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Do you remember?

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Posted by: GoogleBrandon.5073


I browsed through my folders since I had to copy my folders to a seperate disk, as my second HDD in my laptop was dying and found this;

Glory days, long forgotten… Will never forget those days
Credits to whoever made that – cannot find it sadly as the search function is borked


Guild channel with PvP uploads
Lost? Confused? [TCS] – A guild for every state of body and mind

how do u counter sick em

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Posted by: Sir Vincent III.1286

Sir Vincent III.1286

thank you for the tips
i was actually doing what you said that but disengaging with d/p was a little diffcult

and for everyone else…i have found my own method of countering sick em

drum roll…
I made a ranger
they deal the same if not more dmg than thief and if u just traverse between 2 points
it really makes up for the lack of decap/mobility
I have joined the darkside…
now i’m ganna go cry buff ranger under their section lol

Correction — Thieves is the darkside. Rangers is the dorkside. ~ In the beginning…there was Tarnished Coast…
Full set of 5 unique skills for both dual-wield weapon sets: P/P and D/D – Make it happen
PvE – DD/CS/AC – If that didn’t work, roll a Reaper or Revenant.

Why does moa remove minions but not turrets?

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Posted by: Romek.4201


it should remove the engi when used on turret

Concerned about Toxic PvP Players

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Posted by: ArrDee.2573


lol all these “QQ people are mean” threads! How long have you been on the internet!

  • Get thicker skin! There is no internet police!
  • Raging players are hilarious! Stop taking everything so seriously!
  • There is a block function!
  • It’s PvP! In a competitive (lol) scenario, there’s always going to be bm!

Wahoo! Bye frands!

PS Also blame Anet for having just THE WORST matchmaking in the history of games with matchmaking! If they’re going to put beginners and veterans on the same team… No vet wants to play with/against beginners and vice versa! Also blame Anet for not trying to get new players to play their game! One of the reasons why matchmaking is so bad is because of the lack of players!

#1 Engi NA and world first rank 80!
#1 Frandliest person NA! <-It’s back!

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Mesmer phased out?

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Posted by: SobeSoul.6910


More skilled players… Did not adapt…

Anet, it's time look into Elementalists.

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Posted by: Frost.5017


The celestial amulet meta going on right now is not just about the celestial amulet. Its the combination of the changes to Runes of Strength and Hoelbrak providing long boon duration bonus to might and how they interact with sigil of battle (already long duration might 3stacks for 20s before boon duration bonus). Currently ele, engi and warrior gain the most benefit from the cele amulet as they have access to a good mix of direct damage and condi (namely burning) uptime which makes them very difficult to deal with on a cap point.

The reason why Anet cant ‘fix’ this problem is that it’s going to be very tricky to make adjustments that will make the current meta cele amulet builds more toned down that won’t make other non-cele amulet builds even weaker. Before players make yet another post requesting to ‘nerf celestial amulet etc’ ask yourself the following:
- does nerfing the stats on celestial amulet limit the classes sustain that much? consider where the sustain comes from (ie. utilities, skills, and traits).
- does nerfing the stats on celestial amulet reduce the damage output of the class that much? consider might stacking capabilities for the class (also sigil of battle and strength/hoelbrak runes) and how much of the power and condi stats are actually coming from might stacks versus the base cele stats.


RIP common sense

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Posted by: Lupanic.6502


Welcome to the Internet. You must be new here. Relex

Engies are breaking sPVP

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Posted by: Chaith.8256


d/d ele and engis are dominating pvp, you can try to defend your class all you want, but engi has been op for a long time untouched by the balance team. Ppl running double engi, double ele. You call that balanced, stacking the same professions? The same thing when warrriors were super op and spirit rangers, stacking those ham/bows… Anet didn’t learn anything when d/d ele was op back at launch, because they made them stronger when they introduced celestial. Now we got double d/d eles running around PvP again. So no, balance is worse now, because those runes and sigils changes made some classes ridiculously op.

You know what?

There are teams at the maximum height of competition that run: Guardians, Mesmers, Necromancers, Warriors, Thieves, Elementalists, and Engineers. The only thing that’s underpowered in 5v5 conquest as the reason for it’s absence is the Ranger, at least in my opinion.

Some top teams think that Engineers and Necromancers are meh. Lots of top teams revere a Thief/Mes/Guardian core as the best possible setup. Maybe watch some EU gameplay, where there is a much broader pool of competitive players?

You have a chip on your shoulder about Celestial stats the sigils and runes that accompany them. Are you going to go out on a limb and say that they are out of line gamebreaking when you can toss on other powerful setups such as Air/Fire sigil combos on other professions?

Ele/Ele/Engi/Engi/Thief can lose to Necro/Engi/Thief/Warrior/Ele just fine. Maybe watch some of the weekly cups on NA?

Broaden your horizons a little.

Edit: The only thing limiting you from freely playing any profession, or comp you want is your own limiting beliefs. Unless you want to use multiple Rangers. LMAO.

^And if you want to argue me on that point, then I can confidently say that that it’s going to be 95% based on the player, and 5% based on the profession if you do ever hit a wall due to the comp you run.

Forum Lord Chaith
New Twitter: @chaithhh

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Engies are breaking sPVP

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Posted by: Phaeton.9582


Spent yesterday trying to prevent my teams getting trolled by Hiba in soloq. Esportz.

At this end of the day its all down to matchups. What can’t be denied is celestial engi is a very versatile class with and against the majority of comps.

Phaatonn, London UK

What's your Asura's "theme"?

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Posted by: Kirkkis.8270


This is my Asura Ranger. I made a aviator/pilot theme. I even used the engineer back pack since I thought it could pass for a parachute. She is double bird and uses the slingshot and the wooden toy swords (because I just love the way they all look).


IMO shatter mesmers need a nerf

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Posted by: Dondagora.9645


Shattering, as a mechanic, is like Adrenaline skills on warrior, but weaker and a longer cool down. However, we have multiple shatters to cover us in different scenarios instead of a single powerful shatter, each punishing or countering as per the situation, so shattering alone does not help unless the person is paying attention to the when and what.
That’s the skill argument right there.

There’s also two other things to talk about: Resource and Avoidance.

As a mesmer, the resource you are provided with is illusions. Your illusions could give you various benefits while alive, like confusing the enemy or applying conditions or, in the case of phantasms, direct damage. When shattering, you sacrifice this security in a risk-gain scenario gambling your stable damage and protection for a chance to kill, counter-burst, halt, or survive. A mesmer is usually most vulnerable after a shatter because they have no illusions up to protect them, making them like a ranger without a pet[slightly stronger, but you get it, right?]. A good mesmer might be able to cover his tracks and maybe even run through more skills and dodges to get the illusion count back up, but that just shows how much they rely on illusions.

Avoidance… this is not wholly dodging. You can dodge Burst skills, you can dodge stealth skills, you can dodge pet skills. You can also dodge shatters. But, of course, sometimes a skilled mesmer will position his clones perfectly to shatter on you. However, the hole in this argument is two points: Firstly, you can kill illusions. If a mesmer places his clones all around you, it will take two or less hits to kill the clone prematurely. Phantasms are harder, yes, but the mesmer is sacrificing more when he shatters a phantasm so that’s to be expected. No other profession resource in this game, I believe, can be targeted and undone by the enemy. It would be like attacking initiative on a thief, or adrenaline on a warrior. Well, there’s the ranger’s pet, but that still follows the same principle. So if illusions are to close to avoid the shatter, you better kill them instead thinking them as non-existence barely-damaging AIs, as some do. Anything below 3 illusions isn’t that good for a mesmer unless they have IP, in which case they will be close enough for you to hit on your own.
Now, what if illusions are further away and you can’t kill them except with ranged? Well, firstly, use ranged to kill them if not otherwise preoccupied. Secondly, this means that when they run towards you, the tell will be much more obvious and you should do what you can to avoid them then. Blocks, dodge, invuln, etc. You can even kill them as they come. AoE devastates shatter builds as well.

Simply put, because shatter uses illusions, the big weakness are the illusions themselves, which is why it is fine.

What's your Asura's "theme"?

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Posted by: Vax Tezhme.7128

Vax Tezhme.7128

My lvl 80 Necromancer is Eco Necrologist Rin
Necromancy is the ‘greenest’ of all the mystic sciences – it’s all about recycling.

Mordrem story arc... the return of Faolain?

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Posted by: kyubi.3620


Because scarlet briar = lvl 1 character with bad willpower check
Because player = lvl 80 character with great willpower check

its a simple mather of ‘’because im to powerfull for the machine to have an effect on me’’

rolled 20 on willpower check so not to change alignment from neutral good to chaotic evil on turning into a demon kitten

Crystal Desert, The Darknest Community P.E.T.A.
BM: I want to present you my lovely jingle bear mia
If pet had voices: Mommy, I did it! :3

Sylvari sayings applied to real life

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Posted by: Xaton.1902


and this wont end well line comes up in life when you hear “here hold my beer”

Why can't I make my asura look sexy?

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Posted by: adozu.6398


I simply believe asura’s concept of sexyness differs from ours.

…and don’t make me think of asura dirty talking, i bet it’s like making love to your math teacher.

What's your Asura's "theme"?

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Posted by: Ameno.6813


Fizz Kablooey is my 100% insane in the brain engineer obsessed with wreaking havoc and blowing things up including her pet super adventure box monkey (which you can just hardly make out in the left-hand corner behind the flames).


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Now I'm Taimi's Assistant??!?

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Posted by: Jornophelanthas.1475


I don’t think it was there to “placate the whiners”. Most likely, the voice recording for the current Living Story releases have been done well in advance.

(It’s far cheaper to get voice actors in the recording studio for one full day per 2-3 months, than to get them in the recording studio for 2-3 hours every 2 weeks. Especially if you also need to rent the recording studio.)

Personally, I believe the “assistant” dialogues were written to illustrate how much the asura are intellectual snobs, and how Councillor Phlunt is even worse than that. Taimi obviously calls us her “assistant” because that is the only reason Councillor Phlunt can imagine why she would ever need a bookah for her experiment. (Other than as a test subject, of course.)

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how to not be a bad ranger at pvp/wvw

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Posted by: Ision.3207


“How to not be a bad ranger at pvp/wvw”

As far as WvW roaming goes, first and foremost, learn how to fight common solo roaming classes (Thieves, Mesmers and Warriors jump to mind). Otherwise you risk becoming one of the oh-so-many forum posters creating the daily, “X class are OP, please nerf” threads. You don’t want to be “that guy”; you know, the video game tantrum thrower that blames his losing on another class’s mechanics, instead of his own lack of knowledge or playing skills.

Both in WoW and Lotro, I was a dedicated solo/small group WvW roamer. Having decided to give GW2 a whirl, and knowing that my play-style would not change, I immediately made it a priority to become very familiar with the mechanics and skill rotations of other classes in general. And since obviously, the high-burst squishy stealth class would be out in force in this games WvW just as in all other MMOs, I made learning stealth mechanics and weapon skill Thief rotations a priority.

So I rolled my Ranger, did the PvE thing to 80, geared up and then did the WvW zerg-blob thing for a short while ( I despise zerg-blobbing, but I needed to understand it regardless). Then I did 2 things: 1. grabbed a well regarded WvW Thief and Mesmer player from my guild and asked him to duel me over-and-over again while also explaining what, how and why he was doing the things he did and how his rotations work with different weapon skills. and 2. Later on I rolled a Thief myself, leveling it exclusively in WvW, and solo 99% of the time. This all sounds like a lot, but in realty it took very little of my playing time to do, and the pay-off more than made up for the learning-curve effort. Also, a few nasty experiences being pawned by Necros straight away sent me “back to school” with a well played Necro player in my guild.

Now let me get something out of the way: Yes, hell yes, I still get my butt handed to me by many a good player out there (and no doubt will continue to) – but I ALSO get my own very big fat share of kills too, and many against those very same good players. Oh, and BTW, believe me, killing Thieves or Mesmers is not nearly as hard as the tantrum throwers make it seem. But they will annoy and frustrate the hell out of you, so if you think you have some kind of “right” not to be annoyed or frustrated, take a pass on WvW roaming and stick to the Zerg-blob.

And lastly, you have to be honest with yourself. What I mean by this is, if you are by nature hot-headed, thin-skinned or extremely casual in your gaming approach – WvW roaming (especially solo roaming) is something you should pass on. Because it will only make you mad as hell, and possibly it could even turn you into “that guy” on the forums; the whine-QQ master that has a million reasons why his class needs buffs and the other guys class needs nerfs – but among those million reasons, not a single one point to his own short-comings.

Colin Johanson to Eurogamer: "Everyone, including casual gamers,
by level 80 should have the best statistical loot in the game.
We want everyone on an equal power base.”

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Female LOVE!

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Posted by: Hoplomachii.6213


Asura with skimpy armor would be awkward. Who would want that?

Well I don’t know how to put this exactly buuuut

Gyaaah you silly bookah , what have you done ??? Cant you just describe the armor parts instead of showing it off ? FYI, the beatiful features of an Asura female are her ears and the size of her head (intellect), NOT these crass display of upskirt shots! Now I require brain bleach to clear these images from my memory.

- Krewemaster Bobb of ACME

Cuteness - inversely linked to intellect?

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Posted by: chronometria.3708


Fellow Asura,

I come before you with a deep and sincere concern, a scholar’s concern and a concern that touches upon the very core of what it means to be one of our people.

This forum, which began as a way to express and discuss the love of our people and of all their many facets, has turned into a collection of “who is da cutest?” discussions.

I shall not stand for this and thus, I postulate a radical theory that will shake this forum to its very foundations. My theory is that our race is, through a process of bookah cultural shift, exchanging intellect for so called cuteness and thus becoming progressively more stupid in an attempt to win favour with the lesser races.

The “cuter” an asura is, the less intelligent they become and some of our intellectually lacking racial members are using the social acceptance of the cute state to infiltrate our academia and hierarchy, thereby spreading the “taint of cute” at terrible cost.

I urge you to stand up against this tide and to fight back, lest our race be denigrated to the status of the quaggan, a culture based around a complete reliance on other groups to survive and a popular line of backpack accessories.

Chrono – Luminary of Synergetics and member of the “Don’t pat me” League.

Cuteness - inversely linked to intellect?

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Posted by: naphack.9346


Regarding the subject of asuran cultural values and asuran intellect being compromised by bookah influence, I have to share your concerns. My ears are standing to no end, whenever I witness some mentally impaired member of our species running around, sporting pink, styled hair and frilly clothes.
Maybe our society has become too liberal. All those skritt-brained college rejects are trying to prostitute themselves by appealing to bookahs, rather than doing important work. You can say what you want about the Inquest, but at least, they keep their people in line.
Maybe the problem runs deeper. We don’t have to struggle to survive anymore. People are getting too soft. Even with impending doom from the dragons, half of tyria being torn by war and whole landscapes being razed periodically by Scarlet’s Minions, things in Rata Sum are awfully quiet.
Because the fight for survival plays no role in this world, travelling is conveniently done using the waypoint system and once you get to a certain point, it’s not even remotely challenging to take down a dragon or two, as this stagnant world doesn’t seem to chane quite fast enough, the only thing left for them to do is make themselves look better.
I have yet to find a way to kill them off for good, but whenever I encounter some “cute” asura in the mist wars, I will first demonstrate the superior capabilities of my intellect before crushing their worthless brain with a bronze dolyak statue.

Pathologist Noma, College of Statics

The only crime, turrets committed, is being good against the celestial meta.
The mob has spoken and the turrets shall be burnt at the stake.

Who's the best Thief here?

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Posted by: P Fun Daddy.1208

P Fun Daddy.1208

It’s me. My thief is so good at hiding, it doesn’t show up on my character selection page.

Few people play female Charr

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Posted by: zaxziakohl.5243


When I chose my Charr character, I thoroughly inspected both male and female before making my choice. I went female.

I am a female player. I do make male characters (my ranger is male…sexy sword anyone? Oh yeah….he’s purely eye-candy.) If guys can do it why can’t girls….Anyway….back on topic.

I enjoy the fact that the female Charr have this ferociousness to them. Honestly, most of the male Charr I see, look like kicked puppy dogs. (This could be my ferociousness talking)

I do have some issues with the armours. However, I don’t think traditional female(aka girly) armours would be appropriated for a Charr, because lets face it. If I’m looking for a male mate (sticks tail in the air) he’s probably gonna think it’s more sexy if I can handle his bazooka, then if I can um, feed six kits at the same time, if you catch my drift. Not to mention, unlike humans…he’s been weaned, so skimpiness isn’t necessary. BTW, I meant the real bazooka, as in goes boom and blows the opposition to smitherines. :P

I might add as an ending note, that Charr was the last race I chose. HOWEVER, this was NOT due to the male, or female models, nor the crappy armour selection (frankly I pretty much hate medium armour on MOST races). It was because I play games to relax, and wind down, and the Charr are a very conflicted society. All that fighting put me on edge by default because I want to BE my character when in game. I’ve sense gotten over this (to an extent) and don’t really have issues playing her. However if I’m already kind of stressed, she’s NOT the first I’ll go do. So it does make for slow going on her as a character, since the story lines are very important to me.

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Dec 20th - FA/TC/MAG

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Posted by: ykyk.2740


A: Keep going I’m laughing at you.
B: Keep going I’m laughing at you.

Infinite loop this way ^

People who don’t care this way —-—>

Necros as a means to escape..

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Posted by: Dalanor.5387


Thats doesnt fit in the design of the necro. However this …


Hard to catch..... the right way

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Posted by: Enenion.8127


Hard to Catch should be renamed to any of the following:

Hard to Use

  • Being randomly teleported to a random location is incredibly disorienting, especially when you have no clear indication of when the trait is active at all.

Hard to Understand

  • If the trait is supposed to move you out of harms way, then why is there a chance it won’t move you at all? If the trait is supposed to help us mitigate CCs, why does it not break CCs? If the trait is supposed to be helpful, why does it move you even when you have Stability (essentially negating it)?

Hard to Justify

  • If thieves needed a stunbreak on a 30 second cooldown they’d go for Infiltrator’s Signet. That also gives you more initiative, is actively controlled by you, has a visible cooldown, won’t trigger even when you have stability and actually breaks stun.

Hard to Stomach

  • I appreciate Infiltrator’s Return may have allowed for a bit too much CC mitigation, but this is a terrible replacement for it. It’s worse in almost every possible way. It doesn’t remove conditions, it has a much longer cooldown, it’s controlled by the enemy, it has no way to show when it is active, and it has a chance of not working at all (moving you to the same spot).
  • If they were planning on introducing a nerf that greatly changes the playstyle of the Sword, they should have at least offered a viable alternative. If they didn’t have time to update the skill before the patch they should have at least told the community Hard to Catch will be changed in an upcoming patch, or better yet held off on the nerf until Hard to Catch was an actually useful alternative.
Fort Aspenwood

Need Asura Ear Advice

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Posted by: chronometria.3708


I like ears that look a little like wings. There are several ear options where they have a nice crescent curve to them and stick out to the side of the head rather than drooping. I feel that this makes me feel more aerodynamic, suggesting mental and physical quickness.

Asura men may say they go for the “big floppies”, but really, its the sharp curve that the discerning male will turn to if he has genuine taste in females.

Any good builds for thief commanders?

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Posted by: Irapi.5937


Just started commanding a week ago on my thief, and I don’t see the problem, unless you want to play as a massive steamroll zerg, which is quite boring imo. A proper group that knows how to communicate can have anything as a commander, and thief is not excluded. We can step out of the battle to command on demand, we mass stealth and we can stay in a just overtaken tower/keep with permastealth to recap it. But to be honest, class is a fraction of what really matters as a commander. The player is what matters.

Pringled | 80 Thief | GH | Aurora Glade

1 v X Roaming???

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Posted by: TheGuy.3568


As far as roaming guardian. Learn how to target bunnies :-)

P.E.T.A is not going to approve that message!!!!


Now you listen here I don’t take out those bunnies for the fun of it or to just get around. Those bunnies…..they can be dangerous. You have been warned.


Kor The Cold Heart War
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