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My issue with the reward tracks

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Posted by: Hesacon.8735


They should just allow you continue to collect reward track points outside of WvW maps (with the contribution decay in place still of course).


You know… the big light finally just came on… Yes.. ANet has now made it so that you get rewards for simply being IN WvW… you don’t even have to do anything other than move once in a while to keep from being booted by the timer. omg that is sooooo not well thought out! Getting the goodies via the good ol’ WORK in WvW and NOT time spent makes a lot more sense, prevents abuse, and ensures that the people in WvW are actually doing something useful.

ANet if you are reading this thread… PLEASE reconsider this very poor way of rewarding people for doing nothing.

Then you get into the debate of k-trains vs. roaming vs. scouting/defending. Right now k-trains give way more wvw exp (which also gives loot), whereas roaming gives less and scouting almost nothing. Having two rewards systems that both operate the same way is silly.

The rewards tracks gets around the disadvantage to scouting or defending by allowing commanders to delegate participation to those willing to hug siege and watch for movement.

Thick leather too expensive

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Posted by: Rhyse.8179


Supply and demand says “hi.”

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Gift of Battle Feedback [merged]

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Posted by: Gorani.7205


Please don’t feel personally offended, but I want to point out that you have posted here already (
Although I think it could have been better communicated by Anet when exactly the vendor will disappear from the map (hiding the info in a wall of text in April is a bit sloppy), the amount of dedication to fill up on WvW reward track ONCE to get a Gift of Battle is not too much to ask for.
If you compare the time you have to spend for a Gift of Exploration to a Gift of Battle, everyone will have to agree that the Exploration one needs way more time and dedication than the Gift of Battle.

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Verdict on Berserkers

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Posted by: BrotherBelial.3094


Keep your distance from a warrior and watch him go down. 1vs1 against a good warrior and your probably in trouble, keep them at range as they have very little to no gap close and watch them fall. Most peoples problems Vs warrior is the small area you have to fight on in conquest keeping you close, people seem to think they can face tank a warrior and win.

Pro tip, you can’t. Now keeping him at range so they can’t. Land there burst, and you win the fight every time.

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WvW is dead.

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Posted by: Reaper Alim.4176

Reaper Alim.4176

But highly entertaining non the less.

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WvW is dead.

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Posted by: BAITness.1083


You guys are silly.

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PSA on siege

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Posted by: Straegen.2938


Commanders, please stop building siege right on top of each other in a way that makes it extremely easy for one disrupter to disable it all. While I am at it, rams do not need to be right next to each other and right up against the gate. Set them back a bit and they are effectively immune from door trebs.

I didn’t see it as much in T1 but T3/T4 servers apparently have not learned. I guess all that PvD in the lower tiers has created some bad habits. All weekend I have seen commanders dropping catas right on top of each other only to watch one player constantly disrupting attacks.

It was just too painful to watch after it happened at four different objectives one right after another with a single commander. On the third one the commander tripled down and built a third cata right next to the two that were disabled and under AC fire.

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in Players Helping Players

Posted by: Azakael.3019


I second the “Play what you want.” idea.

That said, you have multiple character slots, it’s worth rolling up a couple of different professions that sound interesting – if only to see what fits your play style best. (I also suggest at least three characters – one to see the Vigil storyline, one for the Priory, and one for the Order of Whispers.)

A thought of faction

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Posted by: Dawdler.8521


GW2 is absolutely not fitted for a faction system

Yeah, totally not at all. Especially not 3 factions.

If they did – which they wont – add 3 factions in the game, I would recommend naming them Overgrowth, Frostreach and Badlands.

But that would be totally ridiculous, hahaha.

Because GW2 dont have 3 factions anywhere in the game, especially not with those names.

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prehot challenges

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Posted by: X T D.6458

X T D.6458

When I play solo, all I see is thieves roaming, what bugs me the most about them is the insane amount of mobility that they have, its just way to many escapes. I understand the way the class is setup but they just have to many ways to burst, and escape. Other then that it usually comes down to who can burst the other first.

I used to see more Revenant roamers when JQ was in tier 1 with us, and they had some really great players. Not a common sight now, just pretty much mostly theives. Problem with Revenant, in my opinion is that its an incomplete class contributing to passive gameplay, its basically full of dmg inc/reduction modifiers and some really cheesy traits and skills, its a gimmick heavy class.

And mesmers…I dont even bother with them if I am alone, because there is simply no point the way most people use them.

And don’t get me started on condi builds lol, that garbage is so badly unbalanced its become a running joke.

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Gift of Battle Feedback [merged]

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Posted by: Jayne.9251


The gift of battle reward track forces PvE players who want legendaries to be in WvW for a period of time to FARM the thing.

I had to go spend hours upon hours in PvE land trying to get my gift of exploration and I am a WvW player who hates to do PvE. PvE players should be forced to play my game mode just like I am forced to play theirs if they want legendaries like I did. I think ANet put the gift of battle perfectly in line with how much of a pain it is to do PvE for WvW players like myself.

With petty people like you running around in WvW, who in their right mind would even want to go there? Wishing your own discomfort on others is just a sign that you’re not over it. And think about this: disgruntled PvE players in WvW can do a lot more damage than disgruntled WvW players in PvE. I’m not one of them, but if you’ve kept up to date on this discussion, you know there are plenty out there thinking about it, and probably plenty also doing it. But enjoy your WvW, if you even still do in its current state.

WvWers tend to have a low tolerance for people who want things given to them.

Threatening to be disruptive and “do a lot more damage” is against the ToS and likely will lose you not only your legendary, but your entire account. Because we have had years of trolls in WvW, most are exceptionally good at documenting with videos and logs, so god love the one who tries.

If you just stand there, you’ll just get ganked. Go participate, you might find you actually enjoy it.

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missed the boat on this...

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Posted by: Hesacon.8735


I’ve survived the 5 minutes as a necro several times. It turns out it’s significantly less useful to be inside two walls as a necro than a mesmer.

Couple of thoughts from a mainly PVE player

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Posted by: mbhalo.1547


1. WvW should’ve been main endgame and most lucrative way to spend time in game.
2. WvW and PVE should be tightly connected. For example if situation on BLs and EB is bad for your server, you get major debuff in PvE like penalties to gold gain, magic find, higher WP costs, higher TP fees etc.
3. Claiming an objective for a guild should be a HUGE deal for all of its members.
4. Staying inside and defending a claimed objective should give rewards with very high gold/hour rate.
5. Commanders should have ability to initiate “Call of the Mists” (on a huge cooldown and maybe some token requirements) – A message that pops up for all players on the server, that invites them to be teleported to BL or EB, and if player agrees, gives a buff similar to Volunteer’s Blessing.

On the Validity of WvW surveys

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

A suggestion to future WvW surveys – Limit responses to players with a minimum WvW rank. Something like a threshold of Rank 1000. It’s low enough that a casual WvWer would be able to achieve in the last 3 years of playing, but high enough to sort out those who don’t play WvW enough to have a say.

Hi, I’m one of those casual WvWers. I’d probably only put in around 15-30 hours a week when I’m feeling like WvW’ing. No, not much, but that’s still 2+ hours a day on average.

I am still in the Bronze rank titles. That means, yes, less than 500. Despite playing from headstart – now, I didn’t play WvW from the headstart, but I’m fairly sure I’ve been casually playing for a long time now with no more breaks than I would for the game in general.

So by your argument, I should be incapable of voting.

By your argument, new players should be incapable of voting.

In fact, by your argument, everyone I know would be incapable of voting, even those with 800+ rank.

I disagree.

So this means:
1) Past and present WvW players over a certain rank were not notified via email. If players were unable to log into the game this week for whatever reason ( for example: the hospital I have been at most of the time has GW2 blocked) they do not know the poll is happening at all.

2)There is no restriction on the poll itself to limit voting of non WvW players or multiple accounts.

3) WvW rank 10 would never be high enough to impact multiple accounts. Rank 1000 would be a much more appropriate measure.

1) Why would people who aren’t playing the game be notified about the game’s progress? If they’re not playing but are active in the community, they’d find out via forum or reddit.

3) I think 1000 is too high, however. It would keep casual WvW’ers out.

I could agree on 100, or 200 even, though. I would argue that you need to have reached Bronze rank titles to vote – which, if wiki is right, is 150.

W never got to vote on that. Just that the reward tracks were here to stay.
What they do with the reward tracks is up to Anet, atleast right now.

We were told the gift of battle would be turned to only reward track when the WvW reward tracks exited beta.

There was a poll asking if the WvW reward tracks were ready to exit beta.

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

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Playing heal support not enjoyable

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Posted by: Razor.9872


I’ve always played a healer role in MMOs, and I gotta say playing engineer healer is the most fun I’ve had so far in the last 12 years of heal/support.

In most games, a healer targets a party member and taps some buttons, but for a medic engie everything is a “skillshot” or PBAOE except the medblaster, and it’s just lovely to play with.

Super active and “hard” if you compare it to any other MMOs healing mechanics.


Sorry, I couldn’t help but make that reference. xD

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System did not kill WvW

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Posted by: XTR.9604


#1. Arena Net not caring for WvW 3-4 years go when it actually has population.

I can agree that they did not express really any interest in WvW up until a few months ago when Tyler came out of the wood work and started actually making changes the people wanted. But lets not dwell on the past, they care now.

#2. Not giving GvG scene any representation or making it a scene. (One of the devs even interrupted a gvg and try shutting down)

GvG was a run away scene that created itself from WvW. The arena area of OS was created to try to help accommodate and people have been doing GvG’s from behind the wind mill and at zerg island in Alpine for quite some time as well. Yeah it would be nice for them to create a GvG system, but it was never a game mode in GW2, users created this. You can’t blame ANet for not implementing something they had no intentions of adding lol. That is like blaming a car manufacturer for not adding a turbo to a car when you bought it so you added it yourself. You bought the game without GvG, why do you feel you’re owed it? I always liked doing GvG’s also, so I agree it would be a cool feature – but stop blaming the people who made the game for not adding it in when they had no intention to do so from the get-go.

#3. HoT and gimmicks

HoT killed WvW for me with DBL, but once Alpine returned, all is well for me. I like the elite specs, they’re fun to play. New gear is fun to use, new runes/sigils are nice, new food is amazing. There is more build versatility now because of HoT too, not as much cookie cutter builds out there as before because there are so many more good viable options to be played now.

#4. Stab changes.

I agree, stability being made to stack is crap. I don’t like that change at all and I miss the old stability, but they did make it to where stacks getting stripped has an internal cooldown of 0.75s which has been a big help and has been a major game changer. Stability and having a front line is actually viable again, but it still of course is not as good as it was.

#5. Introducing transfers and server stacking

This isn’t really ANets fault either. Ability to transfer is a good thing, you meet new people. New friends, new enemies and you’re not trapped with the same people forever. Server stacking is the fault of the people. ANet can only do so much to say “server is full” once there are so many active WvW players on it, even then people complain because they wanted to stack further. Tell me a situation where ANet can make this right and make everyone happy – because there isn’t one. People inherently complain no matter what. So many people (including myself) screamed to bring back Alpine, then now that we have it back, some of the same people who were screaming for it to return cried that it was stale and boring and wanted to change it lol.. I personally don’t want to ever see DBL again, but I’ll be forced to of course…

#6. Match ups getting locked and becoming pale

So transfer, no one is forcing you to stay on a server in a boring match up. You can literally farm for a day and have enough gold to transfer to another low pop server.

#7. PPT system.

PPT system is improving, however since there are no real rewards for winning matches, I don’t care about PPT and a lot of other people don’t either. The only reason I care about keeping our Keeps in our maps is so that I can quickly get around the map to get to the fights faster. If it wasn’t for waypoints, I wouldn’t even bother defending keeps lol.

#8. Server politics and Tier politics

Not sure what you’re on about here. Every server is different, all have unique communities. Every tier is also different. You should spend more time in different servers it sounds like, I think you might be speaking only of your experience in one server that probably doesn’t have a community that works well with you.

#9. Waiting 6 months before started making any changes (WvW population probably dropped like Snoop Dogg dropping like it’s hot)

Yeah, I am still a little sore it took them so long to even respond to our cries for fixing WvW after HoT release, but at least something is being done finally.

#10. Server links.

Server links were one of the best things ANet has done for WvW. It really brought a lot of life back in to the game because it put people closer together and gave more people a chance to experience other servers communities. I have to strongly disagree with you about this being an issue at all.

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Eye of The North for parties?

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Posted by: DeanBB.4268


Slap a portal to it and call it Player Housing. Bam! Two birds with one stone!

WvW is dead.

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Posted by: Straegen.2938


A serious problem is that the vast majority of WvW players are fair weather. When their server is doing well, they pour in and blob down the other side. When locked in cage match like T1, it grinds down even the die hard players to the point they just stop engaging or leave the game completely.

This is a fundamental flaw with these style systems and exists in almost every game that has a mode similar to this.

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My issue with the reward tracks

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Posted by: Allison The Strange.4519

Allison The Strange.4519

I think it actually works rather well and I like it, my only issue is that when your ready to quit WvW’ing your still going to be getting reward track progress while sitting in spawn for 10~15 minutes so your incentivised to just sit around in spawn till your participation progress finally empties out.

I suggest just making certain events give a flat amount of reward track progress instead of having people sit around in spawn to get the most out of the participation points.

Just my thoughts on the subject…

Thumbs Up to the Condi Mes

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Posted by: baylock.1703


Maibe send this as mail?

How would you redesign the BL Chest?

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Posted by: Just a flesh wound.3589

Just a flesh wound.3589

Make each BLC have one guaranteed scrap.

if you increase the scrap drop rate it reduces the market value for the weapon skins.
However if ANet is willing to accept that then this actually might be a good thing for several reasons.

1) more people will buy keys if it’s a guaranteed scrap per chest
2) if more weapon skins are available at low prices then people will buy more, which will support their prices.
3) if the prices are low enough then more people will be willing to both start and finish up weapon set collections. At this point my guess only a few do compete collections due to the cost of them. This would make BLC collections a viable thing to do as well as expanding wardrobe options.

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Gift of Battle Feedback [merged]

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Posted by: Kaiser.9873


I’m pretty sick of wvw right now. It seems, lately, whenever I go in there it’s all just running around. And then ambushed. And then repeat. It’s pointless and frustrating.
I won’t waste time here going down a list of should have, could have, would have… But that’s also pointless and frustrating. But we’re almost back to where we started: people having to grind a game mode because it’s the only way to get a required material. So sick of it.


Relink servers on 24th

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Posted by: Trajan.4953


Pugs will always gravitate towards a tag. Most of them have limited play time and just want to blow some dudes up and get some bags. They have no concept of server, tier or anything else, and why should they?

I don’t think most of us want to be “Blobmanders” but it just happens, especially when facing the other dude with a blob. I don’t think there is any fix for this that doesn’t involve hurting a very viable player base.


Legendary back pack for wvw

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Posted by: Warhawk.7095


Also please make it look like a big heavy tombstone, so we can show everyone how dead we are inside.

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Want more players?

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Posted by: Donari.5237


Um … I was born in 1965. I’m a retired lawyer, no kids. I’ve been into F&SF and gaming since I was 10 years old. I’ve played GW2 since beta. I do love the cooperative nature of the game, especially after 7 years in WoW with all the node and kill stealing.

I get plenty of rewards without touching WvW or PvP. I even made HOPE, just had to buy the WvW/PvP tokens on the TP.

And y’know? People who truly care for cooperative interactions won’t mind that some people get rewards they can’t, when those people go into competitive play that doesn’t interest them. Cooperation means not worrying about keeping up with the Joneses.

Is WvW too big?

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Posted by: Chinchilla.1785


Nope. Not really, especially compared to the other parts of this MMO.

Each map holds about 75 people per team, so 225 people per map. There are 4 maps, so potentially there could be 900 people playing non-EOTM wvw per each match up. There are 12 matchups per region, right(lost track with linking)? So that’s 10800 for US, and 10800 for EU (I think they have 12 match ups?).

Meaning, at any given time only 21600 players can be in WvW (not counting EOTM overflows). That’s assuming people even choose to play it. The active population is probably less than that.

So again, it’s not too big. In fact, it’s rather small if you consider how many people were there at launch (keeping in mind different timezones throw in other issues). It just hasn’t changed significantly to bring people back to play for long. We are, after all, back to the same home borderland map that was there at launch 4-5 years ago.

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When is Desert Bl coming back? Tonight?

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Posted by: gitflap.9031


Two weeks was all the Alpine honeymoon lasted. Qs back on EB like nothing changed. Except the reward track brought in a multitude of PvEers who are now fueling these Megablobs that are currently choking the gamemode to death. If the 35% that leave are these knuckledraggers then I won’t miss them one bit.