crystal Desert server
HoD – Henge of Denravi server
BP – Borlis Pass server
GoM – Gates of Madness server
Ebay – Ehmry Bay server
DH – Darkhaven server
ET – Eredon Terrace server
SF – Sorrow’s Furnace server
SOR – Sactum of Rall server
FC – Ferguson’s Crossing server
KN – Kaineng server
AR – Anvil Rock server

Hope this will help both recruiters and players out.


Relentless Inquisition [PAIN] – FA

(edited by Pretty Pixie.8603)