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How do I improve my ranger's damage?

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Posted by: Sube Dai.8496

Sube Dai.8496

John Snowman [GLTY]
Space Marine Z [GLTY]

My eyes were confused.

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Nike.2631


The word you are looking for is Apophenia

Its nature’s way of making you think you’re clever… When you’re not.

“You keep saying ‘its unfair.’
I wonder what your basis for comparison is…”
- Jareth, King of Goblins.

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Question Longbow ranger dps pve

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Posted by: oxtred.7658


Are you including bear dps with it?

If you’re on EU and need help to get into dungeons, pm me.

Bridge in CoF p1 is OP

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Posted by: Charming Rogue.8071

Charming Rogue.8071

i think the bridge of doom is a pretty cool structure, eh kills random pugs and doesnt afraid of anything

Desolation – EU – [KING] – Immortal Kingdom

Lets be real.

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Posted by: Ropechef.6192


As you sit down at the laquered wood counter. The Gentleman across from you smiles and nods knowingly.

Placed before you is a rosey hued slice of Hamachi, lightly brushed with Ponzu, Atop a perfectly formed Ball of Rice.

but lets be real. He just took a knife to a chunk of dead sea creature and slathered some lemon juice on it and rolled it around a bit in his hand.

Imagine walking up the front walk way to my Mothers house, lap top in hand. opening the door I peer in and see her sitting at the computer I bought for her giggling away. “There you are! come here help me get this vista.” Laughing myself, I drop my bag and come see her screen. noticing her newly purchased top hat from the gem store daintly perched atop her Asura Thief’s head. "HAH! thats cute mom. " " I know right, will you run with me through Twighlight Arbor I would like the Dress for my Ele"

" Sure Mom, poke the guild while i set up and lets get a group going. "

But lets be real, I am a single Chef in his thirties that comes over to his moms house on the weekend to play Video games with her and my Younger Brother.

I step up to a red tape line on the Concrete. Drawing back and taking a deep breath. slowly exhaling making the slightest adjustments needed. A light tap of the finger while remembering to pull back evenly snaps the string forward and pins the Arrow inside of a dime sized mark in the target 20 yards away.

But lets be real. I am flinging aluminum sticks via a modernized version of a bunch of other sticks at paper 60 feet away.

But lets Be real.

as Sit here typing this out wondering why I am lining myself up for an infraction farm. I don’t get angry, not really. So why does this rub me the wrong way? I don’t know. But regardless. here I am and I am going to Sit here, typing into the magic box I call a computer, After a long day at work. And if I am lucky I might be able to find a group for a Dungeon or two. Because you know, I actually like them. But lets be real. I am staring at a screen pressing a sequence of keys in a determined order to achieve a desired result.

I Have not soloed Lupi, I dont even have fractal Level 50. I have a 300 person guild and each and every one of them looks to me for answers to the challenges they face each day in the world of Tyria. Tyria is old. some of us have been around it more than once. and we know it all. but you know.

some of us still find it fun.

So, Lets be real. Syph, you and any other trollish monkeys. Who feel the strange need to come here and Bash either our play styles, Our game, MY game, or my friends. Citing any number of reasons, excuses, or rubbish. As you sit on the comfort of your cushy chair staring at a monitor using a box that more than likely costed more than I make in a month.

Shove it.

You want to make a point. I will personally offer a Sizable Gem purchase to the tune of around 50 dollars or so if you put your big girl panties on and put together a team and “hack and slash” your way to the finals of the DnT speed clear open.

Lets be real. It will be easy.

kitten off.

Highest FGS Tick before the nerf

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Posted by: Dub.1273


I did a 200k tick on an ambient in wvw.

Dub | [rT]
#LoveArrows2013, never forget.

Fractal Feedback Thread [Suggestions]

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Posted by: rfdarko.4639


This is probably a pie in the sky wish, but what the hey! This is something I’ve wanted ever since they introduced tiered rolls.

Fractal Practice Mode

When entering FOTM, the pop up screen would have a second drop down menu – defaults to “reward” mode, but you may click it to select “practice” mode. You can then select the level as normal. Once inside, you can talk to dessa to choose a single fractal – from any tier, including the boss fractals. The mobs in these fractals would not drop loot (I can imagine people farming the molten duo for champ boxes on level one) – this is just for practice.

For speed-running/tournaments, soloing, and tactics development this would be a huge help. Maybe the audience for this change is to small to warrant spending development time on, but if it could be easily done in the next fractal update it’s something i’d love to see.

guildless hobo who likes to solo – [x]

*Spoiler* Whose death was more impactful?

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Posted by: Rym.1469


Who’s Belinda, then? You mean, that plant decoration ?

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Small things that bug you in (PUG) dungeons

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Posted by: DigitalKirin.9714


People who call their teammates by their profession instead of their names.

“Hey mesmer, can I get a portal?” or “Hey guardian, go pull those mobs.” or whatever.

I hate that. -_-#

Im sorry but profession is easier/faster than typing or trying to type the names unless youre char names are sam or jane.

Respectfully, I disagree, Don. It may be easier, but I think that your “speed gain” is only seen in the short term, and you potentially lose speed in the long run.

As mentioned above, you can still shorten people’s names to 3-5 characters – the same amount of characters to type mes or guard. So typing-wise you don’t save time. The only time lost would be in the process of memorizing people’s names, which can vary from person to person. At worst, you might have to mouseover a person’s portrait or glance down at your chat tab.

My thought is this:

When you call a person by their class instead of their name, you are objectifying them. You don’t generate respect from a person you objectify. It being a pet peeve of others here as well, if they’re like me, they’re probably less prone to helping a person if they’ve been objectified by them.

The subtle acts that you use to weave a team together become the grease that helps it work smoothly. Being sociable, calling people by their names – even if it’s shortened – dropping smilies in chat at the right spots/times, thanking people, all encourage people to help each other out. Does it work every time? Certainly not, but instances of people being more willing to help you out will increase.

The benefits are longterm. If someone respects you, they’re more likely to go out of their way to work with you and help you out. If you ask something reasonable of them, they’ll probably agree. “Hey Don, do you have EA set up on your war? would you be able to use it? Thanks

Also consider that if you get in a spot of trouble, people who respect you are more willing to help out you. If they don’t respect you, they’re more likely to watch you suffer instead. If someone you don’t respect gets downed at mossman, do you think to yourself, “I’d better help him rally,” or do you think, “Well maybe he’ll do something smart and attack a wolf to rally. Hope he doesn’t expect me to walk over there and actually res him.”

The time I think you save is in generating a team that works together to make the run better, rather than 5 individuals who are just hoping to “get through” the dungeon. It’s just touching on human psychology. That’s where I think you gain in the long term.

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Solo Dungeons

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Posted by: randomfightfan.4091


There are currently solo dungeons. Just 5 people usually do them together.

Check out my page for some good thiefisms :)

Flag for English in LFG (EU)

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Posted by: Fror.2163


As European when I search for “English flag” on the Internet, I get mainly two flags: the flag of UK or the flag of England. Both the country and the nation have English as official language.

The LFG introduces the flag of the USA for looking people speaking English. Yet the USA don’t have any official language. So please, be courteous for EU and change the flag to something meaningful for us.

Edit: this is not me being “anti-american”, “pro-european” or something. It’s just that for us European, we associate the English language with the Union Jack, not the Star-Spangled Banner.

Frór (yes, with the accent!)

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Transmuted Names REDO

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Posted by: Leamas.5803


Is the current naming convention on transmuted items intended functionality or a bug? It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me the way it is now, post patch.

So I bought a Sclerite GS skin and applied it to a Berserker’s Pearl Broadsword, though I never used a Pearl broadsword because it’s ugly, I likely just brought the cheapest GS with the stats I wanted. It looks like a Sclerite GS, feels like a Sclerite GS, and I certainly payed enough for it, should the name not be something like “Berserker’s Sclerite Broadsword of Bloodlust” rather than “Berserker’s Pearl Broadsword of Bloodlust”? The “pearl” has nothing to do with the sword anymore since it’s only a skin itself.

Likewise, I have a transmuted staff that should be “Emberspire”, not “Knight’s Pearl Quaterstaff of Torment”. Again, “pearl” is only the original skin.

All my other transmuted items also suffer the same issue, armor name shows as draconic rather than primeval, Severed Dagger now shows as “Carrion Tribal Dagger of Malice”.

These names have nothing to do with the current items. “Pearl”, “Draconic”, “Tribal”, etc, these are just skin names and make no sense.

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Why push lupi to the wall?

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Posted by: Purple Miku.7032

Purple Miku.7032

I’ll quote myself from another thread that I literally just posted on.

He’ll always reset to full HP if he steps past one of the gates. I believe the reason this is the case is probably just a fail-safe just in case somebody tries some obscure exploit like luring him out of the arena to safespot him. This is just my own speculation.

If he’s on the wall with you but off to the side, do not try to move in his red circle until during an attack. Lupicus, along with all other mobs in this game, will only attempt to correct their target being out of their line of sight in between attacks. The reason that a person is capable of preventing his necrid trap (bubble) attack and the rapid fire one at all is because when he’s against the wall, he isn’t able to travel in the direction that he attempts to, due to the wall blocking his movement. These two skills of his require a target to be a certain distance from him in order to use, similarly to how for example you won’t be able to place a banner as far away from you as you would be able to shoot something with a longbow (poor example I know).

In other words, it’s flawed AI. What would ideally be the case is that when unable to move in any other direction anymore, attempt to move in another direction instead.

This is why it’s ambiguous whether or not pushing him against the wall is considered an exploit/cheating, as it’s not using unintended mechanics (like leaping onto terrain/safespotting) to succeed in the fight but more or less just knowing the limitations of mob AI in the game and taking advantage of/abusing it. No different than LOSing/stacking tbh.

Long answer, but hopefully you’ll better understand it now.

A few other reasons…

Take note of the warrior arms 20 trait X – Forceful greatsword: gain might on critical hit

This trait in conjunction with whirlwind AND rush (GS #3 and #5 for warr) significantly boost damage altogether from short-lived might stacks along with enabling all hits of whirlwind to hit him. He’s a larger target so if you whirlwind through him out in the open you’ll hit him more than once still, but generally speaking this is a reliable tactic to hit a LOT of damage even on small targets provided you whirlwind directly into a wall/object.

It’s even more significant for eles using FGS #4, to make sure all ticks of damage will hit.

Another benefit is that sometimes during phase 1, swarms can potentially spawn behind the wall, where they won’t be able to attack you.

One consequence that I can immediately think of is that it makes it tougher for people still learning to time their evasions for his kicks on phase 1, because the tell isn’t as visible due to Lupi’s character model rendering partially out of your field of view during the animation.

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Idea: Dungeon Vanquishes

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Posted by: Kain Francois.4328

Kain Francois.4328

(This idea is different than other Vanquishing threads, I promise!)

Ever wish you could just enjoy team combat in Dungeons? Tired of all the linear, SCRIPTED events inside Explorable dungeons and Fractals? I present to you: Vanquishing!

No locked doors, no gimmicks, no cutscenes, no stupid NPCs, no pre-determined, linear pathway, and NO SCRIPTED EVENTS! Just sweet, sweet combat and exploration.

Imagine you are thrown right inside the middle of Arah. EVERYTHING is opened up to you, your team can explore wherever they wish, and your only objective is to clear all the foes.

Just like in GW1, Vanquishing maps were wide and open. Teams could Vanquish wherever they want, and in any order they want.

Imagine guilds competing for the fastest times, as what would norally be a team of 5 spread to clear different areas of the map, with a team of 2 clearing one side, and a team of 3 clearing another.

Furthermore, imagine there were penalties for wiping. Imagine that if you were to wipe and fail a lot, you would be booted? Imagine if because of the risk, the rewards were worth the effort?

I think GW2 should borrow from Vanquishing in GW1, and adapt them into dungeon maps. Such a thing could only mean good for the end game.

- After clearing Story Mode, an option opens to create “Vanquishing Mode”.
- Rather than the normal entrance, you and your team are warped into the center of the dungeon map. There are no doors or scripted events to block your progress.

- Clear all foes.

- There are no waypoints. The only way to respawn is for your team to wipe.
- Reconnecting while others are in combat will spawn you dead.
- A player can wipe themselves by typing up /resign. However, doing so will accumulate death penalty.

Death Penalty and Motivational Boost:
- Each time your team wipes, you accumulate 2% death penalty, reducing all your stats by the percentage of death penalty. If your team exceeds 10% death penalty, you are kicked out.
- Killing foes reduces death penalty.
- Defeating a champion grants you 2% motivational boost, which buffs all stats by the percentage.
- In addition, killing a champion always reduces death penalty 2%.

- At the end of a Vanquish, an end boss appears. Defeat him, and earn your chest!

- 3 to 10 gold (depending on dungeon)
- Chance at exclusive weapon skins (Bone Dragon Staff, Silverwing Flatbow, Voltiac Spear, Eternal Blade, Obsidian Edge, etc…)
- Chance at Precursors (depending dungeon)
- Obsidian Shards
- Karma
- Black Lion Keys
- Ascended Weapons
- Ascended Armoor
- Dungeon Tokens

Vanquisher Title:
- Complete all Vanquisher dungeons to obtain Legendary Vanquisher of Dungeons title.

I’ve uploaded a small GW1-inspired infographic what Arah vanquishing could look like on the minimap.


[EU] Gold League Predicted Rankings

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Posted by: Junkpile.7439


1) green
2) bue
3) red

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[Suggestion] Glowing mask, DYABLE

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Posted by: lorddavito.2395


Anet, please, this mask is amazing only IF it could be dyable, PLEASE…. MAKE IT DYABLE… caps has never worked so far but just for the idea q.q…

Give us the option to colour atleast the glow part..


Characters of color?

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Posted by: Duke Blackrose.4981

Duke Blackrose.4981

It’s for lore reasons. The game’s human population is largely Krytan (who are usually tan-skinned) with a sizable number of Ascalonians (typically white skinned) and a very small number of Canthans (Asiatic) and Elonians (African) mixed in. Contact with Cantha and Elona has been cut off for many years because of an elder dragon, meaning that the limited racial diversity in Kryta is ancestral – and even that much has probably been watered down through intermarriage.

Forced into even more WvW that I despise

in The Edge of the Mists

Posted by: Apollo.6573


The idea behind a Legendary weapon is that it is supposed to be somewhat completionist. With the introduction of achievement chests, 500 badges of honor is easy to get without getting into WvW, and WvW is a big part of the game.

It’s supposed to be a ‘show-off’ that you’ve played most of the core content, and played long enough to be ‘worthy’ of a Legendary.

Marionette Post Fight Map Chat Inspired Me

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: Tycke.4576


Elonian Whines


A small bell rings as the Bold Adventurer swings a wooden door forward and steps into the small shop. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with wooden shelves filled with variously colored bottles.

A small man wearing a worn apron enters from the opposite side of the room and smiles broadly at the Bold Adventurer.

SHOPKEEP:“Welcome good sir to Elonian Whines! The finest Whine merchant in all of Shaemoor, all of Queensdale if I may be so bold.”

The Bold Adventurer meanders towards one of the shelves. The bottles are labeled meticulously and organized by type, region, and vintage. He picks up one of the Bottles.

SHOPKEEP: “I can see from my good sir’s ‘Dungeon Master’ badge that he is well-traveled. Apparently he has good taste as well. That bottle you are looking at is a wonderful whine recently shipped from Lornar’s Pass called ‘ This Overflow Is FAIL!’. It has a strong sense of aggressive negativity spiced with a slight belittling of others. Very popular as of late.”

The Shop Keep continues talking as the Bold Adventurer continues to peruse the bottles.

SHOPKEEP: “That entire shelf is all freshly shipped from Lornar’s Pass actually. To the right you will see the exceptional “Y U NO DPS MORE!”. It comes to us from a small whineyard owned and run by a former Zerker Warrior like yourself. It has a wonderful blend of condescension and accusation with notes of troll and omnomberry.

A bell rings as the door to the shop flies open. A voluptuous woman wearing leather armor that seems designed more for showing skin than protecting it steps into the shop. She has an intricate looking long bow slung over her shoulder and is followed into the shop by a brown colored bear. Despite her very feminine and very young looking face she screams in an unnaturally deep and rough voice.


SHOPKEEP: “Ah, yes mademoiselle, [Vale Waypoint] then southwest into the cave. Look for the mob of people standing around.”

Just as quickly as she had arrived the woman vanishes into thin air with her bear.

SHOPKEEP: “My apologies good sir. We get a lot of that. I see you’ve moved on to one of my personal favorites. It comes from the world famous QQ whinery. The supple and lively “Learn to play platform 2!” also from Lornar’s Pass. It has a crisp arrogance melded into savory uninformed assumptions. Quite lovely and if the group you are in ever needs that extra push to victory this is a wonderful choice.”

SHOPKEEP: “To the left you will find a whine that is very popular with Forum Warriors of all sorts. “Thanks Fur Nuthin Anet!” comes to us from the depths of Rata Sum. It is a little difficult to describe so I will read from the label. Apparently, it is steeped in exceptional ignorance of systems design with overtones of unwarranted entitlement. To be honest, those Asura talk way over my head so I am not totally sure what they mean by any of that.”

The Bold Adventurer takes one of each and places them on the counter.

SHOPKEEP: “All four?! Most excellent good sir! Your total comes to 1200 gems.”

The Bold Adventurer reaches into his pocket and retrieves a bag full of Black Lion approved gemstones.

SHOPKEEP: “With every purchase over 1000 gems you receive this free pair of Reading Glasses. They will go wonderfully with your Flame Legion Armor.”

The Bold Adventurer places all four bottles and the reading glasses into his pack and strides out the door ready for battle.

SHOPKEEP: “Thank you good sir! And please remember Elonian Whines for all of your adventuring needs throughout Tyria!”


Dangerous precedent: Watchwork Pick

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Posted by: Vol.7601


If you haven’t noticed, a new infinite mining pick has been released which also provides a 20% chance of sprockets.

I have absolutely no problem with infinite tools. They are convenience.

But a chance to get a material that cannot be gathered by other tools? This is P2W.

When scarlet is gone, we more than likely will not be able to get sprockets anymore outside of two sources – the node in your instance and these picks.

It doesn’t matter that sprockets may not have as high value, and that 20% is still low. It sets a dangerous precedent, however, of introducing unique, non-vanity features to future items to generate sales.

Seriously Anet, take this from your no.1 fanboy – this is not cool.

The ‘best’ compromise is to provide older unlimited tools with a similar bonus ore. But personally I would prefer if there were no bonuses at all. Just leave the animation there and sell it for 1000 gems.

edit1: as another mentioned, the other best compromise is to include other temporary picks with the 20% chance, i.e. orichalcum pick with 20% chance at watchwork

(edited by Vol.7601)

Mari dodge achieves

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: PopeUrban.2578


Good, this game hands out too many free achievements. We need more titles/achievements that require difficult feats, with reward points to match.

This is a well designed achievement. It encourages you to actually try to do well at the event, in stead of chasing some meta gizmo that can actively hurt it. (I’m looking at you tequatl chest/failure achievements)

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I Beat the clocktower!

in Blood and Madness

Posted by: Kagato.4061


I like the fact that they are blue mists, it does make it easier.

What I don’t like is:

1. The scoring system – it’s absolutely pointless other than to brag to others that you’ve beaten it so and so times. First place doesn’t even get a reward, and it just makes it take longer to get to the puzzle. Why was this even added?

2. Unable to play with friends now. This is an issue with all activities, but I remember having a blast racing my friend to the top, and now we can’t join the same server anymore. Why is it like this? Why can’t I play with my friends?

3. Only 5 people. One of the most fun things was the social interaction from last year – the blue mists got rid of the issue regarding Norns and Charr, so why in the world did they reduce the amount of people jumping through the puzzle? It’s not as fun with so few people.

With that being said, I love the challenge of the puzzle, but it’s just annoying that most of the changes based around it kind of suck.

What Would YOU Like to Use as a Pet?

in Ranger

Posted by: Zlitteral.6852


I would love to be able to use the humpback whales just because they are so massive

Are spiders a good ranger pet?

in Players Helping Players

Posted by: Chopps.5047


The better question is: are there any good Ranger pets?

Wolf, hyena, drakehound, fern hound, black bear, red moa, jungle spider, shark, armorfish, jellyfish, carrion devourer, lashtail devourer, jungle stalker, lunx, jaguar, eagle, hawk, raven, snow owl, snow hound, siamoth, pig, warthog, river drake, marsh drake

Are all pets that should be used consistently in wvw and pve/dungeon. It depends on the situation.

Facing Old Tom in a pick up group? Use a devourer, take the fan or a battery, and stand behind the devourer with shortbow. Devourer eats damage since you stand behind it. Easy as pie—if you know your pets. Because most of you might not have known how useful a devourer can be to kite around.

Need fury? Red moa.

Want real CC potential? Dogs. They’re great roaming in wvw and actually good versus some enemies in pve. Say you’re in TA original path struggling with hound knockdowns. Use your own dogs to knock them down. This applies in COE too versus the ice hound elementals.

What about a good charged knockdown? Porcine believe it or not. Their charge used to be 600 units so it almost never landed. It was recently shortened and it works much better now. Plus, the environmental drops are actually pretty good.

Black bear for the aoe weakness which negates a ton of damage potentially. Also, it’s another dynamic invuln. with the shout.

I think there’s a lot of good pets honestly.

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Please implement a token system

in Suggestions

Posted by: Buffalo Sabres.1072

Buffalo Sabres.1072

Title pretty much says it all , we want a token system for these new weapons and the new Tequatl weapons. I don’t care if it’s a ridiculous amount , i want to work towards something not sit there and hope for luck that is never coming.

Maybe this will get noticed if enough people support. Post if you support of course, thanks

Please stop neglecting conditions in PvE

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: Lopez.7369


Since this forum is being archived, we are moving the discussion to the main forums:

With the implementation of genuinely difficult content, the neglect of condition builds has hit a breaking point. The Tequatl fight perfectly signifies this in two major ways:

1. Bleed cap is hit almost instantly. I am lucky if I can sustain one or two bleeds throughout the fight.

2. The fingers are completely immune to conditions.

Even against the adds, bleeds are usually close to capped or capped. Admittedly, condition builds do perform better on adds than they do on Tequatl and fingers, but the problem is the same discrimination doesn’t apply to power builds in reverse (i.e., power builds aren’t strong against Tequatl and fingers but weak against other adds).

This just can’t stand anymore. An entire build archetype is effectively useless on world bosses. There is simply no way the bleed cap and content that’s designed for 80 players can coexist.

(edited by Lopez.7369)

Hello, my name is Tequatl...

in Tequatl Rising

Posted by: Kraag Deadsoul.2789

Kraag Deadsoul.2789

…and this is my first time attending Co-dependants Anonymous.

It all started that fateful day when I first met him; the Big Z. The rotting flesh, the putrid green aura, the multiple heads; what’s not to love, right? And that raw, primal lust for power with all those undead minions worshiping at his feet. Made me weak in the wings.

Back then, I’d do anything for him…anything. And I did, too. “Stand on the beach and look menacing but don’t actually pose a threat.”, he said. I – star-struck – obediently complied, “Yes, Big Z. Anything for you Big Z.

Over time, though, there was a growing emptiness inside me. I just chocked it up to an empty stomach and figured a few dozen adventurer hors d’oeuvres would satisfy my hunger. Alas – tasty as they were – they did not sate the growing void within.

Something was missing. That something was me. I’d repressed my own needs so Big Z could take all the glory. He was just using me and I – foolishly – allowed it to happen. I enabled his attention seeking behavior…his narcissism…at the expense of my own nature. I look back now and think how could I have been so stupid.

When I finally confronted him with the news that I wouldn’t allow myself to be used anymore, he just laughed. “There’s a million more where you came from, sweet cheeks.”, he derisively chuckled. It stung, but at least I had asserted myself. I had finally broken his spell over me. I was free.

Recovery has been hard. After so long of standing in one place, my fitness level is shot. I can barely fly anymore; it’s more of a glorified leap. But each day I’m working to get stronger; I can even hover a little bit now.

And, as emotionally cruel as his treatment of me was, I do have to thank Big Z for giving me control over my own squad of undead minions. I’m trying not to do to them what I allowed Big Z to do to me. I’m encouraging their independence…facilitating their efforts at self-discovery. Of course, that’s quite the uphill battle when dealing with mindless Risen; but you have to have goals. I see glimmers of hope, though, as they start to push a little bit further inland. They try so hard; it makes me smile.


So many souls, so little time. ~ Kraag Deadsoul

10 years is not normally a Jubilee

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: Erukk.1408


You are hereby invited to Queen Jenna’s Aluminum Decennial!

No, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.