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Let's talk "mentor".

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Posted by: Batelle.1680


I can foresee a few things happening with these tags.

1. Trolls will troll, and they will be rendered pointless once trolling is associated with them rather than mentoring.

2. The skritt factor will wear off quickly, either because everyone will have one (so no ~prestige~ factor), or because people will expect them to actually mentor, and they’ll get sick of being pestered/flamed for being terrible.

3. Eventually, only the people who actually want to mentor will mentor, or those who want to lead a train/zerg in the absence of anyone with a commander tag.

Commander tags will always take precedent over mentor tags to those that know better, leaving starter maps and the aforementioned zergs the only place where mentor tags will be an issue (either for good or for bad). I do agree that Commanders should get a special tag in chat.

Ultimately, however, I do think the mentor badge should have been the final reward in that mastery line, and not the first one. That way, it’s less accessible for early flaunting purposes, and requires more grinding/sacrifice for those who want to use it to troll. Personally, I think it could be an overall beneficial thing for the community, and allow players who want to fill a specific niche (answering questions, helping other players who call out on the map, one-off kind of stuff) to do so without stepping all over commanders (who tend to focus more on organizing coordinated events).

Would a Veteran BWE make sense?

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Posted by: ScribeTheMad.7614


I still see people on here, that I’ve seen on here since launch, making some of the most incredibly un-thought out posts.

Basically, just because someone has played the game for 3 years, doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to have any more idea how to give proper feedback than someone who joined recently.
They may have more experience in game, but that doesn’t make them better at giving feedback, and it doesn’t mean their feedback is automatically good ideas.

So I honestly don’t think that would provide what you suggest it might.

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[beta] How does mastery progression feel?

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Posted by: Ayrilana.1396


Tier 4 of the glider mastery is 2,413,000 XP. Based on the pattern I’m seeing, to get to tier 5 would be around 5,000,000 XP and to get the final tier would be around 10,000,000 XP. For comparison, you need 4,860,359 XP total to get to level 80.

Mobs difficulty feedback [merged]

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Posted by: Bolbo Baggins.8594

Bolbo Baggins.8594

At first i kept dying and whas thinking, whats this? Then i learned too spot those snipers and put them down first. And people sticking with the zerk equipment/mentality, the concequence is dying quicker when missing a dodge here and there.

Anyone bought HoT and happy?

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Posted by: Behellagh.1468


I’m happy. Also note that if you get a lesser version than Ultimate you cannot upgrade to Ultimate later. My only regret might come if there is a physical box with physical items I want.

I needed this boost tonight, badly, and I’m pleased to have something fun to distract me from a terrible thing happening RL.

Well since Ultimate is Deluxe with $50 worth of gems at half price. Or you could say the goodies that come with Deluxe are actually free and some poor suckers are paying $25 for them.

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Bank space is worse than F2P games

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Posted by: Ashen.2907


Games like GW2 feel like they are built around ridiculous RNG that forces players into farming or grinding gold to obtain anything in game. It feels like everything revolves around that gem to gold exchange.

I can see that.

In my experience sub based games feel like they are built around slowing me down in order to drag out the experience.

I guess they are all businesses who need to feed their business model.

People angry over area map completition...

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Posted by: JustTrogdor.7892


If you are doing map completion in wvw while the maps have queues, you will rightfully be told to GTFO.

Other than that I see no problem with people doing map completion, have fun!

Players doing map completion in WvW, even during queues, have just as much right to be there as anyone else since it is indeed required for map completion. If you don’t like that perhaps you should lobby for removal of WvW from the map completion requirement.

You have the right to do map completion in WvW. You do not have a right to be shielded from being (correctly) told that you are a liability for the server.

Haha okay. You know it is funny. I’ve seen many threads over the years of people complaining about having to do WvW for map completion. One of the most common suggestions aside from waiting for a map to flip is to ask for help in WvW. I guess those suggestions were wrong.

If you think telling people to get lost or how ever else you want to phrase it is helpful for the community then go for it. There is one way to keep people from coming back to maybe benefit their server later in WvW, and that is to insult them and tell them to go away.

Yes, when the map is queued and people are doing useless things they’re going to be asked to be useful or go away. Feelings may be hurt. Sorry not sorry.

Perhaps all those “ask the commander to help you cap something” replies need to be appended with “please don’t make selfish individual requests when the map is queued and there are more important things”.

Maybe then we will have fewer black and white straw man arguments as well.

Who says everyone trying to do map completion is useless? Instead of saying things like, “GTFO” as root so eloquently stated it, maybe invite them along with your blob. Maybe that person doing map completion kills an enemy scout or two along the way if they are roaming solo. Maybe tell them if they see any enemy movements to let the map know. Or you know you could just tell them they are worthless and get nothing out of it at all as they most likely ignore you after that and go on about their business.

In my opinion, WvW was added to map completion to encourage people to try it. If you are just going to tell people they are a liability, then they are most likely not going to try to help your server win at that time and probably not any time in the near future.

But, if you insist, go about it and belittle people in WvW. I’m sure it does great things for your server’s WvW community.

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Is expansion P2F?

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Posted by: Razor.9872


You mean F2P?

P2F is Pay to Free…

I guess you can pay to free if you want to, but what would you be freeing?

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Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Marcos.3690



  • 3. Matchmaking and match quality, this should be split between game modes. You can’t track different MMRs if you have the option to pick between two different game modes. Numerous players will likely want to specialize in one of the two game modes.

Thats actually big. Good conquest players may be bad at stronghold and viceversa, ruining the matchmaking for others

Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Pikka.6023


There absolutely has to be a separate queue for Stronghold from Conquest—100%—for many reasons, but mostly because it’s a different game.

One of the biggest problems for Conquest right now is so many players aren’t interested in that game mode, but to sPvP they have to play it, so the quality of play is really low. All it takes is one or two people in the match ignoring the game mechanic and the entire match feels poorly fought to all. If you force Conquest players and Stronghold players to play together it will harm both game modes and reduce overall interest and participation in sPvP.

I honestly cannot believe this would even be considered for a moment. They should add another Deathmatch map or two and make that a separate queue also, so players who just want to brawl can do that without polluting the ranks of players who want Conquest or Stronghold mechanics.

Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Eylia.2485



Then go queue for Conquest but let us play Stronghold in peace.

lol , rather, go play stronghold in peace in custom arenas
let me play my mixed pool in peace. i want to play all the game modes all the time cuzz….
i paid for it .

Difference is that YOU’d have the choice, you. I won’t because of their system.

Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Eylia.2485



Then go queue for Conquest but let us play Stronghold in peace.

Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: butch.8136


I’m still baffled…..

Population issue is not justified in this case. In the long term it’ll hurt the population much much much more.


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Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Muchacho.2390


I also think there should be different queues for the conquest and stronghold.

Ready Up this Friday: Stronghold

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Posted by: Copestetic.5174


Did they seriously say that the two modes will share a queue? That is probably the dumbest thing I have heard in my life.

Then that’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard in your life. They did, and I agree. Any hype I had for Stronghold has been crushed knowing I’m going to have to put faith in 9 other players. Given my luck on Courtyard when it’s up for voting, I’m not too optimistic.

100% Map completition for Legendarys

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Posted by: Venatorn.7619


It’s a LEGENDARY weapon … work for it and stop whining like a kitten

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Masteries: Gating content.

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Posted by: Kal Spiro.9745

Kal Spiro.9745

I am not against gating. I would just rather the gating be about cosmetics. Gated glider skins that we earn through the mastery system versus the gem shop because the gliders are a system of the x-pac which we already paid for. Gating armor skins, weapons skins that we earn and for the very same reasons I just mentioned.

Gating certain enemies is not my cup of tea. I want my enemies to be based on my skill as a player, not based on my gear or in GW2’s case how many mastery points I have earned and which places I have placed them. Same goes for exploring.

did you complain at launch that you didn’t have a fully geared character with all skills unlocked because you already paid for arah and those utilities?

We are tlaking end game here not the levelling experience. When I hit lvl 80 I wasnt gated behind anything. I was able to do all exp dungeons and all content available in the game.

Actually, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. New expansion should mean new leveling experience. Masteries is the new leveling experience. You call it end game, but how can it really be end game if you’re just starting it? It’s all new. I’m going to throw the card, you shouldn’t be entitled to the end just because you bought it. You need to work up to it, and that means leveling up your new levels to play the content at the higher levels.

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Masteries: Gating content.

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Posted by: Apophis.2498


From what I have heard in interviews is that the mastery system will be similar to the mastery system in WvW.

One example being mastery from flame rams. anyone can use the ram, but those that maxed out that line are more effective using them. or the supply mastery everyone picks up supply in WvW and Eotm, but the more points in that mastery allows you to carry more supply.

With the exception of the hang gliding and lore masteries, i don’t think you will be locked out of it completely. it would be a bit more difficult to clear certain content without the mastery.

Beta Test Application

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Posted by: Siva Mira.3546

Siva Mira.3546

Old style beta testing should be burn in hell. If you want feedback then get the feedback from the one who want to buy your game and who is playing your game.

Public Beta is always the best way to test your game.

All is vain.

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Beta Test Application

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Posted by: Mogrey.3891


most of us have been beta testing almost every mmo. every beta tester knows that posting on forums about an invite as joshuaRAWR said will not work for any reason.just patience for announcement

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Beta Test Application

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Posted by: JoshuaRAWR.4653


If you had beta tested many games, you’d know that posting a random thread on the forums isn’t a way to get into the beta.

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Sylvari: Anet was planning this since 2007

in Lore

Posted by: Tobias Trueflight.8350

Tobias Trueflight.8350

Let me counter your tirade with my own broad assumptions. Either they planned it from the start and somewhere down the road they lost couple of pieces, or they experimented and improvised like they did for every other bit of content for ~2 years since release.

Or they knew where they wanted to take it, but didn’t have a firm roadmap. I’ve seen writers do that. Especially even celebrated and honored writers like Tolkein, Rowling, Williams . . . or any D&D GM worth their salt.

The fact they have more than one writer in the credits? Tells me unequivocally there was more than one point of view on the story, at the very least one from each writer. There may be a unified document saying what the general points are to hit on the plotline but I guarantee not everyone has the same idea of how to get there.

Whether there is a conspiracy theory to cover it all up (I suspect illuminati) or simple oversight doesn’t really matter in the end. Somebody made a doodoo on the floor, but nobody brought the broom, so let’s just move away from the smell and try to keep the path ahead of us clear.

Eh, I barely care – I’ve seen worse patches over continuity in the past or professed “we had it planned out” which stank worse than this one. (I’m an MTG player here, I got to witness a lot of crap happen to justify a big long plot arc so they could add novels to their products.)

Plus, the story will go how it will go. It’s much more fun to sit back and save my creative ideas for my own fanfic than to try to rewrite canon to make it so Ascalon never fell.

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Stop Unisexing Charr and Asura

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Posted by: Electro.4173


Yah, no. The reason they don’t use the female version is because neither the Asura nor Charr have breasts, so they’d have to change the model to use the female version anyway. And if they were going to change the model like that, then they should just make a custom set for those races rather than just slapping the human version on with little to no adjustments.

Which would be great, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see more effort put into the armor models for Charr and Asura. But just saying “use the female model instead” is silly.

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[SPOILERS] Season 2 Finale [merged]

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Posted by: Gabby.3205


It would have made much more sense if the airstrike was used to cut-off/eliminate the mordrem reinforcements (those that had not yet entered the base), and then our job would have been to clean up the remaining mordrem in the base, then declare victory.

Not only would there be no senseless “oh look, we survived the bombardment we target at our own troops”, but it also would have made Trahearn thanking us feel a lot more satisfying.
“Thanks, you did a grunt’s job and carried that torch! you saved the day!” doesn’t feel like a very good reason for all the appreciation and credit we received for the victory.

Trahearne literally thanks the player for every little thing. ALL THE TIME.
So many of his dialogues have at least one “Thank you”. “Thanks to you” or “We/I couldn’t have done it without you” that I kinda expect him to do that, now.

Likely due to all the kittening people did about how they’re not the center of attention through the Personal Story.

I get tired of hearing all that stuff.

I don’t think so, since he does that in the PS too.
Not to mention phrases like “(excited) Welcome back! (relieved) I’m glad you are safe” that pretty much shows how much he cares for the PC. It is just part of his character, which is why I could never want him dead. Dead for what? For loving my character too much? For treating my character like his best friend? I don’t care if some nameless soldier thinks Trahearne is the sole responsible for the death of Zhaitan or something. The Pact Marshal, one of the most important characters of the game, knows what I did and reminds me all the time he is thankful for that. Maybe people that complain that he “steals their glory” should stop skipping dialogues. I, too, got tired of hearing this.

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[spoiler] Destiny Edge's

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Posted by: Invictus.1503


Open ended. If they can get the voice actors in line (new contract) they survive. If they have further issues getting them to commit, they kill them. :P

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

Trading Post Progressive Reform

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Ensign.2189


What are you trying to accomplish with this?

Is boycott the answer?

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Posted by: lordkrall.7241


People keep shouting about all these massive issues that have been here since release and is not fixed and yet I have never actually seen anyone that have said WHAT these issues are and HOW to fix them.

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Lets talk about the new Gem conversion [Merged]

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Posted by: SlayerGT.6805


Gz on another kittenty unannounced change.
At least if the minimum amount of gold to gems was 200 I could be okay with this.
But no, it’s 400.
Also removing the fluctuation graph and averages, like why.
Oh wait, I know, so people lazy to check on external sites won’t see the average and will buy for kittenty rates, making them perhaps spend more in the long run.
Good job on making such a blatant, forced grab for money.
Ty Anet.

Forum and Game passwords should be different

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Posted by: GreyMouser.1235


2-Factor authentication. Use the Google Authenticator for your GW2 account. Problem solved.

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Game Updates: Traits

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Posted by: Fries.9234


The skill point costs are quite high.
Edit: Maybe make it so people who have completed/unlocked full trait lines can pay the old prices to unlock the lines on new characters for the old prices? But again, the skill point prices for new players are still too high IMO.

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