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Stacking needs to go.

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This is a very interesting and fresh idea, go on.

I would really like some "sexy" gear skins

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medium armor for guys is either a trench coat or a man skirt. Please add more sexy diversity.

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Public announcement: Gear stats and roles.

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That’s patently false.

Source: every person who has ever played anything other than zerk.

Actually there are numerous videos of people completing arah and fractals with unbound dodge buttons. Ofc these are people that usually play with berserker gear and know their class and encounters well.

I’m sure they will pop up sooner or later, posted by someone less lazy than me.

Amusingly enough that wouldn’t contradict what I said, since it would be people showing zerkers not needing dodge buttons

These are people wearing clerics gear obviously, “zerkers” most definitely need to dodge. Please show me how you complete Arah in berserker gear without dodging.

Public announcement: Gear stats and roles.

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That’s patently false.

Source: every person who has ever played anything other than zerk.

Actually there are numerous videos of people completing arah and fractals with unbound dodge buttons. Ofc these are people that usually play with berserker gear and know their class and encounters well.

I’m sure they will pop up sooner or later, posted by someone less lazy than me.

Amusingly enough that wouldn’t contradict what I said, since it would be people showing zerkers not needing dodge buttons

Read what he said again.

Public announcement: Gear stats and roles.

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Posted by: Harper.4173


I’ve seen this pop up a huge number of times on the forums I feel that a thread should be made explaining it.

-This is true at least for PVE-

Roles in GW2 are not defined by the gear that you are wearing. You can support and CC just as well wearing any gear because these two “roles” derive from skills and not the gear worn by players.

Gear in this game dictates the pace of gameplay for the individual wearing it:

The more towards damage you spec the less resilient you’ll be.
The tankier you are the less damage you’re going to do.

In the first situation you’re not going to afford to take many hits.
In the second you can unbind your dodge button because you won’t need it.

In a sense players strive to get most bang for their buck so if you can mitigate damage actively( through use of dodging and support) you can forego defensive stats and go full offense. This in a sense is rewarding the player for getting good at the game.

That’s the theory – because more and more players instead of learning and adapting are just filling the forums with requests that something they can’t achieve be nerfed.

Just wanted to put this out there so people will see it and maybe understand.

TL:DR – Zerker has nothing to do with support and control, please leave it alone.

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Why do you need another CDI?

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So they can concentrate discussion into one thread so that it can be more easily ignored

Why does ArenaNet hate farming?

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They don’t hate farming specifically.

They hate everything that gives players gold that wasn’t bought with gems.

Why does ArenaNet hate farming?

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Get More Gold!

Remember that you can exchange gems and gold at our currency exchange on the second tab of the Black Lion Trading Company! Currently, you can get 1 gold for about 15 gems and 50 gold for about 670 gems!


Did I answer your question?

20 level 80s and counting.

IA consulting ANET, was it already posted?

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They’ll be adding AI to NPCs so they can advertise gem sales.

Toxic behaviour in ranked games.

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Dr Ritter.1327

“Toxic” stop using this word jesus christ

The Paragon
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Really have Nothing to Achieve after r80 :(

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Posted by: Dee Jay.2460

Dee Jay.2460

That’s a very fair assessment of your motivation and probably applies to a lot of hardcore players, myself included.

But honestly I don’t see anything happening within the next few weeks/months. sPvP has only just gotten a new progression system and it will take a while for ANet to revisit the issue.

sPvP has always been the weakest aspect of the game and the one that retains the fewest players and adds the least amount of monetization. I don’t imagine it getting much revision anytime soon.

If you want a real long-term goal, try chasing some of those WvW achievements. Now that’s a long-term goal.

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Did arah storyline, path not unlocked

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Becka Williams.4978

As it said it in the title. What’s up?

Did arah storyline, path not unlocked

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Posted by: Becka Williams.4978

Becka Williams.4978

No, it’s part of the rotation this week. I can read, thanks.

Why moaning about conditions?

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Dee Jay.2460

Conditions suck because they are the exact antithesis of what skillful combat in GW2 should be (and was originally intended) to be about.

Conditions relegate both damage-dealing and damage mitigation almost entirely to class mechanics rather than the “active combat” GW2 was designed around. Dodging becomes secondary when conditions attacks are barely distinguishable and poorly telegraphed.

Avoiding damage comes down to what removal options you have, not how well you move, dodge or play.

It’s the exact opposite of fun and engaging combat.

You can tell that originally Guild Wars 2 was never meant to have such an excessive amount of condition spam. Stuff like Signet of Agility that removes 1 condition on a 30 second cooldown is proof of that.

But things have changed, especially with Runes of Perplexity and Tormet now added to the game and the entire concept of “active combat” has become diluted to the point where winning a fight comes down to how many different types of conditions you can apply to your opponent vs. how many he can cleanse.

Why all so negative?

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“Why all so negative?” you ask?

This is the final update in the Scarlet Briar arc and I haven’t seen Scarlet Briar since the drill landed. I can’t kill the knights and I don’t have a back piece. I think I’m done.

EDIT: And yes, every update feels like nothing more than a reskin of the previous update’s zergfest. I don’t do zergs.

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Adaptive Active DMG mitigation AKA Dodge

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This would overly favor classes with high toughness and vitality. Investment in more toughness vitality and armor makes no sense when certain professions already have a significant advantage in the same.

CDI- Fractal Evolution

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“Lore people” will play fractals once or twice and move on to roleplay in divinity’s reach while more dedicated players will get bored because it will lack any sort of challenge except bigger numbers.

What should be done is to severely decrease the number of scales, the difference between 1 and 9 is trivial. Introduce complex mechanics for higher tiers (not just numbers) and make those god kitten cinematics skippable. Obligatory reset included.

I am so tempted to be hyper critical on this post but I won’t, as it isn’t this single comment that has been frustrating but instead a culmination of posts in the CDI.

Suffice to say this post emphasizes why this CDI has been pretty good and not great. In my opinion there have been to many posts that have either not been well thought out or the poster has not taken the time to get educated in the discussion before putting pen to paper, and more specifically too insular in terms of goal resolution instead of thinking about the broader audience.

I will leave it at that.

I am still interested in continued discussion around your boss/encounter mechanic ideas, Rewards and ways in which the fractals could be evolved moving forward to provide new types of challenge.



You anger the Fractal community by resetting their personal reward level, nerf rewards given in fractals, make no effort to fix a particularly obnoxious fractal (dredge) and by introducing fractals with constant time gating (Mai Trin + cannon phases, molten facility + weapons testing area).

You let said fractal community simmer on these problems without even giving them the slightest bit of response to let them know you even give a **** and then when your dedicated fractal community tries to maybe give you a little nudge to ignore the terrible, completely pointless suggestions which aren’t even real problems (re-rolling and lore are two things nobody even cared about until people decided to invent the problem when this thread started and everyone got their frustrations about dredge out the way) you call out their post for being uneducated, insular (and what about those people crying about zerker nerfs? Aren’t those comments insular too?) and not thinking about the broader audience.

Well I tell you what, if you “fix” re-rolling, and for the love of god I hope you don’t fix a non-issue, that won’t be thinking of the broader audience, since people like to roll swamp and you’ll drive more people away from fractals if they have to worry about getting a terrible roll of something like ascalon > cliffside > dredge at level 50.

Though to be honest, this will probably be removed for whatever reason a moderator can come up with or just ignored and swept under the rug, because who even cares about fractals or dungeons, living story for the win. Let’s only fix slaying potions when they become linked to living story, GG ANet, well played.

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Re: Pistol Whip

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How’s about you just play an Elemantalist in soloq`s for 4 hours. I am sure you will get a feel for the issue.

The End. Answers? I really didn't find any.

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Posted by: Talonblaze.3175


I will probably start off with that I never really liked scarlet, as a character or villain. The start of the LS was very rough and started quite sour. By the time she arrived, it didn’t bode well and her entry seemed to only make things worse for me and many others.

However… Things just started to begin unfolding as to her plot, her motives and how she managed to do all of this and why. I became interested in that part of the goings on, even if I still had a number of issues with her that can’t be overlooked, she had me intrigued at this point.

But sadly, little to late as we neared the end of the story. Things were just getting interesting and they had to end. The more major disappointment was that one of those last patches contained absolutely NOTHING in terms of learning anything. Which was a major disappointment.

Finally, we are at the end. Some of us know how it goes down too. But instead of having everything answered, all I seem to have is more questions. I’m not shocked or surprised in any way. I am disappointed that everything ended before it flowered so to speak.
Teased and taunted as to getting these answers only to have them stripped away and only be thrown more speculation and others with no chance of them likely ever being affirmed now.

In any case, this end was a mix for me. It meant there was some interesting things to look forward in the future, but at the cost of feeling empty and incomplete now. What did I learn? Why did I learn it? What was it all for? It almost seemed wasted getting invested. The one thing we did learn was going to be thrown at our faces no matter what we did, but the rest… Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

I doubt the follow up patch will explain much, maybe a few but might as well throw down my questions as well. Perhaps you too had questions that didn’t get answered, throw them down here too.

-Was Taimi connected to Scarlet deeper than her technologic fascination?
-Why did the Nightmare Court aid Scarlet? There was no mention of motivation or gain compared to the others.
-What was Caithe’s secret? How does Caithe Know Scarlet?
-Why did her alliances continue to fight for her after each one was foiled miserably?
-Did Scarlet have anything to do with Southsun?
-How did she manage to get a Thumper in LA unnoticed?
-Why all the attacks and invasion when the goal could have been accomplished much more easily discreetly?
-How was Scarlet so accepted by the other races so easily to master their finest methods? Not to mention this went wildly unnoticed for something so strange.
-Where did she get all the resources to pull off all these elaborate plans?
-Why did Omadd help her and inevitably break her mind?
-If Scarlet had been successful, what would she have done then? What about the voices?
-How was she able to ‘bully’ the Aetherblades into fighting for her?
-Why the pointless invasions?
-Who was Mister E?
-Why so little involvement from the Orders and other factions?
-Why a multiracial Inquest faction? How did this help the composition?
-How did Queen Jennah amass such an army of Watchnights?
-What were the details regarding Zojja and Taimi given the relationship?
-What did the Inquest know about the ley lines prior to Thermanova? How did they discover it? Why did they discover it?
-What was the point of the Marionette in the grand scheme of things?
-Why did Scarlet free Mai?
-What did the EOTM have to do with Scarlet and her plans with Mai?
-Why did our ‘Heroes’ dismiss any opportunity to learn ANYTHING when presented with it? Especially when it mattered most.

This is just a small list but… you get the point.

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Communication Regarding Fractals Reset

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EDIT: (3/9/14)
Here are some things this thread is NOT:
-A commentary on the effectiveness of the CDI.
-A catch-all of grievances against ANET.
-A demand (not even a polite one) that ANET compensate people who lost fractal levels.
-A debate about if reaching 50+ in fractals before the reset was an exploit, because it is against terms of use to openly accuse (rather than report) other players of cheating.

What it is:
-A discussion of a topic that was deemed off-topic in another thread (linked below).
-A notice to the community of how the events described below happened.
-A plea to Chris to carefully consider if this decision sets a good precedent.

Please think carefully before you hit “submit” on your response to this thread, and make sure it’s really relevant. If you’d like to discuss something else, please start your own topic. Thank you for your courtesy.


So…. this happened.

Also, Chris.
I’ve been trying to avoid the question for a while now, trying my hardest to contribute to this CDI as much as the time lets me, while trying to push this question to the back of my mind. It never seem to be a good time to ask it, but then again I don’t think it’ll ever be a good time to. But you once said that you will give your opinion on fractal reset after you gave it some thoughts. I was wondering if you got anything for us. Will we ever be compensated for levels we lost and those over multiple toons? Just stating if it’s not even a viable thing for discussion anymore would suffice.

I am pretty sure Izzy responded to this question a few months ago. I will check with him.


I am pretty sure Izzy responded to this question a few months ago. I will check with him.


After his response, the subject was still talked a lot. And you then told us you would think about how we felt and get back to us.

Source (response from Romo to Izzy):

Your response to Romo after this:

This post and Chris Whiteside’s follow-up (here ) is also of particular interest in this discussion.

Since it’s considered off-topic in the Fractal Evolution CDI, I thought I’d start its own topic.

“Be angry about legendary weapons, sure, but what about the recent drought of content?”
-Mike O’Brien
Because we can’t be angry about both?

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This game is officially dead population wise.

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I cant take it any longer. I will be playing teso when it comes out but I give up gw2…

When every single solo q is rank 10’s-20’s even though I am near top of lb…. is just wrong. not to mention the 10+ minute q times.

Idc what “stats” you want to put out but your lying. Pvp population isn’t growing it’s declining quickly. Why? you know why. 0 development.

After 2700 hours in pvp I give up.

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Great event - too bad about all of the bots

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Posted by: Klonex.4562


thread merge with the other 2-3 afk threads. please bump those if you want to rant instead of creating a new afk thread.

~ new mechanic afki’ing for more than 10 minutes causes friendly fire – i’d use the hammer to send flying those who just stand there back through that exit gate.

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CDI- Fractal Evolution

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Posted by: Fror.2163


We could do something like this, but when ends up happening is the work involved ends up being a lot of additional work to basically build something people play one or two times and then are done with it.

Isn’t this the exact definition of Living Story/World?

Frór (yes, with the accent!)

After 1000 tournament games...

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Posted by: Darko.5873


… I am so sick of it.
I am sick of hambow warriors.
I am sick of spirit rangers.
I am sick of decap engies.
I am sick of mm necros.
I am sick of asuras.
I am sick of standing in a circle.
But most of all I am sick of Anet’s lack of care and attention for PvP. Always talking, always discussing, always planning, always having things on the radar… but (almost) never doing anything.
These big patches better be something spectacular beacuse I am so sick of everything…

Sorry about ranting… just needed to vent somewhere.

all is vain

Battle of Lion's Arch (New Site)

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Posted by: Nat.4029


Which dot marks the expansion?

Valar Morghulis

Atlas Feedback

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Posted by: Arnath.2319


If this was an in game feature i would be impressed.

It has been a massive problem ever since the Living Story started that players were forced to go to websites in order to follow the story. ArenaNet acknowledge this was a massive problem and said they were working on an in game solution so players can keep track of the story in game.

“We’re currently working on a system that will better direct players through Living World content. Eventually, it will also provide story context for LW and other content types. The first phase of the system should be ready before the end of the year.
I am hopeful that some of the new systems that we have in development (the LW tracking system, journal tracking, etc.) will make it easier for folks to make sense of the long-term story." -BobbyStein

We should not have to go to a website to follow the story, get exclusive content, this should all be in game. This has been one of the top complaints of the living story and this Atlas only makes things significantly worse.

How about instead of hunting down secrets on this Atlas you allow players to hunt down those secrets IN GAME, creating content and immersing people in the story.

This Atlas tears people out of the story immersion, it only contributes to the massively growing problem of poor in game story telling, and is waste of developer resources.

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CDI- Fractal Evolution

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Posted by: CoffeeMug.9540


This is a proposal written by Nike (the leader of DnT, not the other Nike who is posting in this thread) who can’t post because of his temp ban for the forum.

Proposal Overview

To bring back Twilight Arbor Forward Up Dungeon Path (or a shortened version thereof) as a Fractal Shard in order to utilize content that is no longer in the game (but quite popular among the dungeon community) in order to make Fractals more interesting and fun. This dungeon path can be used the same way the Molten Facility and Aetherblade Retreat were, a chance to relive temporary content. This can be a replacement for Underground Facility that will both be skill testing and more popular than UF

Goal of Proposal

  • To bring back the best path of Twilight Arbor to the game
  • To solve the problem of removing/modifying Underground Facility without having less content than we had before
  • Adding a third tier shard whose completion time will be comparable to the others

Proposal Functionality

The Fractals were promised to be a place to relive temporary content from the game, and no temporary content is more beloved by the end game PvE community than Twilight Arbor Forward Up. It was the correct balance of time, challenge and fun. The end boss, as maligned as it was by a segment of inexperienced players, presented a good lesson in how to improve and succeed in PvE instances. With a slight modification (spiders despawning after a wipe) it would be perfectly fair encounter. Additionally, the water fountain and bee swarm puzzle is well constructed. Last but not least, the Vivenna fight is one of the best, most dynamic and challenging boss fights in the original dungeons outside of Arah.
Implementation: Begin the Shard in the room after the six archers have been killed and the group would pick whether to go up for forward, have the up door be open and forward closed. Continue the remainder of the dungeon path as originally constructed. Modify the last boss to have the spiders despawn in case of a wipe, and have his shake/spider summoning attack be an Agony attack. If it is reflected or blocked the group does not spawn spiders (as before) and additionally does not get hit by agony.

Associated Risks

  • Masochists who actually like the Dredge fractal get upset that the Dredge was removed for a wholly superior experience.
  • Players complain that Vivenna/Oakheart/Bee Puzzle are too hard. Clearly anyone who is progressing to high level fractals should be good enough to handle a dungeon path from a normal dungeon. A de-tuned version for lower levels could obviously be created.
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CDI- Fractal Evolution

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Posted by: Asia Skyly.7198

Asia Skyly.7198

Topic Title: Updates to Fractal Currency and items

Goal: Make fractal currency viable again.

Proposal Overview: Allow fractal tokens to be used for a variety of ascended related items.

Proposal Details: Since launch, there have been no significant changes to what can be obtained from Buy-4373. At the same time, Ascended gear, arguably, has its main use in Fractals of the mists. Currently many of our hardcore fractal players are sitting on tens of thousands of relics and hundreds of rings. Thus, we should add support for the fractal currency to acquire new items from Buy-4373. In addition we should add a new vendor which would allow us to exchange items. The amounts listed below are for demonstration purposes:

Add New Items to the Fractal Vendor

  • Amulets – 2000 fractal Relics
  • Earrings/trinkets – 1900 Fractal Relics
  • Dragonite ore – 5 Fractal Relics
  • Bloodstone Dust – 5 Fractal Relics
  • Empyreal Fragments – 5 Fractal Relics
  • Add a simple white 20 slot bag to the vendor – 100 Fractal Relics
  • Add Fractal Weapon Boxes to the vendor. – 5000 Fractal Relics
  • Add the Fractal Tonic to the Vendor – 15000 Fractal Relics
  • Add Fine infusions to the Vendor. – 3500 Fractal Relics

Add a Currency Exchange Vendor to Fractals.

  • Fractal tokens for laurels. 100 Fractal Relics for 1 Laurel
  • Fractal tokens for Karma jugs. 1 Fractal Relics per 10 Karma Point. A Jug of 6000 Karma = 600 relics.
  • Fractal tokens for Guild Influence. 1 Fractal Relic per 10 Influence pts.
  • Ring Exchange: 3 Rings for 1.
  • Ring Exchange: 1 Ring for 5 Pristine Fractal Relics.

Goal of the Proposal:
While other parts of the game have been updated, the fractal currency has fallen behind. Currently, and without much sense, you cannot acquire ascended related materials in the place where it matters most: Fractals of the Mists. We are in need of a change that will add support to our existing currency by expanding its base, while at the same time introducing a mechanism to exchange fractal currency into other types of in game currency.

RE: "Leaked" patch notes

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Posted by: zone.1073


“Dev: These patch notes are not real!” = “These patch notes are real but are missing a couple things”.