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Path of Fire content milestone

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Mike O Brien


Mike O Brien

President -- ArenaNet

Hi all,

Today we hit an internal milestone: we locked down all content and feature development for Path of Fire. We now move the game to our staging servers and start final preparations for launch.

This expansion is all about content, and today’s milestone marks the completion of eighteen months of content creation. It’s been a labor of love for the team. We hope we’ve brought each story chapter, each open-world zone, and each mount up to the level of what you experienced in the demos last month.

Thanks to everyone who joined the demos and the stress tests. We used those tests to inform our final balance tweaks, and to squash some bizarre bugs that we could only reproduce under heavy load, like the one where Raptors would randomly show up in non-demo maps.

We’re in the home stretch. Eleven days to launch! We can’t wait to play Path of Fire with you!


Current State of Support: August 28, 2017

in Account & Technical Support

Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


A Message from the Customer Support Team:

We wanted to provide some transparency into the current state of our support queues. With the recent announcement of Path of Fire, our ticket volumes have spiked. We planned for this, but the spike was greater than forecasted. We are working as quickly as possible to make sure that we respond to everyone’s ticket. For those who may be unaware, we resolve tickets in the order in which they are received. However, there is one major exception: We always make sure to have a few of our staff doing nothing but the new tickets that come into our queues. This ensures that we do not miss any new issues that need to be prioritized.

As of this today, we have about 6,000 tickets in our backlog. The good news is that each day we are resolving more tickets than the number that are coming in to our queues, which means it is just a matter of time until we are caught up completely. However, this may take a couple weeks so please hang in there. Your tickets have not been lost, and we have not forgotten about you. Our support staff is working 24/7 to make sure everyone receives a response.

You can find a few suggestions that will help us process your ticket here.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this situation and get everyone the assistance they need.

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

Update on Hearts and Minds

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: insanelyapple.2870


I know you are not going to change the encounters significantly, but I hope you consider at least one change to them: addressing the ‘penalty box’.

Getting kicked out and only being able to wait is not fun at all, but the fights are too hectic to be able to revive anyone during them. I wonder if it’ll be possible to have separate rooms where defeated players are sent instead being sent to the box, and there they can do something to return to the fight.

By all means, that’s how this instance and this fight encounter should work – and the current way it works is why I didn’t bothered finishing HoT story on my other 10 characters; I finished it 3 times and in two encounters I was sent to the punishment box from where I couldn’t do anything but cheer up people who were with me and who were working for me and because of that, I felt awful.

Update on Hearts and Minds

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: SeanConroy



Technical Designer


We’ve been monitoring discussions about the Hearts and Minds instance and I’d like to take a moment to communicate the plans we have to address your concerns. The recent release of the Caladbolg content made it increasingly clear that we should take the time to make Hearts and Minds a more polished experience for all players. I picked up this project and am happy to say that we have a multitude of fixes in progress that we will release in a future update.

I would like to be clear on the scope of the changes being made: It is my goal to fix all blocking bugs within the instance and to address as many QoL issues as are quickly actionable. A major mechanical overhaul of the encounters is not in the works, but I will incorporate small changes that should result in noticeable improvements to the fun and quality of the experience.

When this update goes live, we hope you will share your thoughts about the changes on the forums. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Update on PvP Map Achievements

in PvP

Posted by: Archon.6480


Thanks PvP team and Gaile. I actually found the Coliseum achievements quite fun to obtain. More rewards for PvP are welcome.

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Death Shroud - Needs the anti double tap fix

in Necromancer

Posted by: Chaba.5410


This happens when there’s lag. It’s kitten annoying.

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Auric Basin Loot "Exploit" [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Shiyo.3578


Please fix the ability to hop between maps after completing the meta and opening chests on multiple maps.

You cannot do this for any other meta event. It’s making it the most efficient and gold per hour. It’s killing other aspects of the game. Please fix this ASAP anet.

I do not like feeling like I’m gimping myself by not doing this exploit.

Please fix it ASAP!

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500 Wins in a Row = Imbalanced

in PvP

Posted by: Storms Fury.9307

Storms Fury.9307

If a #1 Top Team can win 500 Wins in a row it means the system is imbalanced.

Observe any other well designed PvP Game even Grandmaster players occasionally lose.

Log into any SC2 Ladder and look at Grandmaster.

Every single player in Grandmaster will have a few losses.

Anet forgot how to balance a game after Guild Wars 1 ran its course.

Silverwaste Drop Issue: Bug? Nerf?

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: Gaile Gray


Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager


People, people, people.

You have a legitimate question, all of you. But some of you are going off the rails with a really high level of snarkiness, grumpiness, and general unpleasantness.

I have asked around, and after some discussion amongst teams, we think we may understand what happened. What you want (need) to know is this: The change to the Silverwastes drops was not intentional, and it will be corrected.

If you could please avoid the name-calling and the other tin-foil hat comments, I’d appreciate it. I can get down into core issues a lot more quickly, save myself a pair of permanently-raised eyebrows, and save my team members another muttered “Oh really, you guys?” if you just ask the question straight up and let us get you an answer!

Thanks! And I’ll update when we have more info!

Gaile Gray
Communications Manager
Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

Why sPvP is as frustrating as it is

in PvP

Posted by: InsidiousWaffle.7086


The state of PvP balance doesn’t allow a single player to carry their team. As a result, progress tends to be a direct result of getting multiple good teams/matches in a row.

Taking the concept to its conclusion, it is theoretically possible for two players to have the exact same number of wins and losses, but they could be in vastly different divisions/leagues based solely upon the order in which he got certain matchups.

Players with the same win/loss ratio should be in the same division or close to it

Anet, Do you hate my idea?

in Living World

Posted by: RoseofGilead.8907


Yes, it was a deliberate slight against your choice. Clearly.

What the leagues are for?

in PvP

Posted by: Curunen.8729


To grind for the backpiece.

True MMR Hell

in PvP

Posted by: Ithilwen.1529


My issue is that the matchmaking is deliberately unfair. ANET has chosen to implement a system expressly designed to keep losers losing and winners winning. THAT IS BLATANT FAVORITISM AND CAN ONLY BE DESTRUCTIVE TO THE GAME.

I know it’s making a few people feel like champions. However, it’s at the cost of making players like myself miserable.

It is also going to prevent me from winning the wings, thus removing the whole reason for putting up with this.

The purpose of matchmaking is to place players of similar skills together. The purpose is not to set up players to be punching bags for the pleasure of others.


Mesmerising Girl

True MMR Hell

in PvP

Posted by: Ithilwen.1529


OK, I now have consecutive loss streaks of 23, 12, 11 and now working on 6.

On the advice of forum members I switched to Warrior. I am consistently getting stomped by 300+ points.

It’s very obvious that the matches are being predestined by the matchmaker and that is really a kitten poor way to make a game.

This is not competition. It is pure favoritism of a small group of players. I’ve taken to thanking ANET for my punishment after each match and asking for another.

Mesmerising Girl

True MMR Hell

in PvP

Posted by: Ithilwen.1529


ANET expressly stated that the ingredients would be no good after this year.

That’s a side point. This matchmaking is conceptually wrong. This is not reality TV. People are not paid to come here and be pounded on.


This is not competition. This is not Esports. This is simple favortism. If I could without being infracted I’d describe what it actually is….

Mesmerising Girl

Season 3 with 2500 viewers on Twitch

in PvP

Posted by: Kasteros.9847


Yeah, so much hype with condi spam and op elite specs… This game’s e-sport is one huge joke atm, after hot and even before hot ^^

16.03.15 We remember! R.I.P. MT
Shocking interview with Anet WvW Dev

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My opinion, after 50 days of sPvP

in PvP

Posted by: Seventh Angel.4879

Seventh Angel.4879

As a new GW2 player (some 75 days in), I have dedicated a considerable amount of time during the last 50 days to GW2 sPvP. As a PvP’er with some good level of experience in other games, my goal was to enjoy and gradually learn how to play this game, until I could reach a good feeling about my skill and enjoy some more. I am well aware that I could not achieve these goals in 50 days, and I was planning to dedicate 1 year to the learning process (yup, I was commited). However, since I am almost sure I will soon leave GW2, I decided to share my experience now.

My general thoughts about the game are:
- The pace is too fast: it’s mostly about muscle memory and reflexes, and almost nothing about depth and strategy
- Too many things happen at the same time: absolute insanity in cluster fights, absolutely unplayable for a new player; too much information, too little clarity; almost impossible to learn and improve, because there is no time to gain any awareness on what is happening
- Balance between classes is an absolute aberration

These aspects have probably been worsened by the fact that I have been playing a DPS Ranger, which is probably one of the weakest options atm. I did my best to improve my skill while running into an horrible amount of adversity, and I am finally exhausted from seeing so much nonsense and having so little fun.

In my opinion, there should always be room for diversity, and that should always be the main goal for those responsible for the game’s balance. Some ways to achieve this in PvP are:
» The difference between the best builds/classes and the worst should be measured in less than 10% of power/impact/relevance
» Rock/Paper/Scissors
» Average players with an average quality class/build should still be meaningful in a fight vs a stronger opponent (not pulverized in 2 seconds)
» If any class/build consistently allows a 1 v 2+ of any kind, it must have an equally relevant weakness

From what I have seen, GW2 is seriously lacking in all these aspects.

It seems that the developers have opted to create more stuff instead of improving existing stuff, which has resulted in losing track of what basic balance and common sense should be.

In sum, I would be willing to play a relatively weaker class/build because of my personal preference for it, but not to the point of becoming so horribly handicapped that enjoyment is no longer possible. And yes, that is what happens to a player who tries to learn GW2 sPvP playing a classic offensive ranger. Just sadly horrible.

One question to the Community… As a new player playing a DPS Ranger, I have no time or space to notice stuff like weapon swapping, casting animations, conditions affecting opponents, and whatnot, because I am overwhelmed at all times by the extreme need of staying alive (kiting is my only way of survival, and even that is taken away when thieves are around). So, in your opinion, what is the best class/build that can be used to learn and gain awareness of these aspects of PvP?

Although I am almost sure that I cannot overcome all the bad stuff that I already experienced, recovering the feeling that I may be learning and improving would be the one thing that might make a difference…

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Let’s Talk Scoring…

in WvW

Posted by: Tyler Bearce


Tyler Bearce

Game Designer


Hey guys, as most of your are probably aware, Scoring Improvements won over QoL improvements in the last poll. So now it’s time to delve deeper into what that means.

We want to improve scoring for a few big reasons:

  • Reduce the need for 24 hour coverage by reducing the effects of off-hours capping (night capping)
    • It’s not okay that the time periods with the smallest number of active players have the largest impact on the score
    • Of course we don’t want to alienate players who play during these period, off-hours coverage will still matter, it just will no longer be the primary factor in determining which world wins any given matchup
  • Reduce the number of runaway matches
    • That feeling of hopelessness when your team is down 100,000 points after a single day
  • Give players a real opportunity to make a comeback
    • Matches are often decided in the first few days, making playing in the final days feel pointless
  • In conjunction with population rebalancing, updating Scoring allows us to decide a winner of a match more fairly, and thus reward players more fairly
    • Currently we can’t give out worthwhile rewards for winning, as most match-ups are already decided before they begin

Next I’ll talk about how we plan to achieve those goals.

Changes to Match Structure:

  • We’ll split the week long matches into 2 hour time slices we are calling ‘Skirmishes’
  • Warscore is used to determine the winner of a Skirmish
  • Skirmishes award varying amounts of Victory Points based on placement
  • Victory Points are used to determine Match victor
  • When a Skirmish ends, Warscore is reset, but actual map-state remains unchanged


  • Winning a Skirmish by a small margin, or a large margin, awards the same number of victory points.
  • This keeps the winning and losing scores closer together, allowing the losing worlds a fighting chance
  • Teams will still want to win as many time slices as possible, off-hours coverage is still important, but less dominant

Potential (controversial) additional change:

  • While the above change takes steps to bring the value of off-hours coverage in-line, there’s a good chance it’ll still be overvalued. If that’s the case (and we’ll eventually poll on this), then we have plans for an additional system.
  • This is the Action Level – Victory Point Multiplier system
    • This system would multiply the Victory Points awarded by Skirmishes based on map populations and time of day.
    • During prime time hours, the multiplier would always be at it’s maximum of 3.
    • During off hours, the multiplier might stay at 3 or drop to 2 or 1, depending on on activity level.
    • It’s important to include map populations as a factor, to make the system more fair for off hours players and its important to include time-of-day as a factor to prevent a winning team from trying to keep the score muliplier low by exiting WvW

Last Stand

  • Last Stand describes the final day of any week long matchup
  • During Last Stand, Skirmish placement Victory Points are multiplied
  • This is intended to make the last day of the match as exciting as the first, and provide a final comeback mechanic for teams that are behind

Reduced the Score Tick Timer from 15 minutes to 5 minutes

  • This will guarantee that every objective is grants at least one score pulse before it can be flipped by another team.
  • Objective Score will be reduce by 2/3rds since they’d be ticking 3x as often. This keeps the relative score from all sources the same.
  • Reward Track points will also be ticking 3x as often, and likewise be decreased by 2/3rds.

Upgraded Objectives Score Higher

  • Each tier of objective upgrade increases the amount of score per tick
  • The goal is to incentivize defending your upgraded objectives and assaulting opposing upgraded objectives

Points for Capture

  • Capturing an objective awards immediate score.
  • If the objective is upgraded it is worth additional score.

Points for Kill

  • The amount of score earned from PPK will be increased, so that it contributes more to the overall score.
  • As a rough number, PPK may increase to 3-5 points, rather than 1, with diminishing returns on killing players who have been alive for less than 5 minutes.
  • We will also rebalance the Warscore for Caravan Kills, Caravan Delivery and Sentry Captures.


  • Many of these new systems and changes will also necessitate updates to the UI, to display all this new information.


  • Once we have these scoring updates in, we can look at adding placement rewards for Skirmishes and Matches.

Edit – Fixed some minor errors in the text.

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Super Mace Bug

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Josh Foreman

Josh Foreman

Environment Design Specialist


Hi everybody! We’ve really appreciated how many people have been having a good time in the Super Adventure Festival and kind words we’ve received. We recently discovered a bug, and now we’re debating whether or not we should fix it. It’s tricky, because it’s a bug with a Super Weapon skin, and so some of you may have earned this reward. Understandably, most people get upset when you change something they’ve worked hard for. But this is a unique situation. You see, the Blue Super Mace has physics on it, making it flail around. But for whatever reason that didn’t carry over to the color variants we made. So the Green, Yellow and Orange Super Maces are different than the Blue in this regard. We consider this a bug, and would like to fix it, but since it can be a sensitive issue we’d like to get a sense of what the community feels about it.

So what do you think? Should we leave things as they are, or fix the bug so they all flail around?

Why are people so afraid of raiding?

in Fractals, Dungeons & Raids

Posted by: DeceiverX.8361


One word:


And this is why the game, which prospered so much at launch, didn’t feature any kind of “elite” or arbitrarily “difficult” content. And also part of why, HoT, an expansion featured as pleasing the “hardcore” crowd has failed in the eyes of a bulk majority of players when looking at sheer numbers.

Strictly speaking, not many people care. And those that do are likely too exclusive to not care about anyone not involved in their personal affairs.


in PvP

Posted by: Cynz.9437


Matchmaking > experience/skill > class > build

From my experience most games are lost due to poor rotations. Good rotations require experience.

Gear? wat?

All is Vain~
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If you could get the wings from unranked.

in PvP

Posted by: tichorum.2415


To avoid Skyhammer and Spirit Watch? Of course.

Former PvP commentator for ESL & Arenanet.

I used to run the Academy Gaming tournaments for GW2.

Is anybody actually happy with Season 2?

in PvP

Posted by: Alin.2468


I consider this the best PvP season ever.

There is one problem though: I do not PvP.

This is the best elementalist build:

The MMR Hole (Why people always lose)

in PvP

Posted by: Ryan.9387


Disclaimer – This is based on my understanding of the ranked matchmaking system.

Consider these two matchmaking points

1 – A match will be made between players within a similar pip range
2 – These 10 players will be grouped based on their MMR

Because of point 2, there will in effect be an “A Team” and a “B Team” in every match.

The official reasoning for this is so good players will advance through the ladder quickly.

However, if a player loses a large number of games such that his MMR declines below the average for his pip range, he will always be grouped with the “B Team”.

In most games losing matches results in that player facing weaker opponents so he has an even match up. In the current league system there are points where you cannot be matched with weaker opponents (division thresholds etc).

What happens at this point is the player in question always faces a stronger team with a weaker one because his lower MMR. If the range of player skill is significant in a specific pip zone, the gap between the A and B teams will be large on average and will result in constant losses due to the matchmaking system. Every loss will lower this player’s MMR, and the lower MMR will result in even worse matchups, up until they are essentially unwinnable. This is the MMR hole.

I feel this is a fundamental flaw in the system and is contributing the the consistent one sided match ups I see in my progression through the leagues.

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Raid on the Capricorn 2.0

in PvP

Posted by: LordKage.9135


Can we not put it inside the pirate ship, I don’t want to fight my camera constantly.

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Uneven Matchmaking

in PvP

Posted by: jessiestiles.9437


Anet intentionally designed the system so that some people would lose repeatedly. They won’t answer anyone’s complaints about this. So the game is a big fiery ball visible from space.

[Suggestion] Metal pips

in PvP

Posted by: BrotherBelial.3094


Sounds like a good idea, and I’d be happy if this got implemented. But, this kinda takes away the point of the league a little, and makes the divisions pointless. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to be able to get my wings quickly, but I realize that the league is not something everyone is supposed to be able to “finish”.

Id rather see something like this added till ruby. As you can “grind” to get there as it is.

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Stop matching me....

in PvP

Posted by: Yasi.9065


… with players from my blocked list.

They are on my blocked list for a very good reason. I dont want to have to teamup with them.

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