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I'm seeing what you are doing...

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Or that ANet is desperately trying to wrap completely random ideas together with a poorly written supervillain.

The fact is, if they just read what they’ve done themselves carefully, they can do the “this was our plan all along” thing as long as they want to, without us ever knowing about it.

But rest assured, if they slip, someone will see it and they will be caught red-handed.

Of course this community is also tin hat heavy, excellent at empty hyperbole and finding stuff that isn’t there 95% of the time.

Good catch on the ecto thing tho. 5% for gryffindor.

So that new trailer for HoT... as a Ranger...

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I need one of these. Badly!

I don’t care if it’s a whole new animal to tame as part of the expansion, or if you want to add aesthetics/skins to already existing pets through the gem shop.

I just… want one! Please let me tame one? Pleeeeeease?


GW1-era LA is gone forever

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Even the broken statue of Dwayna in Lornar’s pass is where a statue of dwayna was in GW1.

I think you mean Grenth statue

Both. There’s an old Dwayna statue out there and the infamous alt UW portal Grenth statue out there.

You might have seen the Dwayna statue during the marionette event. It was around one of the lanes.

People who are saying there are no GW1 throwbacks in GW2 are full of it. They’re everywhere.

I suspect these people aren’t exactly the GW1 fans they make themselves out to be.

They just use GW1 as a platform to whine about various things that may (rarely) or may not (often) be of concern in GW2.

Legendary weapons

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How many more were you expecting?

Just the 16 that they promised us.


“Man, why isn’t Anet ever transparent with us?! If they would just tell us what they’re doing people won’t get so mad about things chang—lolnvmlegendariesrsrsbsnss BURN THE WITCHES”

"Humans always in the way"

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The Canthan district used to be there. As you may already know, Divinity’s Reach is divided into several districts, some of them assigned to refugees from the other continents.

The Canthan District however was removed at the last minute before release because Arenanet got complaints about it from asian countries. So they removed it and created the large hole.

Who in their right mind would compla—nvm. Forgot. People.


More seductive outfits for charr

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Hey guys! What’s going on in this thre—o—oh.. oh. Okay… alright.. I’ll… I’ll just leave you all to it then… sorry to interrupt. /closesdoor


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Crippled players should have 400% of the normal aggro radius for all nearby hyenas, as should those low on health.


Exit Polls (updated 8/2)

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Of course ANet will cheat.

Pack up or shut up. If the former, can I have your stuff?

Kicking should stay anonymous

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With the update, kicking has been applied to the chat log-for everyone.
Recently I was running AC P2 and someone in our pug group didn’t pull the boss right. Another person viciously attacked them, basically bullying them and then some. The bully then focused on the rest of us unleashing other verbal abuses.
I figured the fastest thing to do is kick the bully. And surprise it comes up that I decided to kick them. The bully then turned their attention all on me and made it unbearable to stay. I left. Later I was messaged that another person from the group wanted to help, but didn’t want what happened to me to happen to them.
I think the kicking should be kept anonymous to the person being kicked for this reason. It’s crippling the more timid individuals and giving the jerks an advantage.

I’m confused. You tried to kick a kittenhat. Good. Stand by your convictions.

It’s a good thing that the bum knows exactly which one had the cajones to give them the boot to the rear they deserved.

And shame on the cowards who didn’t back you up. If they wanted the group to stay together minus the bully, next time they should grow a pair and support that initiative.

I’d be more ticked at the one who messaged me that sentiment than the actual bully. You’re already anonymous as one player in a massive game. You’re the character.

In the grand scheme of things, some pompous fink knowing you had the nerve to call them on their BS really isn’t such a big deal.

No guilds and no wars ... what am I missing

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No guilds

Bunches of lots of guilds. Almost everyone in game that you’ll meet is in a guild.

and no wars …

The Elder Dragons. That’s your war. It’s an existential one, no less. Guilds. War. Guild Wars. Guild Wars 2.

what am I missing

Probably the shift in direction from the first game being largely about factions and guilds fighting one and other towards more an effort to fighting against apocalyptic genocide by these nigh forces of nature that don’t care about the world around them and are hungry for some yummy magics.

Though guilds still regularly compete against one and other in PvP and WvW.

"The Head of the Snake" delayed

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Was it that hard to say this earlier? You’ve really wasted so much of peoples time and energy by not saying this earlier.

You should have said this before!!!

I’m glad I used 8 hours of PTO (paid time off) to play the new raid wing today.


Had my entire day ruined sitting around waiting for any info at all, now my entire week is off schedule. If you have a problem or messed up at least admit to it so people can move on with their days/lives thanks.

Maybe you should’ve made this statement about 4h ago ,speaking as an EU player

Well again they did announce first an initial delay (as pointed out by Ayrilana) and after working at it all day, it’s just not going to happen. Ergo this statement here.

They’re working on it even now. What happened was out of their power. Try to be a little understanding. They can’t control the weather.

So what you guys going to do for the players? What we getting ? some gems would be nice :P

Hahahahaa… you’re not serious with this, are you?

Thanks Anet. You guys take care and stay warm.

Orbs of Power gonna return?

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Perhaps we could ask them to not put in such changes until they give us a GvG mode then. That’d be the least they could do. Thing is that it’s actually a bit serious. GvG is all that’s keeping some of us here. Get rid of that for a month or more and a lot of us are gone and not coming back. If that doesn’t sound like a problem, you underestimate that population and/or how much they contribute to a server.

Well, that’s not selfish or anything.

Less people in WvW because QQ GvG? Less que for me. Bye.

More interesting fights with serious game changing objectives and consequences? Yes plz. Gives us more to do in WvW, something else to fight over/win back.

It’ll be much appreciated it.

Anet being a little too quiet

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Relics of Orr interview with Chris Whiteside posted yesterday ~~

Interview with mister marketeer. Woop dee doo. It’s sad when someone is in denial about what he really is, but I’ve accepted that Anet will ignore inconvenient truths and gloss over or just joke about problems people have pointed out. This interview is no different in regards to this.

So which is it? They’re obviously not ‘quiet’ in the sense that they’re not saying anything.

They’re just not saying what you want to hear, which they may or may not be at liberty to discuss at this time (you know, for the things that actually have an answer VS a list of rants/demands).

Further, they may have already previously addressed your concerns and don’t feel the need to repeat themselves ad nauseam for every dozen posts that appear after the fact.

It’s not practical. Do a bit of research.

They answered the megaserver question. It’s new. Just came out. They’re aware of the issues (and you should keep posting about those, btw). They’re fine tuning it for you.

Expect something soon™. In the mean time, occupy yourself.

Erik: So will we start to see some of those questions start to get answered, or are you going to keep drawing that out so we see some nice speculation going and building up over the next twelve years?

Clint: Wait, you just gave him an excuse to sidestep it now. You don’t know how this works Erik!

Chris: I think that, not specifically in regard to your question, that it’s important to answer questions, that’s why we put the questions up.

It’s important for the players to work together with the iconics to get deeper into the lore and work out what’s going on and have amazing adventures and the sense of discoverability.

Which nicely segues me to: I’m sure that when people see this they’re gonna be like “Oh Chris, he hasn’t really answered much about Living World Season Two questions.”

Well, I’m doing that because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, and because of the way that our model works in terms of delivering new, fantastic, and mysterious adventures in the world of Tyria and in Guild Wars 2, it goes against that aspect of discoverability and players working together to find new areas, and discover new things and so on.

So I just don’t want to ruin anything for anyone by going into details like this, and plus not everyone’s gonna see it, what we’re talking about, so it wouldn’t be fair.

Non Raiders blocked from XP bar spirit shards

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This blew up way more than I intended. I just thought it would be nice for non raiders to still be able to get spirit shards.

Raiders generally don’t want to be nice to non-raiders. Supposedly it cheapens their experience. Thus you will find some people protesting suggestions like that just on principle.

Well let’s see.

  • I pointed out the easiest raid literally any casual player can do to get the raid masteries unlocked with virtually no investment if raids just aren’t your thing.
  • Warmly invited anyone who so wishes to a great guild of folks who are always doing raids and often do training runs.

You’re right man. I’m an irredeemable monster who just wants to keep all the raids to myself.

Filthy peasants.

Oh crap, he said generally! Nvm.

Ranger Pet DPS getting a nerf

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I made a post about this a long time ago.

If this DPS nerf to the pet is given as a buff to the ranger’s DPS, that’s perfect. If this is a straight nerf to the pet with no ranger DPS compensation, that’s really really bad.

Sure, you can close the nobrain farms..

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Guild Wars 1 players were familiar with the cash shop for items that don’t affect power or pvp, and when Guild Wars 2 added the diamond/gold trade, most Guild Wars 1 players were smart enough to see the direction that Guild Wars 2 was going to take, which is removing pretty much all sources of easy income so most people will just buy diamonds and switch them to gold. At the moment that Anet started slowly decreasing the drop rate on good items, most players from Guild Wars 1 left, including myself. So, in short, Anet wants you to spend money to get fake money, to increase your satisfaction in a fake game. Hope that answers your question.


You have the option to legitimately (as opposed to illegitimately, as many gamers do) buy fake money with real money to increase your monetary needs and satisfaction in game.

Doing this get’s you $$$ in game, or else skins, novelty items, and various temporary boosts akin to food buffs, which you can make for free.

Moreover, the food buffs tend to be better. That’s by design.

GW2 isn’t P2W. The person who chooses to use gems simply get’s the means to the end faster then the one who chooses to work for it in game for free.

There’s no latent advantage present in getting there faster if once everyone arrives there, you’re all on equal footing.

Arriving “there” at the end game is a casual friendly experience, to the degree that many ‘hardcore’ players complain about that (as they do everything else).

The only honest grind in the game is there by design, and you get nothing for it beyond a pretty skin with particle effects and bragging rights.

There is no preferential treatment for the person who uses gems, beyond the convenience the purchase gives them.

Maybe the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping support a game you enjoy enough to spend additional income on then is necessary.

Absent a farm or grind to blame things on, forum begins arguing RNG isn’t fair because chaos is chaos and randomness is a player hater.

Except when it’s not. But kitten it all, make it better!

Dodge useless in Pve

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Dodge useless in Pve

Do not bother to tell me I am wrong


GW1 Trilogy+EOTN - 50% Off Sale on Steam

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Shen, you neglected to mention that you still have to run all over creation to get your hands on those skills, and still need to hunt down bosses to get elite skills (assuming you know which boss has which skills)

Unlike the trait you have to unlock in GW2, it was very fun unlocking Elites in GW1.

It’s the same thing! Make a new character in GW2. Go hunt for your traits in the world, instead of buying them. Bam. It’s elite skill hunting in GW1.

Take off your nostalgia glasses or else admit you’re a hypocrite.

Also, don’t forget about GW1’s awesome gem store.

Roger that.

(Bonus: The gemstore we have in GW2 tends to offer most of these things a lot cheaper and with the option to pay for it with in game currency.)

I’m a veteran GW1 player. I have the complete series. I used it’s gemshop. GW1 was a great game.

But this whole “GW2 sucks GW1 was the best game ever” thing… it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Further if you like GW1 so much, you know, it’s still there.

I want Tengu as the next playable race!

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I’d make a serious third character if Tengu became a playable race. That’d be pretty cool.

It's the little details...

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Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

Charr bomb.

Charr bomb who?

Charr bomb you!

April Fools Speculations

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Make everyone (including NPCs) into asuras…. players that are already asuras get a pink afro… pink afro asuras are unchanged, can’t beat perfection..

or all asura characters turn in a big fat norn

Asura turn into max size Norn
Norn turn into smallest Asura
Charr turn into Humans
Humans turn into Charr
Every male sylvari is Trahearne, every female sylvari is Scarlet.

It would be glorious.

Can I destroy the Nuhoch Warbler now?

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Without giving anything away,

If you have your warbler on you when you go later in the story with the Nuhoch in the Tangled Depths, you’ll get a bit of dialogue from a Nuhoch who has some strong opinions about your warbler.

It’s pretty funny.

If Trahearne ends up becoming a Mordrem...

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He won’t. I want to think Anet has a sense of justice (and humor) for all the unwarranted hate he get’s and he not only stays sane, but triumphs gloriously.

Certain folks wanna make BS up about Trahearne? I hope Anet proves this lot “right”, just to spite them.

Ranger needs help

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Keep your chin up. You and your friend will git gud some day, and then you’ll be embarrassed for this post.

The State of the game. Anet please read.

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WvW: This game mode makes me sick and always has but I gave it a fair shot about a year ago in Edge of the Mists to level my Engineer at the time. I had some fun for about an hour but proceeded to get bored quickly. It was soon after my Engineer earned 72 levels from EOTM that I decided it was simply a Zerg fest. A Zerg Fest!

You say in one breath that you got bored with EoTM in an hour, but then proceeded to earn 72 of your engineers levels in EoTM. And yes, EoTM is largely a zergfest.

It’s not the actual WvW experience. You played in the training area.

You haven’t given WvW an honest try, you kittened around in EoTM and suppose you’re able to speak about WvW like you’re a seasoned pro or something.

That’s not how one goes about this friend.

PvP: The PvP leagues are a joke and need to be balanced a bit better.

It’s their first league ever, they took steps to improve on it mid-season and they’ve promised the next season won’t be a rough as this one was.

You can afford to cut them a bit of slack on that.

I will concede that the league was rough around the edges. I’m not impressed with the thought that several teams probably made the leaderboards on the back of that exploit.

Even with these issues, I’ve managed to enjoy the first season and done well enough to wrap things up in the second one with any luck and a bit of determination.

The exploit didn’t hurt me directly. I did well in spite of what people were doing to game the system, but it does damage the integrity of the league system.

There’s no value in being the “best” when it’s a real possibility that those who got there didn’t get there by being the best, but by gaming the system.

Even if you got there legitimately, the existence of the exploit will cheapen your efforts by extension. So, why bother? Everyone will think you just cheesed it.

It’s something I’m sure they are well aware of and determined to stop from happening a second time around. I’m good with that.

Open World: The original open world in GW2 is okay first time

I like the open world in GW2. It’s gorgeous and engaging. Sorry to hear you’re burnt out on it, I’m still good with it myself. Because that’s what it sounds like.

PvE: This is where it gets juicy and I have strong opinions to share. I’ll begin by saying this is from an “elitist” point-of-view

Thanks for the heads up. I sincerely appreciate it. I’ll be skipping this wall of text.

Open world and PvE are pretty much interchangeable terms for me at any rate, but I’m sure you’re breaking them up like that for some reason or another.

Good luck with that.

To close out this rather long post, I just want to say I wrote this because I’m truly upset with the way the game is going and I have invested many hours and good times into this game so I’m trying to raise awareness and speak out against the downfall of GW2. To those who have read to this point so far, I thank you greatly for reading what I had to say, and if nobody reads this then I have wasted 2 hours of typing and strong, valid opinions have fallen on deaf ears; nothing will change. If you agree with anything I have to say here, reply with it or add to it. Think of this as a petition for change in GW2 as it is today. Share this link with people who you know want the game to change as well.

- Zedd

You’re obviously very passionate and you care for the game a great deal, I’ll give you that. I’m sorry the games losing you.

I can’t really follow what it is exactly that’s soured your experience, but in a lot of these kinds of posts it basically breaks down to burnout.

And you know, even if they made the game exactly “perfect” for you?

You’d still be sick of it. It wouldn’t last you very long before you came back again to complain because “something” is off.

It wouldn’t lessen the burnout effect. You’d still be tired of the game overall. And you know what? That’s natural. It’s okay to take a break from the game. It’s healthy even.

Too much of a good thing is in fact a bad thing.

Revenant vs Ranger

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50% uptime moving reflect is pretty insanely terrible for rangers though.

You realize the skill you’re talking about blocks projectiles, yes? It does not reflect them.

Norn Male & Female, disproportionate?

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Norn’s are human-esque giants with the potential to shape shift werewolf style. They’re both massive compared to the average human, male or female.

Males have a greater body muscle/mass, females to a lesser degree. Norn women are still women. They’re similar to humans, and so, that’s nature.

That said, they are on a bigger scale. It is readily apparent when you compare an average human female and an average norn female; she’s a giant.

A norn female will often tower over the human male, let alone the human female.

Some people in that thread want norn women to look exactly proportionate to the male, and that’s just not natural given that norns are human like giants.

Males tend to be bigger then females in general. Fact.

Norn males are massive mighty men. On this exaggerated scale, norn women compare very well to their male counterpart. They’re giant mighty women.

That other thread (creeping into this thread now) is essentially people arguing (very) subjective tastes and issues of beauty.

In other words, it won’t be going anywhere ever.

From an objective point of view, norns are proportionate to one and other. They’re giantesque people and Anet did that well.

There isn’t a lot of variation but that’s a general problem, not a norn problem.

I personally don’t see that issue as anything game breaking. People are mad that GW2 doesn’t have a PSO2 style character creator.

GW2’s is better then most, and a huge leap from the first game.

And honestly if you look, you’ll see some people complaining that norn are too big. So, yeah. Fickle fanbase is fickle. Norn are awesome.

Visual nerfs [Merged]

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Dear ANET,

I love you very much. It is the truth. You have made a game that I have played for many hours, and greatly enjoy to share with friends.

However, you have ruined an animation I greatly enjoyed by turning it into a joke. When I first heard of the change, I though people were exaggerating. This was not so. It is actually tennis ball sized.

This is not game-breaking, and I am not threatening to leave or anything, but I seriously doubt that any measure of reasoned thought went into the new animation. It is actually more underwhelming than “flare” from GW1…I never thought that this could be true of GW2, but it is.

Please reconsider your animation choices, this was truly a poorly designed ‘fix’ for the visual noise problem.

Darksabre (now and forever an ele).


Style matters. It was reduced waaaaay too much. This is silly. I want my old fireball back, or at least one that’s a wee bit bigger and flashier.

I get the why, but the current change is overkill.

Concept of Dueling/Party vs Party

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No matter how many times this is brought up, it doesn’t make sense.

You can already do what you’re describing. 1vs1, 5vs5… all of that can be done anytime, anywhere in the world, with the push of a button.

You can keep requesting it. I can deal with that. But your argument is unsound.

Please no more zones like Tangled Depths

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Tangled Depths is like Ogres. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Tangled Depths has layers. Tangled Depths has ogres.

COINCIDENCE!? I think not.

Press M to open your map. See the reddish almost circle in the picture attachment of this post?

Click and mess around with those panel looking things in-game to switch the layer of the map you’re on.

Now you can be sure what you’re looking for is actually on the map layer you’re in.

If it’s solid, it’s in the map layer you’re in. If it’s transparent, it’s on a different layer either above or below you.

Congratulations, you can now navigate the Tangled Depths! Hooray!


Why no /inspect ?

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This whole thread is just hilarious… and no I am not in favor of any kind of /inspect. The simple solution for those that want /inspect is DONT PUG. Seriously, get together a team of friends to do your silly dungeons with and do it with them only. If you choose to PUG or bring PUG’s into groups… just expect the worst and make the best of it.

If only we could use common sense such as this.

Common sense is such a fleeting trait now a days it’s soon to become a virtue. : /

Or we could have inspect, check their build and see if it’s completely crap. No need to expect anything.

That’s what I would call common sense.

Common sense would dictate even further that since you already have a tool available tool to do exactly this, arguing for something that takes this a step further…

Say, an invasive /inspect function, is an effort to push a negative elitist influence into an otherwise healthy and inclusive community.

Elitists exist as is.

You can choose to be an elitist. You have what’s needed to be one mechanic wise. It certainly wasn’t intended that way, but people will be people.

You should not want to foster this mindset onto the community as a whole, even if you consider yourself such a person.

It is lose/lose if you value originality and build diversity even a little bit, even in a min/max way. Other games that have such a tool suffer for it.

You must run A, maybe B, if you are C or GTFO. I prefer to be something more then a means to an end for other people.

I don’t mind if it’s consensual and I’m having fun, but having the community collective force this from me or log off… that’s not fun. That’s something else.

If you like GW2, you shouldn’t want this.

You consider this as an unapropiate name?

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Coming up with names isn’t that hard. There’s about a dozen GW2 name generators out there. No imagination required. No excuse.

Quit trying to name your characters after drugs and dirty jokes and you won’t have to worry about it.

Kiel vs Evon ~ We all know who wins.

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Well once again as I said in that other thread we already know who is going to win this. A majority of all player base go for the humanoid races or just flat out human and on top of that many go for the scantly clad humans as well. Just walk around your LA and pay attention to each person if you need that verified.

A vast majority of the human race playing MMORPG’s always dislike the so called -monster- races and have trouble dragging up true empathy for them. Which is more fact then opinion but the real kicker here is the rewards and the characters.

Kiel has been toted around the game and exposed to the player base for awhile now as this great bubbly human lionguard hero. Which lets face it people love annoying bubbly. She also cuts your waypoint fees which every player uses to get to events for yellows, leveling, and new living story.

Did… did you really just describe Kiel as bubbly? Seriously?

They don’t come anymore no nonsense then Kiel. She barely comes off as human sometimes, we’ve just now begun to see a lighter side to her character.

She’s the hardened noble heroic type, heart of gold.

Very honorable character. She’d be a good fit for LA, really clean up the cutthroat image. She would improve the place for the better.

Evon Gnashblade isn’t a bad choice. He’s a good guy all things considered.

Little sketchy and a bit too classical of a politician at times for my tastes but especially with that new story release, you learn Evon Gnashblade is an inscrutable character, but one that genuinely cares about LA and it’s people.

Nothing says “I care” quite like taking a knife to your legionaries throat over the ordeal.

He went against his own kind, his warbands legionnaire no less, to make certain that the Black Lion Trading Company became a capitalist free market that served all peoples, as opposed to a charr-mafia style extortionist ring.

Evon Gnashblade is brilliant and bold. He’s a credit to charr and his legion. He’s richer for it and he deserves every copper.

He’s more then proven his dedication to LA, and he would be a good choice.

Unlike in real life where one candidate is a clear and obvious pick or else both candidates are horrible and you end up having to choose the lesser of evils, this is a really interesting and fun race because both candidates are excellent picks.

You can’t really go wrong with either. It’s a tough pick.

I’m so used to finding an obvious choice because politics tend to be very cut and dry like that in real life, it’s a new experience having candidates that are both… really good picks!

I like it!

RtL: A Compromise?

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Okay, so, pretty much everyone who plays elementalist hates the change to RtL.

I miss the awesome thrill of just instantly bounding ever forward in a bolt of lightning, more over, the sheer distance I used to be able to get with it.

Most folks want their pre-change RtL back.

Countless arguments have been made about how many classes can get the same kinds of distance and mobility elementalists used to be able to do with RtL.

Elementalist feels kind of picked on over it.

If we’re being honest, elementalist can do some of these tricks themselves to sort of mitigate the nerf.

RtL did need to be nerfed a bit, because yes, combined with these other tricks (conjured leaping, etc) we could escape pretty much anything.

I don’t begrudge the nerf for balance there, but I think it was a bit heavy handed in the two pronged way it was hit, in the distance it covers and the new cool down mechanic.

It only needed one, in my mind. My thought, my “compromise” suggestion is this: please let us have the original hidden distance of 1550 back.

However, the new longer cooldown and associated mechanic can (and should) remain. This accomplishes two things: first, it makes RtL “feel” like it’s the skill it once was.

It also encourages people to hit people with the skill, so they can be rewarded with the decreased cool down.

It encourages use of the new mechanic that’s been put into the skill. Anyways, those are my thoughts.

Alternatively, I suppose you could keep the current 1200 distance and restore the original cooldown without any caveats.

I prefer it the way I suggest it. It’s the major distance nerf that bugs me, not so much the cooldown nerf. But I speak for myself.

Thanks for reading and the consideration.

Are Norns Really...

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It’s actually lore regarding norn and cold in particular. Where a human or asura might freeze to death in the sub-zero temperatures, norn would thrive.

This isn’t to say they’re immortal against the cold, because yes at a certain point even norn can eventually freeze to death or succumb to frostbite.

They can handle it a lot better than any other playable race lore wise.

The Norn actually are more comfortable in cold environments. There’s NPC’s in the world that state ths. So it has nothing to do with the game mechanics of other races being able to unequip armor and not freeze.

If game mechanics are not the reason, then explain to me why my asura/sylvari/human characters can survive in the Shiverpeaks just as easily as any norn?

For the same reason they can breathe underwater indefinitely? Because having to manage your body heat would be an incredibly lame game mechanic.

That’s basically what I was saying…

Suspension of disbelief. Get some.

Taimi in the context of tyria

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She didn’t get to the heart of the maguuma by herself. She was escorted there by tyria’s greatest heroes at present, including the PC.

Now that she’s there, she can reasonably hold her own between her golem and the reactivated Rata Novus defenses.

Though even with her golem, it’s a safe bet she wouldn’t have made it to Rata Novus without us. We’ve saved her life more than once.

If we were to keep her out there without her state-of-the-art cutting edge golem? That would be negligent homicide.

We should absolutely check in on her occasionally, but she’s far from helpless.

As for a lack of tension? All things said at the end of the day, she’s a young asura with special needs in the heart of the maguuma. Of course it’s incredibly dangerous.

All that comes with being a hero.

What our PC (and every major hero in the story) does is basically gamble with their lives and hope a combination of skill and luck works out in their favor.

Fighting elder dragons is dangerous business. Not big surprise. Taimi’s mature enough to make her own life choices and this is the path she’s pursuing.

She’s an asura. She’s perfectly aware of what she’s getting herself into. Probably has the exact statistics and all that.

The problem is she’s all that but she’s also an NPC that’s both a child and disabled. This pretty much guarantees that she won’t get killed – which makes the whole dynamic of threats boring.

How can I take “saving her” seriously when I absolutely know no harm would come to her because of the RL backlash against Anet if they killed her off.

By that logic our PC is incredibly boring because you absolutely know we’ll never really be killed off. Just won’t happen, you know?

Taimi is just as likely to be killed off as the rest of the cast. Certainly has a better chance of kicking the bucket than we do as the PC.

Taimi’s circumstances don’t exclude her from danger any more than the other heroes.

The story has already made a precedent of that more then once with her specific character no less.

You’d probably find it all more enjoyable if you didn’t go TVTropes meta with it.

It’s possible it could play out exactly as you’re saying it will or maybe something different will happen.

We don’t know where the story is going to go. Let it happen.

The one bad thing about the Reaper

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Because that songs telling you don’t fear the reaper. Anet’s telling you that you should fear the reaper.

Cause they’re gonna be after you like Jason.


Creature Feedback: Smokescale

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Honestly, I’d like to see more like them. Bosses could learn a thing or two from these guys.

It should be tastefully done mind you (not every mob needs to be a smokescale to the point of absurdity), but they’re a great kind of critter that breaks the norm.

These kinds of guys are the trick to beating stacking and other brain dead tactics. Any mob that forces the player to think is a good mob.

Definitely hope to see more kinds of these encounters.

Friendly Wars 2

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I rez people as I’m able. If I can get you, I’ll do everything in my power to get you; except die.

If I’m gonna join you in death by rezzing you, I think everyone else is better served if I contribute to the major boss fight or event rather than die on top of you.

But if you’re down (not dead) and I’m reasonably able to get to you, I’ll get you. If you’re like in the wyverns fire acid breath AoE or something… sorry, you’re kittened.

It’s not personal. I’m sorry you’re downed or dead. But I wanna live myself. Now if it’s just in the world in general, sure, absolutely. I’ll pick you up no problem.

If I can, I will. Likewise I don’t expect other players to die getting me. It’s very situational and yes it depends on the player.

A jerkass isn’t gonna pick you up if they can or can’t no matter what.

I’ve saved a countless number of players and had my bacon pulled out of the fire (but not that legendary wyvern fire… I’m SOL in that event ) many times by other kind souls.

Most of them follow the same philosophy.

In my experience there are far more noble souls than there are jerkasses. That’s the GW2 community for you.

Sorry about your outlier experience. Maybe you were in a really tough spot?

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I despise what GW2 has become visually

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Most people have kittenty tastes and aesthetics.

Hardest thing to earn = the best. Most expensive dye = the best. You notice how expensive all the glowing ascended trinkets are?

The massive farms going on in the LS maps for the newest one? Newest shiny = the best.

Just the nature of people, generally. They need something to “do” and the most fanciest of prizes is a goal for them to work for.

If that’s how they have fun or eek enjoyment from the game, so be it. Not for me personally but it’s obviously “it” for them.

Besides come on you know the moment this is burned into your retina’s that this guy has some serious dosh either in game, IRL, or both. Gotta respect that dedication.

If he used cash to gems for even half of this, he’s keeping the lights on for the rest of us.

Him and others like him have an important role to play in the MMO ecosystem. Let them do them and you do you.


Racism in Tyria??????

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The Flame Legion destroyed Ascalon. They were the ruling power of the charr back then.

Not all charr agreed with “well, since we can’t get by the wall, let’s just freaking nuke the place”.

Of course that kind of sentiment back then got you killed as a charr. So. Yeah.

The Searing was also a localized event. It destroyed the Iron Legion territory, what was the human kingdom of Ascalon.

Not Ascalon as a whole which is actually enormous and has always been historically charr land, since the time of the exodus, well before humans began their expansion in the world.

The Searing ruined that land for everyone for well over a hundred years. The beauty of Ascalon having returned is a fairly recent thing.

We have overthrown, denounced, and excised with extreme prejudice an exceedingly foolish and weak bunch of liars, cowards, and religious fanatics. A victory is a victory.

The charr have reclaimed what is theirs. And it is ours. The human ascalonians fought well for a place in the land. They have it.

Now leave the past alone and focus on the present, or do the rest of us who are trying to save this world a favor and go die in a ditch somewhere.

Spare us the casualties of your seemingly inexhaustible hatred and ignorance.


Do longtime players get free items too? (Wizard Hat; Merged)

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Companies that are constantly marketing their product towards new players only end up hurting themselves. This is akin to standing in line and having someone who just came in get preferential treatment by letting them cut in all the way in front. A company that does this only ends up losing customers as they are not treating them with respect.

It isn’t said for no reason that it’s easier to get new customers as it is keeping them. Loyal customers should always get the nod over new ones as they are the ones that pay the bills in the end.

As someone who purchased the DD before the games release, you were given exclusive beta access and a 3 day head start before anybody else.

Anet effectively let you cut in line.

New users are being offered a spiffy piece of town clothing, that has no bearing on the game beyond your appearance. It’s entirely cosmetic.

You got the better deal as a loyal and long time customer. If you’re a GW1 player, you got even more perks. Your argument is invalid.

Changes to ecto salvage from rares

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Much thanks, Mr. Smith.

He’s an agent… of good.


You are now ArenaNet's lead designer.

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You are now ArenaNet’s lead designer

… Push all the buttons!


Dungeon nerf and TP flipping

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I have often thought about account bound TP purchases. I think I kinda agree. I get tired of TP flippers buying up things just to resell them at higher prices. I’m talking the buying up large quantities of item to make them rarer and thus driving up the price by slowly releasing their stock back into the tp.

That doesnt actually work that good because most supplies are held outside the tp in peoples mat storage and banks, not on the tp.

Even if you buy out all tp supply, it doesnt really add real demand for the item.
And by real demand i mean people buying it to destroy it (either through crafting, forging, account binding, etc). Now that player bought up all that stock from the tp and has to somehow sell it to people, while competing against all the stock that is stored outside the tp and undercutting him because other players want to take advantage of the inflated prices.

Flippers dont really inflate prices because they usually dont consume stuff.

I guess its those players to blame that pay the high prices.

You have to flip certain items. RARER items that aren’t in abundant supply. That way your not competing with peoples banks and their horded supply that can undercut you.

Which items in particular?


(Bad) Luck Accounts

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Rng is Rng, i know how it works. But someone who thinks the loot from gw2 is NOTHING but Rng, explain this to me :
Last year i had my first and last “rage quit” from Gw2. We had a lucky member in our guild, but his luck in one day, has gone through the roof of whatever RNG exist in gw2.
In the morning, he crafted some exotic swords, results : 2 Zaps. He laughed and even said, i will make a dusk in 3 hours. He showed his exotic GS, guess what = Dusk. After he came from work, it was evening, he again made some exotic daggers, the result of course was 1 Spark. That was the moment when I literally “alt+f4” uninstall and i didnt played gw2 for more then 1 year.
Now can someone explain again, that his luck was RNG or something else… My guild had over 200 online members, only 3 from 200, except that guy, who had their precursors as loot. So…It is trully a pure RNG or not so RNG.

I can. I will.

While it’s technically possible that all that was truly a nigh impossible RNG event in that all things are possible, not all things are probable. It’s very suspicious.

It’s an insult to logic and reason to believe in a .0000000000000000000000000000000000001% of something when a more likely and probable explanation is apparent.

A more likely scenario, statistically, is that this guy was messing with you. Sadly, people like that exist.

Either with chat codes and/or in the event that they can produce the precursors in question (keeping in mind several exotic items share the precursor looks)…

Or else (preferably) if they are able to produce the legendary weapon within 3 hours as they boasted… it’s far more likely that they simply broke out the credit card for it.

Never underestimate the depravity of humanity, the lengths some people will go to draw attention to themselves.

An alternative explanation for your purview: They already had Twilight.

You didn’t know about it. They didn’t tell you. They orchestrated the whole event to make themselves out to be favored of the RNG gods.

We have a wardrobe system now. Ambiguity + people who love to troll and BS people who care about such things… well. You get it.

It’s a fair topic to bring up and we can implore Anet to explore their RNG code for any bugs or discrepancies in the distribution of loot and account luck.

But if no such problems are found? What do you say then? Anets lying? Your guildies lying? Hell, that nigh impossible situation really did happen to them?

Anet’s lying!: If you feel you can’t trust Anet, you shouldn’t be playing their game.

You should uninstall and distance yourself from what you believe to be a malicious and treacherous company with regards to your time and experience.

If you continue to play this game while harboring these feelings of distrust, then you’ve reconciled yourself to hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty; against yourself.

You do yourself a disservice and prove you have no spine to act against perceived wrongs against you.

This kind of person is engaged in a type of mental masochism and is a toxic community element. A hypocrite by nature and dishonest.

Nothing this type of player says is worth anything.

Guildie was BSing you: If your friend/guildie was lying and trolling, they’re a special kind of kittenhat. Cut, paste, print. Moving on.

Guildie truly was blessed by the gods of RNG (FINAL SOLUTION): Obtain katana Don’t worry about them. Don’t let it bother you.

They have an ugly GS that leaves glittery poop smatterings everywhere at worst, and at best they’re a lot richer than you. In a game.

I can’t fathom how such a thing made you quit the game, but we’re probably different people you and I.

Apparently Gw2 have the best community?

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GW2 has a great community. You experienced an outlier. Simple as that. Don’t let it get you down.

In the future, try to avoid “speed run” groups or “all berserker” specific groups as those tend to be less forgiving and more prone to outlier behavior.

Look for things like “casual”, “for fun”, or “all welcome”. And in general if they don’t specify, have a go.

If they abuse you in that instance it’s likely a reportable offense depending on how far they go.

But most players are not min/maxing and trying to speed run through things. Those that are will advertise the fact. It’s in their best interests.

And if they don’t, it was you who taught them a lesson at the cost of their time.

Many seasoned players will be happy to help you learn the ropes and most are forgiving of occasional wipes.

If you don’t have one already, you should try and find a local guild on your server that shares your ideals and goals.

More so than random strangers (but in GW2 yes, the random stranger is a friendlier breed than most MMOs by far), guildies will absolutely help you.

No bathrooms

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Yes they exist, no they don’t need representation. Dude, some things just wouldn’t be interesting game stuff. This is one of them.

Use your imagination.


Why is my ranger's primary heal now a trap?

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RE: HS requiring a trigger.

If you have 100% health, you don’t really need the cleanse either. If you are using HS to cleanse cripple, chill or vulnerability, you are doing it wrong.

This. Also, it’s kind of annoying atm that our pets can trigger the trap when trying to pre-set it. Have to stow the pet to be sure it doesn’t trigger early.

Third-ed. I’m actually a little disappointed there isn’t a trigger point at all.

How it works now is almost right. It was a good call to keep the heal instant but the actual water field needing a trigger. Whoever thought of that at Anet, you’re awesome.

That was a stroke of genius.

At the moment the “trigger” is literally any ally (pets included) walking into it. Or after we set it and step out of it, if we step back inside of it (or the pet moves into it) it triggers.

It shouldn’t trigger on any ally who walks over it that is above 90% health. Anything below that (pets included) and it can pop the field.

So using it should give the ranger and the pet (which is bugged ATM, doesn’t heal the pet, that’s no good) the heal up front at the time that you use it.

But, the actual water field needs someone below 90% health to trigger the trap.

This break point is ideal because it’s certainly not hard to meet it and it has synergy with the dozens of traits that rely on being above 90% health. Just feels right.

“my healing spring field triggered, im below 90%, noooo my traits”

“oh crap, i triggered that healing spring, im below 90% but on the plus side, im in this snazzy healing spring woo”

The water field itself of course won’t heal directly, but it’ll do what it always did; heal conditions, grant regen, and you can blast in it.

This way we can reliably precast it, and not worry about our pet triggering it on accident (at least not as badly as it does now lol) or other players.

The heal is the big thing and as long as this part of the skill is on demand, we can still play it both strategically and offensively.

With a below 90% trigger, using it in the heat of combat makes it easier as well. You’re 50% and going? Is HS recharged? You get the heal and the field like before.

GW2 Devs Have In-game Powers?

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So if I i.e. need 15 mins to unload, and in meantime ANet employee comes and kick me out of LA, making me lose instance I was in and rewards alongside, that is according to you moraly justified?

Life happens. Maybe you had to deal with something more important than an in-game event.

In which case, you shouldn’t care if you were simply kicked out of LA as opposed to banned or suspended.

Unless you make it a habit to consistently AFK the majority of a major event that you have to choose to show up to, you don’t need to worry about it if the worst you’ve done is taken an extended bathroom break.

Common sense. Practice it. When did getting soft-kicked from a video game event constitute a moral dilemma? Come on now.

Much ado about nothing.