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Only 4 new armor sets (per armor type)

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Test.8734


Dont forget gw2 is not like other games .. we always keep getting new stuff !

Sure, sure. In 3 years, we got in game:

  • Illustrious armor (the ascended one)
  • Glorious armor (the PvP one) and its reskin, Glorious Hero
  • Carapace and its reskin, Luminescent
  • Hellfire armor
  • Radiant armor

Meanwhile, the Gem Store got:

  • Aetherblade armor
  • Primeval armor
  • Braham’s armor
  • Phalanx armor
  • Flamewrath armor
  • Zodiac armor
  • Rampart armor
  • And 24 (!!!) outfits

So yeah, we definitely keep getting stuff… In the Gem Store. We got even less armors in-game than in the Gem Store, and that’s considering how ArenaNet said they would focus the Gem Store in outfits, not in armors.

The New Lion's Arch - Feedback [merged]

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Craray.2603


I like the new LA.
The only thing that bothers me is that the Mystic forge/vendor/bank/TP are so far apart

Pre-Purchase Community Address

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Bryzy.2719


EDIT FOR CLARITY: A lot of you are misunderstanding my point. Let me be clear: I am not against Anet marketing their pre-purchasing scheme. They are a for-profit company, and have every right to market their game as much as possible. I AM however against them saying that the free character slot is a “loyalty reward”. It is not a reward for loyalty since you can ONLY get it if you pre-purchase. No pre-purchase = no reward = nothing to do with loyalty.

The pertinent question to ask is:

Why don’t veterans get a free character slot if they don’t pre-purchase HoT?

The answer is because the free character slot is not a loyalty bonus for veterans. It’s a way for ArenaNet to ensure they’re not losing money from that playerbase.

If you’re a veteran player who has supported the game since day 1 but is not in a position to pre-purchase HoT, well then looks like you’re not loyal enough for the free character slot!

In their community address, Anet state:

“Veteran Player Appreciation

For our long-standing fans and loyal players, we would like to say thank you and show our appreciation. "

This is misleading because it’s not appreciation of veteran players. Veteran players do NOT get the additional character slot if they buy HoT AFTER it comes out.

This is ArenaNet’s way of disguising a protection of their income (i.e. payments from the veteran playerbase) as appreciation of veterans. It is misleading.

I wouldn’t have posted this thread if Anet had simply stated what they were going to do in response to the community outcry, and not employed their sly marketing team to disguise it as playerbase loyalty: i.e. "In response to the community complaints, we are adding an additional character slot for “veteran” pre-purchasers". Just leave it at that. What they HAVE done is just disingenuous and discredits the company’s image.

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I am so confused! How do I reset traits?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Lyle.8591


wow this is so god awful.

Pre-Purchase Community Address

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Atherakhia.4086


Ever heard of pre-order bonuses? Same concept.

It’s really not. If you introduce a new class, you should provide a character slot so your existing playerbase that has no available slots isn’t inconvenienced by buying your new product.

Pre-order bonuses are great. Making the bonus something the average player expects regardless is silly.

Why Guild Wars 2 is the most 'Square' world

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: tramwajarz.2369


US states borders are almost all squares too, so what is the issue?

EU borders aren’t. So what?

Most of us don't care about PVP

in PvP

Posted by: Oldirtbeard.9834


Why does ANet continue to push PVP
When most of us PVE or WvW?

Just imagine how all of that PVP/ESport money could have spent on the content that matters to ANet’s actual base populace?

GW2 Sneak Peek @ PAX South.

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Posted by: Celtus.8456


Guild Wars 2: Beyond the Point of No Return

At least they got the title right. Not expecting much, hopefully I’m wrong.

QFT. The two guys in charge of the game are going to grace us with their once-yearly appearance as they ceremoniously re-inflate the hype balloon with their hot air. Hope I’m proven wrong.

Zulu Ox Tactics [zulu]

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How will GW2 last long enough?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Schwarzseher.9873


Bets can be already made who will die first, the Elder Dragon Modremorth or the Game GW2.

Irony, Anet wanted away with Trinity

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Knighthonor.4061



Anet wanted to move away from the Trinity, but they wind up making the game centered on playing 1 role (DPS)….


This game would be better with defined roles that had equal value in the game.

The Community in general agrees that the game is centered around DPS and how fast you can kill kill kill. Most groups will kick you if dont spec for the most damage, unless grouped with friends…

the fight mechanics in dungeons dont even require people specing differently from just pure damage potential… thats a shame.

Such a cool game to play, with only 1 role to play to be of any use.
There really is no point playing any other way. its a waste. Damage beats all.

When the Raid Dungeons come, i seriously hope Anet considers expanding the group roles, because I am tired of the DPS fest.

Dont get me wrong, I liked the DPS role in the trinity as well, but I also liked to play other roles in the game. Thats what makes it fun, is the ability to play more roles.

Human female idle animations

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Posted by: Lifestealer.4910


When are we getting back what was taken from us?

What excites you about the future of GW2?

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Posted by: Wolfheart.1879


For me, its hard to be excited about things that we have no idea are coming.

Anet’s policy of not discussing future plans until right before their release mean that, for me, as I do not know what is coming, I have nothing to anticipate and feel excited about.

Sure, its a safe bet that LS is goign to continue, and it is nice enough, but even the cliffhangers don’t have me hugely excited for the next installment.

Made worse that in some specific areas, they have introduced systems, based on good ideas but not so good execution, then months and months of feedback later, nothing has changed. it could well be that they are concentrating resources on something amazing in the future, but as they have trouble sorting out certain aspects of the games present, and not knowing what this exciting future is, I’m not giddy with anticipation.

if they want me, and probably a fair few other players excited about the future of the game, Anet perhaps need to change their policy and get better at communication, so that we have an idea what is coming, and thus can get hyped for it.

Divinity’s Reach is home to some top-tier criminal masterminds.
The kind of people who will set an orphanage on fire after locking themselves inside it.

I am really craving for a sequel to GW1...

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Posted by: Scipio.3204


I agree, but that ship probably sailed long ago. The more you think about it the worse it gets.

Since GW2 ignores all the homophobia...

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Posted by: Azhure.1857


As usual, Vayne, your image of GW2 is littered with wildflowers and smiles.

I wouldn’t call the OP “over-sensitive”. I’ve personally seen sexist and racist “chats” in game. But the fact is that we all have to deal with people like that wherever we go and a game community isn’t an exception. There are posters that have commented on measures that can be taken to alleviate the stress of dealing with these people but in the end it will be entirely up to the OP and how he/she responds.

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Time to refocus and clarify GW2's goals?

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Posted by: dlonie.6547


The point of the game is to come up with your own goals. If the game starts to feel like a job, or a chore. Move on to another game, simple.

Thank you for the generic response that shows zero understanding of the original post or the ensuing discussion.

10/10, great job.

Time to refocus and clarify GW2's goals?

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Posted by: ZudetGambeous.9573


The focus is Esports and the Gem store.

They have a very well defined focus that is reinforced by their actions. The problem is, is that 90% of the players don’t like their focus so they just pretend there is no focus.

People keep hoping for some mystical announcement that the game is going to suddenly take off in a new exciting direction after 2.5 years. Get real, the focus is to promote esports and throw stupid amounts of prize money at it to make it look like people are interested. Since almost no one actually plays PvP and even less people actually watch it they are boosting their profits by heavy use of the gem store in recent months.

Gw2 Constructive Decline

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Posted by: Csele.1647


Great post basically the feeling of everyone i know in the game

My Equipment Tab Redesign

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Straylight.7529


10/10. Would choose this over feature pack.

This game is still too complex

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: XunlaiSpy.9384


In order to accommodate new players even more, I suggest the following changes in the next feature patch:

Viewing the world map is unlocked at level 2
Adjusting the camera angle is unlocked at level 3
Zooming out / in is unlocked at level 4
Running is unlocked at level 5
Auto-run is unlocked at level 6
Strafing is unlocked at level 7
Chatting is unlocked at level 8
Forming a party is unlocked at level 9
Jumping is unlocked at level 10
Sending mail is unlocked at level 11

Dodging is unlocked at level 15
Emotes are unlocked at level 20

Using mouse button 1 is unlocked at level 74
Using mouse button 2 is unlocked at level 75
Using the keyboard to activate skills is unlocked at level 76
Opening the hero panel is unlocked at level 77
Deleting a character is unlocked at level 78
Creating a character is unlocked at level 79
Logging in is unlocked at level 80


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Farewell dear friend

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Veckna.9621


Farewell, you who’ve helped me through numerous perils like carrying horrible pick-up groups. Your existence was not intended, but highly appreciated. Sometimes your gifts were so mighty that they made me yawn my way through my ventures, yet together we persevered. While your glory may be lost to those who follow, it shall never be vanquished from our memories, youtube and twitch channels. Your absence will lead me down a dark path where I will be forced to resort to exploits like dodging to survive, but in your name I shall carry on.

R.I.P. Fiery Greatsword.

New Trading Post but No Interplayer Trading

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Kohlteth.3715


Blegh. All y’alls are haters! If every other MMO allows this and a trading post system why can’t we?

Because it’s inferior.

It’s less convenient,
It leads to scams
It leads to super annoying chat spam.

LOLOLOLOL and the overly strict spam system in GW2 aint annoying, where you type 4 times in Map and get locked out when trying to lead a party

Where you have a freind start playing and have to MAIL stuff back and forth but get blocked because you mailed then too fast

and nothing more annoying than the spam we have right now from a certain PVP gold seller

Very disappointing news for you guys

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: Zelyhn Lekovitch.2867

Zelyhn Lekovitch.2867

I predict an expansion’s worth of communication!

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So many whiners

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Posted by: Miku Lawrence.6329

Miku Lawrence.6329

Anet is working its kitten off to give us as much as possible, with LS.

You nailed it. tldr Anet does nothing.

Snow Crows [SC]

What Happened to the game?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: ipan.4356


It’s like 5 guys sitting around in their living room.

This game is not for most of you anymore

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Trice.4598


GW2 is like an hotel that advertise a “pool” and “continental breakfast” but all you get is a gross pool and a muffins. The game has so much potential, but they are not exploiting half of it. There is so many goo suggestion everywhere, but it’s been ignored, hell the dungeon subforum didn’t get a single reply in a year, a whole kitten year.

Living story is great, I like it, but if it’s all we get, I rather get regular content, no matter how much they improved the quality of it since LS 1, at least we were getting other things. I feel like the content every 2 weeks give them an excuse to be mediocre, when they said TA aetherblade path was too much work, I died a little inside.

I’m going to quote skylight when he said “people basically have to create their own content” players makes this game better than it really is.

Does Anet ever punish trolls?

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Posted by: OnyX.9027


nah they just punish farmers :/

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300 gold for a tag color is too much

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: grifflyman.8102


A lot of you are missing the point. The WvW community asked for colored tags 8 months ago so players could be organized better.

WvW suffers from massive zerging right now, it’s a constant problem in the higher tiers.

Colored tags will promote less zergy tactics, help counter zergs and make the game more organized in the end.

So what happens if two or three commanders don’t have a colored tag? I guess someone has to be forced to “tag down” and we revert to zerging again.

Zergs provide little tactics. They make every encounter in the game a joke and it’s pretty boring.

Why charge players for a utility item that will help fix one of the largest issues in WvW and PvE right now?

Why charge a select few who try to organize groups? Not everyone commands, it’s not always easy and it takes dedication and time to get people to listen.

Colored tags would make life easier for commanders, It’s a quality of life change the game desperately needed but charging players for it is an absolute joke.

If you still don’t get it try WvWing for a week straight on a Bordetland map, don’t do anything ells for that entire week and tell me how fun the zergfest is. 20+ zerg groups flipping camps? That could have been avoided with a dedicated havoc tag.