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The Mystery of the Blighted Firstborn

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

First off: Heart of Thorns final mission spoilers.

That said… Found something many probably overlooked, and it’s rather interesting to me.

If you take Caithe into confronting Mordremoth in the final mission of Heart of Thorns, you fight a Blighted Avatar of the Pale Tree. During this fight, she summons Firstborn sylvari who do nothing but walk to her and die, empowering her with their death. These Firstborn are all given very generic names, based off of the four most common Mordrem Guard enemies: Firstborn Punisher, Firstborn Stalker, Firstborn Sniper, and Firstborn Tormentor.

Some paying attention may recognize a Firstborn or two – particularly Caithe, Wynne, Faolaine, and Trahearne as they’re the most story relevant Firstborn.

As part of documenting the wiki, I noticed something interesting:

There are twelve “Blighted Firstborn” models. And we only know of ten Firstborns. ArenaNet rather stealthy gave us the appearance of the two missing Firstborn – a female and a male, at that.

  • Niamh, Kahedins, and Riannoc are the Firstborn Punishers.
  • Caithe, Aife, and Dagonet are the Firstborn Stalkers
  • Wynne and an unknown female are the Firstborn Snipers.

And here comes an oddity:

  • Faolain, Trahearne, and two unknown males are the Firstborn Tormentors.

Here are the unknown Firstborn models:

What’s interesting is that Malomedies is missing. Here’s his appearance for the curious. Unless, of course, ArenaNet not only used two generic models as the last two Firstborn… but rather than using Malomedies’ post-torture model (what we always see in-game), they made up a pre-torture model and used that instead. Giving us the original appearance of Malomedies.

The oddity in that, however, is that Faolain and Caithe don’t use their S2 flashback appearances but their standard 1325 AE story appearances.

Just a fun little thing I noticed and thought to share.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

Legendary Dwarf Stance rework suggestions

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Posted by: Euthymias.7984


>Soothing Stone
No change.

>Vengeful Hammers
No longer a projectile but an AoE field much like Embrace the Darkness. Retains current effects of Damage/Condi mitigation.

>Inspiring Reinforcements
No longer a road. Stunbreaks and gives allies within a 600 radius 1 Stack of stability for 3 seconds.

No longer a Stunbreak. Retains the same effect of Damage/Condi-mitigation

>Forced Engagement
Tethers and taunts a target. If it successfully connects, also taunts up to 3 other enemies within a 240 radius around the primary target.

>Versed in Stone
Changed. Grants additional effects for Legendary Dwarf skills:

-Forced Engagement inflicts Weakness on targets you inflict Taunt upon

-Inspiring Reinforcements breaks stun for allies when used
Or allies affected by CC gain protection

-Vengeful Hammers applies Retaliation (2s) every 5 seconds

-RotGD works as usual with this trait regarding Condition Damage duration.

Health Threshold version moved to Steadfast Rejuvenation. It triggers at the 50% HP threshold instead of being random.

-Soothing Stone grants Regeneration

(edited by Euthymias.7984)

The Future of Perma-push Meta

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Posted by: Malediktus.9250


I prefer this meta over condi spam and pirate ship meta any day.

1st person worldwide to reach 35,000 achievement points.

Anet read this. Revenan dmg/survivability.

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Posted by: Crowley.8761


There may be a problem with application of common sense here. Let’s say every morning on your way to work/school/whatever, some guy is standing down the street throwing sledgehammers at you. What is the best way to deal with this? I haven’t tried blocking sledgehammers with my face but I can imagine it’s not very effective.

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Sapphire player being matched with Ambers?

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Posted by: Azukas.1426


MM is pretty wonky this,season.

Somewhere they said it’s a combo of season 1 2 to create this seasons MM….season 1 was a failure beyond failures

Sapphire player being matched with Ambers?

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Posted by: Baronvonhippo.3157


Been getting this as well duo queue ambers are getting put in sapphire matches. Really frustrating for both sides I would assume.

Sapphire player being matched with Ambers?

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Posted by: Lord Hammer Hand.4815

Lord Hammer Hand.4815

sapphire here, got teamed up with ambers, during N/A prime time. GG anet, just made MM worst. season 2 was already ok.

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Each Second Added....

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Posted by: Lonewolf Kai.3682

Lonewolf Kai.3682

Just a thought here, but:

For each second of cool down added to the skills, a part of the idea/mechanic/etc. of the Revenant goes away.

Dear Anet, please stop adding cool down increases to a class already limited by its energy supply. You’re double limiting us enough.

“Be like water” – Bruce Lee

Bravo, bravo

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Posted by: draxynnic.3719


Stability isn’t total immunity to CC any more, it just makes it harder. Rev was actually one of the professions more prone to stunlocking before, because being able to get a big stack of stability when you need it is actually more important than how long you can maintain a single stack.

Also now that our dps is trashed, sustain nerfed i have to ask – where is my condi removal?

Hahahaha oh boy are you under the impression that “balance” means take one thing and give another?

While I tend to think Burtnik is prone to exaggeration, one thing that Roy stressed in beta was that the revenant weaknesses against conditions and, yes, CC was intended to be balanced against other strengths, such as sustain, damage potential, and ability to block and evade attacks.

It stands to reason that if revenants lose their strengths, that their weaknesses should be normalised as well.

To those who think Scarlet hate means she’s succeeded as a villain:
People don’t hate Scarlet like Game of Thrones fans hate Joffrey.
They hate her the way Star Wars fans hate Jar Jar Binks.

Thanks for destroying the revenants

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Posted by: Tipper.6973


I’m a Revenant main since HoT launched and I don’t think they are overly nerfed. Don’t overreact.

Sword auto attack WAS overpowered.

Dragon Stance heal WAS too accessible. It was probably the strongest heal in the game, and remains quite good.

Hammer #2 was completely, insanely overpowered, especially in WvW. I don’t even think fixing the double hit bug and putting a 4 second timer on it is enough. It still feels too strong to me, when compared with other 1200 range weapons.

What we should be raising hell about, is the fact that THE REST of the Revenant class is still broken. Specifically, Ventari and Jalis. These entire stance-sets haven’t had any attention since like… the second pre-HoT beta weekend. What the kitten?

Jan 26th Unrelenting Assault Nerf

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Posted by: Burtnik.5218


Staff starts to look stronger and stronger opposed to sword as dps weapon. Just sayin

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Upcoming Changes for PvP League Season 2

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Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

A message from the PvP team:

Five weeks ago, we launched the first season of our “PvP League system”, and since then we’ve been talking to many of you in-game and keeping our eyes glued to our forums, reddit, Twitch, and other social platforms in an effort to take in as much of your feedback as possible. Now that we’ve had time to fully digest your thoughts and contextualize it with the heaps of data that we’ve collected, we’d like to kick off the New Year by discussing the changes that will be coming to PvP Leagues for Season 2.

Matchmaking Changes

The matchmaking system in Season 1 uses a blend of both your current division placement in Leagues as well as your individual matchmaking rating (MMR). This means that you’ll generally get paired with and against players in your division that are of similar skill levels. Unfortunately, what this also means is that from day one you’re going to have difficult matches, and because of the way MMR works in Ranked play, you’ll have a very difficult time maintaining enough of a win-streak to progress through tiers and divisions. This is especially true as you climb into divisions such as Ruby where you can lose points as well as tiers. While this system helps ensure that your matches are always as competitive as possible, it does mean that it’s also more difficult to get to the division where you actually belong based on your skill – for example, as a top tier player, the difficulty of your matches in Amber would actually be fairly close to what you’d experience in Ruby and beyond. After analyzing your feedback, we’ve decided to shift toward having your division standing in PvP Leagues be even more reflective of your personal skill level than it currently is.

Beginning with Season 2, matchmaking for Ranked matches will use your placement in your current league division as your primary matchmaking consideration and pair you against players who are placed in the same point range as you, regardless of the skill level (MMR) of the other people in that point range. While we’ll be using divisions to match you against your immediate opponents, we’ll still use your MMR to place you on teams with similarly skilled players (from your division point range) to help ensure that you’re not forced to play with individuals that are of a much higher or lower skill than you. Ultimately, this means that the new matchmaking changes will make PvP Leagues much more reflective of your actual skill, and each division will be progressively more difficult to compete in.

Win Streaks

Since the new matchmaking changes may make matches more volatile at the very beginning of the season (since everyone will be starting in the same division), we’re also planning to introduce a “Win Streak System” into PvP Leagues that will help more skilled players climb through early league divisions and get them into the divisions that they belong. On your third consecutive win (and for every win afterward), you’ll automatically earn extra league points toward your division progress for as long as you can keep the streak going. But keep in mind that a loss while on a win streak will reset your win streak status back to zero, and you’ll need to start another win streak in order to begin gaining extra points again.

Point Confusion: Fixes & Clarifications

If you’re not familiar with the more detailed workings of our match prediction system, then we realize that there’s still some confusion as to why you earned or lost points at the end of a match (for example, “Why did I gain 1 pip for having won a close match, but lost no pips in a blowout?”). With Season 2, we’ll be displaying a postmatch breakdown for you at the end of each game, which will include items such as the win probability that our algorithm determined for your team and an explanation of why your points changed the way that they did.

Shopping for Ambers

In addition to the changes above, we’ll also be adjusting the way that parties are scored in our matchmaking algorithm based on the overall division spread of a team’s makeup. It is important to us that anyone can play with their friends regardless of league standing, but in doing so, we also want to ensure that teams aren’t gaining an unfair advantage in match difficulty based on their rosters. An example of this would be two friends: one is in Diamond and the other is in Amber. For Season 2, these two players will still be able to team up and play together, but they’ll be placed into Diamond level matches based on the highest division player in the party. This means that forming a party with players in a higher division than you will always bring you up to their level for matchmaking and prediction, rather than adjust to compensate for party members at lower divisions. This specific change will go into effect in our next scheduled release (prior to the end of season 1).

Wrapping Things Up (For Now)

There are a few other things coming that will impact the next season of PvP Leagues (namely our next balance update) that will be discussed separately – so keep an eye on our forums and on for updates.

We’d like to encourage all of you to please keep sharing your constructive thoughts with us so that we can continue to make PvP Leagues (and PvP in general) even better together. From all of us here on the PvP team, we wish you all a happy New Year and we’ll see you in the Mists!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

spoiling star wars in map chat

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Posted by: Tiny Tove.3589

Tiny Tove.3589

First to say “Harrassment” wins.
pfft. Keep your community. I don’t want to walk around on eggshells in case I offend anybody.

Colin on esports and combat visibility

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Posted by: OGDeadHead.8326


Oh nice. But we don’t really care. We want our skills effect back. NOW.

No, “we” don’t.

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Colin on esports and combat visibility

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Posted by: dank.3680


Seems like a perfectly reasonable response. Please go back to spheres on the auras though the eggs look dumb.

#MAGSWAG: All class player. XOXO

Some WvW opinions from a long-time player

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Posted by: Fozzik.1742


WvW feedback / suggestions… or… Why pretty much nobody plays on your new map.

Having spent considerable time on the new desert borderlands map, I feel an uncontrollable need to provide some feedback. I’ve heard rumors that a major WvW overhaul is under way, perhaps some of this might help those designers to better understand things from a player’s perspective.

A short background – I play WvW a lot. More than most people. Definitely more than the current intended audience that ArenaNet seems to be designing for. I play with an organized guild / skill group. I’ve commanded guilds and pugs. I follow blobs sometimes. I roam in small groups and solo. I used to even take over a tower or keep and just upgrade and defend it for hours sometimes. I play every profession and every imaginable build and role. I have thousands of hours invested in WvW, thousands of WvW ranks, and WvW has been, for the last couple years, the only aspect of GW2 that has kept me playing. I’ve played in both NA T1 and T4 since the expansion, and seen much the same issues in both.

So, for those at Anet or on these forums who might have a limited understanding of the game mode, let me lay out a few things which I feel are crucial to WvW “working”…being fun to play and worthwhile and fulfilling for those of us who primarily enjoy it over other game modes. These may also give a bit of a clue why so few people play on the new map…I believe its design displays an unbelievable lack of understanding about the game mode.

Let me start with a very basic premise that I believe should be true to make WvW a fun open-world large-scale PvP game mode.

My premise is this: It should be about fights. Mixing it up with your opponents. Clashing with red names.

The whole design should start and end with this. Everything about the game mode should encourage, incentivize, and streamline people fighting in large groups, small groups, and duels. Period. Dueling isn’t a dirty word. I have no idea why ArenaNet has always made that so hard. Yes, there’s PPT…but PPT should be about fights, too. Want to take an objective or hold one? It should be a fight!

This idea that WvW is just a place for people who love PvE to dabble in the safest, lowest skill PvP is totally wrong. You should be designing ANY game mode for the people who want to play it well, and be rewarded for doing so. I’m in WvW because I want to play large-scale open world unbalanced PvP battles with attacking / defending objectives as an incentive/focus/variable to the action. I want that freedom to develop builds, comps, and tactics and use them to defeat opponents, so I need opponents readily available along with friends.

Right now, the game design heavily favors joining a map queue blob and karma training around knocking over objectives with no resistance…never meeting or even seeing any enemy forces except for the occasional blob verses blob press 1 festival of lag. Builds don’t really matter, levels don’t matter…you just stick to the zerg like glue and profit. This needs to change. So here’s how.

-You need to be able to get to the fights.

There are several parts to this, but it really should be a given (for some reason it seems that it’s not). First of all, through scouting or skilled reading of the map, I need to be able to FIND the fights. I need clear ways to see and follow an enemy’s movements. The change to sentries is a step in this direction, and one of the few positive things about the expansion for WvW.

Once I know where the enemy is, I need to be able to get there. Either by myself, with a small group, or with a large group…players need to be able to get to where the action is in a timely fashion. If I have to run a 10 minute obstacle course to get to where the action is, the action will be over. There is little more frustrating in WvW than being late to a fight. This is a PvP game mode and the idea is to be able to mix it up with opponents, and decide things based on attackers and defenders both being present and one side outplaying the other (ideally). Should attackers be able to “surprise” cap an undefended objective? Sure! But that should come due to good strategy, not because the defenders are running 500 miles of stairs to get there.

This is an area where the new map falls down big time. Want to know why few are using the map? Because a large percentage of the time, it’s painful or even impossible to get to where the action is happening. By the time you get there, it’s often over. If the objective of the new map design was to provide a safe way for PvE players to run around and PvDoor objectives, than this is exactly the map for that. It’s totally wrong for PvP. The “verticality” BS that you’re using in PvE maps to make them seem larger than they are because it takes half an hour to go five feet…does NOT lend itself to any type of PvP other than the kind where nobody fights each other. Yeah, that makes no sense.

-You need to be able to get BACK to the fights.

This should also be a given…but perhaps the totally obvious emergent behavior in WvW isn’t obvious to people who don’t play the game mode very much. The behavior is this…fights tend to happen near to waypoints. Why do you think that is?

If you want people to be willing to mix it up and actually engage against other players, it cannot be super painful and time consuming to get back to the fight if you die. If dying creates too much of a penalty (I can’t enjoy fighting for several minutes simply because I got slightly out of position for a second), people won’t fight. This is displayed quite clearly, all the time, in WvW on every map. Fights may start over an objective, but they just about always migrate towards the respawn points. Smaller-scale fighting, dueling, etc…these things happen where both sides have a nearby waypoint. Constant ongoing fighting happens when both sides can easily return if they die.

The new map again is an example of what not to do in this respect. Basically any death on the new map incurs a huge time penalty. It’s too hard and slow to get back to wherever the fight was, so people don’t fight (or fights are fewer and farther between). The new waypoint system is terrible. Most of the time nobody has a reasonably close waypoint to any fight. Things are always contested…it’s just WAY too hard to get back to a fight, so very few people are willing to engage unless they have an overwhelming force. The new map absolutely killed roaming / dueling on the borderlands, in large part due to this problem.

- Defending needs to be a thing.

Anet paid some lip service to this idea, but really misfired with the design. It’s way too hard to get to objectives to defend them (see the two points above), and when you do manage to get there…the new objectives are harder to defend instead of easier. Whoever designed the “kill boxes” around the doors on towers and keeps has obviously played very little WvW, or only plays as part of a blob. A Defensive position is completely worthless if it’s a thin walkway directly above the opposing zerg…because they can just cast all their AoE right under you and murder anyone or anything up there. The “kill boxes” are death for defenders, rather than attackers. Why?

Viable defense for a tower or keep needs to account for a small number of players defending against a zerg…because this is what happens the vast majority of the time. Because joining a giant blob and karma training around the maps is so heavily encouraged and incentivized by the game design (most rewards, easiest play, safest play), very few people defend. In order for defense to be viable, the defender needs to be able to hit the enemy without being hit themselves. Very basic…but it’s the central design of all defenses since tribes started building huts thousands of years ago. I have to be able to hit you without you hitting me.

Now I know it might seem on the surface that it wouldn’t be “fair”, but again, remember how the game is played. The vast majority of the time, a huge blob is running up and bashing down the door of the tower and one or two guys are frantically trying to stop them. The blob doesn’t need any more help, for heaven’s sake. Help the two defenders so defense might be a little fun and worthwhile and then more people might do it and fights for objectives might require a bit more than just getting in a blob and running over everything.

If a large attacking group and a large defensive group show up at an objective, the defenders should have the advantage. It’s a tower or keep, is it not? Attacking forces should be trying to draw enemies out of defensive positions, rather than just beating the door down and having all fights in the lord’s room. Defenders shouldn’t have to sacrifice their wall or door just to create a choke point and actually fight to defend.

- Objective cascades.

To make the play a little bit about strategy and skill rather than just zerg (and to create more fights), objectives should be set up so that siege from one can hit others, and so that objectives block access completely to areas of the map. I should be able to control an area if I own an objective, and forces should be able to “creep”, taking one thing in order to take another in order to take another. This is possible on EBG and was a little bit possible on the old borderlands map, and that style always provides for more actual conflict. The new map is a mess in this regard as well. There should be more of this, not less.

This idea will focus players into areas of the map…allowing them to find the action and keep fights going. This also incentivizes defense, because the value of objectives is more significant than a bit of PPT for a tick or two. It brings the opposing forces into contact so fights happen, rather than zergs just dodging each other and playing ring around the rosy back-capping for karma.

- Real, actually fun and worthwhile play for any size group, including individuals.

I know this isn’t easy, but the design should strive to achieve it. ArenaNet should constantly be thinking about the solo roamer / dueler, the small havoc / skill group, and the large group. Unbalanced PvP means that all those play styles are going to occur, especially for those of us who play the game mode a ton. How are each of these play styles encouraged and rewarded? How are they supported? All of the above need to be possible and worthwhile to get the maximum number of people playing the game mode 24/7. We don’t always have a zerg, even in tier 1.

I won’t always have my guild online and raiding. Sometimes I might still want to play WvW. If all I can realistically do is run around taking sentries or killing yaks without ever seeing an enemy player, I’m probably going to log off. This is another reason why the new maps are so lonely.

Objectives need to scale better based on attackers. The auto-upgrading system is not good. It further incentivizes getting in a blob and ignoring anything except the door in front of you. At the moment, camps auto-upgrade just by sitting there to a point where soloing them is extremely annoying and takes too long, and defending anything as an individual is worthless and frustrating. You’re leaving roamers with very little to do. There’s absolutely no reason not to cater to multiple play styles, because more people on these maps is better, right?

There needs to be a super easy way to find and play with others, both enemies and friends. If I want a group I should be able to find and join one easily. If I want opponents to mix it up with, I should be able to find them. I know, crazy. Whatever play style I’m in the mood for, I shouldn’t have to spend an hour looking for it.

Some suggestions -

WvW maps should be designed with the above in mind. Getting to the fights, getting back to the fights, objective cascading and area control, and support for solo, small, and large groups.

WvW needs to be more rewarding, in line with PvE and sPvP. Add reward tracks like sPvP if you want…some method where WvW players can earn everything the other game modes can earn, and in comparable amounts of time. It’s fun to play the game the way I enjoy, not be forced into a game mode I hate to get the reward I need / want. You’ve made steps in this direction for other game modes, it needs to come to WvW big time. Steps in this direction have been far too little and too slow. Stop picking at the edges and tear that band-aid off all at once. Make it rewarding.

Objective upgrades need to be manual. Players need to be actively engaged in fortifying / defending, and it needs to be as rewarding (fun and gold) as attacking. How about a system where upgrades require turning in large amounts of supply…allow players to loot supply from their dead opponent players. This way, fights matter more, and a successful defense against a blob will provide resources to better defend next time, rather than the zerg just slowly beating you into the ground with shear numbers.

There should be objective upgrades which over time create defensive positions in the objective where defenders and siege can function to defend and can’t be hit by attackers until the attackers enter the objective. Yeah, you read that right. Don’t worry about the attackers, they’ll figure out ways to succeed, and the game already heavily favors the PvDoor blob.

There should always be places on each map where at least two opposing forces have nearby waypoints which are not contested. Design with the idea of hot zones in mind…creating places conducive to people mixing it up and diving in to try actually fighting without so much penalty for losing. Bring people into contact with their opponents with less formality and effort.

More strategic objectives which can be attacked / defended by small groups or solo players (like camps).

Populations / coverage need to be more balanced across servers. I’m not sure how you do this, but it needs to happen. Some sort of megaserver implementation that allows guilds or servers to play together? Merging lower-tier servers into higher-tier? Something.

You’ve got to figure out game design ways to break up the blobs. You need to incentivize and support smaller forces acting alone or in concert on a map. Just running in a group of 60 and pressing 1 all day should be the LEAST rewarding and effective method of play. I’ve suggested ways of doing this in the past. It needs to happen.

Thanks for reading.

(edited by Fozzik.1742)

Astralaria III

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Posted by: Land of Cheese.2584

Land of Cheese.2584

There’s “challenging” and there’s “stupid.” This falls into the latter category.

Stop setting participation to 0% on map close

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: saturn.4810


Bull kitty indeed. You shouldn’t lose participation when volunteering, or when the map closes.

I think actually, you should get bonus participation for volunteering.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of how little Anet thought before releasing HoT, and how little they care after releasing it.

Guild Raid Testing

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Posted by: Mark Katzbach

Mark Katzbach

Content Marketing Manager


As many in our player community are aware, we invited the guild Death and Taxes [DnT] to our raids testing program a month ago and gave them unlimited access to the three raid wings currently under development. Upon public release of our first raid wing today, DnT decided to go against the spirit of our relationship by promoting the speed with which they completed the raid wing without ensuring that those reading their comments were fully aware of the fact that they had been given early access. In taking that approach, DnT showed that they do not fully respect everyone in our community, and that is something that we take extremely seriously. As a result, we have decided to remove DnT from our testing program. We want to thank them for their involvement.

Moving forward, ArenaNet continues to be excited about the possibility of collaborating with guilds in the spirit of creating great raids and fostering a positive relationship with our community. We’ll be watching as other groups attempt to defeat the raid with the goal of identifying additional likely test candidates.

Astralaria I: The 12 day Timegate

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Posted by: Kalliope.4751


Please do not try to get everything this exact moment. Twelve days are nothing if you factor in the other parts you are going to need.

Time gated anything is awful, please do not try to defend it. If twelve days is nothing – because of all the other parts you need to get; then why have them?

Legendary items are already like a second job. If a player wants to put in over-time to get the job done, they should be able to.

Issue Reports: Heart of Thorns [Merged]

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Mulling.8421


I am unable to enter the instance to complete the prologue, (It NEEDS a restart button) it would be nice a Dev could teleport people into some instance. It has been 4 hours, and i can’t play the story on my main.

Issue Reports: Heart of Thorns [Merged]

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Perfextion.2365


First Gw2 HoT story mode quest is bugged, i got to the point where u need to rally then game crashed, cannot re enter instance….have tried entering/leaving map & Exiting and resuming story.

Issue Reports: Heart of Thorns [Merged]

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Schlange.4308


Can we have any response to the Prologue-Bug-Issue and when it will be fixed?

Issue Reports: Heart of Thorns [Merged]

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Sweeps.3059


The HoT prologue story is still bugged and am locked out from completing it

Revenant and chill

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Posted by: Black Box.9312

Black Box.9312

I read the title of this thread and assumed it was related to “Netflix and chill”.

On a serious note though, the build that I had planned wasn’t entirely based around chill, but it had a lot of access to it. I’m not sure if I’ll run it anymore though because my interest in Mallyx left the building along with the condition copying.

Revenant and chill

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Posted by: uhohhotdog.3598


I also thought this was going to be related to Netflix and was much disappoint.

Jalis skills suggestion+extras

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Posted by: Burtnik.5218


  • Soothing stone – buff healing by 18% (which result in 6490), reduce casttime to 3/4sec. Tbh i wouldnt be against adding some short block to this ability instead as base rev lack oh kitten buttons. Howered i doubt that ever going to happen so lets forget that one.
  • Inspiring Reinforcement – Should also provide stability on cast and become a stunbreak. Road could pulse slow. This skill wasnt all that great with it delayed stab by 2 seconds and the triple nerf simply destroyed this ability. Im not sure why that even happened but for sure it a problematic skill. Here how it would look like in my suggestion;

Initial 3 stack stability; 3 seconds
Pulsing stability; 1 second
Pulsing slow; 1 second
Road Pulses; 3
Road Duration; 3
40 energy cost, no cd

  • Forced Engagement – Problem with this ability is that its projectile is too slow and most of them time its simply result in being strafed above 600 range. It also can be reflected. With upcoming projectile hate to HoT it wont fare too well.

At this point i think it should become unblockable ability to prevent deflection/reflection (unless you have some work around it?) with increased projectile speed by x%. After all it single target ability which honestly doesnt even fit aoe nature of Jalis.

  • Vengeful Hammers – While this animation is cool and skill utility on it own is also decent now it has it problem with projectile part. I do not think that any skill should be canceled just because we stepped on small stone (you know what i mean). That ability with be espesially useless in new HoT maps.

The question is..why they cant simply make it a 180 radius ability pulsing damage and healing every 0.5sec if it hit (no change from current way it behaves) with floating hammers around you as a indicator of this upkeep ability? Hammers being counted as projectiles simply wont work in this game. Other than that i think cost could go down to -6 from -7 as it feels a bit too high.

  • Rite of the Great Dwarf – The cast reduction was nice and helpful, but the ability on it own still doesnt fare too well as stunbreak and last too short amount for the energy cost.

I wish to see this ability to actually become an upkeep one with the same cost as impossible odds – 10 for activation, -10 to keep it up and removed stunbreak portion as it would be placed in road which makes much more sense. The propsoed change by Roy to reduce condition damage by -50% should be baseline. It makes no sense to add “Jalis trait” which olny affect 1 ability. After all Jalis was supposed to be tanky.

Howered when it comes to tankiness, playing both as Shiro/Glint and Shiro/Jalis in last beta i wasnt feeling tanky during Jalis. Glint had much tankier feeling due to it healing ability converting all incoming damage to healing, high protection uptime while also offering offensive abilities. Jalis in current state is outperformed by Glint and i dont see any reason to choose Jalis over Glint in current state.

Please give some love to Jalis and base rev in general and dont force us into taking Herald&Glint as mandatory stuff. I dont think anyone would disagree with me that base rev was feeling inferior compared to Herald Glint/x, espesially when we look at build thread where everyone link up builds with Herald traitline for obvious reasons. We even have invocation line to increase fury effect to 40% but without Glint it doesnt fuction too well either. It simply feels too mandatory while elite spec was supposed to give alternative style, not to feel superior to base spec.

I also have few traits in mind;

  • Improved Aggression – as it stands now it worthless trait. 4 things i have in mind about that one

1 – Allow us to dodge in and remove immobilize (hello DD). Getting rid of immobilize is simply impossible outside of Shiro

2. Enhance retaliation to increase it damage it causes to foes by 30%

3. Reduce incoming condition duration by 20% under retaliation.

4. 10% damage reduction udner cripple, chill, immobilize

Something of these could also be used to Retaliatory Evasion as well.

  • Empowering Vengeance (Jalis trait) – gain 2 second of retaliation by using Jalis abilities. Gain might when struck under the effect of retaliation (same as now).

Other than that theres few other ideas which are not related to Jalis;

  • Nefarious Momentum – rather than gaining might it could provide fury instead. Base rev lack sources of fury. 2/3 seconds of fury wouldnt make it over the top i guess.
  • Ferocious Strikes – this trait placement doesnt make any logical sense anymore. Either merge it with vicious lacerations or buff it to 150 ferocity per sword (300 if dualwield sword) and move it to GM replacing weak dismantle fortifications
  • Jade Echo – cd is too high. 60 would be the sweet spot
  • Equilibrium – please remove the healing part. Its weak, scales poorly and the damage portion doesnt not worth swapping above 50% energy.
  • Precision Strike – increase range to 600
  • Shackling Wave – 10 energy is too much for what it does. I never used it even once. I would change my mind if the cost was reduced to 5 as current cost is not justiced for what it does.
  • Grasping Shadow – Awful ability, unreliable and ahrd to land. At least make it unblockable
  • Sword Autochain; mesmer sword animations plz! Current chain looks awful. Projectile on brutal blade has to go for many reasons (covered in another thread)
  • Drop the hammer – reduce casttime to 3/4 seconds, make it function like Orbital Strike. 3/4 sec to summon hammer from the mist which will land on foes with 1 second later.
  • Enhanced daggers – Increased duration to 20 seconds. Its really hard to proc them with hammer as it doesnt benefit from reduced interval. I also had feeling that it was mostly carried by UA last beta.
  • Impossible odds – could also pulse resistance.

Thanks for reading and i hope my proposed changes arent over the top.

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