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Mercy & Sportsmanship

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Posted by: Svarty.8019


“Be the change you want to see”

Nobody at Anet loves WvW like Grouch loved PvP. That’s what we need, a WvW Grouch, but taller.

What is the most OP class right now?

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Posted by: SpellOfIniquity.1780


Fighting a guild-mate warrior in our arena. I think he has roughly 30 seconds of continuous resistance.

dont forget 30 sec of 2stack of stability and retaliation. Pretty much immune to everything.
Boon bots with extreme dmg. They should and must be toned down.

I play mostly shout warrior, but even with shout and WH and Ire cleansing, you cannot “out-cleanse” any decent condi build… Sure, you wont get knocked over, but you’ll melt against condi users…

That’s because you’re not supposed to “out cleanse” them. Just like you’re not supposed to out block/immune physical damage. You avoid the hard hitters and recover from the ones you can survive.

That kind of mentality is exactly the reason so many people think condition builds are OP. Because they think they should be able to cleanse everything and kill them in two shots. Figure out what the biggest threats are and avoid them. Save cleanses for when they’re needed instead of trying to get rid of everything that hits you. You’re not going to go an entire fight without taking a few ticks of condition damage just like you’re not going to go an entire fight evading/blocking every single attack from a power build.

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Please teach me how to fight a Daredevil

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Posted by: Orpheal.8263


Condi, condi and more condi is usually the way to go, with ranged obviously being easier than melee.

Seeing a thief burn to death while franticly teleporting all over the place is the best thing. Bonus points for downing them while they are stealthed. Dont just stomp them afterwards, stand there and slowly aa them to death. Jumping on the corpse or taking pauses to extend the suffering is optional.

I like to let them heal up to just a hair from full, then poke them gently. Or maybe walk away so they think I’m going to let them live, then shoot them once with a rifle. Anything to let them know they’re not welcome on my borderland…

The things you describe here really does do only the antispocial scum of this game’s playerbase… sorry to say that … especially the act of jumping around on the dead corpse or the downed enemy player, which just wants to get back into play, just shows what a kind of non social person these kinds of players are.

Sad thing is, they are oftenly then the first people which freak out, if other enemy players do exactly that on them too when they are downed on the dirt and try to whisper the people all kinds of insults…

A player which has honor and respect just kills off the downed enemy quick and without such childish drama around the act of defeating an other player in a competitive game mode. Especially when the situation is clearly to your favor and you know exactly that the enemy has 0 chance to come back from downed state at all, due to being outnumbered or being hit by surprise with a powerful burst.

That kind of antisocial attitude that people are showing in competitive game modes like described here in the quotes is it, which makes me always think that PvP and WvW would be way better and more joyful to play, if Anet woudl just remove this Downed State nonsense from there and turn it into Instant Defeat the moment you lost all your Health.

That would quicken the battles also by alot and make them more interesting.
Sadly there is still then no solution for bad morality of players and acting like small kids that need to grow up, but that change would be at least a good start to make PvP/WvW a little bit better in its social aspects.

Its sometimes hard to be a good loser, but it is also alot easier to be a bad winner.

Something that some people should try to remember on more oftenly, when they play PvP/WvW.

Personally I like the idea behind sub classes ~ quoted from Chris Whiteside

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Nerf ACs, Buff Ballistas and Reduce Supply

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Posted by: Sviel.7493


tl;dr: Reduce direct AC damage to players. Retain AC niche of AoE anti-infantry by adding Vulnerability, Cripple and/or Weakness to skills. Reduce the amount of supply a zerg can snatch up in a karma train without hurting small group supply counts and therefore reduce how much offensive siege can be sustainably deployed at each barrier.

4/30/2013 – Arrow Cart skill 1 damage is buffed by 80%, Crippling Arrows damage is buffed by 17% and Barbed Arrows damage is buffed by 60% plus the bleed is extended to 15 seconds. Arrow Cart mastery is added to the WvW trait lines.

7/5/2013 – In this WvW guide ( by developer Hugh Norfolk (owner of Red BL NEC), he goes over various siege machines and what they’re good for. He tauts Arrow Carts as being useful for Keep defenses. “The purpose of these things is really to start getting those big AoEs down—getting those things to really damage large groups of areas.” He also describes them as doing moderate to high damage to infantry. He says the benefit of using them over skills is that they have a target cap of 50 instead of 5.

8/23/2013 – A player-made thread on these forums ( says the effect of the Arrow Cart buff is that there are no longer any good fights in keeps. They claim that they need too many people to take anything and, as such, people have begun to run in 60-man zergs instead of the usual 20. They also claim that commanders will no longer attack a defended Keep.

7/26/2016 – Siege weapons can now be affected by conditions and critical strikes. Their health is doubled to compensate. Siege damage from other siege weapons remains the same, however, effectively doubling how long it takes to counter siege with siege.

Reduce Fire Arrows (skill 1) damage by 50%. Give it a 300% damage bonus to siege (so, same time-to-kill for siege as prior to 7/26/2016).
-This is a partial revert as the amount of sustain and especially outgoing healing has substantially increased since 2013. The idea is to make it possible to fight under Arrow Cart fire so long as you don’t just sit in it. Groups should have the option to push the entrenched positions and destroy the siege.

Reduce Fire Crippling Arrows (skill 2) damage to match skill 1. This is about a 10% reduction. Reduce the duration of the Crippled condition to 3 seconds from 4. Now also inflicts 3 seconds of Weakness. Reduce cooldown to 6 seconds from 9.
-There was little point in using this skill before unless you had several Arrow Carts and coordinated to keep enemies Crippled while other Arrow Carts dealt high damage. That’s not a situation that should exist. Instead, the focus should shift to the debilitating conditions.

Reduce Fire Barbed Arrows (skill 3) damage to match skill 1. This is about a 40% reduction. Replace the bleed with 10 stacks of Vulnerability for 10 seconds. Reduce the cooldown to 6 seconds from 9.

-The Bleed was pretty pointless. It dealt more total damage than skill 1 on paper over an extended period of time, but since it had a much longer cooldown the actual damage increase was not significant. If we also consider that Bleed can be cleansed and zergs excel at cleansing conditions, it was not accomplishing it’s goal of being anti-zerg.
I switched to Vulnerability to make it a potent anti-zerg skill when you actually have other damage to cash in on that Vulnerability. If you just have a gauntlet of Arrow Carts, you’ll see a large reduction in damage from today.

In general, I’ve shifted Arrow Carts to non-damaging conditions instead of damage. Since zergs are so good at cleansing conditions, I’ve lowered the cooldown on the skills that apply them. There should still be a window to act but the Arrow Carts also cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, the damage dealt to Siege by Arrow Carts remains effectively the same as before 7/26/2016.

Add a 200% damage boost versus siege to Fire (skill 1).
-This is to return their time-to-kill numbers to pre 7/26/2016 and to make up for the removal of skill 3. Since skill 3’s chief purpose was to damage siege, it served as a DPS spike that ultimately didn’t mean much since it was on such a long CD.

Replace skill 3 with Bulwark: Block all attacks from the front of the ballista for 6 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds.
-This is to, perhaps, allow Ballistae to survive long enough to deal damage. Since they are so easily obstructed, they must be built where they can be destroyed by any ranged attack. This has rendered them largely useless whereas they should be better than Arrow Carts at destroying enemy siege.

QoL Request: Mega Server Obsidian Sanctum

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Posted by: Artemis Thuras.8795

Artemis Thuras.8795


  • An influx of players could lead to increased abuse and harassment towards players attempting to complete the jumping puzzle.

Isn’t that the entire point of obs?

Pretty sure that isn’t a “Con” ;-)

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Sigil Proposals v2

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Posted by: atlashugged.7642


Please take a look at the Sigil of Paralyzation currently in game. As it is in game, tooltips don’t update properly to reflect the new stun duration. Additionally, it doesn’t appear to stack with other increased stun duration modifiers. If you could correct these issues with the next version, I think it would be okay.

I like the thought behind the interrupt based sigils, but are these what interrupt based builds really need? None of the “on interrupt” type sigils help with the omnipresence of stability in this meta. I’m fond of interrupt builds. I don’t imagine I’d ever use either sigil on an interrupt build for that reason, and I certainly won’t use them on a non interrupt build.

Does the condition hate have a factual basis?

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Posted by: babazhook.6805


If one is in a power versus power fight one could go all out for power type trait and utilities at each and every spot. As example , as a power thief take DA , CS , DD and trickery in some combination and go all out for damage.

Cycle your rotations to pump out the most damage as quickly as possible and a given encounter is over in a short period of time based on one or two mistakes or one build just generating more power damage.

Conditions come around and become viable. Now those power builds have to deal with higher toughness and vitality. That quick kill is harder. They also have to give up some of those traits or utilities they once took to deliver more damage to take Condition cleanses.

A lot of the power crowd did not like having to make these sacrifices and did not like losing the over in 4 seconds fights.

Added to that a lot of the people who always favored power tended to outright ignore condition builds because they simply underperfomed when stacked up to power. As such they got into the habit of ignoring all those little attacks because “Blocks and dodges should only be reserved for that BIG hit” (ie you do not waste a dodge on the AA of a warrior if you know an Eviscerate coming up). Given so many condition attacks are small and niggling (add one bleed here one poison there) they tend to just eat those attacks which along with a lack of cleanses means they suddenly in trouble.

They go into there nothing I can do mode and blame it on “cheese builds” rather then examine their own builds shortcomings or their own inability to adapt. Their favored build and playstyle no longer works so it is blamed on condition builds when it simply an evolution of a game they refuse to evolve along with.

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How would you redesign the thief?

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Intitiative is core to thief design. It what attracts me to that class more than any other. It is what adds to their “fun factor” which is always active gameplay where the player decides the skill they wil use next rather than the “what off cooldown” model.

In the description of thief it indicates that the thief is dangerous due to the initiative system wherein it can release a sequence of devastating blows in short order so as to inflict damage. This comes at a cost in that those spikes come at the cost of those other skills.

No it should not change. Spamming skills does not mean gameplay skilless. All it means is a skilled thief is worried about what skill is most efficient at a given time for the amount of INI spent.

Take a truly skilled thief against one that is not and the latter will be destroyed in short order even though both can spam skills. Any skilled player on any other profession can and will defeat a thief that just spams skills simply because the spamming of skills comes at a cost .

Skilless gameplay means that the build itself rather then the players actions will carry the build and allow it to win. The thief demands continous ongoing decision making and actions and just because they decide that any given moment using the same skill twice or three times in a row is the best skill to use in that situation , it hardly translates to “skilless gameplay”.

Pressing 2 3 2 3 in reality does not take more skill then pressing 3 3 3 3 .

The REAL issue with using the same skill over and over again is not the initiative system that allows it. It is because the design of a given weaponset means that at any given point in time that ONE skill is always the best to use. d/p is the goto set for most not because it more skilled because people have to press different buttons rather then the same one over and over again, it because all of the skills have a very good reason to be used in a given encounter.

You change this by altering the weapon skills.

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[Discussion] Epidemic STEALTH NERFED

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Posted by: OriOri.8724


Nah, conditions were never meant to be a primary source of damage…


Well if you bothered to read the entire comment, you’d understand the point. Allow me to re-iterate so you can understand.

Conditions were never meant to be stronger than power damage.

You make this claim, and yet you ignore the fact that condition builds have been buffed to the point of competing with power builds. Like it or not, the devs do not agree with this statement anymore. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in a place where a condi bomb from a mesmer could down you in 1 sec.

Conditions are a valid way to deal high damage in this game. get used to it, because its how the game has evolved.

[Discussion] Epidemic STEALTH NERFED

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Posted by: zinkz.7045


Nah, conditions were never meant to be a primary source of damage…


PSA: how to handle conditions in wvw

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Posted by: Artemis Thuras.8795

Artemis Thuras.8795

100+ of any single condition would require either: an entire zerg stamping on you; or a lot of condis prestacked, then bounced with 4+ epis( probably more, considering typical zergs will be moving almost constantly).

I didn’t say 100 of one stack, I said 100 stacks of damaging condi several times in one night. Just by standing next to a Resistance Warrior in a small skirmish one Epi player can drop it like its… well you know. Last night I was on the wall when a Necro Epi’d the AC next to me and down went a few players with no chance to counter.

To deal with the second, without knowing what you’re doing at all, I’d suggest not following too closely to your tag, but rather picking off the out of position enemies that get split from their zerg. Or once the battle begins to have downed players, snowball it by finishing downed enemies fast. Essentially your problem sounds like positioning, and getting condi bombed is merely one of many possible symptoms.

I am speaking to small scale skirmish (I generally don’t zerg)…. as in not on a tag but rather a 3+ v 3+ pickup often with 15-ish total combatants. These aren’t guild groups like tRex firing up a coordinated bomb. These are eight random guys running with a couple Necros spamming Epi. If it took actual coordination to pull off routine condi bombs (like it was a year ago), I would be with you. However this is just skill spamming. Epi when traited is on a 13.5s timer. Add on a solid condi mesmer with a couple necros and the echo chamber of condi application is absurd.

Every week it seems to be getting worse as more players abandon ineffective power builds to play ever more condi-tank builds. I am not different either… I run a 22k, 3k armor thief that spams condi like it is going out of style because that is the most effective meta right now. In comparison, power builds have to typically run super glassy to do that type of damage. Not so in the condi meta.

So you have a mesmer targeting a specific player ( one with resistance, making for an easy plague carrier). Then you have necros dropping epis on that target.. So even if it’s justu sing ctrl + t. this sounds like a premeditated effort to spike.

-aka, your complaint about epi here is a symptom of resistance working as it does now. The resistance warrior should be the one dying, not you. Which granted, sucks for you.

Dying due to someone else (who is mean’t to be your ally) always sucks, and goes against the original design of the game ( such as having your own heal skill, instead of relying on a dedicated healer.. but we know how that’s going..)

It isn’t really any different to a rev/ps loading up a couple of rangers with might and fury, along with!%22
before they spike with rapid fire?

Or a couple of eles before they drop
static +

Or even just a rev + 3 staff thieves dropping vault out of stealth..

Spam enough high dmg aoes, and the right situation for a speudo-coordinated spike will come up. & the skills I mentioned.. some are shorter CD than epi..

Getting spiked sucks, but it’s not like there is only one way to skin the kitten.
sounds like the same solution applies though. Keep your distance from the typhoid Mary(s).

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Sigil Update

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Posted by: HeadCrowned.6834


Please for the love of God do not implement anything that has something to do with hard CC/interrupts. We’re already flooded with that stuff.

PSA: how to handle conditions in wvw

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Posted by: Artemis Thuras.8795

Artemis Thuras.8795

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Price of Maguuma Lily

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Posted by: Rasimir.6239


The second to last mission gives box of viper’s…

It actually gives you a choice between a piece of exotic viper’s, trailblazer’s, or minstrel’s armor.

Yaks Bend

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Posted by: Caliburn.1845


Yes thank you McKenna.

The playerbase is going to be split on whether or not these are the proper metrics to use. But I think this is the sort of communication Anet should have with the WvW community. And I think the entire community would like to see more of it.

So a big thank you.

To the WvW community, I think there are a number of weaknesses to using the metrics mentioned as many of you have already noted. But what are better metrics to use?

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[Video]Revert back Vault

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Posted by: tomwjd.8172


The new vault mechanic is not reliable at all compared to the older one even after taking out the quickess interaction from it. It gets stuck on the slightest obstacle in-front of the user when the previous vault had no problems jumping over it.

You can’t even weapon-swap cancel vault anymore either which is basically butchering another depth of player interaction with a game mechanic. I believe vault is the only leap finisher that cannot be weapon-swap cancelled in the game atm, even Scrapper’s Rocket Charge can be kit-swap cancelled. Believe it or not, a lot of staff thieves utilized the vault-cancelling to move through terrain in both PvE and PvP. Ex: travelling around w/o hitting mobs to avoid getting into combat. It was a nice mechanic that players had control over which allowed the weapon set to compete w/ short bow as well.

Issues with two Thief changes

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Posted by: MLGKorno.5419


The nerfs to endurance/dodges was needed because some people would just spam dodges (Bounds) over and over, the same goes for the passive traits like Hard to catch.

The Upper hand nerf was super uncalled for. I would rather see the emergency evade at 50% trait get nerfed instead of Upper hand, because those are passives and Upper hand is active.
Upper hand requires the opponent’s cooperation to proc. It’s similar logic to confusion. If they keep trying to attack you and you end up evading it every time, then they should be careful not to attack into your evade frames. There’s plenty of evade downtime on even the most spammy staff master acro that there’s no excuse for missing every attack, unless you don’t play from NA. But if you don’t play from NA, you face issues across the board with all classes/builds, not just with thief, due to high ping.
A trait that rewards successful evades and not proccing after you simply using an evade skill should have more impact. Upper Hand used to be 3s and acrobatics line was never used, because DA’s damage made it a better pick even in staff builds. Why are we going back to that?

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Thief and Mesmer in wvw

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Posted by: babazhook.6805


I agree, all elite specs do need to be nerfed. Does that change the fact that being able to disengage at will and be out of reach for most classes on top of having an overly high amount of dodges and evades when you do stay for a fight is broken?

And I don’t know how you think mesmer can catch up with thief. They can triple blink once every 75 seconds as a chrono, yet a lot of mesmers are just plain bad and can’t pull that off. Aside from that its 1 blink every 30 seconds, plus about-face + phase retreat. But again a lot of mesmers are not very good and can’t figure that combination out. And even if they could its not enough to keep up with a thief that wants to get away.

Well to be fair, dependent on how bad a shape said thief is in when he flees, a pursuing mesmer can summon a clone at range which can often finish off said thief. This coupled with ranged attacks means you do not have to get toe to toe.

The fact remains however, that as far as cross map movement is concerned, the thief is faster.

Earlier today I ran into a camp a couple of ours were trying to flip only to arrive too late. I got there as they were downed by 5 enemies the camp still enemy colors. I was on my warrior and all 5 of the enemy chased me. There were at least two thieves in the group. I ran from SWC all the way back to Bay with all five chasing and attacking me and survived. That is how much sustain a warrior has. Blocks higher armor, healing signet better health pool endure pain kicking in twice.

Now given two thieves chasing me as well had I been on my thief I would likely have been dead in spite of all his dodges. 5 dodges do not last long against 5 people.

Oh and this does not mean I think Warrior OP. Had he stuck around to fight he would have died. He should be robust enough to survive a number of enemies for a period of time , something a thief must use different tactics to accomplish.

The classes all play differently.

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Centaur Farm

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Posted by: Asukai.4507


Farming leather and going with zerg is one way getting them.

(Speculation) On the reborn mursaat [EP4]

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Posted by: draxynnic.3719


And maybe, they simply did not know that Lazarus could be revived without all the aspects. Caudecus doesn’t have to be the only one ignorant of Lazarus’ capabilities shown in GW1.

This is my thinking in a nutshell.

People have a tendency to assume that what an NPC says is true, but ArenaNet have stated a few times that they use the ‘unreliable narrator’ principle with everything that’s said in the game world. Just because Caudecus and the White Mantle believe that all the pieces are needed does not mean that all the pieces are needed, just that they believed that to be the case.

Whatever happens, it’s likely that the missing piece will be a plot point at some stage… but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be that “Lazarus” is a fake.

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Profession Locking Poll - February 16th 2017

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Posted by: azyume.6321


You should stop people from changing class after pressing “accept” on the queue

This is what the poll is for.

You said that it would not be possible to change class once the 10s countdown starts, but before that there is a whole min where people can change build/class freely and I’ve thought the poll was used to decide whether or not people should be allowed to change class during that minute.

You are correct. Once the final 10 second countdown starts, there is no reason to swap characters, so we’ll lock that down to prevent exploits. The 90 second warmup is the period during which characters could additionally be locked if the poll succeeds.

Worth to quote this because, as 90% of pools so far, it is badly worded and people are misunderstanding what it is been pooled.

For a simple way to understand, the pool it is NOT ABOUT PROFESSION STACKING!

The pool is about:

A) NO! I want to be able to swap professions until the timer reaches 10 seconds before the match starts;


B) YES! I don’t want to be able to swap professions once I hit the queue button.

Now think about it and choose well.

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Its a cold night in Kryta.

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Posted by: nottsgman.8206


Maybe people shouldn’t play only a small part of a game and expect it to be the whole game.


all kids got the same pack of gifts but they are all spoiled little pricks and keep complaining

sums up the entire thread pretty well

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Should Top Stats count toward rating?

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Posted by: Ben Phongluangtham

Ben Phongluangtham

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What do you think? Should top stats affect rating loss/gain? What if by gaining all top stats in a losing team the player loses no points at all?

No. I don’t want to encourage people to go after top stats over winning the game.

Please enforce boon/condi caps~

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Posted by: xev.9476


Some fanciful stories here. Damaging player AoE has been capped at 5 since beta; support/healing AoE originally had no cap, and was later capped at 5. Culling had nothing to do with any of this, and was still a problem for over a year after support/healing AoE was capped at 5.

Please enforce boon/condi caps~

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Posted by: Crinn.7864


3. Prioritizing is a very heavy operation for a computer, this would not be needed without AoE caps.

I doubt it prioritizes anything. Server most likely grabs the first 5 players in hitbox and doesn’t give a crap about anyone beyond that.

Moreover damage calculations are going to be way more expensive computationally than selecting players.

Sanity is for the weak minded.

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Please enforce boon/condi caps~

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Posted by: Straegen.2938


Why no AoE caps would help the servers is rather unintiuitive but basically there are a few reasons why.
1. Fights where people stack up will just end a lot faster (so shorter lag time)
2. People might not stack up as much (5 organized people can melt 30 stacking people then, note that I don’t believe defensive skills should be uncapped)
3. Prioritizing is a very heavy operation for a computer, this would not be needed without AoE caps.

There was a time when a 5 target AoE cap didn’t exist and Culling was required to handle it. Even with Culling back then the servers had far more lag than today.

Without a cap a server has to find ALL the players in range of an AoE. Then it has to compute damage on lets say the 30 people in range. Then it has to manage the chain effects from passive traits/abilities that trigger from damage which will also trigger more traits/abilities firing. After that the server has to broadcast all those updates to all the clients within the vicinity both friend and foe. A single AoE on a group could easily trigger thousands of server messages to clients. Hence the need for Culling.

With an AoE cap, the server uses the same calculation as without a cap only it stops when it reaches 5. That limits the number of secondary triggers and reduces the amount of messaging that goes out by an order of magnitude. More importantly far fewer calculations are required reducing server processing load.

Also AoE having a cap brings AoE DPS into an easier to balance range. Without a cap AoE DPS eclipses all other damage by a significant margin.

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In which worlds does ANET play?

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Posted by: Lahmia.2193


There’s a wvw team!?

Sometimes there’s an “I” in team

There’s no I in team. But there is an I in pie. As in meat pie. Meat being an anagram of team.

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