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Changes to Ascended Vending

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Posted by: maddoctor.2738


A couple of things:
A: I don’t see anything in the post suggesting that getting ascended gear will be more expensive than it is now (per item). Yes you’d need to level up crafting in order to get the items, but the cost to acquire the items doesn’t look like it will be increased.

B: How many players actually used the Ascended gear vendors from Fractals? I mean so many are complaining that they are making this game “grind heavy” or threatening to stop playing because gearing will be so hard, yet every time I’ve seen the Ascended gear cost of the vendors the community always says it’s a total waste of time and resources.

C: Let’s not pretend that the pvp reward system was healthy. It was so cheap/effortless to get Ascended gear from pvp that it made all other acquisition methods seem worthless.

I think most of the complainers on this thread are completely off-topic, complaining about how hard it is to get Ascended gear in the game, while the topic is not about how hard it is to get Ascended gear but about how a useless acquisition method will become slightly more useless, and a completely overpowered, borderline exploit-y, method will be fixed. Make a thread about Ascended gear and how much of a grind it is.

John Smith was right about leather...

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Posted by: Behellagh.1468


  • Massively decreased leather salvage rates to be nearly 0

Funny, I salvaged 13.7K leather from 6.2K pieces of medium armor last week. Made around 260 gold doing so. But keep believing that, it keeps me in gold.

We are heroes. This is what we do!

RIP City of Heroes

Doomsday preparation pack...

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Posted by: Oxidia.8103


|Laughs in european|

Update on the Economy

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Posted by: Ayrilana.1396



I’ve taken enough college courses in economics to know the GW2 economy isn’t fine and has been a major problem with this game since it launched all those years ago. They say their stepping but they still have their thumb on it. Whether its to make sure the AH is stocked, keep a firm grip on the higher up items like legendaries, or even prevent people from flipping items. The economy in this game doesn’t flow as I can log in right now and no doubt have items in the AH I’ve put up ages ago.

The economy will remain in a bad shape until they put a cap on the amount of time you can keep an item in auction. You can’t keep an item indefinitely on a site or a newspaper without renewing it at which point you can alter your price and try again. The only bad side to this is reality as a person in the real world can make a lot of money flipping items. However in the digital world the concept of time doesn’t exist and they can flip hundreds of items for a profit in a single day. However having a 1% of extremely rich players isn’t as bad as the system we have now. All they can do with that money is fill their wardrobe their is no uber stat gear they can deck a guild out it. More importantly those people don’t have an off switch they may get tons of in game gold but they won’t really spend it since their constantly camping at the AH flipping so their rather self contained. A living gold distribution method that makes sure people get money for the items they post putting money in the pockets of the little man and making those with more money pay a higher price for the same item.

They should have taken a step back at launch

Are you saying that based on economics, there is something factually wrong with the GW2 economy or are you saying that based on your study of economics you have an opinion that there is something wrong with the GW2 economy?

All precursor collections completed

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Posted by: Malediktus.9250


Not sure if I am the first to do this and it is not important to me, but today I finished completing all 72 precursor collections, which included a total of 1527 objectives. It was quite a marathon of things to do…

I wanted to give some feedback on my experience with the collections.

- They made me do events I normally never do
- I did a few things I never did before even though I have 10k+ playtime
- Some of them had neat ideas, like Kudzu 3 collection with the hidden garden

- some require events which often bug out, this is unacceptable 3 years after release
- some events have a long respawn time but can be completed in less than a minute by a single person. So you have to camp that spot and keep your eyes glued to the screen or you miss it
- some objective feel buggy and dont seem to trigger on first try or on some map /ips
- lots of objectives in fractals, but not a single one in the dungeons (you really want to see dungeons dead, huh?)
- a lot of things designed purely as a material sink barring any logic, such as “Jar of Yellow Paint” for Bifrost 3 collection which required 1000 Iron and 1000 Copper Ores

- the enourmous amount of t5, t6 and t7 materials required for crafting the precursors. I would have preferred a higher quantity of journey objectives, possibly harder ones which require more personal skill. Like meleeing tequatl without getting hit by a wave once.

All in all I spend around 10k Gold completing the collections. I sold the precursors of legendaries I already own and a few ones I consider ugly. The rest I unlocked the skin for fun and completionism. The account bound precursors will probably rot in my bank now since I cannot be bothered with building them, especially the new ones which require 250 Crystalline Ore (too much grind for mediocre skins).

On a side note it would be cool if there would be a title for completing all legendary weapon, armor and backpack precursor collections. Like “Legendary Wayfarer”, “Legendary Collector”, “Legendary Crafter” or “Archmaster Crafter”. Of course the title should be removed from you as soon as new collections get added.


1st person worldwide to reach 35,000 achievement points.

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Dev quotes- from Reddit

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Posted by: Just a flesh wound.3589

Just a flesh wound.3589

Since the Devs are posting regularly on the Reddit forum and not everyone reads Reddit, I thought I would start a thread with Dev quotes from that forum and try to update it as needed to make the same information over here equally available. This information may be already available from other sources, but if it’s new to me or I think it’s not widely known, I’ll post it here.

Feel free to add relevant, informational posts from Reddit (or Twitter) yourself as you see them.

Reddit Dev Tracker

Today’s post:
ArenaColin Source
You should see the first round of updates that help with #1 and #3 on your list next week from our new Fractals team.
As for #2 and #4 – those are both things we agree with, and we recently formed a larger fractal team after HoT launch so we can do exactly stuff like that.
Great suggestion thread, I passed it along to the team as well.

Be careful what you ask for
ANet may give it to you.

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OMG Awesome !!!! Thanks Anet

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Posted by: Kaz.5430


Is it just me, or does anyone else find it slightly amusing (and a little hypocritical) that some people are complaining about new Gem Store content “after” having spent $100 on the xpac?

You do recall that $50 of the $100 was for gem store stuff, rather than the xpac itself right?

The xpac itself cost $50.

The first $20 of your other $50 was for a gemstore game upgrade worth 2400 gems ($30), everything in that upgrade was most likely created by the Gem Store team.

The remaining $30 of that $50 fee was for 4000 gems (worth $50), which could have purchased both the appearance packs released since HoT came out, without needing to spend a dime.

You’re actually complaining that they are providing you with stuff to buy with the 4000 gems, that you paid extra to get.

Everything sold in the Gem Store AFAIK, has been created by a dedicated Gem Store development team, they are not stealing content developed for other parts of the game, they are releasing the content that they have created specifically for the store.

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On the value of "luxury" rewards

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Posted by: William Bradley Knight.2609

William Bradley Knight.2609

The Trading Post is economic PvP. There are minds on the other end of every transaction. Make an effort not to get fleeced. It’s good practice for everyone.

Yeah, it’s PvP, but unlike WvW or sPvP this one is forced – an equivalent to open world PvP in a game where most players are strictly pve ones. This is the main reason why it’s so succesful.

But the not getting fleeced part is easy. It is also valuable and beneficial to all of the players. A lot of players seem to buy at the ask and sell at the bid. This is extremely foolish. It is pretty much the only way to guarantee you do get fleeced.

I am not a TP flipper. Nor am I rich. I am pretty sure I have never had more than 400 gold, though I tend to have a lot of mats just from being a pack rat. I have dabbled on the TP just a tiny bit, like one time I bought a bunch of bags and opened them all and sold the mats. I made a profit, but it was very tedious. Anybody who makes gold like that deserves it. I also speculated once and bought stacks of quartz. I did that simply because they were really cheap and I thought the price would go up. It did. I still have 10-15 of those stacks so if I sold them now I would make a profit. Should I feel like I took advantage of whoever listed them when I bought them? I see no reason to think so. Whoever sold them obviously wanted to get rid of them that cheaply.

I sometimes buy at the ask, especially if I want the item right now. But I very, very rarely sell at the bid. When i do it is only because there is such a small spread that it doesn’t matter. And even if the spread is 1 copper, I still usually list the item. Why not? If the spread is that small, the item probably sells a lot. I should probably list it above the ask. Traders probably do that very often. Obviously listing items means I don’t get the gold right now. But I get it usually pretty quickly. I may log in the next day and have 5 or even 10 gold waiting for me at the TP depending on what I did the previous day. TP barons laugh at that number because they have hundreds waiting for them each day. But I am not trading. This is just selling loot for me.

Here are a couple of examples of real TP transactions I made recently. I was about to log off last night and realized I had not crafted silk weaving thread. It is (annoyingly) time gated, so I wanted to do it before logging off in case I didn’t get back on before reset tonight. But when I went to craft it, I only had 91 bolts of silk. Now I could have gone and farmed that or I could have switched characters to find one that had some Silverwastes bags in inventory and opened them up to get silk, but I was ready to log off. So I just right-clicked to buy more at the TP and ordered 9 bolts at the ask price. I got my bolts, crafted the thread and logged off. Nothing wrong with that, right? But when I do that, I am paying somebody for that convenience, either a flipper or just somebody like me who usually lists at or near the ask.

Day before this, I was opening a bunch of bags on my Reaper and noticed that my inventory had only 15-slot bags instead of 20. I was filling it up quickly opening bags so I decided it would be good to buy a couple of Halloween pails for more space. So I went to the TP to buy candy corn or candy corn cobs. Of course I wanted it right then, but those cobs were trading at around 2g90s bid and 3g40s ask. I didn’t want to pay “full price” for them but didn’t want to wait for days if I only offered the bid. So I decided to offer somewhere in between and see what happened. I put in an order for 6 of them at 3g4s and went on with opening bags and such. In just a few minutes I saw the TP notification that my order had filled. Wonderful, right? Somebody wanted to sell them at 3g40s. I didn’t want to pay that and wanted them cheaper. Somebody else wanted to buy them at 2g90s. And one other person (or people) was willing to sell them to me at 3g4s. Probably wasn’t a flipper, but if it was I don’t care. I got what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. Best I can tell, everybody involved in that market is getting what they want. It is awesome that we can all play how we want and swap the stuff we get while doing that for other stuff that others get by doing something we don’t want to do. Win-win for everybody. If somebody is getting rich off of it, good for them as long as there is a free market so I can trade my stuff for other stuff I want at the prices I am willing to pay.

tl;dr – I love the trading post/economy. It is one of the best aspects of GW2.

Playing GW was the best thing I ever did

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Posted by: flyingcats.6194


I don’t know anyone who frequents these forums and I don’t know if anyone will really care, but I just felt like sharing. If no-one cares for this bit of sappy trivia, I’ll know when this thread dies with hardly any replies. ;-)

Somewhere in 2010, I met a girl while playing Guild Wars. We barely talked for a few years afterwards, then became better friends, then ended up dating. She lives in Poland, I live in Belgium.

In April this year, we met in “real life” for the first time, and life has been paradise ever since. We visit each other every 2-4 weeks, and last week, I signed the lease for an apartment in which we’ll be living together. She’s moving in with me soon, and I couldn’t possibly be any happier.

It’s funny to think that I used to feel like I was wasting my time by playing Guild Wars so much. But now, in hindsight, it was probably the best thing I have ever done in my life.

Thank you, GW.

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stupidest / funniest thing you ever saw

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Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

I’m going to respond to a couple of comments (and probably remove them from this thread). I just don’t think we need them here, and here’s why:

I’m a player. I play every night. As a player, I find what was recounted in a couple of posts to be very rude behavior towards another player. As a member of the GW2 team, I find it disappointing that someone feels it’s ok to grief another player. In fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone here knows we have a strong stance against harassment and griefing. Sure we have pretty high expectations for our players, but the truth is that they almost always meet those expectations.

What happened in a few cases shared here wasn’t funny or amusing. Sometimes people tell stories about situations that are unkind, rude, and potentially distressing activities. Let’s not do those things, or share those stories. The community will be better for it.

Edit to add: The thread itself is just fine — lighthearted, fun, and engaging. No worries there!

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Anniversary Sales [End.]

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Posted by: ScribeTheMad.7614


Any 3yr vet that took electro dyes as their gift just got smacked in the face by anet today…

Not really. They got the dye that they wanted for free rather than having to spend their gold for it.

Stop the anet fanboying lol there are now dyes from other sets more expensive than the electros… therefore yes, anyone who got them got hosed in gold savings value…

No need to resort to insults as it just weakens your position. So are you telling me that you chose electro blue because it had the highest savings and not because you wanted it? So if, before today’s sale, I was to have bought up all of the existing dyes and relist them for 5K a piece, would you still feel the same way? The existing price was a result of stagnant supply with a high demand. The value of the dye hasn’t really changed since yesterday. Either you want it or you don’t.

To quote Benjamin Franklin… a penny saved is a penny earned… why would anyone NOT want to save themselves as much gold down the road as possible?

Because saving myself 500g on a color I hate and will never use instead of saving 5g on a color I’ll use all the time is, well, kind of silly.
Those shoes I’ll never use are on sale buy one get one! I should totally buy the first pair I wont use to get the free pair I wont use either!

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There is absolutely no evidence to support that it would.” -AnthonyOrdon

How FTP can get ascended armor

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Posted by: nekretaal.6485


Free to play chests don’t get daily chests with laurels, which does limit their ability to buy many laurel-priced crafting recipes for ascended components.

Last year, Halloween Daily rewards included laurels, and so if you are a FTP account without much ability to get laurels make sure that you get them!

The game has balanced its difficulty around exotic gear, so there is no need to go for ascended gear, but payers probably want to get this gear anyways even if the bonus is small.

There are two methods to get ascended gear without any laurels.

(1) Ascended Gear Boxes: Ascended armor drops! Good sources for gaining dropped Ascended armor are Tequatl, Fractal daily chests, and WvW rank up boxes.

(2) Craft Ascended Armor and transmute to stats that you want

Most armor sets, including sets with the stats that you want are locked behind recipes bought for laurels. What you will do is craft ascended armor with stats you might not want, and transmute it to armor with stats that you do want.

The ascended armor you can make without laurels is
(1) Sinister Armor
(2) Zealot armor
(3) Nomads Armor

Zealot’s armor recipes are overpriced and limited supply these days so buy Sinister Armor Recipes for each armor piece are recommended. Nomads recipes aren’t too bad either.

You will also need to buy the exotic and ascended sinister insignia from the vendor in the Silverwastes (Sinister Recipes) or Dry Top (Nomads Recipes). The Silverwastes is a great loot area, so that’s your best bet. You will need a few hundred bandit crests if you go the Silverwastes route, but that isn’t very grindy to get.

You will also need sheet of Charged Ambrite (Sinister) or Sheet of Ambrite (Nomads). (or watchwork sprokets for Zealots) Buy what you need of these ASAP, because they are cheap now but overdue to spike in price due to limited availability. (many forum threads on this issue in the last few months).

Now that you have the Recipes and specific materials to make Sinister/Nomads/Zealots Armor, go through the normal process of crafting the sinister armor, including leveling up your crafting profession up to 500. If you are making Sinister armor (recommended), then you probably acquired most of the ascended materials you’ll need in the Silverwastes.

The silk/leather/mithril that you will need is time gated and can be crafted only once a day. Get Crafting up to 500 and start crafting these wgen you can. You can also buy the output on the trading post.

Once your armor is crafted you will go to the mystic Forge and transmute the armor to the stats you want. The recipe is:

(1). Ascended Armor Piece
(2) Exotic Insignia with the stats you want
(3). 5 Globs of Ectoplasms
(4) Anthology of Heroes (vendor item bought next to the mystic forge).

So that’s how you get ascended armor without laurels (this method works for weapons too). The best thing about this method is that it is actually cheaper than crafting some of the Ascended armor that you want the regular way!

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Would a Veteran BWE make sense?

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Zypher.7609


I understand your thinking in how this would improve feedback. But I am inclined to agree with some of the other posters in that a veteran player does not mean they will be good at giving feedback.

I think what the forums and devs could benefit with is an improved forum interface. Maybe one that had an internal ranking system that could promote positive feedback. If an arena-net employee sees a post that has very good feedback, they could increase the user’s score. Once a user has hit a threshold they would gain access to a new portion of the forums that only users above a certain point could access. The forums currently are made up of about 20% good feedback, 20% random “i wants”, 40% of “I dislike x and will make sure everyone knows it” then 20% of trolling. (Numbers do not represent any facts at all, but are my opinion on browsing the forums daily.)

The hardest part for the staff is to weed through all the posts finding the 20% good feedback. They really need a section that a user has to earn in order to have access to. Of course this whole idea would get shut down by the vocal 80% that do not ever post positive feedback.

But in the end, I still stick by my thought that the majority of happy people playing the game do not ever touch the forums. So how do you implement a system to weed out the good feedback from the bad? That would be the real issue, rather than trying to say who is a veteran or not.

HoT Price Feedback + Base game included [merged]

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Posted by: John Smith.4610


John Smith.4610


if you look at the world through the cold cynical eyes of economics

You rang?

Crafted Mawdrey II, why did I bother?

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Posted by: Wolfey.3407


Really saddened right now by yet another slap in the face by ANet. Sigh.

You should have just crafted the backpiece for the skin, the item it’s self is just a bonus reward that is a big nod to the movie/ musical “Little Shop of Horrors”.

You can find more about it on youtube with the links below:

The giving blood stone dust is because the plant “Audrey II” in" Little Shop of Horrors" demands human blood as food. In return, it promises great rewards to seymore (the owner).

I’m sorry you feel ripped off; however, the content has been out for a long period of time and you should have done your research or done the basic ask in map chat to see if the bonus item is something you wanted.

You can’t blame anet on this one, just your self for not bothering to research or ask or even think this through.

Heres the full movie on it by the way for any Geeks who wana watch it or listen to it

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GW2Shinies using Transactions API

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Posted by: Lawton Campbell


Lawton Campbell

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I meant that I want to see how my offer compares to offers by other players.

TP PvP leaderboards. This needs to happen.

This week's special surprise

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Posted by: TheRandomGuy.7246


What I fear is that it is: “Yay! Closed Beta next week.” And nothing more.

But what would a ReadyUp have to say about Closed Beta? “Yay, Closed beta!” ?

“Yay, Closed beta! Lets do a recap of what we know so far.”

[Suggestion] More depth for condi cleansing

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Posted by: DavyMcB.1603


First off, I play all classes, each is fully geared, my main is mesmer and it’s not condi spec. So I don’t think I’m being biased.


Ok, so I think we all know that condition is quite subpar in PvP because of the overloads of cleansing that are in the game. Some classes got them more than others do (Hi ele, war and don’t be sad engi). The thing is I feel like, the way things work as of now, cleanses greatly counter condition. Why? When a condi specs wants to ram up condi damage, since the damage itself is gimpy to begin with, they have to stack a lot of conditions (either intensity wise or duration wise). This process may require the class to use 3-4 skills or more to even put some pressure on the enemies. Now, with specs that have high frequency of condi application like engi and clone mes, that is quite alright. But for other spec like burn gd or even necro, they are at disadvantages. Necro’s condi is usually very slow to build up stacks and we all know that duration dosen’t help much for intensity-based condi. If the necro wants to burst condi, he has to use Staff#2, Staff#3, Dark path, Dhuumfire, and maybe scepter#2 and #5. And the problem is that all those stacks of bleeds could be vanished in a single water attunement swap. Is this fair? I don’t even have to give an example for burn GD, do I? Then some of you would ask why burst them all together just to get cleansed, but what are you gonna do? keep spamming that scepter#1 and hope that the enemy will waste condi cleanse while he’s burst 10k+ meditation combo on you? Or use you as ping pong ball with turrets and rifle?

Key point, I think condi cleanse should clear conditions by reducing stacks and/or duration of condition damage.

1. This will make cleansing require just as much investment as condition damage. If a trap ranger successfully blows all his skills to ram up 20 stacks of bleeds. The enemy SHOULD BE penalized for that, not springing back up with instant condi flush in 1 second; e.g. a spamable Cleansing Ire should reduce maybe just 10 stacks of bleed, 5 stacks of poison, 2 stacks of burning, etc.. you get the idea.

2. With this mechanic, each condi cleanse is no longer homogeneous. You can control which cleanses should be more powerful than other cleanses based also on their effectiveness not just numbers of cleanses — i.e. creating more depth for the mechanic.

2.1 You can also control which cleanses should prioritize what kind of conditions

3. Allowing specs with low frequency(but high stacks) of condition application to be more relevant and meaningful in competitive games.

3.2 Putting conditions and their counters on the same plain — i.e. conditions come in stack and duration, cleanses should also come in stacks and duration NOT a clean-them-all trigger. (This is pretty much Pro#1 but from different perspective).

4.(Add) This will also create cutoff points for people who put effort into building up conditions on enemies from people who simply benefit from having a few stacks here and there for extra damage. The cleansing should reflect this — e.g. people who manage to successfully land 20 bleeds should not receive the same counter as people who put 5-10 bleeds.

Well, it’s a nerf to condi cleanses, but I think it’s for the better and careful adjustment needs to be considered, of course.

What do you think?

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Molten Furnace Save Spot fix -> Boss Bugged

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Lauren Kamieniecki.6245


Lauren Kamieniecki.6245

QA Lead


There’s a fix scheduled for this but it is too early for a “soon”… Need another week before another round of “soon” starts going out.

Roaming vid Vaanss/Tsuki both POV :)

in Warrior

Posted by: xiao.6794


hii sup mina
back with a little vid with my mesmer and a friends “Vaanss” that was fun and cool to roam together , so i made a little vid about it

please enjoy guys

Solutions to silk prices.

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Posted by: William Bradley Knight.2609

William Bradley Knight.2609

Basically any solution, that enables the average player to obtain his daily silk demand on his own, without having to buy from the tp, will most certainly crash the silk prices because the silk that people get who dont need it (as a byproduct of playing), wont have a demand anymore.
Thats the status quo of leather right now.

Probably a silly question, but why is it important for silk not to crash, but okay for leather? What is the economic or game design purpose of the inflated demand of silk compared to leather?

Its not okay for leather to be at vendor value. I dont think I ever said that.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to attribute that to you. I was just trying to focus on the actual problem. Would anybody really see silk prices as very much out of line if the other similar materials required for crafting ascended armor were priced similarly? I am just trying to understand why ANet has those demands set so differently. Is there an economic or game design purpose? If so, it is not apparent to me. It can’t be something like trying to discourage people from playing light armor classes or more specifically discouraging people who play light armor classes from buying ascended armor. It also seems unlikely that there is still some huge amount of silk supply out there that they are trying to burn through. If so, then the situation with leather has to be much, much worse.

please delete

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Posted by: John Smith.4610


John Smith.4610


How much gold has Evon Gnashblade taken from players for using his services since launch?


Precursor drop, Lucky account is a thing...

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Posted by: Loki.8793


I also heard that Colin is actually Santa Claus, but I haven’t found any evidence of that yet.

Is it true he also likes to swing swords?

He doesn’t always swing swords. But when he does, he swings them again.

I left GF cos of Hat of Thans

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Niobium.7392


OK guise listen
me an gf were cuddlin on bed
i’m decent bf
i loves
i dun play gaems no mor
But den I c utoob vid on bed
gw2 Hat of Thans expand
W T F game
i tought i leaf
gf looks mad adn say
“zacka meta too imba
no content
living story so slo
no new dung no play 4 u”
I wathc vid
ok ok look gud I like vine
modem look like salad ok
gf enters next sentnce
it’s new expand cos silvary mad cos Scaalet
I try hard not listen
i am alone
W T F Ritlok blind
oh ok cool he burn for global warming
moresat look gud grafiks shiny
chars glide W T F no fly?
oh vine
mo vine
wopons yes wepons all 4 teef and mist class
wat mist class
myst is Ritlok!
noo class!
I say ravanant is gud new 4 me and u
gf not happy cos vine
I say pvp is gud more mahp no haf play skyham!
no win she go sleep
watch wahc watch
I cud war and spear noobs
I cud engi and ham the sky
I ragner and staff ha ha all vine
vid watch 7 time
no imba all good i win pvp i decent
best hype
all hype
I scream
gf say no play
i not impress i say i’m leaving now
all is vine


Will the archived subforums be removed?

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Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

Content Marketing Manager


A have an alternative that we are considering.

A little background first. We are only looking at making this change to tidy up the front page of the forum, not hide all old posts. While the archived forums are in their own ‘Archive’ category, they still take up a significant amount of space, and we’re looking to give the front page a cleaner look.

So, let me know what you all think of this alternative plan:
Instead of making the archived subforums unavailable to read, we can ‘unpublish’ the subforums from the front page. These subforums would still be accessible (read-only) via a direct link to the page, but would not show up as links in the forum index.

Season's Greetings & Merry Christmas

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Posted by: Immanuel.1560


Thank you ArenaNet for the past year. Thank you for the Living Story, it has been awesome. Thank you for all those changes what you have done to this game and made it even more rewarding and fun

Season’s Greetings to all ArenaNet employees and for their families


Over 7300 champ bags from SW opened - Results

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Posted by: Crovax.7854


7306 in total.
Thought i’d dump the info here so people know what to expect when farming SW for some time.
0 Precursors but a lot of named exotics.
I vendored greens and salvaged things that give silk. I did not sell t6 mats so that’s a big chunk of gold i didn’t make.
Aside from that the whole thing net me ~900g (not counting t6, as was said).

Kind regards, and if you’ll excuse me, i’m off buying a new mouse…

edit: coin drops avaraged out at 1s25c; a bag is worth around 15 silver.
edit2: forgot to add 1 ascended armor chest. I guess that confirms they do drops but the chance is abysmally low.


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Precursors selling for 65 Gold on TP!

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The economy is not the game. Many of the issues around this sub-forum stem from a misunderstanding of that fact.

Funny, the exact same thing can be said about legendaries.

TP gold to gem list suggestion

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I’m not so sure you understand what you’re talking about. Unless you’re saying that you’re part of the Anet QA team testing the new code, so you have first hand knowledge of the in-house dev tools being used?

It uses page, the source has a section that says this:

GW2.config = {"embedOrigins":["","",""],"offers":{"gems2gold":[2500000,1000000,500000,100000,10000],"gold2gems":[2000,1200,800,400]},"blockNewAccountHours":72,"features":{"siteEnabled":true,"allowStub":false,"gold2gems":true,"gems2gold":true}}

The part that says "gold2gems":[2000,1200,800,400] actually decides what the UI shows. I altered that list, and the UI behaved perfectly with the new values.